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No Trouble Here- Troubadour

Over the past year Slow Southern Style has evolved into my personal hunt for southern fashion designers. With a little bit of luck I find some great individuals to feature here, from small time Etsy artists to people that have worked in the fashion industry with successful lines. I was most recently thrilled to find Troubadour, a label based in Charleston, South Carolina.

With her southern upbringing designer Lindsey Carter has used her background to influence her label Troubadour. Her line is described as “wreckless preppy with a twist of edge” which sounds like sheer perfection to me.

Carter is no stranger to the world of fashion, having interned with Rebecca Minkoff and L.A.M.B. as well as working for J. Crew and Madewell 1937. In 2006 Carter got married, moved back to the South and started designing Carter Humphrey, a high end line of women’s golf wear. This inaugural entrepreneurial experience paved the way for her Troubadour label.

My take on the line is  utterly feminine with an eye for great details and draping. The line maintains a sense of chic without being boring basics or trendy items that can only be worn for a few seasons.

An added bonus for readers; get a free t-shirt with your online purchase if you mention Slow Southern Style!

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What I Wore- Bounce Night

Look y’all fashion blogs are serious business. I mean why get dressed in the morning if you aren’t going to painstakingly document every minute detail of your outfit? Don’t you know that the internetz solely exists for women all over the world to show off what they bought at Forever 21 and how they tried to make it look more expensive by pairing it with a Dillard’s handbag purchased on sale at TJ Maxx?

*Ahem* Okay clearly I try not to take myself too seriously.

When I threw the question out “Should I do a what I wore to bounce night post?” I received a resounding yes, including a message “Write it or I’ll write it for you” from Chris Trew. If you aren’t familiar with his work Chris is a comedian living in Austin but went to high school in Covington. He did a hilarious recap of my night out  on his site that I insist everyone read.

So who did we go see? Ricky B is a bounce legend and it was certainly evident why at this show. It’s always fun to hear songs live that you remember listening to in grade school.

Partners n’ Crime were great too. They’ve been around forever and put on a great show.

Someone made flyers of Magnolia Shorty and threw them off the stage. This sort of looked like a temporary memorial to me so I had to take a picture. So sad and absolutely unnecessary when people are murdered.

So what to expect if you’ve never been? Get ready for a workout.  My thighs are almost always sore the next day, a sure sign that I had fun.

Okay so I don’t really stretch beforehand but it wouldn’t hurt. However I do wear clothes with a lot of stretch. Leggings and bounce night are BFFs. And since I’m a white girl with no butt I keep it covered. No need to scare people with my pasty white legs.

Representing my dawg. No seriously, my greyhound’s name is Nadia. 

Going hands free is important so keep the handbag to a minimum. This bag is perfect since it is large enough to fit camera, phone, ID and keys but still sit nicely just under the arm. You don’t want a big purse swinging around when you are trying to pop, lock and drop it.

No idea what bounce is? Watch this video featuring a few sissy bouncers.
Tunic: French Connection
Leggings: American Apparel
Shoes: Cole Haan
Necklace: vintage
Bag: Botkier
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Lumina Clothing Giveaway Winner!

I’m pleased to announce we have a winner of the Lumina Clothing giveaway! 

Thanks to’s handy number generator Hattie Sparks is the lucky recipient of a seersucker bow tie and gingham necktie, a perfect gift for her fiance. She’s a lovely lady and loyal reader and I had the pleasure of meeting in person at I Heart Southern Style. Hattie I’ll be in touch to hand over the goodies to you!

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lululemon athletica- Working out in style

Today’s post is courtesy of a new friend of mine, Christine Ditri. To call her a lululemon fanatic would be an understatement. Having recently moved to New Orleans from Boston you’d swear she owns stock in the company but she’s really just a loyal customer with a love of all things lulu. I asked Christine to explain what makes this company so great and to tell NOLA readers why they should shop the new show room.

lululemon athletica has finally come to New Orleans in the form of an Uptown showroom. Nestled in at 802 Nashville Avenue. This Canadian company providing quality workout clothing and accessories, has opened up a showroom offering some of lululemon’s best products and cheeriest help and has already begun to make its mark on the Nola community.

lululemon athletica makes quality yoga and running products including tops, bottoms, bras, underwear, yoga accessories, bags, dvd’s, and more. The clothes literally last for years and have great features including flat seaming (for no chaffing), triangle gussets (to derail any riding up in the crotch), hidden pockets (for keys, phones, music players, and gelpacks), thumb holes and cuffins (warm hands warm heart) and four way stretch (comfortable and will never stretch out). The clothing is made from quality fabrics including running luon, silver luon, luxtreme, merino wool, and coolmax which makes the products all soft, amazing at wicking sweat, and even have anti-stink properties.

Besides great products lululemon atheletica is a company that you can feel good supporting. Their website boasts a goal page which helps you create, define, and meet your goals- whatever they may be! There are online and phone staff at the Guest Education Center who are always available to help out with any questions. A blog keeps customers updated on a large variety of topics. If you ever can’t find what you’re looking for in the showroom the company provides free shipping for all phone and internet orders.

In addition to all of this great support lululemon stores and showrooms offer one complimentary yoga class each weekend in the community. Go to to find out the details on the class this week!

Since lululemon athletica does not do any of its own advertising, but relies solely on word of mouth, it is up to me to let you know about this gem of a store.If the showroom continues to do well, lululemon will open an official store in about a year. The store would have full hours and provide more options. But, with two rooms full of clothing and accessories, the showroom isn’t leaving us with wanting for much! It should be noted that the New Orleans showroom is only open Thursdays through Sundays from 10am to 6pm and only accepts credit cards.

Happy Shopping!

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Cocodri- Honoring Louisiana’s Yard Dog

One thing that I have a deep appreciation for is reptiles. I literally grew up with a swamp for a backyard. There was my house, a levee, and the swamp, in that order. Needless to say we spent many of summers playing out on the boat, either water skiing, fishing, or just swimming. We always knew which canals were off limits to skiing and the sign for “alligator behind you, don’t drop the rope” was usually my maw maw frantically waving her arms up and down.

Alligators were brought to the brink of extinction but due to conservation efforts have proliferated and have established healthy populations. Due to an over abundance of this ancient animal alligator farms* can be found all over southern Louisiana, harvesting the reptiles for their meat and skin.

Cocodri is a small Lafayette based company that elevates this beautiful animal’s hide into art. Working with local trappers and craftsman each item is individually designed to showcase the beauty of Louisiana’s natural resources.
Cocodri carries wallets, belts, flasks, and women’s clutches. These items would make a great gift that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Purchases can me made at Cocodri’s website or at the following locations:
New Orleans
Style Lab for Men
Ralph Goodyear
*Okay now I’m going to geek out on everyone. I do NOT condone buying any other reptile product. Many wild populations have been critically depleted due to taking animals out of the wild for their skin. In fact California banned python products. Every purchase you make is a VOTE saying “Yes I support this”. If you choose to enjoy these goods consider buying them secondhand or vintage, that way you are not directly supporting illegal activities.
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Giveaway with Lumina Clothing Co.

I’ve never done a  giveaway before so I thought it would be appropriate to run one for the men since women get all the good stuff when it comes to fashion blog freebies.

 For the southern gentleman, or at least those that just try to act like it. Lumina Clothing Co. is a North Carolina based men’s accessories company that specializes in neck wear. From elegant evening weddings to casual summer picnics and everything in between Lumina offers a tie for any occasion.

Just by signing up for their newsletter you can get a coupon for 33% off your purchase. Oh wait, you wanted to hear about the free stuff right?

To enter the giveaway simply follow Slow Southern Style on one of the following networks listed in the right sidebar (Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, etc…) and leave a comment on this entry stating which one you follow. One lucky winner will receive the tie and bow tie featured in this post. 

Wanna double your chances of winning? Just visit the Lumina Clothing Co. product page then come back to this post and leave a comment here stating which tie is your favorite. You can also increase your chances of winning by following Lumina on Twitter or Facebook.

Contestants must reside in the United States and upon winning provide me with a mailing address or P.O. Box so I can ship out your goodies.

What, you expected me to know how to use that thing? 
The contest runs through December 28th and I’ll announce the winner on January 30th. Nothing like two new ties for a new year, no? So if you are looking for a gift for your significant other or just want to spruce up your own accessories repertoire hurry up and comment, the clock is ticking!

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LBD styled by the Southern Fashion Bloggers

A few months ago I decided to start a little group for other ladies who happen to write about fashion and reside in the South. I was really struggling to connect with other like minded individuals so I figured I’d start my own meeting ground. While I haven’t done a whole lot with it yet the Southern Fashion Bloggers have grown from zero to nearly 70 in just a few short months.

One of our first activities is playing host to a blog event centered around a holiday favorite, the little black dress. Myself and three other New Orleans ladies are cross posting our blogs today to show you how we style ’em here in southern Louisiana. And if you are missing Mannequin Monday  no worries, it will be back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.

An LBD is like a blank canvas just waiting for you to put the finishing touches on it. I found this one a few years ago via a secondhand store. This strapless J. Crew dress satisfies all of my requirements for classic cocktail attire. It’s a simple silhouette in black velvet with a black grosgrain ribbon just under the bust line. What really won me over is that it is petite sizing which means I just zipped it up and that was it. No hemming, no fussing, just a perfect, reliable wardrobe staple.
I like to be fashionably honest, meaning if I don’t actually wear it then I don’t post it. That said I had every intention of getting dressed up and going to a nice craft cocktail bar in my neighborhood this past Saturday night. Instead I stayed at home and watched the original Black Christmas and threw on the dress Sunday night just for pictures. How’s that for a rousing weekend?
So let’s pretend I did wear it out and had a great time. One of my obsessions is collecting reptile paraphernalia and this includes jewelry. This rhinestone studded snake bracelet is just enough sparkle without being ostentatious. 
I also fake wore it with another trusty favorite, my Cole Haan black patent leather heels. 
Well hopefully the other ladies had a more adventurous weekend than I did. Check out their blogs and feel free to comment on each one!
Mallory for Trashy Diva-
p.s. Due to everyone’s different schedules not everyone may post at the same exact time. Just check back later in the day if you don’t see an LBD post yet.
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What I Wore- Vaguely French

I”m a pretty lucky gal when it comes to the dress code at work. Basically, there is none so long as I look presentable. No suits, no uniform, I don’t have to hide my tattoos and I certainly don’t have to limit my creativity come costume season. That said I hesitate sometimes to post pictures of my favorite outfits here. Would it be lame to run into someone and I’m wearing the same thing over and over again? Should I care?

Today I’m feeling generous so I’ll let this one slide. This dress feels vaguely French due to the scoop neckline and the stripes. I’m Cajun French on my dad’s side so that works for me.
I love a dress with tough looking boots and no these aren’t Frye. I picked up these vintage engineer boots when I still lived in Arizona. I’ve owned them for a few years now and I’d like to think they go with everything. 

Two years ago I got hooked on sea horses when I went to the aquarium for the first time in ages. They float around like sea nymphs, some of them so dainty and small that you can’t believe they even exist. These earrings look more like sea dragons to me, which is even better.

A good cuff bracelet is always a chic move. Erin of Armoire was sweet enough to give this to me as a gift  last week and I’ve already worn it twice!
My favorite sweater, which I wear seemingly on a daily basis. I throw it on over everything, even over PJs. 
Sweater: Juicy Couture via Nordstrom Rack
Dress: Be Bop via Buffalo Exchange
Thigh High Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Vintage Ranchero
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange
Cuff: Armoire
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Buffalo Exchange Fashion Show

Wow has it already been a week since the Buffalo Exchange fashion show? If you weren’t able to go you really missed out. According to multiple sources there has never been so much cheering at an Eiffel Society fashion show! We all had a great time for a good cause, The Freret Neighborhood Center, and I am so proud of the way things turned out.

Big thanks to Eiffel Society, Think Tank, Stupid Time Machine, Beauty Unmade, DJ Kemistry, Spa Atlantis for providing the “buffian” manicures and their location, Paris Parker for hair and makeup and the talented crew at Buffalo Exchange for not only helping me select the outfits but also modeling as well!

VIP gift bags

Super big thanks to the photographer, Sam Gregory, for taking such captivating images. To see the full album go here.

Of course I waited until the day of to get an outfit. Who in the hell does that? I got the dress from Armoire, and the Vince Camuto studded platform heels and Banana Republic necklace from Buffalo Exchange.
The beautiful Leslie of Beauty Unmade,she was such a big help coordinating the hair and makeup.

The perpetually cute Le Thu of Think Tank. She was a dream to work with and without her none of this would have been possible.

 Images of girls from my girl Dorothy’s new blog NO(LA) More Chains.

So if you went did you enjoy the show?

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