What I’ve Been Doing

Sshhh!!! Hear that? The sound of crickets? Yea, I thought so. Sorry ’bout that. I’m sure a few of y’all have noticed that is has been a little quiet here at Slow Southern Style. I’ve been working on some neat projects that have been time consuming yet utterly fun. Excuses, excuses I know but I’m finally pleased to tell y’all what I have been working on.

If you picked up a copy of April’s New Orleans Magazine you may have noticed the three part piece on “Rediscovering the French Quarter”. I was thrilled when Morgan Packard, Managing Editor, asked me to pen a piece on French Quarter shopping for the magazine. If you haven’t had a chance to read it please do!

In addition to my weekly posts for Go NOLA I’ve been proactively picking up freelance writing jobs for local and nonlocal publications both in print and online. Slow Southern Style even got another mention in the Times Picayune and in the Gambit’s Cue! I’ve been doing all of this in addition to my regular full time job which hasn’t left me with much free time. I love writing but everyone needs a break from time to time, no matter how much you like doing something.

Speaking of love (awww) I also have one day off a week with my husband now. We haven’t had a regular day off together in about a year so I’m planning to use this time wisely and take advantage of it. This means we might actually get a chance to paint the living room and plant some flowers in the yard.

But don’t fret! I’ve got some interesting articles lined up here, including interviews and profiles of some great southern fashion designers and new shops that have opened up here in New Orleans. Thanks to everyone for your support thus far and sit tight, there is even more to come!

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Southern Fashion Bloggers: Easter Sunday Best

Even though I always start my days off with good intentions I always prove to be a terrible blogger.  For example let’s say I’ve managed to put together a semi-decent outfit with a couple of spare minutes to snap a picture. Suddenly I can’t find my camera or I realize that I look like a bloated, beached whale thanks to a late dinner of cheese fries and ridiculously amazing alligator sausage at Dat Dog from the night before.

 In this case I had a really fun day Easter Sunday and forgot to take pictures before the sun went down. What can I say I was too busy watching my 92 year old great aunt out dance everyone else (yea pretty awesome) and taking advantage of swimming (me not her) to bother with pictures of my outfit. However I did manage to snap these shots in my living room when I got back home. One of these days I’ll learn how to be a real fashion blogger.

My favorite pieces of jewelry are ones with hidden details. Flip this necklace over and the intricate metalwork keeps on going like my own private piece of art.
Tank top: Pins & Needles from Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Love Letter Nation (as seen on Miss Malaprop!) 
Heels: DKNY Collection via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Buffalo Exchange
Check out a few of the other Southern Fashion Bloggers and what they wore for Easter.
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Festival Season In Louisiana

Today’s post comes from guest blogger Jamielyn from Seams That Way.

As the full two months of “Spring”  have come and gone, the city is picking up steam with all things that consume our social calendars of events that force us to enjoy the outdoors. The days seem to grow longer,  the hot, sticky embrace of this humid city awaiting with arms wide open.  Yes, ladies and gents festival  season is in full swing! Personally, it is my ultimate favorite time of year.

What are my favorite things about festivals? The abundance of local food vendors showcasing,  brass bands gloriously blaring and the migration of big headlining acts.  It’s the kickstart that sets the tone for a fun summer. Of course I also love watching the sizzling hot fashions on parade as everyone tries to manage through the tightly packed crowds; libations and food in hand. It is a perfect formula for our love affair with the transitional season.   

With that being said, as we try our best to beat the heat there’s no denying that at this time of year  our inner haute hippie takes over. This look is quite practical , yet we are  still well concealed beneath our garments for all the crawfish bread we’ve managed to devour.

For this Spring 2011 Season, the ‘70s have dominated and it’s“THE” trend that everyone can get away with. The best part?  There’s two  aesthetics to this look we can play with: boho and glam. What more could a lady want?  Typically for Spring we expect lots of pastels and the standard floral prints along with  nautical stripes, but for 2011 this season is going in a wilder direction. Go bold or go home! The brighter the better.

You’ll expect to see visually intriguing pieces influenced by the hipster chic lifestyle with lots of texture. Crochet, macrame, eyelets, fringes, oh my! It’s also all about the bottoms. Aside from the chunky,  bumble stripes, midi skirts to the floor- grazing pleats, the hemlines are getting  fancy.
While distressed denim cut offs might be your go to choice,  opt for scalloped hems or a tribal print cotton skort-like bottom. You can even try colored denim shorts paired with a cropped tee for a comfy funday attire. Unsure about the midriff revealing top? Try a shark tooth trapeze top. You can’t really go wrong either way.

As some of us may be more  into a feminine state of mind, maxi dresses and skirts are here to stay. They’ve definitely come a long way from when we first started taking notice three spring seasons ago and now we can’t get enough.  From one-shouldered looks to the deep plunging v-neck lines, again, it’s all about the prints. Let your tribal instict come out with Native American inspired prints.  Throw some turquoise jewelry or feather  accessories into the mix and you get effortless chic at it’s finest.

 Whether you choose to get on board with the love child craze or go with the flow of the breezy silhouettes, comfort is key.

“While our inclination with the warm, sunny weather is to go with the open toe sandals, try a closed toe, chunky, rugged bootie. ” says Nicole Hershey, a sales associate of local high-end shoe boutique, Shoefty.
“People are always spilling stuff and you don’t ever know what you might step in”, she quickly adds.
“Also, no matter what, you should get inserts. They soak up the sweat and add support”, on  a wise footwear tip. Point well taken. Now slather on the sunscreen. Throw on your wide brimmed sun hat and drinks lots agua and let’s get to lots of fun in the sun! Happy Festing!!
(Images courtesy of LF.com & FreePeople.com)
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Support the NOLA Ferret Rescue with iGive

Okay I know what y’all are thinking. What do ferrets have to do with fashion? I’ll explain that in a minute.

Something y’all might not know about me is that I have a deep love for animals. The real reason I had to buy a house is because I was sneaking animals in and out of rentals for years. Oops, sorry former landlords!  From ferrets, hedgehogs, and even Savannah monitors I have loved and owned them all.

A friend of mine, Laura Bogren, operates the NOLA Ferret Rescue, a non profit shelter which provides a loving, caring home for these little “carpet sharks” while they are awaiting adoption. Ferrets are really quirky little animals that an old friend of mine affectionately called a “cat squirrel”. They have big  personalities in a little bitty body which makes for a silly little creature with explosive energy. 

So where does the fashion fit in here? Hang tight for a minute y’all.

I met Laura years and years ago when One Eyed Jack’s was still the Shim Sham. Laura is intensely dedicated to ferrets and having had one myself (and the heartache of a family pet loss) I know how outrageous their vet bills can be. Now imagine running a shelter with multiple critters and it becomes obvious that this isn’t a cheap date.

A really simple, easy way to support the NOLA Ferret Rescue is to shop your favorite stores through iGive.com. Sign up is simple and every purchase you make donates a little bit of money to the shelter. With 835 participating retailers there is surely one that you already shop at already. Participating retailers include amazon.com, Kensie, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Jeans,  Gap, Macy’s, Steve Madden, Yves Saint Laurent, Bloomingdale’s, Brooks Brothers,and Dillards to name a few. 


1. Join iGive.com to support NOLA Ferret Rescue. It’s free, safe, and easy to join. Use this link:


Don’t feel like registering? Take iSearchiGive.com out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit http://www.iSearchiGive.com and type “NOLA Ferret Rescue” in the “Select Your Cause” area.

2. Shop through iGive.com’s online mall
~ OR ~
Raise a penny search at iSearchiGive.com

And that’s it! So what do you think about iGive? Have you used it before?

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So not a Southern Belle

A friend and I were discussing how we can never achieve the perfect outfit. There is always a mustard stain here (her) or an untamed bra strap waiting to jump out at moments notice (me).  This is why I am so not a southern belle. While I wish I could say that I’m the type of girl that never has a hair out of place it’s just not meant to be no matter how hard I try.

See what I mean? I thought my underpinnings were secure and squared away but that bastard bra crept up anyway. Oh and say hello to my little friend. Yes that is a shrimp tattoo. Yes it is a little silly but it felt appropriate getting it last year after the BP oil spill disaster.  When I moved back home to New Orleans I ate so much shrimp that I seriously thought I might give myself a shellfish allergy.
Oh and don’t tell me I need to cut the grass in the backyard. I’ve been too busy to bust out the weed wacker and our old school push lawn mower.
Bodysuit: American Apparel
Skirt: Forever 21
Flats: Steve Madden
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Celebrate Spring Fashion at Macy’s

Whenever the weather changes one thing is on my mind- shopping.  I always say I’m going to replenish my basics, pick up a few trendier pieces to perk up my wardrobe and buy approximately a jillion tank tops to get ready for our 6 months of  sticky southern summer. So when Macy’s contacted me to inform me of shopping events happening this month I thought “perfect timing”.

 This Sunday at 2:00pm the Lakeside Mall in Metairie is having a fashion show, cosmetic color consultations, and “sips, sweets and the best savings of the season”.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 30th at 2:00pm at the Galleria Mall Project Runway alum Anthony Williams will be in store to share his do’s and don’ts along with styling tips for Spring. Aveda experts will be on hand to offer skincare advice and you can enter for a chance to win beauty products. There will also be an “ultimate fashion face-off” hosted by Anthony where contestants will create head to toe looks for a special occasion. Winners will receive a $100 gift card to Macy’s.

Full disclosure: I was offered a gift card to Macy’s as compensation for writing this post.

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Review: Southern Living Weddings Guide

I’m going to admit something to y’all and promise you won’t disown me.

I didn’t have a big, fancy southern style wedding. I eloped and got married next to a waterfall on the Havasupai Indian Reservation inside the Grand Canyon. That’s right- in lieu of a guest list as long as the train on a wedding gown it was just us and a friend, the officiant and her son plus a random rez dog that came for the ceremony then promptly left when it was over. Instead of being met with a shower of rice out the chapel we got a blessing of cool water from Navajo Falls*



That’s not to say that I didn’t buy tons of bridal magazines or pine for wedding dresses before the big day. I poured over magazines looking for suggestions but nothing ever seemed quite right. We did end up having an intimate reception (under 100 people, intimate by southern standards) when we came back that was the perfect size and didn’t cost as much as a brand new car. Even though I’m already married I’ve been thinking about renewing my vows for our 10th anniversary which is a short 3.5 years away aka a great excuse to buy a fancy dress.

So when Southern Living Magazine contacted me to review their new wedding guide I was thrilled to see how things have changed since 2004 when I said those simple words that mean so much-  “I do.”

Ceremony Venue

At first I was a little skeptical that the book could offer up anything of interest to me since after all I’m not exactly your standard southern belle. I’ve got big ol’ tattoos, I didn’t change my last name and up until two years ago we didn’t even have a joint bank account. So much to my delight when the guide arrived on my doorstep I couldn’t be more pleased with the contents. There is everything that a young, modern and (dare I say it) hip couple could need in this guide. If I had a copy of it back when I was planning my reception I would have been much better off. From tips on dessert tables to the proper way to do a toast everything that piques your interest is here.

There are plenty of clever, fresh decorating tips and easy and fun ways to personalize everything from the flower arrangements to the place cards. However my favorite part of the guidebook were the 24 couples that chose to let the magazine share their special day. I was impressed with the range of styles showcased within the guide’s pages. From the traditional church wedding to a Balkan gypsy band leading guests to the reception site there is a little something for every bride no matter what your taste is. Southern style is so much more than pearls and “Yes ma’ams” and I am glad that Southern Living Weddings mirrored that. So no matter if you are planning on honoring your alma mater or having your French Bulldog walk the aisle with you there is a little bit of inspiration for every southern gal here. Pick up your own copy before April 22nd. The wedding guide will be re-released on May 13th if you don’t get a chance to pick one up before then.

Bridal Party

*Note that Navajo Falls is no longer in existence due to a flood that destroyed the waterfall a few years ago.

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Mannequin Monday- Gae-tanas on Maple Street

Summer is nearly upon us and festival season is in full swing which only means one thing- you need to get dressed for New Orleans humidity. So how are you getting ready? Are you prepared?

Gae-tanas on Maple Street understands your weather woes and stocks an attractive selection of breezy cotton and linen options to help prepare y’all for the sweltering summer months ahead. With brands like Cut Loose and Flax for the ultimate in lightweight, everyday pieces to flouncy blouses and dresses from Free People, and great quality basic tees from Michael Stars there is certainly enough to fill the gaps of your wardrobe here.
See that basket of flip flops? Don’t pretend like you don’t live in them. Reef, Sam Edelman, Merrell, Dansko, and Jeffrey Campbell are some of the well loved labels that Gae-tanas carries. Comfort shoes are king here and Gae-tanas carries some of the cutest styles in town.
7732 Maple Street
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What I Wore- Into The Woods

I’m not the type of gal that typically looks forward to vacationing in big cities. There’s a reason I live in New Orleans– miles of metropolis doesn’t appeal to me. Perhaps growing up with a swamp literally in my backyard had some effect because when I want to get away from it all I do mean all of it. No cell phone reception, no internet, no nothing. A few weekends ago I took a digital detox by renting a cabin in rural Mississippi in the Homochitto National Forest. It was so utterly blissful that I didn’t want to come back home.

Just because I was having a John Muir moment doesn’t mean I want to totally dress the part. Actually, he was probably pretty snazzy looking- the clothing in the 1800s was far superior in construction than what we buy in stores today. Anyway the trick to looking good is to not really worry about it. Pick comfortable clothes that are somewhat stylish and please, leave the heels at home. Easy, right?
This is a simple shirt but I love the details. The big buttons in the back are just enough detail to add interest without being distracting. The dolmen sleeves update a classic cut so I can own this for years and not worry about looking dated. It’s also by Billy Reid, one of my favorite southern fashion designers so the quality is superb.
Nadia is such a bitch, stealing another shot. You know how everyone supposedly looks like their dogs? I’m still waiting to get tall and skinny just like mine but I shouldn’t hold my breath. I guess we both have big ol’ *ahem* athletic thighs so maybe I’m on my way after all.
If you are seeking your own transcendentalist moment read about my first experience at Forest Retreat on this guest post I did on NO Adventure.
Dolman sleeve shirt- Billy Reid via BillyReid.com
Jeans- Seven for All Mankind via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes- Toms via Gnome
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New Orleans Fashion Week Runway Shows

If things have seemed a little slow lately ’round these parts it is because I am still catching my breath from two back to back fashion weeks here in New Orleans. In order to cover both I got a little help from none other than Rebekah Apotre of 504 Stitches. Rebekah and I tag teamed NOLA Fashion Week to attend as many events as possible. You can read my notes from the fashion bloggers panel at the Southern Fashion Bloggers site if you are inclined. Below are her thoughts on the Friday runway shows.

I’m a girl who LOVES fashion. So much so, that instead of  a boy fashion was my first love. Well that and the September Issue of Vogue.  Every Autumn when that heavy, designer laden issue hits the newsstands I’m there, waiting to crack that spine and linger over the pages while fragrance fills the air from all those perfume ads.

I hope this helps you understand that I felt really lucky to sit in for Christy for NOLA Fashion Week. She got to go to the woods and I got to sit in a beautiful vaulted ceiling room and watch the fall collections from this year’s roster of designers.  

For me, it’s all about mix n match designer, handmade, thrifted, indie designs and  being able to wear a piece for several seasons so I lean towards great tailored jackets, pretty dresses, and unusual or statement jewlery to well, make a statement. 

Here are my personal favorite picks from the shows I attended on Friday which I selected for three reasons:
– the pieces are either classic or statement pieces
 – they will be wearable seasons from now
– they will mix into your current wardrobe


Bold but delicate gold peices made me rethink my preference for silver jewlery.  Lots of darker metals and mixing of textures.

LVF Design

HeavyMetal Jewlery

Nelson + Little 

Of course anything from Cocodri can happily find its home in my closet and were one of the few designers that had something for men as well as women.  

I’m a fan of a hard working bag that holds lots of stuff and still looks good. I feel Kay-LA ‘s bag will be able to handle my cross city bike trips and more elegant endeavours like girls night out..

Now on to the clothes…

Ottilie Broadman is the woman behind her New Orleans based luxury fashion label of the same name.  She opened up Friday’s shows with her line of office wear- tailored & feminine with accents of fur – I kind of want to work in an office  just so i can wear clothes like hers!

I love this jacket:

She also showed a number of short dresses which I think will look great over leggings which will make this little dress adorable for outside the office too.

 I think these dresses from Nire are great on their own and I’m a fan of layering dresses over skinny jeans or leggings when it gets cooler. 


The most incredible part of my day at NOLA Fashion week was meeting fellow bloggers, hanging out with friends & twitter friends who I’ve only “met” online. There is a wellspring of talent, ideas and creativity here in the city. I can’t wait to see what the next round of fashion weeks brings to the city and you can be sure that I’ll continue to fuel my love of fashion by continuing to watch the NOLA fashion scene as well as work on as many creative projects with local friends as possible!

Rebekah Apotre is a blogger, crafty sewing teacher and cheese lover currently crushing on all things NOLA. You can find out more about her here:


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