Mannequin Monday- Beat The Winter Blahs

Alright y’all I give up. Last week it was freezing cold in New Orleans and next week it’s supposed to be in the 60s. What gives? Whatever, when you’re from here you come to expect the crazy changes in weather at this time of year but that doesn’t make you recover from getting sick any faster.

With a cold comes the case of feeling blah. When I’m feeling under the weather all I want is some color in my life. I’m so over wearing only dark colors in winter!
Lindsay Ary of Buffalo Exchange shows us winter dressing can be warm and cozy yet fun with this tribal blanket coat and vintage coat and dress accented with gold and white jewelry.

Buffalo Exchange also has it’s own blog now, featuring trend boards and stuff you’ll only find in store.

3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Do you want your shop featured here? Send your great display pictures to with “Mannequin Mondays” as the subject line.
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Bundle Up!

I know everyone is tired of hearing about how cold it is but damn y’all it is cold in New Orleans! At the very least my sweaters have been getting lots of love lately.

I don’t buy sweaters very often and I really don’t own that many. One of my new favorites is this ultra comfy Lia Molly sweater that I bought a few months ago. It is so snuggly, warm and most important easy to wear! I just throw it on with a pair of jeans and go. I normally wouldn’t wear white since it washes me out but I really like this tank underneath as it breaks up the grey. Don’t mind the red nose, I had just got back from walking my dog.

The best thing about this piece is the back. Unfortunately I don’t get a chance to admire it while I’m bundled up but it is a really pretty design yet feels tribal at the same time.

 Long sweaters require long jewelry so I layered up two of my new favorite necklaces, a rabbit skeleton and a bevy of arms and legs.

So how are y’all staying warm this winter?

Sweater: Lia Molly*
Tank: Project Alabama via Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Current Elliot via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack
Necklaces: Arms and legs via Buffalo Exchange, rabbit skeleton via Fairy

*Seema Sudan was kind enough to let me purchase the sweater at a discounted press rate after featuring Lia Molly on Slow Southern Style.

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Slow Southern News

There are so many good sales going on this week from some of my favorite stores and designers! Be sure to take advantage of at least one.

Feet First is having a BOGO sale. Buy any sale item and get a second sale item at 1/2 off. Use the code BOGO50 to shop online.

Fairy is having 20-50% off their sale merchandise starting this week.

Billy Reid is having a big 60% sale on all sale items both in store and online.

Pearl Southern Couture has marked down everything in their online store by 45-55% off. Hurry, the sale ends on 1/13!

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Slow Southern Update

I’m back from my vacation but brought back a nasty cold as a souvenir as a result of hiking in snow and changing climates so much. So instead of feverishly whipping up some new posts I’m taking today to put out a few reminders and inform y’all of some changes. Here they are, in no particular order.

1.  I’ve changed the commenting system to disqus, an easier way to use comments than the old blogger system. Additionally anyone can reply to comments so I’m thrilled that I can properly respond to them now as well.

2. If you haven’t updated your bookmarks to  yet then what are you waiting for? I made the switch back in September and so should you! The old blogspot URL still works and will redirect you to the current .com but takes longer to load.

3. If you are a fellow fashion blogger residing in the South I want to personally invite you to join the Southern Fashion Bloggers. It’s a fun little group that I started as a way to connect ladies and gents that live below the Mason Dixon line. Y’all may remember the group LBD post we did right before Christmas and I’m planning another one really soon! Join the group to keep up with our fun little projects.

4. Seems hard to believe that we are already 12 days into 2011. Time flies when you spend the first week of of year at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. That said one of my goals for this year is to have more posts from guest writers, especially those of y’all who live outside of Louisiana. If you have a favorite outfit to share, a shop to promote, or even a cool event coming up drop me a line at

5. As y’all may have noticed Slow Southern Style has a new photographer. Okay, not really but I did get a new camera for myself, the Canon S90, so I’m thrilled that better picture quality is on the horizon when I figure out how to work the damn thing.

Thanks for following and I hope y’all enjoyed the guest posts while I was away. If there is something you’d like to see for the new year on Slow Southern Style feel free to leave a comment here.
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Mannequin Mondays- I Smell A Rat

The best boutiques are the ones that you walk in and instantly get the person’s perspective. I detest walking into a shop and seeing the same 6 brands stocked that everyone else in town carries.

Milton and Rachael of Pack Rats aim to break the mold by offering up one of a kind items that you won’t find anywhere else. Their shop, located in Columbia, South Carolina, opened  in June 2010 and 100% of their stock is vintage (not retro) and handmade items.

Rachael has been a professional crafter for over two years and creates all sorts of knitted items. She specializes in berets and beanies but also makes scarves and occasionally sells vintage items in her Etsy shop as well.

If you are in the area be sure to check them out and tell them Slow Southern Style sent ya!

Pack Rat
2009 Greene st. #114
 Columbia,SC 29205,

 ph. 803-765-0060.
Hours Mon. – Sat. 11-7, Sun. 1-5.
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Guest Post- Shellac Nail Polish

While I’m out in the Southwest having a sibling reunion I have a few fashionable women keeping y’all entertained until I come back. I hope you enjoy their posts. Make sure to leave lots of comments for them and once again thanks for the help ladies.

Today’s post is brought to you by a good friend of mine, Leslie from Unmade. Leslie is my go to gal when it comes to anything relating to beauty products, especially nails.

CND’s Shellac, a revolutionary UV color, is unlike any other nail product on the market. What’s the big deal? How about:
  • It’s applied just like regular polish, but it dries under a UV lamp in between coats – It’s your natural nails, but better!
  • Your nails are completely dry before you get up from the manicure table
  • No dents, scratches or smudges; Put those boots on right after application!
  • Application takes only a few minutes longer than a regular manicure would
  • 3-Free (No toluene, formaldehyde or DBP)
  • Helped my nails grow stronger, thanks to its durability
  • Stays shiny and chip free for two weeks
Did you catch that one? Two. Weeks.
Now, my regular manicures usually last a week. To not have to worry about them for two weeks is just ridiculous. And don’t try to go back to regular polishes and top coat after getting Shellac’d. The shine just doesn’t compare. Are there any cons? Sure.
  • Limited color selection – More will be released around January 2011
  • Should only be removed by a professional – Your tips will soak in pure acetone, then the product comes right off
  • Pricier (but I think the convenience is worth it)
So, where can you get a Shellac manicure? Shellac is a professional product, so you can’t buy and apply it yourself. I get mine done at Spa Atlantis in Downtown New Orleans by my favorite manicurist, Marie. Ask for her and tell her I sent you. She’ll do you right.
Now, it’s difficult for me not to change my polish every week, but I will hold out as long as I can and take a picture of my nails before I have it removed. Need a second opinion (or you like moving pictures)? Check out BellaSugar’s review of Shellac.
*Disclosure: This service was provided complimentary for review.
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Guest Post- Samantha’s Favorite Things

While I’m out in the Southwest having a sibling reunion I have a few fashionable women keeping y’all entertained until I come back. I hope you enjoy their posts. Make sure to leave lots of comments for them and once again thanks for the help ladies.

I am one of those lucky people who gets to go to work every day and be surrounded by fabulous things. Hi, I’m Samantha Capone and I work at Feet First. My post is Oprah-inspired, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things with you. Unfortunately, at the end I can’t give everyone reading this all of my favorite things, but you can at least pretend that Oprah is reading this to you. 

Now, my first favorite thing: Lombaggi Knitwear

This line features fabulous pieces that are all hand-knitted in Peru. Here I am modeling the lovely bolero-inspired jacket:

I personally like the grey, but it also comes in off-white, yellow, and pink and they are all fabulous. My favorite piece from the line is the sweet, adorable, perfect capelet:

(Beau’s favorite thing is his ball)

The capelet also comes in black. We had it in a dark pink and I literally cried when we sold the last one.

My next favorite thing: Mongolian Lamb Fur Vest

Look at this thing. It’s amazing in every way.

As if fur weren’t luxurious enough, this vest is amazingly crafted and has a comfortable silk lining. I love the way Mongolian Lamb fur is so natural and fluffy looking. It is almost unpredictable, one section will not have the same texture as another, but they come together to make a stunning piece. 

So as you can see Feet First has more than just a great selection of shoes. Next time you stop in be sure to mention you saw my post on Slow Southern Style!

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Guest Post: Got Garb?

While I’m out in the Southwest having a sibling reunion I have a few fashionable women keeping y’all entertained until I come back. I hope you enjoy their posts. Make sure to leave lots of comments for them and once again thanks for the help ladies.

Today’s post was written by Summer N., manager of The Creole Cottage and principal designer of The Web Boutique. This article originally appeared on Good NOLA.

garb (gärb)
1. clothing; manner or style of dress, esp. as characteristic of an occupation, profession, or rank
2. external form or appearance
3. Obsolete style; manner

You just got paid. It’s Friday night. And now you’re in your closet looking for something to wear to the hottest party of the year.

And nothing is looking back at you.

Another road trip to the mall? Negative. This time you’re going to stop by a new shop on Magazine Street simply called “Garb.” And then you’re going to smile when you realize it’s owned by N’awlins native, Antonia Carter (a.k.a. Toya from BET’s Tiny & Toya show). And if that’s not enough to have you singing in your stilettos, then you’re going to lose your mind at the chic clothing at affordable prices.

No, really. It’s affordable.

I’m talking the cutest Fall boots for $40, fun and frilly dresses under $100 and for those of you with caviar taste, an exclusive section of Garb known as Toya’s Closet where you can find vintage items from designers such as Christian Louboutin, Fendi and Gucci for a fraction of its original costs.

Since its grand opening on October 23, Garb has been the “it” spot for NOLA’s fashionable femmes. So why are you wasting your time with teeny boppers and middle schoolers in the mall for graphic tees and sneakers? Get your grown and sexy woman on with Garb.

Get your latest Garb at:
2108 Magazine Street
NOLA, 70130

The online store is coming soon, but stop by during store hours:
Monday-Saturday, 11-6
Sunday, 12-5

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Guest Post- On Slow Southern Inspiration

While I’m out in the Southwest having a sibling reunion I have a few fashionable women keeping y’all entertained until I come back. I hope you enjoy their posts. Make sure to leave lots of comments for them and once again thanks for the help ladies.

Hello sweet Southern style lovers!  I’m Rach from Ordinarily Urbane, my New Orleans-based personal style blog.  Ordinarily Urbane is all about relevant, accessible and uncomplicated style for the everyday girl.  While Christy is off scouring the Grand Canyon I’m here on the St. Charles Streetcar Line to share an outfit with you inspired by her and her passion for Southern style.

Dressed for: Guest Posting for Slow Southern Style

Oxford Shirt: Billy Reid (Men’s), scored at Ruffian Swap
Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Blazer: Express
Fleur-de-lis Necklace: James Avery
Clutch: Hobo
Trousers: Vintage
Heels: Michael Kors

On Slow Southern Inspiration:
Considering Billy Reid is one of Christy’s favorite designers, it’s only appropriate that this outfit started with a piece from his collection.  I was thrilled to find this oxford at a past Ruffian Swap, a clothing and apparel swap I host in the Greater New Orleans area.  With a bit of a chill in the air layers were definitely a necessity.  Layering brings new life into old pieces and makes getting dressed so much fun.  It’s the perfect excuse to switch up your style with unlikely combination of items. Try two jackets over an oxford, like I did here, or two open oxfords over a tee, because even in the South it still gets chilly.  You never know what you’ll come up with!  And my Southern-inspired outfit just wouldn’t be complete without the iconic fleur-de-lis, worn in the form of a charming necklace, to top it off.

Next time you get dressed try to have a little fun with what’s in your closet by layering and bringing out that sass of the South.  Wishing you the happiest of new years, thanks for reading!

xo rach
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2010 Year in Review

I’m not gonna lie, 2010 was a great year for me, one that had a lot of personal firsts. Instead of featuring a bunch of outfits y’all have already seen I decided to share some of the good things that happened this past year.

Mardi Gras 2010, back at the new old place

-Bought a house. Not just any house but the house we lived in before Katrina. Bonus points that the outside cats that we had spayed and neutered are still here, 10 years after being born on the front porch. Good story right? I’m still waiting for HGTV to contact me offering a full interior decorating makeover. Oh yea and maybe if they could convert one of the attics into a master suite that would be great too.

Nadia, my fifth cat

-Got a dog, a greyhound at that. I’ve been pining for one for something like 12 years.She’s wonderful, and basically just lays around the house like a cat. Of course when she wants to run she wants to RUN. An added bonus is how many of my neighbor’s I’ve met walking her.

Hubby now calls me flower feet. Ricky is my dad’s name, rest in peace.

-New tattoos. I haven’t gotten fresh ink since 2004. Magnolias on my feet and a shrimp on my back were this year’s additions. Rattlesnakes, the Louisiana state flower, and seafood- what can I say, I’m always representing what I love.

– Went to San Francisco for the first time. I loved the feeling that place has and I certainly want to go back. I loved how many interesting neighborhoods there are and in many ways that city shares some similarities to New Orleans. Now if we could just get good, cheap Thai food here….

-I’ve been with the same company for 5 1/2 years and I was employee of the year this go ’round. I’ve got the plaque on the mantle to prove it. It was an honor for sure, I love the place I work for. They’ve been good to me so I’m always happy to return the favor.

And while most of you will be nursing a hangover January 1st I’ll be on a plane headed for the Grand Canyon. I think this marks my 10th hike to the bottom, at this point I can’t remember. Since I’ll be down in a hole for five nights I’ve got a few lovely ladies making some guest appearances in my absence. Show them a good time y’all.

What’s in store for 2011? I’ve definitely got a few tricks up my sleeve. Thanks for humoring my antics, and have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

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