Dead Head

Creepy and cute is what sets Artisans A Go Go apart from the  pack. Read on to find out what inspires this artisan of head wear.
I love the subject matter you’ve chosen for your hair accessories. There is something great about a frilly hair clip juxtaposed with a skull. How did you get started with your business?

I have always been an artist. I am inspired by anything that has a form of beauty. An odd fusion from images of “The Golden Era” Jazz musicians such as Billie Holiday and a new found love for color through the late artist Frida Kahlo are what gave me inspiration to create my current pieces.

DAY OF THE DEAD Hand Painted RED Skull Hair Clip FascinatorDay of the Dead  skull hair clip fascinator Fascinators, mini top hats, etc… are a huge trend right now. How do you stay competitive with so many artisans out there?I dont really follow other artisans work to see what the competition is doing. I create what I like and what i am inspired by with the culture around me. 

You live in Austin which is a very funky city by Texan standards. How does the city’s culture affect your work?

I love Austin, born and raised, I like to say I am an endangered species, which if you’ve ever lived in Austin, you would know what a big deal that is. Austin is very culturally diverse and accepting, art is everywhere here and local businesses a people embrace it.

Day of the Dead skull headband

Do you have any special designs in the works for Halloween?
Yes! I love Halloween. I am working on numerous styles of Halloween and Day of the Dead creations. I have skull fascinators that I have hand painted and dusted with glitter as well as hand painted Day of the Dead hair clips stop by and take a look!

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Hand Painted Black and White Skull Hair Clip Fascinator
Hand Painted Black and White Skull Hair Clip Fascinator

Define southern style.
Southern style- independent in your own skin

Pick up a piece for Halloween or anytime via Artisan A Go Go’s Etsy shop.

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Show & Tell

It’s Saturday so that means another round of Show & Tell. This week you get to delve into my closet a little more and watch me play dress up. 

My husband and I had an impromptu date night on Thursday. We just received some exciting news so we decided to celebrate with dinner and drinks at Baru Bistro and The Delachaise, respectively. Never one to miss an opportunity to dress up I combed my closet accordingly.

I purchased this dress from Ruby, a sweet little shop in Hammond, LA.  I typically don’t do asymmetric hemlines but this one makes my legs seem a little longer. I’l also a big fan of strapless dresses and pockets so this really fit the bill. The dress and pockets are lined with white cotton so you just get a peek of contrast.

  I’m opposed to wearing snake skin but these snake embossed leather Tory Burch shoes were too hot to pass up. I love platform heels and I’m glad the trend has been resurrected.

One thing I hate is when women carry their suitcase sized bags when going out. A large bag is too distracting past dusk so I opt to use something smaller. I dusted off this Botkier bag that I’ve owned for a few years. It’s small enough to make it an evening bag but big enough to carry everything I need and more.
Don’t forget that you can also submit pictures of your favorite pieces for Show & Tell!
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Full Circle

Everyone is in need of a few good t-shirts in their weekly repertoire. If your mood is casually inclined these fun tees from Circular Accessories are guaranteed to be a closet staple.

SALE Poppy Peacock Baby Doll  
Poppy peacock baby doll

I love the wide range of your designs, from sharks and Japanese imagery to Louisiana motifs. What do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my surroundings, places I’ve been or would like to travel, and patterns in nature. I feel a strong connection to my surroundings and Louisiana roots, but I love traveling and learning about other cultures. Everywhere you go, there is a unique style of dress, architecture and cuisine resulting from climate and materials readily available in the area. I also draw inspiration from my child and things that fascinate him. Sometimes the simplest, often over-looked things can be the most interesting and the most complex.

Crystals Gray Tshirt Dress
Crystals t-shirt dress
 I like how you incorporate Louisiana icons such as red beans & rice but do so in a more subtle way. Can you explain how you incorporate these icons yet put your personal spin on them?

I studied landscape architecture and took design classes which taught me how to look at objects from different points of view. I like to extract patterns from everyday objects and spice up the ordinary. The fleur de lis is such a symbolic representation of south Louisiana, but I took it further by incorporating a wrought iron pattern inside of it. Wrought iron is seen throughout historic architecture in our state, often with the fleur de lis symbol, so it is natural to me for these two ideas to fuse together.

Red Beans and Rice Tshirt Red beans and rice t-shirt

 Do you have a specific customer base? Do you sell tees primarily to locals or out of towners in need of a souvenir?
Even though I incorporate Louisiana culture into my designs, my customer base reaches much further past state lines. I sell worldwide thanks to the internet. Most of my customers have a love for nature and science and like to support independent artists. I hope to carry my apparel in local stores in the near future.

 Where can one purchase your tees?
I may begin travelling to some national craft shows next year as well as become a vendor at the farmer’s market in downtown Baton Rouge. You can currently find my items in the following stores:

Bella Boutique Anchorage, AK
The Bija Studio Colorado Springs, CO
Cog and Pearl Brooklyn, NY
Maven Maplewood, MO
Never Ender Boutique and Art Gallery
Red Tree Gallery Cincinnati, OH
Rustic Chick Jacksonville, FL
The Pebble Spa Ely, MN
Wholly Craft Columbus, OH
Young Blood Atlanta, GA

Men Shark Bite Short Sleeve Tee
Shark bite short sleeve tee

Define southern style.
I’m not sure how to define Southern style. It is almost interpretive and is certainly multifaceted because our region is such a melting pot of so many cultures. We are a loud, fun-loving, and loyal bunch. Our style is spicy and colorful like our festivals and Spanish/Caribbean heritage but we have a bit of formality and elegance with our French background. Despite that we often come from tight-knit families we are also open and gracious hosts. Due to our warm climate we have a close relationship with the outdoors and keep things light and airy. If I had to pick one color to most represent South Louisiana, it would be yellow for Mardi Gras, LSU and the golden sun.

Circular accessories sells tees for women, men, and children via Etsy

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Ask and you shall hopefully receive

Hey y’all! I need some help keeping Show & Tell Saturdays alive and well. Send me pictures of your favorite accessories or articles of clothing. It can be anything from a pair of earrings your maw maw gave you, a hot Botkier bag you just bought from Saks, or the perfectly worn in pair of Doc Martens you’ve owned since high school. I have a closet chock full of stuff to share but I’d rather peer into someone else’s collection. Send all entries to nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.

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Slow Southern News

  • Stein Mart is donating 1% of their sales on Oct. 16th and 17th  to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find the cure for breast cancer.
  • Jewelry maker Dominique Giordano is hosting a jewelry making class on Thursday, Oct. 15th from 6:00-8:00pm. Participants will be instructed how to create their own caviar heart pendant, no previous experience required. 
  • Ah-ha on Magazine St. is currently having a buy one, get the second at 20% off special.
  • Enjoy 10% off Melissa Joy Manning’s jewelry at her trunk show Friday, October 16th at Katy Beh Contemporary Jewelry
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Tribal Infusions

This week I chatted with local jewelry designer Ashley Beach about her creations and how New Orleans influences her as an artist. 

1. How long have you been making jewelry?
I went to school at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003. I went there for four years but decided to study metalsmithing in 2004. I’ve been hammering happily away ever since then!

2. Your pieces have a tribal element to them. How do you go about creating each piece?
I have a bit of a love affair with the exotic and organic elements in our lives. Seeds, flower stamen, and vines all find there way into my work. These things naturally lend themselves to the ritual of adornment, as the organic world embodies the presence of the goddess. I also try to accentuate the quality of line and space that’s already present in a particular location on the body.
Wrapped Flute Earrings With Chinese Carnelian Wrapped flute earrings with Chinese carnelian
3. How does New Orleans shape you as an artist?
Living in New Orleans is a never ending flood (pardon the expression) of inspiration. Our city is such a fascinating blend of cultures. There is this ancient tribal energy that permeates the regal and elegant world. Everywhere you look, the past dances wildly with the present.
Ornate details peek at you from every corner, like the intricate patterns of wrought iron, or the gnarled roots and branches of trees hundreds of years old. I love the graceful bells of brass instruments. They sometimes show up in my work. The music is sensuous and heartfelt, and pulses through the air like a heartbeat.
The sheer grace and joy of dancing has been a great influence on much of my work. I have taken to using a delicate snake chain in a few of my designs. These swing so fluidly and mimic the movements of dancers.
Infinity Bracelet Infinity bracelet

4. Where can we purchase your jewelry?
I have my work at the RHINO contemporary crafts gallery (RHINO stands for “right here in new orleans”). It’s located in the third floor of Canal Place. Their number is 504-523-7945. I also do custom orders and all of my work can be made in gold.
silver spiral earrings Silver spiral earrings
5. Define southern style.
Things move at a slower pace in the South. I think that this gives the people who live here a tendency to notice and fully appreciate the exquisite details and the sumptuous little goodies in life. There is no one defining visual aspect of southern style. Our uniqueness lies in how we approach and experience life.

You can purchase Ashy Beaches’ designs on Etsy as well.

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Mannequin Mondays

This week’s mannequin was spotted in the window of Trashy Diva, a shop that specializes in vintage looks. I love how the dress remains the centerpiece but is accented by the colors in the hearts and paper lanterns. And what’s not to love about Day of the Dead paraphernalia?
Check it out for yourself at their Lower Garden District location:
2048 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130  (504)-299-8777
or their French Quarter boutique:

831 Chartres St. New Orleans, LA 70116 (504)522-8861
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Slow Southern News

  • 4
  •  For all you Dallas, TX residents Scott Schumann of the Sartorialist will be conducting a book signing this month in your city. Jealousy abounds.

  • Lots of upcoming events happening at Feet First! Stop in on Saturday, October 17th for a surprise one day only event.
  • There is also a trunk show on Wednesday, October 21st from 5:30pm-8:30pm featuring Tru Colors apparel, Claire Sanchez handbags and Stella & Dot jewelry. There will be complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres, raffle prizes, free gifts with purchase and double rewards on all frequent shopper cards.
  • While you’re at it mark your calender for Saturday, November 14th for yet another trunk show! This time the theme is comfort with shoe brands Söfft and Børn from 10:00am-6:00pm. National brand representatives will be on hand to guide you through the selections.
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Show & Tell

This week Leslie of NOLA Eats fame is showing use her one of a kind, handmade necklace from local designer and fellow blogger Windi Sebren, aka Kapaali.

I love the mixed metals she’s used here and the way the varying circular shapes play off each other.

Necklace by Kapaali by NOLA Eats.

Necklace by Kapaali by NOLA Eats.

If you have a favorite piece that you’d like to show and tell send all links and pictures to nolagurl(at)gmail(dot)com. It can be a great trendy item or a much loved family heirloom but remember everyone loves a good story!

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Guest post- me!

Check out my guest blog for my friend Mallory aka Miss Malaprop.  Her New Orleans based website highlights independent artisans of every genre, eco-friendly products and of course fashion. I wrote a piece about a new favorite shoe brand, Melissa. All too often eco-friendly brands look more hippie than chic which makes for a hard sell outside of an REI catalog. Melissa is the perfect marriage of talented artists and environmentally friendly materials so you can  feel good about your purchase and still look fashion forward.

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