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Tattoo Tuesdays

Tattoos. It seems like you either love ’em or hate ’em but an increasing number of people are getting them and many employers have learned to tolerate them.
A tattoo can represent many things. It can be a beautifully drawn piece or a permanent nightmare from a spur of the moment idea.  For those of us that are fiercely proud to be a part of New Orleans our love of the city often translates into professing our emotions in a permanent medium. Whether you opt to buy a NOLA-centric t-shirt a longer lasting souvenir  the stories are just as interesting as the subject matter itself.

I solicited several people into sharing their artwork and their story and was overwhelmed with the responses I got back. The concept was a one time post but has morphed into a small weekly series. That said I present our first tattoo. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I did planning it.

Owner: Erin “Jade” Crowley
 Artist: Danny Iannuci.

“Danny and I were members of a now defunct forum community. The forum owners/moderators decided to have a real life meetup here in New Orleans. The weekend Katrina hit. I wound up getting myself, Danny, and another forumite out of the city about 2 hours before the flood waters hit downtown. Needless to say, when you live through a disaster like that with someone, you form a strange, unique, and awesome bond.
He was living in New York at the time, and we joked that the next time we saw each other, he would have to do a Katrina tattoo for me in payment for getting him the hell out of dodge. We tossed around e-mails with different concepts, until I finally sent him a picture of the water meter cover. He moved to San Diego and I wound up flying out there to visit him for his birthday. 2 1/2 years after Katrina, he got to make good on his “repayment” to me, and graced me with the design I now proudly wear. 
Eventually it will be expanded upon to include Chris Rose’s quote, ‘She’s a New Orleans girl, and New Orleans girls don’t live anywhere else. And even if they do, they always come back.’ “

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Georgia Gems

Mocahete is a jewelry line based in Georgia and run by mother and son duo Sabrina and Dante. Their pieces have a tribal flair that can be easily worn everyday. Read on to find out more about this talented team.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started designing jewelry. 

Sabrina – I was born and raised in south Georgia although I spent much of my adult life moving throughout the southern U.S. working as a professional chef and living for a time in Central America. I returned home to South Georgia approximately 12 years ago. I have always been creating something whether it be weaving baskets, making collages, painting, cooking and of course making jewelry. I started collecting beads 20+ years ago and was particularly drawn to exotic beads from other lands. I first began designing jewelry for myself as I could rarely find what I envisioned as the perfect style for me. Creating personal adornment is very fulfilling. 

Dante – I have long loved the process of creating, from the very time I could wield a tool. For  many years I have been attracted to metal fabrication. I trace the origins of my fascination with fire and all things infernal. I received my B.A. in philosophy from Valdosta State University with little forethought or prescience as to what exactly this degree would do for my career prospects. I thought greatly on this matter and proceeded to pursue a teaching certification but soon became disillusioned . So here I am as a self taught metalsmith practicing my craft for the beautification of others. I doesn’t get much better than that! 

Creating is a large part of our over all ethos of living sustainably as possible. Along with creating wearable art we are striving to implement a permacultural system where we live–raising our own chickens, ducks, geese and planting every imaginable useful plant we can get our hands on. 

Large Copper Verdigris Hoop Earrings - Unearthed Large copper verdigris earrings

2. I’m a big fan of hammered metal and pieces with a tribal influence. Your pieces have a “faraway lands” quality to them. Have you done any travelling that has influenced your work? 

Although we have traveled some to Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean our pieces are largely inspired by our love of different cultures. We love the ‘rustic’ aesthetic which is embodied by the textures and colors represented in our pieces.

Jade. Amethyst . Sterling Silver . Necklace Jade, amethyst, sterling silver necklace 

3. Where can we purchase your pieces (besides Etsy)?

We have two other venues:

and soon we will be opening our own website:

Handmade Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - Pixie Blades Sterling silver pixie blade earrings
4. Any projects for the future?

Yes, we have decided to work on collections. Our current focus, for the next week or so, will be on Native American influenced designs. Soon after this, we intend to turn our attention to middle Eastern themes with a focus on spiritual symbology. 

5. Describe southern style. 

Spicy, jazzy and a bit laid back with a definite sense of joie de vivre.

You can also keep up with Mochete via their Facebook fan page.

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Go Me!

For those of you who don’t follow Slow Southern Style on Facebook or Twitter I was asked to start blogging for a new site, At the moment the blog features 6 locals covering everything from sports and recreation, nightlife, music, food, events, arts and culture, in addition to shopping and fashion (hey that’s me!)

These weekly posts will be exclusive content for Go Nola so make sure to check them out! My first post is a handy guide to JazzFest that’s sure to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable. Hopefully next weekend will be bright and sunny but until then add an umbrella to your festival checklist. 

Have fun this weekend!

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Slow Southern News

  • Need sunglasses? Want a free Jazz Fest ticket? Purchase a pair of Maui Jim sunnies from St. Charles Vision and score a free ticket to the fest.

  • Save 15% off any item from now until May 15th for Baboo Babeau and Trapped in Time Designs.  Just enter “slow southern style” during checkout in the comments section and you will be reimbursed.
  • The New Orleans Craft Mafia is celebrating Earth Day by hosting a t-shirt recycling class at the uptown Whole Foods on Thursday, April 22nd. Members of the mafia (sorry couldn’t resist) will be on hand to hawk their homemade wares and teach you how to turn your old t-shirts into reusable bags.   The demo will be from 1pm-6pm and shopping starts at 11:00am. 
  • In celebration of 12 years in business Ah-ha is offering 12% off your total purchase.
  • Come out and support your favorite Magazine St. businesses on Thursday, April 29th at Shop Fest. Stores will stay open until 9:00pm and feature  

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Playing dress up

 Anyone who regularly follows this blog realizes I have a penchant for costumes and re purposed items. Mairi runs two shops on Etsy, Baboo Babeau and Trapped In Time Designs, based out of Lacombe, LA. She specializes in costumes and reworked vintage pieces.

You run two shops on Etsy. What is the difference between the two and how do you decide the inventory for each?

My  shops vary quite a bit from each other, though both offer items that I love. BabooBabeau was the first shop I started. It holds vintage clothing & accessories, handmade felt objects for the home (wreaths, dolls, ornaments), and knit baby booties. I have a master plan to start some kids clothing/costume sewing and I believe those things will be in BabooBabeau as well.
 I opened my other shop, Trapped In Time Designs six months after BabooBabeau. I’m a costume designer by education and quit my  day job to focus more on my stores. It quickly became obvious to me that my custom and ready made costumes, accessories and clothing needed a venue all their own so they now live in Trapped In Time Designs.
Roman Holiday 50s Re-Made Skirt Roman holiday skirt

 I love the idea of taking something old and repurposing it into a better version of the original. How did you get started with this?

 I went to college for theatre and stumbled  into a work study job in the Costume Shop. One of my favorite parts of the job  was managing the extensive costume stock. I quickly fell in love with all the vintage items, trying on those that fit, and drooling over those that didn’t. (and they PAID ME TO DO THIS–I still can’t get over it!) 

Some items had to be discarded for various reasons; usually they were too damaged to be worn or we had too many of that particular item. I snatched up a number of things that were labeled too damaged because I simply couldn’t send them to the dumpster. I held on to them over the years, meaning to do something with them. When I opened up BabooBabeau, it dawned on me that I could re work some of these pieces and give them a brand new life with someone who would love them as much as their original owners. Now I keep an eye out at  thrift and antique shops for those well-loved items that could find a new home with just a little effort on my part.

The Jackie Oh-No-You-Didn't Cropped Jacket The Jackie “oh no you didn’t” jacket

 I love that you make costumes in addition to everyday clothes. Do you have a typical customer? Do they buy both?

I  don’t really have a “typical” customer. People from all across the board–and the world–have purchased costumes and clothing from me. One thing they have in common is the desire for something different and unique. I also tend to have a higher following of  women that are looking for a fabulous costume that doesn’t show their boobs or bum, especially during Halloween season.  Your typical store bought costume is short, tight and low cut. While that can be fun, not every  woman wants to wear that. Plus you really can’t beat a  costume custom made your  your specifications. The right color and fit makes a world of difference.

The Alice--A Gothic Lolita Dress--Custom Made For YOU The best selling Alice dress

The Candy Cane Peplum The candy cane peplum

The Dorothy Bustier--Custom Made for YOU-- The Dorothy bustier, custom made for you

 Does the town you live in (Lacombe, LA) affect your designs?

 Honestly, my town doesn’t affect what I create.  Despite being just an hour from New Orleans Lacombe is still a sleepy little town.  I love Lacombe and have since I was a child. I’m from Minnesota but spent my summers here since the age of four.  I always felt at home in Louisiana and am so happy to have been able to move here.  Lacombe, while not being a fashion or costume capital of the world, is a great place for me to be right now.  While it doesn’t directly affect what I create, it does offer me the peace and tranquility that I need TO create.

I’d say old movies, vintage photographs, fairy tales and some fashion designers (Alexander McQueen, John Galliano) are where I gather most of my inspiration.  I also love any kind of costume play that’s happening out there.  Gothic Lolita styles are currently my favorites. There’s something about all that frill and poof that seems so very perfect.

Baby booties Hand knit baby booties

Define southern style.

To me, Southern style is the perfect juxtaposition of elegant and casual.  There are so many different people and cultures in our amazing area that I simply cannot pin point a particular style that defines us.  Southern style is a state of mind, darling!

In addition to her two Etsy shops Mairi also does theatrical costuming. Custom orders are always welcome and she would love to start selling items in local shops.

Also any Slow Southern Style reader that makes a purchase from either store from now until May 15th will enjoy 15% off any item.  Enter the promo code  “SlowSouthernStyle” in the Note to Seller section of the transaction and you will receive a refund for the difference.

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Slow Southern News

  •  Need clothes? Want to buy clothes for $1.00?  Buffalo Exchange is having its annual Earth Day $1.00 sale to benefit the Humane Society of the United States. This year’s proceeds are going towards their “Don’t trash wildlife” campaign. The sale will be held on Saturday April 24th during normal store hours.
  • The Green Project is hosting some fashionable and eco friendly activities this month. Miss Karina will be holding classes on recycled clothing and DIY dress forms on April 17th and 24th, respectively from 10am-12pm.
  • Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is teaming up with local boutiques and salons to put on CASA on the Catwalk. This fashion show will benefit abused and neglected children. The show will be held at The Metro, doors at 4pm show at 7pm.
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Have yourself a fashionable festival season

Those of us who live in Southeastern Louisiana know that spring means one thing- festival season. The months  between Mardi Gras and summer have so many celebrations packed in that the Gambit Weekly has started printing an annual guide! With festivals come special fest food, music and of course clothes. What you wear needs to be fun but more importantly functional. Sunny, humid conditions command lightweight, loose clothing, plenty of water and a ton of sunscreen.

The North Face Kayla wrap dress from REI keeps you fashion forward and comfortable. The  fabric offers UPF sun protection in addition to moisture and odor wicking properties.

The North Face Kayla Wrap Dress

The real reason French Quarter fest got started was to encourage locals to come back to the area after the World’s Fair made our streets inaccessible to locals in 1984. Celebrate what brought us this great fest with this tee from Ichabods, also available at Skip n’ Whistle.

Seersucker might as well be the official fabric for the southern summer. Living comes easy with the seersucker playa dress from J. Crew. Just try to keep those Ponchatoula strawberries in your mouth and off your fresh stripes.

Add a little tribal flair to your outfit without veering into hippie territory with these Misty Martin silver earrings from Sabai.

If you opt for shorts don’t just don last summer’s cutoffs. These cute pyramid stud and splattered jean shorts from Forever 21 are comfy like an old favorite but have a little extra oompf.

When the fairgrounds get mucky keep your pedicure in tact with these Hunter wellies, available in a variety of colors.

So which festivals are y’all looking forward to?

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A frock for Friday

I’ve been swearing up and down that I will not get sucked into wearing dresses everyday this summer. I am trying to build my skirt collection but it is so hard to find anything worth buying as there aren’t many options out there. Not one to deny the ease of a dress I broke down and made an addition to my collection that I know will get lots of wear over the next few months.
 I just discovered a new boutique on Freret St. called Ensign. While it primarily stocks men’s skate wear there is a small yet well edited rack of women’s clothes. I scooped up this Nikita dress even though I normally abhor jersey in any form except a t-shirt. Jersey usually isn’t very forgiving but this piece is well cut and the fabric is a nice weight so it hangs and drapes well. Besides the wide straps and fitted bodice the selling point was the pockets!
Here is a close up of the pattern. I like how at a glance this just looks like random dots but it is actually outlines of stars. 
I wore it with a a favorite pair of Geox flats that matched the black and pink color scheme. Oh yea and check out my newest tattoo, a magnolia. I’m getting my other foot inked today!
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