Shoefty- not just for your feet

Despite the name Shoefty is more than just a great shoe store. One half of the store contains a well edited selection of wardrobe staples and tastefully trendy shoes and the other half serves up clothing of the same caliber.   They carry a myriad of upscale brands that you can’t find anywhere else such as Barbara Bui, Repetto, Erin Fetherson, and Proenza Schouler to name a few.

Doucette Duvall Bea
Lovely coat  by Doucette Duvall Bea

While the women’s section is decidedly “lady who lunches” the men’s section has a strong street wear focus. You’ll find brands like Stussy, Fifth Ave Shoe Repair, Alife, Generic Surplus, and G-Shock watches.

Casio G-Shock DW6900 Metallic Blue Casio G-Shock DWS900

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Slow Southern News

  • Buffalo Exchange is celebrating Halloween all month long! Comes dressed as your favorite decade, be it the 1880s or the 1980s on Saturday, Oct. 10th and get $5 off your next $20 purchase. 
  • The Encore Shop, a consignment store that benefits the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, is sponsoring a string of fashion events Oct. 13th-17th. There will be daily workshops delving into fall trends, accessories, and designer shoes.
  • Local jewelry designer Mignon Faget has released a new line of wooden shotgun house pendants. The necklaces are a collaboration with artist and urban designer Robert Tannen and 5% of sales will be donated to Global Green USA for Rebuilding New Orleans Green.
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She came from the swamps

Today we visit the eclectic, eccentric world of Andree Dupree of Blue Bird Art. Make sure you check out her artwork and vintage clothing on Etsy.

1. On your shop profile you state that you grew up with a swamp as your backyard. How do you draw  inspiration from your childhood experiences?

Talk it Out handmade paper blank book

Handmade paper blank book and Talk it Out drawing

I spent a lot of time in “make believe” world growing up- pretending that the giant cypress trees were castles; searching for dinosaur fossils and eggs, trying to catch swamp fairies with “fairy nests”….that sort of stuff.    I’d use the clay from around the yard to create sculptures, often collecting the above-ground crawfish “tunnels” to use in my creations. My earliest memories are pulling wet clay out from under the cypress trees, making “cakes” with little drawings etched in and leaving them to dry in the sun.

2. I love that you source your art materials from The Green Project! Do you have a particular idea when shopping for supplies or do you let the pieces form from found materials?
It really just depends on my budget and my available space. I really get excited about good deals. Sometimes I spot things (giant rolls of paper)that get my heart racing…then I have to take a deep breath and remind myself of the size of my apartment and workspace. I’m pretty much a hoarder when it comes to art supplies…I have paints and pastels that I’ve been using on and off since high school 10 years ago…a lot of very tiny bits of things that I like to use until the very end. Generally when I buy new supplies I have a ballpark idea of what I’m looking for; but I don’t really buy new supplies very often.

sexy eighties underlala  TamingSexy eighties underlala and Timid 

3. You have an interesting theme of selling vintage clothing and dinosaurs on your site. Can you tell us how you select your clothing items and subject matter?
As of now, all of the vintage clothing on my etsy site comes from the same source: “Hy Fashion’s, The Naughty Corner”. It was a little boutique in Houma,LA that went out of business last year after Hurricane Ike, after having been open since the 60’s. I have a delightful array of vintage clothing and accessories, that I’ve collected through the years from various places (thrift stores, junk shops, old lady’s closets, estate sales, etc.). A lot of the pieces have never been worn, but have been kept as “art objects”. I’m finally to the point where space has become an issue, and I’m also preparing for the birth of my first child in March…so I’m beginning to do a bit of “downsizing” to make way for reality!
My subject matter is directly inspired by my childhood. I was always amazed to see alligators, armadillos, egrets and crawfish (creatures that look like direct descendants of dinosaurs) making their homes around my home. The dinosaur images I use are a bit more “cutesy” than the real deal, which I think speaks to something about wanting to tame or control unpleasant things in life.

bold bright eighties vest  Bold bright eighties vest

4. Your work sends an eco friendly message in terms of materials used. Is that a deliberate effort on your part?
 For a while I didn’t even think to mention the fact that I was using re-purposed materials in my work. It was just something that I had always done. I was brought up to repair and/or reuse old things instead of buying new things; that “don’t waste” mentality has definitely stayed with me.

5. Define southern style.
Dressing for the weather! Waiting all year for those few weeks of cold (or cool) to break out the amazing vintage polyester pieces and getting creative with hot weather wear!
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Slow Southern News

  • I Heart NOLA did a great write up about Brinkman’s Menswear. If you mention the feature you can receive a 25% discount.
  • Are you torturing your feet in those 4 inch stilettos? The Gambit Weekly is here to help. I personally stopped sacrificing comfort and rarely break out a pair of heels. Unless I’m going to dinner or know I will be sitting all day flats comprise my everyday wear. 
  • Create your own fashionable spring break by attending Miami Fashion Week March 18th-20th 2010.
  • If you are still in need of a Halloween costume check out Elysian Fleas (get it?) a new art/craft market that will be selling handmade costumes. Check it out on Sunday, 11am-5pm on the corner of Elysian Fields and Chartres.
  • Do you want free makeup samples and a fall fashion show? Dillard’s at Lakeside Mall is hosting their 2nd annual trend show October 10th from 8:30am-10:00am. There will be a light breakfast, product demonstrations and a free gift to all event attendees. Get there early because seating is limited.
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Let’s be friends

So I have joined forces with the dark side thanks to Leslie of NOLA Eats (yes she is a bad influence across the board) and have started a Twitter account. Does that officially make me a twit? You can follow me at and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook. Or you can just represent old school and get a Slow Southern Style NOLA neck tattoo in Old English.

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Shop Interview- Gurly Girl

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Monique Leon of Gurly Girl. Monique is a New Orleans resident that creates beautiful pieces inspired by two of my favorite things: NOLA and nature.

Tell us a little about how you got into jewelry design.

I have always had crafty hands. I originally thought I might be a painter and  even began going to art college (Mass. Art in Boston). I thought I would continue painting but I took a metals class and fell in love. It gave me the ability to consider a dimensional aspect to creating things I had not thought of.   It was a unique challenge to build things that had to be durable and wearable on a small scale. I remember carrying my wax carving tools with me everywhere (to carve out models for casting later)  Most people read books at the subway, I whittled away at a piece of wax for jewelry. Nothing seemed more natural to me.
SWEETEST Delicate Daisies Hair pins Wedding Hair Jewelry Delicate daisies hair pins

Your pieces seem to have two distinct subject matters; nature and New Orleans. Is that a conscience design decision?
Nature seems to pop up in so much art & design; its a compelling subject matter. Many of my items are direct reflections of the natural world because I strive to make pretty things and that is my inspiration.  It’s important for me to produce things of beauty and I hope I come close to providing it.
The fleur de lis is close to my heart and a universal symbol of grace and elegance.  It is an emblem of the city of New Orleans and when the flood came and washed everything out  a lot of people gravitated towards it.  Symbolically it was used to show love and respect for the city.  I think it is a beautiful, versatile design that reflects a certain elegance.
Crown-Heart SECRET Pendant -- Sterling Fleur De Lis     Crown heart secret pendant

 What are your most popular styles?
 I get lots of response on my crowned heart pendant  It’s a puffy little heart with a simple crown on it and a little fleur de lis hiding inside the back of it.
 The love charms  also showcase fleur de lis and the name references the prevalence of voodoo on New Orleans.
 My beans  get snapped up quickly and make great gifts for moms.
The copper bookmark does pretty well because its substantial yet light and really holds a page without damaging your book.    
Do you ever take custom requests?
I get custom orders all the time and I love it!  Nothing pleases me more than making something exactly like a client wants.  That feeling you get from knowing  something is one of a kind is quite nice.  I also like knowing that I provided a service to someone who couldnt find what they were looking for elsewhere.
I noticed many of your pieces are labeled “bridal”. What makes a piece bridal for you?
The term bridal applies to something more special than everyday and everybody has their own idea about what that is.   A lot of bridal items are cheap rhinestones in fake metal and cost about as much as my items in sterling and natural stones.  I like to make things that have a lasting quality to them. I want someone to see my pieces as affordable treasures that they can actually wear again. When I build my bridal pieces I consider them precious and hope they offer something very special to their wearer.
Warm Pink Blossom Necklace Blossom necklaces
 Define southern style.
That is a huge question to answer but I will try. To me southern style is adaptability with grace and charm.  It is elegance without rigidity and old and new side by side.   It can be grand and simple all at once and usually it is inviting yet retains a sense of humor and ease.
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Mannequin Mondays

I bring you Mannequin Mondays! Each Monday I’ll present a unique retail display from a different store. The first in this series is from Wish, located in the French Quarter.
The basis for this outfit is layering the unexpected. A straight laced oxford shirt is made fresh with a scoop neck tee, brightly patterned skirt and a funky geometric necklace that ties it all together.I appreciate how the colors in the necklace match the skirt, making a seemingly haphazard outfit feel pull together.
400 N Peters St # 104
New Orleans, LA 70130-1037
(504) 552-4301

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Slow Southern News

  • Bonjour Boutiques is a new website and magazine focusing on Northshore retail offerings. Be sure to check it out when it launches this November.
  • Magazine St. newcomer Branch Out Shop, a new vintage and sustainable goods store, is slated to open tonight during Art for Art’s Sake.
  • I’d like to thank my good friend Leslie of NOLA Eats for getting Slow Southern Style a Twitter mention from the Times-Picayune’s fashion editor. 
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Show & Tell

I’ve decided to start a Saturday segment called “Show & Tell” which will feature great finds and favorite pieces. 

I just purchased these vintage t-strap wedges this past week from Buffalo Exchange. They are in PERFECT condition and it is rare that I find vintage shoes that fit as most of them run narrow. I wore them last night with a full skirt and tank but they will be best suited with fall looks.

If y’all have a treasured item, be it the family heirloom jewelry or just your can’t live without it go to t-shirt send it my way! 

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