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Slow Southern News

Hemline is having a back to school sale featuring select items 30-75% off.

September 9-20th Isabella’s is offering up $25 Vera Bradley tote bags with any $50 Vera Bradley purchase.

The No Fleas Market takes place Friday and Saturday September 3rd and 4th from 10:00am-5:00pm. This special resale shop benefits local rescue groups.

The monthly Freret Market will be going on this Saturday, September 4th from noon-5:00pm. The market showcases local crafty types, live music, art and food.

The Guitar Bar will be hosting a trunk show for Miss Malaprop to show case the exclusive handmade fleur-de-lis guitar straps that she made for their shop. The show is on Saturday, September 4th from noon-9:00pm.

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5 years ago

‎5 years ago today, on my husband’s birthday, we left New Orleans, our home, and our outside cats to face a very uncertain future. This year we (literally) got back everything we left and plus some. From here on out nothing can take away what we have earned.

Me & Runty, one of the cats, on our porch. God I'm going to miss that house.

The title from my ancient Photobucket account reads “Me & Runty, one of the cats, on our porch. God I’m going to miss that house.”  Funny how life works itself out. On a fashion side note that denim mini skirt was very on trend in 2005. 🙂

I’m not going to recap our plight, the sadness that I felt and still feel at times, and the hardships that everyone has endured as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Instead I’m going to revel in how far the city has come, how exciting it is to be a part of the New Orleans revival, and how content I feel to have my little piece of the city that I love so dearly. 
New Orleans, I love you.

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Show & Tell

I had the honor of being invited to Anthropologie’s grand opening celebration yesterday and luckily I had a new dress to wear for it. I invited my friend Leslie  along and we enjoyed soaking in the impressive space and sipping on wine. Don’t fret, I’m sharing pictures of the store on GoNOLA this week.

I basically wanted everything in the store, from the housewares to the clothes. Fortunately I exercised restraint and just bought a few small items for the house. Hey, it is my husband’s birthday today so at least I had an excuse. 

I’m going to have a total geek out moment.My dress, designed by Alabama Chanin, is known for their hand stitching. Everything is lovingly made by quilters in Alabama. This picture does absolutely no justice to the details on this dress. 
Necklace: Banana Republic
Shoes: Antonio Melani
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Just a reminder

I just want to remind everyone that I changed the URL to to make it easier to find. Y’all can also stay up to date with posts by subscribing at Blog Lovin’, Networked Blogs, use the RSS feed, or become a fan on Facebook or Twitter. Use the handy links on the right side bar if you forget!

Thanks for reading! This blog is about to turn a year old and I couldn’t have done it without all the love and support I’ve received from my friends and readers.

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Slow Southern News

Jolie & Elizabeth is having a trunk show this Thursday, August 26th from 2:00pm-9:00pm  at Fair Folks & a Goat – NOLA to showcase  their Fall 2010 Collection. Attendees can enter the raffle to win Jolie and Elizabeth merchandise and gift cards and enjoy New Orleans Rum cocktails.

Encore shop is having a summer clearance sale August 24th-28th. All sales from this nonprofit shop benefit the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Arts Council of New Orleans is hosting their monthly market this Saturday, August 28th from 10:00am-4:00pm. Located in Palmer Park at the S. Claiborne/ S. Carrollton intersection uptown shoppers can find handmade jewelry, photography, ceramics, and much more. 

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La Elle Dee Da

I discovered Elle’s jewelry at a Branch Out  trunk show put on back in February. I purchased a pair so I can attest to how great these are in person.  Needless to say I was pleased when I stumbled upon her work again! Elle takes vintage glass Mardi Gras beads and repurposes them into earrings. She also sells handmade cake stands and jewelry pedestals from reclaimed vintage plates.

 Mine all mine!

Tell us a little about yourself and the items you create.

I’ve always liked to craft, and have always tried to make things instead of buying them and that includes jewelry. Right now I’m really into making earrings, and the glass beads I get from antique strands of Mardi Gras beads are perfect because they have history. I want to make glass Mardi Gras beads wearable!

Obviously New Orleans plays a big part in your work, especially the vintage Mardi Gras beads. What inspires you the most about this city?

All the crooked lines.

Giant Shell Leafs Giant shell leaf earrings

Any big plans for the future, and where else can readers buy your jewelry?

The best place to see everything I’ve made is Right now my earrings and vintage jewelry pedestals are available at Branch Out on Magazine Street.

What do you do when you aren’t making jewelry?

My wonderful boyfriend and I like to travel when we can. When we’re not out exploring other lands, we’re exploring our own city.

Double-Decker Blue Glass Cube Earrings Double decker blue glass earrings

Define southern style.

To me style is not about high-end expensive purchases, and it’s not about living one certain fabulous unattainable lifestyle. Down here, your style moves at your speed, fits in your budget, and makes sense in your day-to-day life. We don’t really have time or patience for much else. 

New Orleans folks know about style. I think it happens quite naturally. Fashion here has never been about the latest magazine trends. Fashion has always been more individual than that; more inspired. In New Orleans, we have entire sections of our closets devoted to weird costume pieces from the last ten years of Mardi Gras and once in a while we work those items into an outfit quite well, I’d say. 

Life Advice Dice Life advice dice

Once a year we have a city-wide art walk where we re-discover why white linen is so perfect for this city – because August is f*cking hot. and yes, high heels are fabulous, but try rocking them down a hundred year-old herringbone-patterned mortar-less brick sidewalk, not so fab. So our southern fashion has evolved and taken on trends of its own. And THAT is truly fabulous.

Perfectly Square Pedestal Perfectly square pedestal

Show Elle some love by visiting her Etsy shop!

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Mannequin Mondays

Mannequin Monday is thanks to a little North shore field trip that I took to Hammond, LA. With black and gold fever in full force Ruby and Shop Imagine have Saints’ merchandise ready and waiting for their customers.

100 N. Cate St.
(985) 345-0548
Hours: 10-6 Mon.-Sat.

111 E. Thomas St. 
Hours: 11-6 Mon.-Sat.
I’ll also have a full report on both these shops up soon so if  you want to learn more about them don’t fret!
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Show & Tell- Easy does it

Some days you just want to wear a t-shirt and jeans. I try my damnedest not to fall into that category but on my days off I’d rather be comfortable schlepping around the house vs. worrying about staining a skirt or favorite blouse.

I have a penchant for all things scaly so when I found this t-shirt from local clothing designer Alicia Zenobia I knew I had to have it.  After all I do have a rattlesnake tattoo so I’m stuck liking them anyway. I love how their mouths form the red heart in the middle.  FYI that ancient brick is in my kitchen. Can y’all believe this used to be covered in drywall? I get weak at the knees for exposed brick and have it in all the bedrooms as well.

I decided to go more southwest with this outfit, minus the high waisted mom jeans. Another house note: The back porch was a storage space when we rented the house pre-Katrina. The previous owners turned it into a porch and when the weather is nice (hell even when it isn’t) we eat every meal out here. It’s also where Runty and Tigre hang out so we have to show them love. Seriously, they demand it.
I love my moccasins! And yes that is even more old brick on the side of my house. Anytime we dig in the garden we uproot even more of them. I’m sure if I crawled under the house there would be enough to build an addition to the back.
Speaking of the Southwest I picked up a lot of turquoise when I lived in Arizona. A lot. Here is a cuff bracelet that I wore with my tee/shorts combo. I was told by someone the stones came from the Bisbee mine but I’m not positive about that.
Shorts: Joe’s
Bracelet: Vintage Native American, procured at Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Minnetonka
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Frock Friday

I have a confession. I’m currently in remission from a sick obsession with cocktail dresses. Over the years I’ve downsized my collection to just a few but at one point the fancy vs. casual ratio was way out of line. Perhaps it is because I’m secretly a southern belle (yea right) but I love fancy dresses. I’ve always said that when I make my first million  I’m going to do housework in frilly frocks. Just so y’all don’t have to hold your breath until that happens I’ll share what I wore last night. 

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary and to celebrate we dined at Gautreau’s last night. The food was great and when they saw him whip out a card they sent out dessert with two candles in it. Awwww!

About that dress. I’ve been wanting a one shouldered dress for a minute and stumbled upon this one at French Connection. Bonus points for pockets and 100% cotton. I also rediscovered Picnik so now instead of getting crappy photos y’all get crappy photos with special effects. Exciting, isn’t it?

In lieu of earrings or a necklace I opted to wear this silver snake pin. On our anniversaries I like to wear gifts he gave me from previous years so this was perfect to jazz up the bow on the shoulder.
Last year we had dinner at Lillette where I received this blue topaz bracelet from one of my favorite jewelers, Sabai. My wedding ring came from my other favorite, Symmetry. Lucky for me both take out advertising in the Gambit which made it real easy to show him what I wanted. 🙂
And the shoes. Oh god these shoes are amazing but they are so hard to walk in so fortunately for me I was sitting down most of the night. Since I rarely wear heels I only buy them if they are classic enough to sit in my closet for a while and still feel fresh. 
As usual I can’t do anything without getting attacked by a cat.
Dress: French Connection
Pin: Kate Landry
Bracelet: Sabai
Shoes: Donna Karen Collection
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Up and comer

Working with the public definitely has its high moments and those times when I want to crawl into the fetal position under the desk. Fortunately the good moments exceed the bad and it’s always interesting to meet new people, become engrossed in a conversation, and see where the outcome leads.

 I met Nicole Album at my place of work when we started chatting about the New Orleans fashion scene. We kept in touch via e-mail, one thing led to another and a collaboration for a post was born! Nicole is a New Orleans native and a fashion designer and is moving to San Francisco to pursue her MFA in illustration. Even though she is leaving the Big Easy behind Nicole promises to bring a piece of New Orleans with her. She is currently working on a grant proposal with the recent oil spill as her subject matter. Nicole shared with me her inspiration boards and the illustrations that she created from them.

 Growing up in New Orleans, the Gulf South holds a special place in my soul. It is very important for me to show illustrations and designs that represent a cause I am passionate about. The future of my design philosophy lies in the expectation of artistic endeavors that are inspired for philanthropic purposes. 

  My first design line was inspired by the iron-work of New Orleans, aptly named, Tchoupitoulas, and was conceived in an effort to help bring awareness to our beautiful city, in a time post-hurricane Katrina. The line I am currently working on is inspired by the Gulf Coast Oil Spill. It incorporates other elements, such as Neoprene surf-wear and Botticelli-inspired women. 

  And, as I begin my first semester in a Graduate program for illustration, I hope to master my artistic craft and continue to bring awareness to our majestic city. I feel so lucky to have been brought up in a place filled to the ‘to-go-cup’ brim of culture. I hope one day my efforts to give back will be a part in keeping this city alive.

If you are interested in seeing more of Nicole’s work she has lots of photos and illustrations at Coroflot.
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