All The Single New Orleans Ladies

Single in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day? Spoken for but hate the holiday? Feet First is taking care of the ladies on February 14th from 5pm-9pm with a fun event to keep you occupied while everyone else is out to dinner. Grab a few of your friends and enjoy complimentary wine and Mar-Go-Ritas, treats from Lolli’s Chocolates as well as other tasty hors d’oeuvres. 

In addition there will be free raffle prizes every half hour and a special promotion of 25% of your entire purchase, including sale items!

 Now doesn’t that beat some cheap truffles from the drugstore?

Visit Feet First’s website for more information and store locations.
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Mannequin Monday- ah ha! I Found New Orleans’ best windows

I never really know what I’m going to feature on Mannequin Monday. I could be some great pictures that a boutique sent or displays that struck a chord with me while walking down the street. One night not too long ago after dinner at Rum House and dessert at La Divina Gelateria with my husband I passed by the windows at ah-ha here in New Orleans. Ah-ha consistently has some of the best window displays in the Garden District and it is easy to see that their best form of advertising is their mannequins. Large, well lit windows, a clean, bright white space and great clothes are all you really need to lure your customers in.

I love that long dresses are coming back this summer and I really love the ease of this new style. It’s  more like a long tank top in shape vs. the maxi dresses of two summers ago.
I could easily see myself wearing this, or some version of it every day in the spring.
This outfit would look killer with a pair of delicate lace tights in a similar shade as the abstract flowers. Are they flowers? I can’t really tell.
3129 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115-2304
(504) 269-2442
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm

If you have great window displays worthy of showing off send an e-mail to with the title “Mannequin Mondays” in the subject line. I’m always looking for interesting things to feature!
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Spring Time Sweaters from Lia Molly

Even though the South received some unexpectedly chilly weather this past week that doesn’t mean retailers are giving pause to it. Sit tight my friends, because spring will be here before you know it and you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard and unprepared. After all didn’t the Groundhog see his shadow? Or wait is it if he doesn’t see his shadow? Oh nevermind.

New Orleans’ knitwear designer Lia Molly is getting ready for warmer weather with her spring 2011 line, available at her online shop starting this Sunday, February 6th but you my dear readers get an exclusive sneak preview before the images are even on her site!

I asked designer Seema Sudan to describe the collection for y’all and was immediately giddy over her reference to golden capuchin monkeys. Seema started working on the collection over nine months ago, before Prada’s monkey prints came out so it seems like Miuccia wasn’t the only one with primates on her mind.

In Seema’s words:
“I’m just in my only little world here in New Orleans inspired by the artists and the magical world we live in in here. I love bright fun colors these days, a bit pop art I guess. The smart magical women who love my sweaters inspire me more and more each season. Our model/muse this season is Rebecca Rebouche a New Orleans painter. The collection was shot on location…whimsical adventure thru Miranda Lake’s garden.”

So what else is there to expect from the spring 2011 collection? There are jackets in a variety of shapes, dainty knitted lace blouses and twisted nautical pieces. Special details are Lia Molly’s signature with Japanese and atomic patterns in shades of cornflower blue and pops of red and navy. Lia Molly is ready to enjoy a  “warm happy optimistic spring” and what better way to celebrate than with a charming new spring sweater?
Which one of these is your favorite? What would you wear it with?
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New Orleans Fashion Week Preview at Republic

A lot of you have heard about the multiple fashion weeks invading New Orleans in the next month, and many of you have e-mailed me inquiring about them.  Last weekend I attended the NOLA Fashion Week Preview at Republic as a member of the press. This is my recap of the night.

First and foremost I had a great time running into some old friends and new ones alike. Dorothy and I have become not only fashion partners in crime but impromptu Freret Street advocates so I’m always happy to get face time with her.

Some of the featured labels of the evening were Ottilie Brodmann, Jolie & Elizabeth, Sophomore, and Architecture by Matthew Arthur to name a few. I recognized most of the designers being represented but enjoyed learning of a few new ones as well.
Not gonna lie, I roll with a pretty fabulous group of talented individuals. Apparently I also like to hang with a bunch of shorties, minus Joey. Hey when you’re 5’1 literally looking up at people is hard work, better to stick to our own kind!
While Republic wasn’t packed it seemed everyone in attendance was curious as to what this particular fashion week will entail. I couldn’t help but think of Dexter when I saw that saran wrapped couch. Speaking of I need to catch up on the next season! Oh yea and that artfully placed pile of hangers? Yea, looks like my mess of a closet, just not so strategically placed.
Love this girl, Sarah Dewey of Jolie & Elizabeth. We’ve been helping each other out from the start! I fully endorse anything these girls do. Sarah and Jolie will be conducting a workshop at fashion week for budding designers. They’ve been wildly successful thus far and I love helping them in any way that I can.
So what are you looking forward to the most out of fashion week? How many events are you planning on attending?
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What I Wore- A New Orleans Night Out

One thing I rely on too heavily when getting dressed is easy outfits. I’m not the type of person to take something “so ugly it is cute” and turn it into something fabulous. When I was younger I was more daring with thrift store finds but the older I get my desire to reduce the risk of looking like a jack ass goes up.  That said I’ve been feeling fairly bored with my outfits and want to break away from my tried and true combinations and bring some fun back into my fashion.

I lived in tanks and skirts last summer and I’ve been trying to wear this combo more in the winter. I wear tank tops year ’round since the weather is so unpredictable here in the Deep South. On this particular night I winterized a cotton summer skirt, by New Orleans standards anyway, by throwing wool tights on and adding a cardigan. In lieu of wearing all black I opted to wear this grey cardigan with white sequin appliqués and kept it in check with grey tights and grey and black shoes. 
So where did I go on my night out? My too cute for words friends Joseph and Zac came with me to the Style Lab relaunch party followed by dinner at the Ste. Marie, a new restaurant located downtown. We ended the evening with a glass of wine, fries, and dessert at Delachaise. Yea, because only in New Orleans would you go out for more food after dinner.
Gotta love finding a bright orange chair to use as an impromptu prop. I’m pretty sure Reginelli’s didn’t mind too much since we were only outside!
Cardigan: Coco Bourgeois
Tank: H&M
Skirt: Velvet
Tights: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Gianni Bini
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