Slow Southern News

Ballins LTD is marking all full priced items down by 40% only on Memorial Day. Shoppers can also enjoy an additional 10% off sale items.

Sizzler in the City fashion show is being held Friday, June 4th at 7pm at the Ritz Carlton. The fundraiser tickets are $100 and all proceeds benefit families trying to gain financial freedom from welfare. Contact Linda Aubert at (504)905-0317 for more information.

Two Sprouts stationary has teamed up with Lake Ponchartrain Basin Foundation to aid Gulf oil disaster cleanup efforts. Purchase their  t-shirt “spOILed: Save our Coast & Wildlife”and half the proceeds will go to the foundation. Babies, kids, and adults tees can be purchased at Little Miss Muffin, Angelique Baby, Orient Expressed, Ah-ha, and online at Two

Saturday, June 5th you can observe Native Americans from Louisiana create beadwork and jewelry using locally sourced alligator garfish teeth, alligator teeth, stones, silver, and glass and bone beads. Takes place at the Cannes Brulee Native American Musuem admission is $3 adults, $2.50 kids and the event lasts 10am-4pm.

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Biker Babe

I met Julianne one rainy Saturday at the Freret Market and immediately knew that I’d want to feature her work here. She specializes in bike covers but has recently branched out into clothing as well.  Read on to get details on her handmade wares and tips for biking in style.

Making bicycle covers is a fun idea. How did you come up with the concept?

It was a sudden burst of genius one hot afternoon. I started with reupholstering and painting seats and then moved on to removable covers with designs appliqued on. Custom seats are a great way to personalize a bike and make a statement about life, that your bicycle is not just a tool but a vehicle of pleasure and joy.
fleur de lis bicycle seat cover Fleur de lis bicycle seat cover

 You also sell bicycle t-shirts and handmade bowls. Do you have plans for expanding those lines?

I’m actually working on many new t-shirt designs right now. They won’t be exclusively bicycle-based, and there will also be some men’s shirts. I’m also making some jersey dresses that are simple, stylish, and great for riding around on your favorite cruiser. As for the coiled fabric bowls, they are made out of mostly recycled materials and there’s lots of room to explore, from large baskets to potholders.
Handmade bicyle tee shirts Handmade bicycle t-shirt

What tips can you give readers on how to stay stylish when commuting on two wheels?

If you’re going for pants, slim cut legs won’t get caught on your chainguard. I’m not one for wearing biking shorts under a skirt, but I strongly suggest at least wearing underwear, because commando bicycling isn’t as much fun as you might think (unless you’re at Burning Man). Keep your knees a little closer together when you’re pedaling, and if the wind happens to show a little more thigh than you intended, the most charming thing you can do is giggle and keep riding. Pockets are always convenient for keeping the keys to your lock handy (there’s nothing more un-stylish than a stolen bike!). I also highly recommend a basket or rack to carry your bags and a jacket for nighttime riding.
Coiled fabric bowls Coiled fabric bowls

Where else can we buy your wares?

I have my fledgling Etsy shop and I also sell at the Freret Market when I’m in town. My bowls will be in MICA soon. I also do custom work, from bicycles to clothing, and the best way to get in on that is through my website.
Polychromatic Pachyderm shirt Polychromatic Pachyderm shirt

Define southern style.

My momma always jokes about trying to be as Scarlette O’Hara as possible, and to a certain extent I think she’s right. Sometimes it’s about relaxing at a party and other times you’re going to get a little sweaty, but there’s no rule saying you can’t look good through it all. Also, never be afraid to cut up the curtains!

For more posts on biking in style be sure to check out this recent piece I did Go NOLA and one of my first posts for this blog.
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Slow Southern News

LePhare, an upscale bar in the CBD, is hosting weekly fashion shows every Thursday. Join them for the launch party this week with an Ottilie Broadmann fashion showcase. 

NOLA Couture will be giving $5 from each sale of their oyster or shrimp cocktail ties to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Cleanup Fund.

Saints for Sinners is giving proceeds from their St. Lucy medal this month to WRBH 88.3 Radio for the Blind.
St. Lucy is the patron saint of healthy vision.

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Just a reminder

I’ve been writing shopping and fashion articles for for the past month now. If y’all haven’t checked it out take a look! All posts are exclusive to the site so you won’t find them anywhere else. There is a slew of other New Orleans bloggers writing about events, restaurants, nightlife, literature, and more.

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Tattoo Tuesdays

This week’s Tattoo Tuesday should look slightly familiar. Now that the ink has dried and healed it’s time to officially show y’all some of my hometown art.

I’ve wanted flower tattoos on my feet for a few years but was never sure exactly what blooms I wanted. I have sacred datura incorporated into my half sleeve so something representative of my home state felt appropriate.  I included my dad’s name, Ricky, on my right foot. My father passed away June 7th, 2001 and I felt enough time had passed to pay permanent tribute.

Big thanks goes to Michael Cangelosi at Eye Candy Tattoo for doing these for me.

Whenever I wear this color nail polish someone always wants to know where I purchased it. The sea foam green is Office from American Apparel. And don’t be makin’ fun of my DIY pedicure or my extra long toes.

If you’ve got some great Louisiana art on your skin send me an e-mail at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com to be a part of Tattoo Tuesdays.

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Sepia suits you

Creole Sha is a unique clothing line made here in New Orleans. The pieces look straight out of an old time sepia photograph and have a unique southern vintage flair. Read on to learn more about this designer’s true southern style.

 Creole Sha has a unique aesthetic. How would you describe your line?
Urban Chic with a little southern attitude is what comes to mind when I think of the line as a whole. I fell in love with the city- the food the culture and the arts.

Ruffled Vintage Mini Slip Dress - My Studio Ruffled Vintage Mini Slip Dress

 Your pieces seem straight out of an old sepia photograph. How does the past influence your work?

Funny you should ask! I have always had a love for vintage items from a very young age. Also I think the food from the South has influenced my color palette. I grew up with brown gravy, pralines, creme brulee, bread pudding, and  jambalaya. All of these foods are the same colors that I design with. From time to time I will add a splash of color but I love tone on tone. 

My mom made all of our clothes growing up from a pattern – I hated sewing then because I didn’t have the patience to read them and pin them etc. But I do believe my mothers influence on creating has played a big part in what i do today. No I don’t use patterns – I just cut and sew whatever feels right at the moment. It is such a free type of designing. I’m hooked.

Robins Egg Blue Eco Ruffled Tank / Tunic Robins Egg Blue Eco Ruffle Tank/Tunic

 Many of the items in your shop are labelled “eco”. What steps do you take to ensure your items are environmentally friendly?

Well we all think of “eco” in a different way; for me it is using upcycled items. All of my items are from upcycled or discarded clothing.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I’m working on a Lace Line – a Black Line and a line called Body Candy and of course I will always stay true to my Creme Brulee Line. The Lace Line will consist of really funky skirts. The Black Line will be similar to my Creme Brulee line but just in black and silver. The Body Candy is wearable art to adorn the body.

 Define southern style.
“Southern Style” comfortable – chic – carefree – lace – funky and a bit edgy in our own way.

Eco Funky Artsy Vest Eco Funky Artsy Vest
Funky and Flirty Eco Creme Brulee Halter Funky and Flirty Eco Creme Brulee Halter

Pick up your own Creole creations via Etsy.

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Show & Tell

This week’s Show & Tell comes from one of my best friends. He’s not from the south but has plenty of style so we’ll let that slide. Justin probably has THE best taste in clothes out of anyone I know. So without further adieu I present to y’all a sampling of Justin’s amazing shoe collection.

Greetings from the sunny southwest! So I figured I would get in on the show and tell Saturday with two of my current favorite pairs of shoes (as of last inventory I’m up to 20 pairs so it is hard to choose favorites).

The first pair are some Prada brogues I picked up at the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange about 5 years ago. I think my favorite thing about them is that they’re completely classic and subtle, but also full of character and amazingly versatile.

The second pair are a recent find at a Phoenix shopping gem. They’re Wolverine 1000 mile premium boots that I was happy to pay a mere $40.00 for. I had been on the hunt for lace up boots for some time and these were more than I could have hoped for. Even more than the great classic style and sturdy construction (they’ll last forever), I’m happy to have picked them up in an already gently worn condition. It would have taken longer than I’d like to take to get that great patina and scraping on them myself and now I don’t have to feel so bad when I add my own scrapes to them.

These two pairs may not always be in my regular rotation, and there may be times they find themselves pushed to the dark corners of my closet, waiting to be brought out and dusted off again. I’m sure they’ll drift in and out of favor over time, and that’s the best thing about shoes that are impeccably constructed and classically styled. Be good to them and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Remember if you have something special in your closet, be it your maw maw’s 1950’s prom dress or your latest Macy’s shopping spree we want to see it! E-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{com}.
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Denim Days

Another Friday, another frock. I just bought this denim Fei dress without thinking that it will soon be too hot to wear it. I wish it was chambray. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it come October.

Chartreuse green J Crew driving moccasins. A photo I took pre tattoos when I featured them here. I’ll cry when I wear these out.
Since this is such a simple dress I decided to bust out this kiss lock French Connection bag that gets no love from me. The pattern is impossible to pair except with the simplest of outfits. It’s sitting next to some paper flowers I bought at the Bargain Center in the Bywater and oyster shells from my yard. I use them in flower arrangements in lieu of decorative stones.
I love jewelry and typically don’t leave the house without a necklace or earrings and a ring or bracelet. These Mignon Faget earrings are good for everyday.
 I collect Native American jewelry and this turquoise ring is a favorite. My time spent in the Southwest was fruitful in the bijoux department.
FYI: I have mixed feelings about doing these type of outfit posts. Even though I run a style blog I don’t think my style is soooooo interesting that people will actually care what I’m wearing. I can think of about 3,312 individuals that dress better than I do. While I’d like to think I know how to dress myself most days I’m just concerned with leaving the house without looking  like a jackass. 
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Skirting the Issue

I’ve had a long standing love affair with dresses and still do but lately I’ve been pining for separates. In this heat cotton skirts are all I want to wear but it’s hard to find skirts that are summer appropriate. Fortunately I have found a few contenders that can stand up to our heat and humidity.

This chambray ruffled skirt from J Crew is perfect for summer and the neon waistband adds a spark of interest. I had actually tried it on in the store and loved it. Now that it is on sale I’ll probably break down and buy it.

The pleated ultra mini from Hemline is perfect for a hot night. Just throw on a tank top with this and go. I like the contrast of the peachy color vs. the black elastic waistband.

Pleated Ultra Mini

This 1940’s inspired high waisted skirt from Trashy Diva is sure to be a head turner with its interesting silhouette. This would be great during the day or an evening event.

I’ve been thinking about making the skirt that I’m wearing here again just in a longer, cotton version. If you have a sewing machine it is super easy to make an elasticized waist skirt. I found the directions here and made mine in less than an hour.

So what’s on your mind for this summer?

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Slow Southern News

  • Show me some love by voting Slow Southern Style NOLA as New Orleans’ best local blog in The Gambit’s web awards. 

  • Forget me not NOLA is sponsoring the “High Heels for Hope” fashion gala and champagne dinner on Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm.  to benefit Sentebale, a charity that assists African orphans. The event takes place at the Roosevelt Hotel in the Roosevelt Ballroom.

  • Worn Again Nola is seeking designers for its annual recycled fashion competition. Call 284-8871 or e-mail by the June 1st deadline to apply.
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