Slow Southern News

  • Love perfume? The New Orleans Museum of Art is exhibiting “Scents and Sensibility”. Opening night is tonight from 6-8pm. 

“Join NOMA members and guests as they celebrate the opening of “Scents and Sensibility,” an exhibition showcasing 125 objects covering the history of the scent bottle from its ancient origins to the present day.

From 6-8 p.m., Hove Parfumeurs will demonstrate how their luxury French Quarter boutique produces unique scents using indigenous Creole materials. 

A full cash bar featuring frozen “Chanel cosmos” will be available in honor of Chanel, Givency, Ballenciaga, Dior, and other couturiers highlighted within the exhibit. Brennan’s Courtyard Cafe will remain open as well, offering a selection of pastries, soups and coffee. 

Remember that Wednesdays are FREE for all at the New Orleans Museum of Art, thanks to the Helis Foundation.”

  • Saks Fifth Avenue will be having some makeup help with Bobbi Brown’s Sumar Dawson and Tia Hebron. From July 2nd-4th they will help assist customers explore the latest makeup trends with DJ Wasabi on hand to liven things up. Call 504-524-2200 ext. 5363 for more information.

Saks is also offering 33% off their already reduced women’s sale merchandise now through July 7th.

Looking for a great bargain? Check out The Gambit’s Best Buys & Bargains pull out this week. There are more savings than you’ll know what to do with!

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Cupcakes and crystals

Jill Zabel is a quirky little line of “handmade fancies with a vintage vibe”. Owner Kara Jill Young takes interesting pieces and reworks them into cool, funky pieces that really stand out and are anything but boring baubles. She also makes gift tags and handmade invitations, perfect for giving her pieces away as presents that everyone is sure to love.

Tell us a little about your shop and how you got started making jewelry.

Jillzabel is a much needed outlet for me. I am a restless soul and simply unable to sit idle for any amount of time. At a very young age I began creating any and everything that came to mind, from Barbie doll clothes to fancy mud pies. Over the years I’ve dabbled in everything fro mosaics, painting, quilting to cake-decorating, photography, etc… Due to my love of all things sparkly, it was only natural that I would eventually gravitate toward jewelry. I learned the basics from how-to books, websites, and one very helpful and talented friend.

Statement Necklace - Vintage Milk Glass Christmas Light Bulb and Enameled Vintage Metal Flowers - Holiday Baby 
Calling this a statement necklace would be an understatement! 

You seem to use a lot of vintage and found items in your work. What comes first, the idea or the object?

Usually the object. I love to take a single crystal drop or old bead and design around it, with no clear direction in mind. The end result always surprises me! If I’m not pleased with how it turns out, I dismantle it and put it away for a while. A different day and mood will yield an entirely different result.

Enameled chains and green beads

What inspires you when creating your jewelry and other items?

Everything! Vintage movies (oh, the glamour!), the places I visit, the people I see, the night sky, the changing of seasons, love, betrayal, the ocean, the color of my husband’s eyes (the purest blue I’ve ever seen), an old abandoned building with lovely potential, the fairy tales I read as a child, the taste of a cupcake (what would vanilla with sprinkles on top look like as a necklace?), a song on the radio, vampires, the mermaid I dreamed about last night, cemeteries (aren’t they beautiful?)…literally everything!

Gift Tags - Tiny Brown Bee on Parisian Pink - Set of Ten (10)

And there’s nothing wrong with cupcakes and mermaids! When you aren’t designing what are your other hobbies?

My favorite activity is simply spending time with my beautiful husband and sweet little dogs. I also like to cook when the mood strikes me, drink wine with friends, watch movies, and gossip on the phone. Unfortunately, I love shopping way more than I should. I even buy jewelry occasionally!

Notecards - Black Embossed Chandelier on Glossy Olive Green Cardstock - Set of Six (6) 
Black embossed chandelier notecards

Define southern style.

I think southern style is as diverse as the women who live here; romantic, bohemian, elegant, dark, glamorous, casual, decadent…I could go on and on. There’s no way to define southern style in only a few words. Individuality is the only unifying element here.

Pick up any of these pieces via Kara’s Etsy store.

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Mannequin Mondays

With the fourth of July next week I thought I’d set the mood with these red,white, and blue mannequin displays from Buffalo Exchange.

Whether y’all are celebrating our nation’s independence or just enjoying an extra day off there are ways to revel without looking like Betsy Ross picked out your outfit. Buffalo employees Alanna Zaritz and Elijah Bradshaw demonstrate that celebration and chic can go hand in hand with these festive displays.

3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
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Show & Tell

The biggest reason I like buying handmade items is that I like unique, well made pieces that are one of a kind, or rather close to it.

Craft Mafia’s 5th anniversary party was held at The Factory this past Thursday. The massive space is a new studio of the owners of Skip & Whistle that will offer screen printing classes in the near future.

Mallory of Miss Malaprop was hawking these great ceramic and glass pieces from Lean Dog Pottery. Ironically I’m adopting a retired racing greyhound next week so I guess it was meant to be for me to own this piece. Everything from Lean Dog is fairly fantastic and I had a hard time picking out which piece to get. I ended up settling on this green and yellow long square pendant.

It’s even better in person! The glass shimmers in the light.

If you are kicking yourself for not going to this event fear not! All of the craft mafia has their wares for sale through their website. 

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Frock Friday

Okay so I lied. This week’s Frock Friday is actually a skirt. I’ve been living in tanks and skirts since I got burnt out on dresses last summer so I’m afraid I don’t have many frocks to share. This outfit gets a lot of action because it is so easy to throw on and look coordinated. Even better I can actually bike in it.  I also featured the skirt here and here for Go Nola.

I made a rare trip to Target on Wednesday and happened upon this gold pyramid stud headband. Perfect! What’s equally perfect is my bra strap poking out. Can’t get too classy on y’all. Also check out that awesome shower curtain rod! I have a big stained glass window in the upstairs bathroom that lets in some great light. Oh the things we’ll do for good lighting.
Y’all probably recognize the necklace from my post on Etsy artists helping the oil spill cleanup. I liked it so much I bought it and my money went to helping out sea turtles which makes me feel good.
I scored these black leather sandals from the Metairie Plato’s Closet for a measly $5. Normally I wouldn’t ooh and ahh over this style but I’m digging them. Excuse the cat hair, my cats love laying on top of my shoes. They also love putting their two front paws in my husband’s shoes for some reason. 
Tank: H&M
Belt: Gap
Skirt: Fossil
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters
Headband: Target
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Museum Quality

The Historic New Orleans Collection is a “museum, research center, and publisher dedicated to the study and preservation of the history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South region”. 

They also happen to stock some very southern inspired jewelry and accessories in their shop.

Personally my favorite jewelry pays homage to nature and the things I adore. Leaves make for great bijoux and both these pieces from local artist India Stewart  are texturally interesting.

ELEPHANT PIN LRG SILVER Elephant ear leaf pin by India Stewart

The leaves remind me of my Mignon Faget banana leaf earrings.

These handbags are literally wearable art. Reproductions of Edgar Degas and John James Audubon prints make for a unique accessory.

ART BAG- Audubon Reddish Egret LG               ART BAG SMALL AMERICAN GOLDFINCH 

The museum also stocks Pelican Coast neckware. The ties and bowties are made of 100% silk and 20% of the proceeds from their Coastal Collection is donated to the America’s Wetland Foundation. These funds help raise awareness of supporting and saving coastal Louisiana, which is more important than ever. 

MINT JULEP TIE RED Mint julep tie SHRIMP BOW TIE Pink Shrimp bow tie

All of these items are available for purchase online or better yet make the trip to the French Quarter and tour the museum and its historic buildings

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Slow Southern News

Isabella’s is offering 25% off Vera Bradley merchandise as an incentive to start back to school shopping early.

Jolie & Elizabeth will have a trunk show at 1912 St. Charles Ave. from 4pm to 8pm on Thursday, June 24th. Refreshments such as champagne and strawberries will be served.

Imagine Boutique in Hammond is offering buy one, get one free on all denim until June 26th.

Ballin’s summer sale is going on now through Saturday, July 10th. Enjoy 75% off select merchandise.

Feet First is extending their “buy one get one 1/2 off” sale now through June 27th. If you prefer shopping online use code BOGO1/2 to receive the discount.

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Mannequin Mondays

I haven’t done a Mannequin Monday in a loooong time so I figured I’d resurrect it. 
Funky Monkey is a local vintage clothing store that has these great big windows and always uses them to their advantage. I remember when this store was just a solitary room but they expanded some time ago into a men’s and women’s section with separate entrances for each.
Women’s side- I love the green sequin anchor dress thrown in with the summer appropriate accessories
Men’s side- The vintage Honda tee is amazing and check out that mullet wig. 
Funky Monkey 

Open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm; Sun 12pm-5pm

3127 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 899-5587
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Secondhand Style

I’m no stranger to second hand stores and I prefer them to shopping at the mall. It sure beats circling for a parking spot, dealing with large crowds, not to mention the prices are much, much cheaper and buying used is easier on the environment.  The trick is to purchase items that don’t scream “thrift store”. Look for pieces that are well made, free of stains, holes, and aren’t overly faded. It’s also good to look for classic pieces or items that aren’t hideously out of style.

 My entire outfit here was purchased second hand minus the shoes.

I decided there’s a reason big hair is so well, big in the south. When the humidity is this high my hair is a frizzy, massive mess. Pardon half my head missing. I was making a ridiculous “hot and bright outside” face. Check out those awesome mosquito bites on my legs while you’re at it. Sexy!

I don’t wear t-shirts that often but this one has some cute details. No idea what the “12” is for but I like it. Oh yea, it could mean 12 more days ’till I bring my adopted bundle of joy home. And by bundle of joy I mean a greyhound named Nadia. Y’all have no idea how excited I am!
I acquired these two onyx and silver rings when I lived in Arizona. The one on the right is a poison ring. I once tried filling it with glitter and it leaked glitter onto everything. 
I decided I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ to tie the gold stitching on the tee and the sparkly gold shoes together. Then I remembered this gold sequin headband I purchased. I think I have a large head because this thing slides off my head, even with the assistance of bobby pins.
All purchased at Buffalo Exchange
T-shirt:  J. Crew
Skirt:  Gap
Shoes:  Melissa Campana via Nordstrom Rack
Rings:  vintage
Headband: new, no brand

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Show & Tell

Years ago I was a HUGE thrift store addict. At least once a month I’d comb the racks at several stores looking for name brand or interesting pieces. Nowadays I prefer shopping at secondhand or consignment stores vs. thrift since someone has sorted through the stained, out of fashion pieces for me.

However last Saturday I decided to grab a quick, cheap lunch at Freret Po’boy and donut shop which happens to be next to Bloomin’Deals thrift store. After stuffing myself with fried shrimp and complimentary donuts I decided I was in a good enough mood to dig.

I found this sweet Ann Taylor Loft blouse, brand new with tags for $8. The original price was $39 so this was a great deal.

The jeans I wore it with are Furst Premium I bought at LF several months ago.

I also found a Gorillapod for $8. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these forever and I jumped on it when I saw it. Gotta love getting it w/o shipping.  Hubby got a Gap button down for $4 and I picked up two magazines for $0.50.

It’s true you never know what you’ll find thrifting and usually it’s worth a bit of time to get a great deal! 
P.S. Bloomin’deals is cash or check only and there aren’t any ATM machines nearby, at least to my knowledge.

If you’ve got a fashionable find that you’d love to show off e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.

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