Mannequin Monday- Whatever Lola Wants, You Can Get

I love finding new boutiques so I was pleased to go to Lola’s grand opening a month ago on Carrollton Avenue in the Riverbend area.

Lola is situated right next to Camillia Grill and Coldstone Creamery, a deadly combination of deliciousness. Just remember to try on clothes before filling your belly with a burger an ice cream, okay?
Lola carries a lot of jewelry an plenty of good gift items, such as scarves, candles, jewelry, and a few other knick knacks. Current Eliot jeans, Jack by BB Dakota, Miss Me, Karlie, Hardtail, and Tulle among others.

  • 622 S. Carrollton Ave
  • New Orleans, LA 70118
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New Orleans Shopping Guide

I get a lot of inquires from out of town visitors and locals alike about where the best places to shop in New Orleans are. While I usually refer people to just peruse Slow Southern Style it can sometimes be difficult to use the site as a reference, especially when you are travelling.

NOLA Shopping Guide

So I’m very pleased to announce something that I’ve been working hard on, a handy New Orleans shopping guide! I have 30 of my favorite places to shop listed here. From thrift stores to high end jewelry and everything in between these are the places that I endorse.

This advertisement free guide is the first in a two part series. Part one focuses on uptown, everything from the Lower Garden District to the Riverbend area is included. You get all this hand picked information for just $4.25 via PayPal.  A French Quarter guide is already in the works and will come out just in time for French Quarter Fest.  So I hope y’all find it useful and feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions.

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Windsor Court Tea Time

Two Sundays ago I co-hosted the first official Southern Fashion Bloggers Tea at the Windsor Court Hotel with Leslie of Unmade. We’ve been going group posts for a few months now, and even got a mention on but it was nice to do a real, live event and meet a few of these lovely ladies in person. I started the group as a way for ladies below the Mason-Dixon line to get together since I couldn’t find any sites with a focus just on fashion bloggers. Our first get together was a great success and I’m so thankful for such a great turn out.

Sam Gregory served as our photographer for the afternoon. He’s been covering quite a few fashion events, including the Buffalo Exchange fashion show at Eiffel Society.
Hot Tin Roof provided each attendee with these cute little cosmetic cases.
For more information on the event, and to learn how to participate in our next one just visit us at Southern Fashion Bloggers. I also have a complete extra goody bag as well as four bags with discounts and free yoga lessons. If you’d like to enter just go to the website and follow the instructions on how to enter. I’m extending the contest for two more days so hurry up!
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Mannequin Monday- Mardi Gras in the French Quarter

Mardi Gras is a mere two  weeks away and the Big Easy is positively electric with excitement. I’m so behind on our costumes that I’m starting to get nervous but I always pull through with the finishing touches, even if that means burning the midnight oil on Lundi Gras.

While I was out strolling through the quarter a few weeks ago I happened upon this great couple and I was tempted to ask if the costumes were for sale. The detail that goes in to float costumes is incredible and it always amazes me to think about the amount of hours that go into sewing these creations.

Collectible Antiques
1232 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 566-0399
Open daily 12:00pm-6:00 pm 

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Spring has Sprung

It feels like we’ve finally escaped winter’s harsh grasp and have moved forward with springtime in New Orleans. While I’m loving these warmer days and having dinner on the back patio I’ve been fighting with allergies and a head cold thanks to the temperature change.

 Trust me, I’m not complaining about the beautiful days ahead and I am looking forward to riding my bike everywhere once I start feeling better, which hopefully will be soon with the start of three New Orleans fashion weeks, one of which I am attending this Wednesday at the Contemporary Arts Center. Oh yea, and Mardi Gras, the biggest and best holiday of the year, is wedged in there as well. No rest for the wicked right?

I bought this long, flowy tank top a few weeks ago when it was still cold and I’ve been itching to wear it ever since. The day I purchased it I was wearing a coat and gloves and now I can safely go outside with bare arms. See why I’m feeling under the weather, even if it is perfect outside? 

I’ve been having a golden moment and while I’m not sick of silver I’ve been craving more gold tone accessories. I love this big ring that I just bought last week. Oh the scaly guy? Relax, He’s just a ceramic rattlesnake inherited from my dad, rest his soul.
My birthday was on Groundhog’s Day and while I’m not sure what the little mammal’s prediction was I’m enjoying this cream and burgundy infinity scarf that I received as a b-day gift from Armoire Boutique. I figured the colors were close enough to do the pattern on pattern thing.
I have a long neck and these earrings are still grazing my shoulders. They’re a little tacky but I kind of don’t care.

Check out those greasy bangs and beat up shoes. My shoes take a beating, it’s hard for me to keep them looking nice so I usually don’t even try. I know, sometimes I really fail at fashion blogging but I like to be honest y’all. So what are you wearing now that the weather has warmed up?
Tank Top: Jack by BB Dakota via Lola Boutique
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity via Buffalo Exchange
Scarf: Gift from Armoire Boutique
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange
Ring: Armoire Boutique
Shoes: J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange (swear they were perfect when I bought them)

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Jean Challenge- Style These!

I believe in buying good jeans. This means I’m willing to spend a lot for good denim since I wear it so often. I’d rather buy quality and not have to replace my favorite pair after a few months, hell even a year.

  I’ve certainly plopped down the debit card on some wardrobe staples but why shell out big bucks if you can find it cheaper secondhand? My inseam is stupidly short so it is hard for me to justify paying $150-$200 on jeans that aren’t 100% perfect. I’ve never found skinny jeans in petite in New Orleans and even then petite lengths are sometimes still too long.  Besides the obvious perk of saving money when you buy secondhand you don’t have to worry about garments shrinking since they’ve already been washed.

Normally I like to buy jeans that are dark wash, skinny or straight leg with nary an embellishment or logo in site. However variety is good at times and since all of my jeans look the same I decided to mix it up and buy these babies:

These jeans are…let’s call them edgy. Over sized zippers on the front and back pockets, weird panels on the front. I’d usually shy away from this but something was calling my name, probably the fact that these make me almost look like I have hips.
Now the problem is what in the hell do I wear them with? That’s why I’m turning to you, dear readers. I’m seriously at a loss here since these take me so far out of my comfort zone. 
So how would you style ’em? And no burning them isn’t an option as I happen to rather like them.
T-shirt: Jolie & Elizabeth
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity via Buffalo Exchange
Loafers: Ferragamo via Bloomin’deals 
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Lacey Du- A Louisiana jewelry designer

I haven’t featured an Etsy artist in a while, simply for the fact that I’ve been inundated with other projects but I still love unearthing talented Southern designers and artists to feature here. When Lacey Dupre, an environmental scientist from Lafayette, Louisiana contacted me about Slow Southern Style I was delighted to share her handiwork with y’all. Here’s what she had to say:

I’m from Louisiana and adore the swamps. I fnd a lot of inspiration while I’m canoeing or atop my stand-up paddleboard.   The sunsets on the Atchafalaya Basin amaze me, with the creaking cypress and dripping moss and I draw lots of inspiration from them. Aside from the grandeur of nature, I get most of my ideas in the spur of the moment. For example sometimes I could be conversing with someone  and a picture morphs in my head, which turns into a ceramic piece or jewelry!  

Citrine and Saffron FUR necklace

As a child, and throughout college I painted, then I became interested in ceramics and now I love making jewelry.   I do all three now but my main focus is the jewelry.  I use lots of natural materials: bone, claws, leather, amethyst chunks, deer antler slices, pyrite, clay, porcelaine, and fabric remnants.  I also incorporate my ceramics into my jewelry; blending these disciplines causes me to dream and expand my collections. 

Amethyst Slice on warm brass by laceyDU

 My latest collection features Nutria fur!  Yes, real, guilt-free fur.  Nutria are an invasive species to our beautiful land here, they tear up the marshes and wetlands with their destructive feeding and are one of the biggest problems associated with coastal erosion.  They roam free and wild until they are put to good use as food and clothing.  Yep, food too!  I’m with a collective called Righteous Fur in New Orleans and many of the other members make coats and hats and such.
Aside from my art, I am an Environmental Scientist and an aspiring Practicioner of Chinese Medicine. I also am really into slacklining, which is akin to tight rope walking combined with a trampoline.  Traveling has also been a focal point of my life, I spent much time in Europe and recently, have been visiting Asian countries.

White howlite charmed by laceyDU

Visit Lacey online at,  or one of her two Etsy shops, for handmade jewelry and vintage finds  she discovers on her travels and for Lacey’s  fine  art photogrpahy and prints. 
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Mannequin Monday- Frou Frou at Fifi Mahony’s

If y’all know one thing about me and one thing only it is this: I love Mardi Gras. Just yesterday at the Southern Fashion Blogger’s first event (more on that soon) I was talking to Mallory of Miss Malaprop about how I don’t own very much “real” makeup but I’ve got enough glitter and metallic eyeshadow to last me several Carnival seasons. Of course the makeup plays second fiddle to the wigs, and I have no shortage of those either.

Fifi Mahony’s is the wig shop in New Orleans that everyone knows and loves. I’ve been shopping there for years and it is always a fun, glamorous experience. Their window displays always reel me in, like I really needed an excuse to go in anyway. Once inside the frivolity never ends as each corner you turn something even more glamorous, sequined, and feathered lunges out at you. From rhinestone cocktail rings the size of my head to false eyelashes longer than I am tall (which isn’t saying much) Fifi Mahony’s is one glitzy dream of a store and everything just begs to be brought home.

So ‘fess up ladies! I know I’m not the only one with a Fifi’s fetish. What do y’all have sitting in your closets that is ready to get dusted off for Mardi Gras?
934 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

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Slow Southern News

19 local vendors  will be offering up big discounts on clothing for men, women, and kids all together in the Crowne Plaza ballroom in Baton Rouge. The sale is cash only and dressing rooms will be available.

The Burlington Coat Factory will be holding a winter coat donation drive the Warm Coats and Warm Hearts program now through Sunday, February 13th. Receive 10% off your entire purchase with a donation. The coats will be distributed locally through the New Orleans Mission and The Samaritan Center.


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Valentine’s Day Accessories

I’m not a girly girl. Sure I might dress like it at times but I’m really a tom boy at heart, screwing up manicures while rock climbing and procuring scrapes and bruises while doing yard work. I keep myself feeling feminine and balanced by donning dresses and skirts, and wearing jewelry at all times. SinceValentine’s Day is in four days the Southern Fashion Bloggers are celebrating a little early by showing y’all which V- Day themed accessories we’re going to wear to celebrate. Here are my top three, and no I’m not wearing them all together. Come on y’all, I’d like to think I have better taste than that!

A lot of ladies stray from wearing pink because it can either  be obnoxious or sickly sweet but when used wisely it can brighten up a look. I love this necklace and it is a favorite piece in the summer time but I also wear it in the winter with blouses or lower cut tops. I like the mixed metals which means I don’t have to fret about wearing all gold or silver jewelry. This is great for jazzing up a plain scoop neck shirt and looks extra dramatic against an all black outfit.

As a woman with tattooed feet you’d think its weird that I’m obsessed with conservative style shoes. However I like the juxtaposition of preppy style with a helping of ink on the side. These Cole Haan penny loafers perk up my more muted color palettes and the peppy pink keeps the shoes from looking too staid.

Pink overload? Try a more subtle effect, such as this headband with a tiny tuft of blush hued tulle. The little pearls and jewels add a sweet touch and is a great way to dress up a pony tail or a top knot if you want to skip a day or three washing your hair.

The best part of these posts is linking to the lovely ladies that are also participating this go ’round. Go check out each their Valentine’s Day accessories and remember that not everyone will be posting at the exact same time.

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Interested in joining the next Southern Fashion Bloggers group post? Sign up for the mailing list and keep up on our blog and Facebook pages. Our March theme will be Mardi Gras, so be ready to share your costumes or your favorite purple, green, and gold looks!

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