A Trip to Saint Charles Vision, Part Two

I’m really excited to share with y’all this two part series in partnership with Saint Charles Vision. This week we are picking out frames but in case you missed last week’s post where I take everyone through the eye exam check it out by clicking here first. 

Phew! That wasn’t so bad was it? Now that I got the eye exam out of the way here comes the fun part, picking out new glasses! Selecting the perfect frames is important since your glasses aren’t just vessels of 20/20 vision, they become a part of your look. Your eye wear is the one accessory you’ll wear day after day so take care in figuring out what you want your frames to say about you. Are you a traditionalist? Looking for something trendy? Avante Garde? Want to downplay the shape of your nose or highlight your baby blue eyes? Saint Charles Vision makes finding new frames a breeze with The Optrics system.

Optrics is a personalized fit consultation developed in house by the Saint Charles Vision team. They take into account your lifestyle, skin tone, hair color, and face shape to help you find the perfect pair for your peepers.
Just one little trick that I learned is a back color, or the underside of the glasses, can really bring out the color of your eyes. Now lets play with a few styles!

These Bevel brand metal frames have a slight cat eye that achieve a sophisticated look that retains an element of fun. Let’s see what happens when the wrong color or frame size…

Oooh those are unfortunate choices right? The wrong shade or frames that are too big for your noggin can be really distracting.
The olive Paul Smiths help balance my skin tone.
While these red Oliver Peoples help soften lines and help achieve a more feminine look.

For more help with frame fittings or to schedule your own consultation visit one of the six Saint Charles Vision locations in the New Orleans area and tell ’em I sent you!

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Guest Post: A Trip To South Carolina

Slow Southern Style is going to be featuring a few guest bloggers each Monday to liven the place up and get some fresh voices on a variety of subjects. This week kicks it off with one of my favorite sweet Southern gals, Lindsay of Penny Loves Charlie whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person this past year when she came to visit New Orleans.

Hi y’all, I’m Lindsey from Penny Loves Charlie, and I am so excited to be guest posting for Christy today!  Since Christy writes about local NOLA people and happenings, I decided to do the same, except “local” for me is Columbia, South Carolina.  My husband and I live and work in downtown, so I thought I’d show y’all some of our favorite hangouts on Columbia’s Main Street.

My very favorite place is the Columbia Museum of Art.  Right now, it has a super cool Rembrandt exhibit, but it also has some really great Southern art as well as other big names like Monet and Boticelli.

Just down the block from the museum is the brand new Mast General Store.  It has tons of old-school games and toys (like Wooly Willy) and old fashioned barrel candy, which I cannot get enough of.

After we stocked up on black jelly beans and Bits-O-Honey at Mast, we headed over to The Rooftop bar at the Sheraton hotel.  It’s high up enough so that there’s a breeze even on the hottest evenings, and if you can get a table near the ledge, you’ll have a great view of downtown, including the State House.

When you’re walking around in the crazy, stifling Columbia heat, comfort is key.  I really loved this outfit because it kept me covered for the crazy air conditioning in the museum and in Mast, but it was still cool enough for sitting outside at the bar.

Thank you so much to Christy for having me!  If any of y’all ever come through Columbia, let me know.  Christy was my first blog-friend meet up, I’d love to do another one some time.  And in the meantime, stop by Penny Loves Charlie to say hello.
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What I Wore- When Neutrals Attack

Ask me a few years ago if I’d ever wear white jeans and my response would have been “never in a million years.” Not only could I not keep white jeans pristine but I’d imagine my legs would look like pearly little sausages. So I’m not quite sure what attracted me to these cream colored skinny jeans but I can’t stop wearing them despite the heat. I’ve also never been huge on taupe but lately I can’t get enough of it. I picked up this Sanctuary t-shirt from United Apparel Liquidators for a steal. The shirt was originally $85 and I got it for a measly $25.  My friend Dorothy also loves getting quality clothes at a bargain and has the tank top version.

The best part about these Citizens of Humanity is that I bought them already distressed so if I happen to stain them it will only add to the charm. 
Y’all like how I injected some words on top of the next picture to distract from the blurry hands and my rain barrel in the background? There’s 55 gallons of unfiltered acid rain sitting in there. Thirsty?
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Southern Street Style: Chambray Kind Of Guy

I love a good chambray shirt, especially one that is worn to perfection. There is a certain ease to it which makes for the perfect button down to throw on in the hot summer months. Did y’all know that the origin of “blue collar worker” comes from chambray being used as a work shirt? I like how stylish our street style subject looks just by throwing his shirt on over a t-shirt and jeans.It’s definitely a cool look and an easy way to layer during summer and not risk a heat stroke.

Photos by Liz Beeson

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A trip to Saint Charles Vision, Part One

I’m really excited to share with y’all this two part series in partnership with Saint Charles Vision. Tune in next Tuesday for part two, with a how to guide on getting fitted for glasses. Enjoy!
Can I share an embarrassing secret? Promise you won’t make fun of me? I have to admit that I’m afraid of the eye doctor. The thought of putting drops in my eyes and getting little puffs of air blown on my retina is about enough to make me jump out of the exam chair and send me running through the waiting room. However, since I am a quasi responsible adult  I squirm through the process while the staff patiently pries my eyeball open Clockwork Orange style to get drops in there.

All joking aside eye health is really important, especially if you have a history of cataracts in your family like I do. It had been three years since my last eye exam so when I found out that Saint Charles Vision offers state of the art technology and that dilation doesn’t necessarily mean “weird, evil little eye drops” I booked an appointment without a sweaty palm in sight. 
While I still had to endure one set of drops I dodged the second round  by opting for the Optomap, a machine that takes a quick scan of your eye and affords the doctor a 200 degree view of your retina. I admit, it was pretty neat to see a picture of my eyeball on the computer and not having to endure eye drops at the same time. Dr. Jeanne Herman  took the time to explain what we were looking at on the screen and how they can take this picture and use it for comparison on my next visit to see if there have been any changes. With such an easy, anxiety free visit I’ll be sure to come back and this time it will be sooner than three years!
To learn more about all of the technology that St. Charles Vision uses go to their press page on eye care technology. Be sure to stop back next week when we get to the fun part, shopping for frames!
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What I Wore- Scarf As A Top

Sometimes taking an old favorite and reinventing it breathes new life into an otherwise tired staple. While I still love this safety pin printed silk scarf I was getting a little bored with just draping it around my neck all the time. I randomly stumbled upon a video on how to turn a square scarf into a halter top and I’ve been obsessed with the idea ever since. Unfortunately I can’t find the original video as it was posted on one of the 4,543,943 blogs that I keep up with but if enough people want to learn I might make my own to share. Just leave a comment if you are interested!

The great thing about this look is how easily you can customize the fit. I’m wearing mine loose over a strapless body suit but you can make it less blouse like and more fitted with a tighter knot. Initially I wasn’t sure if the print was too busy since I’m so used to wearing the scarf folded over but thanks to a few encouraging words I decided it made for a good enough outfit for a Sunday brunch outing followed up by a trip to the library.
Silk scarf, Zac Posen via Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses via Buffalo Exchange
Jeans, DL1961  via The Blues Jean Bar
Clutch and shoes previously seen here
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Not your normal fashion event: Gris Gris Fashion Lab

Lately I’ve really been into events that stand out from the rest of the same old, same old format. One that recently caught my eye is the Gris Gris Lab  Fashion Lab at the Burrito Juke Joint followed by a set from DJ Soul Sister. It promises to be an interesting evening featuring styles from Fari Nzinga, BlackPowerFlower, and Gia M. Hamilton.

The Burrito Juke Joint opens at 6pm with the Fashion Lab happening from 8-10pm. DJ Soul Sister will be spinning her brand of groove from 8pm until midnight. If you are looking to have a little fun and find an outfit for Essence Fest there is no other place to be this July 1st. Visit their Facebook event page to RSVP and learn more about the Gris Gris Lab on their website.

The Fashion Lab at The Burrito Juke Joint
Friday, July 1st 8:00pm
915 N. Dupre Street

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