Slow Southern News

  • Stop by Voluptuous Vixen, a fashionable plus sized store, to help celebrate their 3rd anniversary.  On Thursday, November 19th luxe cocktail dresses will be 50% off and you can enter to win a $100 gift certificate.
  • Feet First is having another trunk show highlighting comfort shoe brands Born and Sofft. Enjoy complimentary wine & hors d’oeuvres on Saturday, November 14th from 10am-6pm as a brand representative helps you select the perfect pair for you.
  • Shoefty just got in some great kicks for guys and girls. Go snap ’em up! 

Creative Recreation Cesario HiCreative Recreation Ponti
Creative Recreation via Shoefty
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Bayou Treasures

Born and raised in Cajun country Thrifted Finds creates jewelry from vintage accouterments and photos. 


1. The name of your shop is “Thrifted Finds”. How do you blend thrifted items with your handmade jewelry?
I love using vintage items in my work! Often times I’ll use a vintage pin as a centerpiece or pendant. Vintage watches, beads and chains also find their way into my pieces. Even chandler prisms are incorporated into my things! I just love the unique spin vintage items give to jewelry designs.

Autumn Bangles Autumn bangles

2. You are from south Louisiana. How does this influence your work?
Actually I’m not sure. I don’t think that I have noticed a particular influence but I can tell you that the culture here is very inspiring. 

Sittin in a tree Sittin’ in a tree necklace
3. I noticed photo pendants and tree motifs are common themes. Tell us a little about those. 
The photo pendants came when I was looking for a way to incorporate a beautiful old picture of my grandmother into my jewelry. Then I was commissioned to do one for someone else and the theme has just continued and I do lots of custom work now with photos.

As for the trees, I just love them. For some reason I’ve been very attracted to nature related items that are in a refined item like a shiny silver or antiqued stamped brass charm. The combo of nature and jewelry just intrigues me. 

Photo Ring Photo Ring

4. What are your future plans for your line?
I certainly plan on keeping with the vintage theme and I hope to do some more whimsical items based on Alice in Wonderland and other fun themes.

Bite Me Bite Me bat necklace
5. Define southern style.
Hmmmm…Romantic. Cultured. Full of charm and a touch of whimsy.

You can view more of Thrifted Finds jewelry at her Flickr account and purchase her creations at Etsy.

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Mannequin Mondays

Now that Halloween is finally over I have more time to dedicate to updating the blog. This week’s Mannequin Monday features displays from the New Orleans  Buffalo Exchange. As always sorry about the less than professional pictures. I’m a terrible photographer.
Nerd chic

 Neutrals are your friends

 Antique gown at least 100 years old

 Trendy ladies

3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Today is also my sister’s birthday (gettin’ old sis) so I hope she has a good one!

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Slow Southern News

  • Style Lab, a popular men’s boutique is offering an additional 15% off all sale items. You can also browse new arrivals from G-Star, Ben Sherman, Modern Amusements, Levi’s and Woolrich.
  • Yvonne LaFleur is having a holiday wardrobe trunk show Nov. 12-14. Enjoy informal modeling and refreshments during the event.
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Sunday Best

I’d like to give a warm welcome to an honorary southern belle that resides far, far above the Mason-Dixon line. Joanne James creates magnificent antebellum worthy hats that are truly wearable works of art. Read on to find out how she crafts her chapeaus.
Black Wool Bucket Hat Black wool bucket hat

1.  Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in millinery.

    I am a person who has always loved people, learning and sharing what I’ve learned with others.  As a young girl, I used to stand at my grandmother’s side and watch her sew on her treadle machine.  She would explain what she was doing and I hung on her every word.  She taught me patience and perseverance as well as needlecraft skills.  She once gave me a little brown paper bag with some embroidery floss and a hoop when I was about 12 years old.  I had no idea what to do with it, but I treasured it.  I learned how to embroider when I was 17 and it took off.  I embroidered everything.  Gradually I learned how to do silk embroidery which then led to ribbon work.  I now use ribbon work on hats, purses, and wedding memory albums.  I’ve got some plans in the works right now to branch out into needlework craft kits.  They should be ready for sale in the spring of 2010. 

Golden Winter Hat Golden winter hat
2.  Your hats are painstakingly detailed.  Take us on a little journey from concept to creation.
    I make up ribbon roses, mums, hatpin roses, leaves and other flowers in advance.  I store them in containers until ready for use.  When I want to design a hat arrangement, I first pick out the hat that I want to embellish and then look through my stash of flowers and leaves.  I then set the hat on a stand to make it easier to work on and set the main flower and two leaves on either side of it.  At that point, I usually put the hat on and check in the mirror to see whether the arrangement should be in the front, back, or off to either side of the hat.  Then I fasten down the main components.  I add pieces of jewelry such as a brooch or a brass ornament that I put an antiqued finish on and add a sparkly glass stone, and perhaps some smaller flowers or feathers.  I am finished when the hat looks like a wearable piece of art.
3.  You are located in Canada.  What influences do you take from your surroundings?
    I live in Brockville, Ontario, a small community of 24,000 people.  The beautiful St. Lawrence river is only a few blocks from our home.  Because of the location, Brockville is considered a tourist town and a variety of artists live here.  We have studio arts tours several times a year.  I have been influenced by many of the artists who have appreciated my work and encouraged me to move forward in it. 
4.  Do you have a particular customer that is drawn to your products?
    A variety of women have purchased my hats.  There are those who are confident, strong and sure of what they want and know how to put on a hat and wear it.  There are also those who are timid and unsure of what hat would suit them and then are surprised at how attractive they look when they get the right style for their face.  Always though, they leave standing a little taller, feeling a little more beautiful and special inside.
Brown and Pewter Ruched Purse Brown and pewter ruched purse
5.  Define southern style.
    To me, southern style encompasses a way of life.  God first, family second, then work, and play, but all intertwined.  Southern ladies seem to embrace life with a passion.  They appreciate the importance of special gatherings and enjoy dressing for the occasion.  Often a matching hat is the crowning accessory to their outfit.  That is where I can help them shine.  I love trying on different styles on them until we find just the right one.  Then when her eyes light up, we both know…this is the one…it is her.

You can purchase a Le Chapeau creation on her website or on Etsy.
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Show & Tell: More Turf than Surf

If your style is more West Coast than Gulf Coast a trip to N.O. Surf Shop is in order. I  am deathly afraid of drowning so you’ll never see me hanging ten* but the owner nicely told me “It’s about the lifestyle”.

This shop is so much more than surf and skate boards. There is a nice variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and a big selection of flip flops.  The owner is passionate about buying home grown threads, so much so that he plans on discontinuing anything “Made in China”.  I found his prices refreshingly reasonable without a big “boutique” markup. There are a slew of surf/skate brands as well as locally made jewelry.

For whatever reason the older I get the cuter surf brands get and I can’t help but love this Reef dress I just bought. I think the quality is great for the price and even though most are technically juniors they tend to flatter those of us *ahem* this side of 25.

As usual excuse the poor quality photos. That’s what happens when you photograph in poor lighting. Oh yes that is an ice chest in the background on my balcony. Keepin’ it classy.

So what seems like a simple, straightforward, above the knee dress…

….is actually a strappy little number from behind. Yes I have shoulders like a linebacker. A friend once told me I should be a body builder.
That bottom strap is a series of grommets and elasticized cord.
The dress lining is grey, which I love.
The heart detail is a little brass Reef logo. I’m not sure if I’m going to snip it off or keep it yet. I kind of think it is cute.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually learn how to swim without holding my nose. My ex swim coach mother would be proud.
7722 Maple St. N.O. LA 70118 
11 to 5:30 Mon. – Sat. phone (504) 866-6030
*However I am a force to be reckoned with on water skis. Just don’t make me take the life preserver off. 
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Show your local pride

New Orleans is a city that people are fiercely proud to be a part of. Be it a local, a recent transplant, or a frequent visitor there is something about this city that makes people want to claim it as their own. This also includes homegrown businesses, even if they are now defunct. For example K&B, a beloved locally owned drugstore, was bought out by Rite Aid over 10 years ago yet signs of the business are still running amok, from a local wearing a K&B purple tee to a bar with a logo clock.

Heather Elizabeth provides fun ways to show your NOLA love and not look like you outfitted yourself at a tourist shop. From necklaces and night lights, cuff links to Christmas ornaments there is something available for everyone.

The “Aint Dere No More” bracelet pays homage to a slew of gone but not forgotten local institutions.

You can also represent a singular business, sports team, or street name with a sterling silver ring.

Celebrate New Orleans neighborhoods with this bracelet.

Heather Elizabeth’s jewelry and housewares are available at several art markets and stores city wide. You may also purchase items online.

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Slow Southern News

  • Give and receive with the Junior League of New Orleans’ gift card. The $35 card gets you 20% discount at select retailers and all proceeds from card sales goes to local projects supported by the group.
  • Get ready for winter (whenever that happens) at Tomato. Coats and sweaters are currently 20% off. They are also getting ready to open a Baton Rouge store so fill out an application if you’re inclined.
  • Coco Before Chanel, the biopic about Chanel’s life pre fashion career, comes out today. 
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fancy dress time

I’m a sucker for a fancy dress. At one point I owned more frilly frocks that I did casual ones but now that my collection is under control it is safe to buy another one. Holiday parties will be here before you know it so I’m planning on shopping soon to avoid the rush.

Betsey Johnson dress available from Mod Cloth

 Roxy dress from PacSun

ABS available from Saks

Retro glam from Modcloth.

Of course no dress is complete without the appropriate accessories. My rule of thumb is the fancier the dress the simpler the accessories.

 Shake pendant available from Mignon Faget

 This fossil and gemstone bracelet from Sabai is a real conversation piece.

SWEETEST Delicate Daisies Hair pins Wedding Hair Jewelry
These hair pins from Gurly Girl would look chic tucked into a chignon.

 Do pearls in an unconventional way with this Betsey Johnson pearl bracelet with removable spider brooch.

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Slow Southern News

  • Get out and help stimulate the economy by shopping on Saturday, November 7th at the Magazine Street Retail Relief.
  •  Ruby, the cutest boutique in Hammond, LA, is celebrating their 6th anniversary on Wednesday, November 4th. Stop in from 11am-6pm for champagne, cake, and lots of goodies. Enjoy free gifts with any $50 and $100 purchase. You can also register to win for a chance to win shopping cards and gifts all day long! 
  • Buffalo Exchange just got a slew of women’s winter jackets, sweaters, and dresses in including cocktail party worthy frocks and a handful of Diane Von Furstenburg. Come get them before they run out! 
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