Sweater Weather with LiaMolly

If and when the weather gets consistently cold southern girls everywhere rejoice and feverishly start pulling  sweaters out of storage. I’m keeping my tank tops handy but for now I’m enjoying this unexpected cold snap and am excited to wear some new knits that I recently purchased. If like me  you are in need of some pretty new sweaters to warm you up than look no further than New Orleans’ own LiaMolly.

Designer Seema Sudan doesn’t believe in “disposable clothing” so she strives to create sweaters that are of heirloom quality. Her clothing has been featured in places like Lucky Magazine, sold at Bloomingdale’s and boutiques country wide and even did a kids’ line for Anthropologie.

Named after her two children and inspired by a recovering post Katrina New Orleans LiaMolly is all about “quality craftsmanship” and items that can be passed down from generation to generation. Her customer is also less concerned with passing trends and appreciates beautiful, well made pieces that can be worn for years to come.

The company strives to sustain local economies by having a large presence in local boutiques. Even if you can’t pick up one of Seema’s creations locally you can enjoy 15% off your by using the code “slowsouthernstyle” at her online shop.

So do you have a new sweater that you can’t wait to wear? Or are you relying on old favorites to get you through this winter?

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