Back to School With Blink Boutiques

I wasn’t your typical college student, at least when it came to getting dressed for school. While a good chunk of the co-ed set likes to wear flip flops and running shorts to class my wardrobe was dominated by dresses, skirts, and dress pants. While I don’t suggest schlepping those heavy books around campus while teetering on 6 inch stiletto shoes there is something satisfying about looking smart while getting smart.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a student but I was still delighted when Blink asked me to style some looks that are not only great for Fall but back to school as well.  If you’ve never been to Blink it is worth checking out. Prices hover around $25-$80 for most items and there is always a sizable sale rack for those serious bargain hunters.

The above look is easy enough to wear on the first day of class and make that important first impression. The great thing about these pieces are how stand out they are on their own. The necklace could be easily paired with a plain t-shirt to take it from boring to fun and the crochet vest can be paired with a dress to make it more casual. Usually you’ll find me in flats but I do like to wear heels every once in a while.
See all of the looks, including what to wear for study time, weekend fun, and a look styled by Blink’s in house stylist Andre Harris click below to see the rest.

Andre Harris, the in house stylist at Blink styled the above look. I love the two tone blazer and that chunky chain necklace really helps frame Arlene’s pretty face.
This slouchy, ultra comfy sweater is a great alternative to donning sweatpants in public for those late night study sessions. Hit up the library or your favorite coffee shop sporting flat sandals, leggings and an oversize knit top for a fresh approach to comfort clothes.

Tired of hitting the books? Take a break and enjoy your weekend. The simple, flowy top is punched up with a zig zag pattern and flyaway trapeze shape which balances out the fitted skirt. Throw on a coordinating necklace and a studded leather cuff to toughen up the look.

Big thanks to the Blink team, I had a lot of fun and extra thanks to Andre for helping with this casual photo shoot! For more photos of the shop check out my Facebook page and check out Blink’s corresponding photo shoot.

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Stylin’ in the Rain

Slow Southern Style is going to be featuring a few guest bloggers each Monday to liven the place up and get some fresh voices on a variety of subjects. This week Lana of Chapter 29 is filling in. Interested in guest blogging? Contact me at nolagurl at gmail dot com.


Being a southern girl comes with many charms. Some good… adorable accents, sweet tea, front porches, seersucker. Some bad… intolerable heat, humidity, and RAIN! Growing up in the south you just learn to expect your daily afternoon shower. Lately the rain has been more persistent than ever, going beyond the usual light shower into full fledged storms, almost every day! What’s a fashionable girl to do? I can’t bear the thought of an amazing outfit getting wet… or even having to cover it up with some clunky, chunky, plastic jacket. Fortunately the fashion gods have taken heed to address the situation and there are adorable jackets, boots and even fashionable umbrellas to take the rain by storm. 

top: Anthropologie middle: ASOS
bottom left: modcloth right: zappos
I love that rain jackets come in all shapes, styles and colors. I fell in love with these two from Anthropologie partly because of the great colors, but mainly the lining! How fun and quirky.. they’re sure to brighten any day up. Any of these choices would be a great start to a rainy day look! 

middle: zappos~ASOS~zappos

bottom: ASOS ~zappos 

It’s weird to say there might be rain boot trends, but there are! My favorite trend right now are rain booties! I’m not sure how much protection the ankle boots would provide in a heavy storm, but for your typical summer shower, they’re perfect! What drew me to some of these other pairs were the details like studs and bows, fabulous lacing, great patterns and colors that pop!

Just because you need your clothing to be functional, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish! I can’t wait until these daily deluges subside, but until they do, I’ll be rockin’ my all weather duds. 

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