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Never Too Retro: A Girl Is a Gun

New Orleans is no stranger to boutiques featuring vintage-inspired clothing, and the most recent shop to join those ranks is A Girl Is a Gun.

The store has an cool, modern vibe with Pop Art inspired accents. The clothing has a very sixties feel- think Mad Men meets Pulp Magazines. Owner Patricia Steere stocks separates from Collectif, gorgeous dresses from rockabilly staple lines such as Bettie Page and Stop Staring, jewelry from Tarina Tarantino and Eldorado Club, and even custom shop tees for around $30.

 Check them out on Facebook, and on their website!

A Girl Is a Gun
Open seven days 11AM-7PM
6010 Magazine Street
(504) 891-GIRL

-Meghan Wright
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Boho Mercantile Bayou Bazaar

A place to offer our most recent creations and sometimes overflowing back stock. 
A monthly gathering of the local and creative. 

Working together with three local ladies and dear friends I have founded Boho Mercantile, a gypsy boutique. Driven by inspiration and our passion to create along with our deep appreciation for nature, folklore, native cultures and our sincere love for the community. A tiny salvaged wood and rusted tin building once stood on the banks of the bayou and housed a claw foot tub but now proudly stands in town and is home to many creations of interest and repurpose. It is also where we host the monthly Bayou Bazaar, held on the first Friday of each month from 6pm-9pm. An intimate open air event focused on local handcrafts, local farm grown eats and treats, and local music. Bringing together homegrown, handmade and vintage.

Our first bazaar of 2012 is Friday March 2nd from 6pm – 9pm. On Saturday, April 7th Boho Mercantile presents FRESH & LOCAL a fashion show fundraiser for Acadiana Food Circle held at The Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette. Featuring original and vintage designs, jewelry, clothing and accessories created and curated considering the theme ‘into the future back to the earth’. There will be a silent auction along with a small selection of designs being sold with a portion of proceeds being donated to the non-profit AFC. As well as local sourced eats made by local restaurants serving conscious cuisine. All in celebration of a pure, bright, healthy, different, unconventional Lafayette.
Visit for more about the ladies and our creations.
And you can find us on facebook
from one southern gal to another,
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What I Wore: Work Outfit

I’m always the first to admit that I’m terrible at taking pictures of my own outfits. My typical morning routine is hobble downstairs, make a pot of coffee (french press, always), check some e-mails with bleary eyes, then shower, and get dressed. Then I still have to walk the dog, get to work, and then my day really begins. I’m always amazed that bloggers find time to take pictures of their outfits. As for me, I’m lucky if I can find a pair of shoes.

I took these at work for a special top secret project I’m working on. Actually it’s not that secret, Buffalo Exchange is working on its spring zine, and you can read my past contribution here on page 25. I figured I’d take advantage and share the photos here as well.

Holding up that fence, doing a good job
Hand on hip- clearly can’t do any other pose
I always trim my own bangs and I always screw them up

Plaid button down, J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange
Infinity scarf, c/o Armoire
Tie back skirt, Kenzie via Buffalo Exchange
Thigh high socks, American Apparel
Platform wedge shoes, C. Label via Buffalo Exchange
Jacked up bangs, all me baby

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Sponsored: Anjolee Diamonds

If there is one thing I love, it is jewelry. Which is funny, since my mom and maw maw (that’s grandma for you Yankees) don’t even wear their wedding bands, much less a bracelet. Somehow I’m making up for the rest of the family. I never leave the house without earrings, a ring, a bracelet, necklace, or any combination of those.  If you are like me, then this month’s Slow Southern Style sponsor, Anjolee Diamonds, has plenty of gems just for you. 

beautiful diamond tennis bracelet
Anjolee sells ethical diamonds by complying with the Kimberly Act. Passed in 2003, the law requires all diamond retailers to only purchase from legitimate sources. So you can sparkle and shine without questioning where your diamond tennis bracelet  came from. They also tout themselves as eco-friendly, since their process involves recycling and cleaning the products used during manufacturing.

diamond hoop earrings

Whether you are looking for a custom made diamond bracelet, an engagement ring, or a                               
tennis bracelet to celebrate a milestone anniversary,  you can make your purchase with a reputable business that has been around for  over 35 years.                                        

Thanks to Anjolee for sponsoring Slow Southern Style.

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Going to the Mardi Gras- Flamingo Style

I teased y’all enough this year with my Mardi Gras Quasi DIY series, where I gave a sneak peek into the raw materials that were transformed into a hot pink, flamingo spectacle.  So without further ado here’s what we wore on Fat Tuesday. There are plenty more pictures on the Slow Southern Style Facebook page, click here to see the entire album! I put a ton of work and a whole lot of love into our costumes, let me know what you think in the comments section.

Don’t become too entranced with my pasty white, flabby abs now.

Detail shot- I’m sure no one noticed my earrings.
Hat- Buffalo Exchange, trim from Jefferson Variety
Earrings- Buffalo Exchange
Bra- mine, all trim from Jefferson Variety except the middle medallion
Skirt- Bloomin’Deals thrift store
Opera length gloves- high school prom leftovers!
Check out those legs
Backpack- one of my essentials from this Uptown Messenger article

Hat- Buffalo Exchange, tiny top hat and bowtie handmade by me

Jacket- Funky Monkey, trim from Jefferson Variety
Wide collared shirt and tie- Buffalo Exchange
Wig- Uptown Costume
Shorts- (hideous women’s pants transformed) Red, White, and Blue
Fuzzy tall slippers- Buffalo Exchange

Detail of shorts and boots

Did you go to Mardi Gras this year? What did your costume look like?

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Made By Hand In Lafayette

I am blessed to be surrounded by creative ladies that inspire and push me to further height,s creatively. They give me confidence to express myself with my personal style.  I would like to begin to share their beauty with you and introduce you to Lafayette’s style more and more over the next few months.Beauty resonates with the individual,  personal truth of each of us. It’s the practice of being ourselves.  I came across a quote many months back that says it quite well I think.

 “I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?” -Hermann Hesse. 

 While this certainly says a lot for just being alive, I believe it is fitting for fashion and style as well.  Of course some of us may have more trouble with embracing our individuality than others, but the freedom that comes with that, I sincerely hope to understand.

I think the expression of true style shines through your own individuality. It is how you express yourself through color, pattern, texture, accessories, and adornment.  I think we all take  risks just by being  a little bit different.  Decorate yourself with individuality and express who you are, who you want to be- without reservation or fear of judgement.  Are you comfortable? That’s all that matters!  Find your comfort in wearing you.

ROZ is wearing a vintage coat from bayou bohemian over a borrowed dress that fits her nearly full-grown baby belly. With a beautiful necklace of her own making from her Second Line label which consists of broken cymbal pieces incorporated into each eclectic creation. You can find more about Roz and her handmade works at

Lacey is wearing an embroidered peasant top with fuchsia skinny jeans, ankle lace-up boots
and the native patterns infinity scarf handmade by bayou bohemian.  Lacey is no new-bee to Slow Southern Style as she has been featured here before. You can find more on Lacey and her own handcrafted adornments at
You can find us all at our monthly Bayou Bazaar and at  I will tell you all about that project real soon.
See you again soon!
From one southern gal to another,
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Everything’s White

One of the most exciting things about Etsy is that you can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces which might be difficult to find otherwise.  These items are much more personalized and have the potential to be heirloom items or treasured possessions.  The beautiful crotched items in Joyce Florence’s etsy shop Everythingswhite fall into this category.  As the name implies, almost everything in the shop is made of white thread.  Joyce agreed to do an interview where she shared some more about her lovely creations with us.

Baby Girl Dress- image c/o Everything’s White

Since you have been doing needlework for over 40 years, what prompted you to start your etsy shop “Everythingswhite”? 
I just love to make pretty things, preferably, white lacy things. I was crocheting doilies, doll clothes, bedspreads, table runners, sweaters and scarves for me and an occasional baby set for friends at work. But, you can only make so much and then you don’t have any place to put it all. I loved making things but I didn’t necessarily have to keep them. So I thought I might try to sell them.  I only knew about ebay for online selling so I asked my older sister who also does beautiful needlework if she had ever sold on ebay. She said “no” that she sold on ETSY. She got me started in 2008 but I didn’t actively “work” my shop until 2 years ago. 
All the work I do, whether in my job at the Fitness Center or making things for ETSY, I feel I must glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to convey His love to everyone I come in contact with. I try to be as patient and understanding as I can be, which can be really hard when dealing with the public. When I started my ETSY shop, I asked the Lord how I could glorify Him in this endeavor. That is why in every order I include a beautiful crocheted cross, free of charge. I hope to brighten someone’s day when they receive this little gift. In a way, I feel like I am sharing God’s love to that person. 

Christening Gown- image c/o Everything’s White

Where do you get the ideas for your designs? 
I have to admit that I use a lot of patterns because of the time factor. I have created some items on my own or when a customer sends me a request for a custom order, but I haven’t had the time to really create a lot of my own designs. Sometimes I visualize something I would love to make but it takes a “back burner” when I have customers wanting items that I use a pattern for.  I had a customer who wanted a baby diaper cover so I checked out some patterns but hated them, so I designed my own based on her requests.  If that customer had not requested a diaper cover, I would probably have never thought about making one.  I also worked with a customer to design a baby cocoon. She devised the filet pattern I would use and I made her a baby cocoon that came out beautifully. Fortunately, my mother gave me all her old craft and crochet books that date back to the 1940’s. I probably have over 500 books and magazines that are loaded with some of the most unique and beautiful patterns. I have just barely scratched the surface in the books I have. I look through them periodically and always find something new and different. 

What are your most popular items? 
I sell a lot of baby items. I love working with my customers that are having a baby or grandmothers buying for their new grand baby. They are always so happy and thrilled at the prospect of a new baby. I get caught up in their excitement. Sometimes I hate to charge them. I almost feel like I need to make them a shower gift for free. Of course that would be hard for me to do. I have items in my shop that I think are unique to me. One is my lacy crocheted baby dress made in size 30 crochet cotton thread from an old Magic Crochet magazine pattern and my winter white mohair sweater. I also do very well with christening gowns. I have sold a number of them. My most exciting sale was a crocheted skirt and top that took me 4 months to make. 

White Romantic Women’s Sweater- image c/o Everything’s White

Do you think that living in the South has influenced your designs? 
I have never really thought about this much but now that you ask this question I can see how it probably has. All of my items are very traditional.  I use very simple, elegant designs in just about everything I make. When you think about lace and doilies you think about an old antebellum house with these furnishings. When I modeled my crocheted skirt and top, all my friends said that in the picture I looked like a Southern lady going to a tea party. 
What are your plans for Everythingswhite in the future?  
I really dream that one day I could quit my day job and do ETSY fulltime.  I am hoping to at least go part time in a few years so I can devote more time to my shop. I have sold knitted and sewing items on ETSY but again the time factor stops me from doing a lot of this because I have so many requests for crocheted items.  Sometimes I wish I could have more sales on ETSY. I hear some shop owners talk about having several sales a day.  However, I don’t know if I could make that many items.  I am a “one person show”. I make everything for my shop. I don’t employ anyone else. Right now I am pretty busy with a retail order and a couple custom orders for customers.  Usually I have about 1 sale a week and that keeps me busy. I work 8 hours a day and I am usually training for some running event so I only have several hours at night to work on items for my shop. I also have the weekend, which helps me to catch up somewhat.  Right now, I am training for a marathon at the end of February and I am running 9 and 10 miles every morning. Still I also love to knit and sew, and I do hope to add more of these type items to Everythingswhite one day. I also would like to open another shop on ETSY called “Everythingelse” so I can sell some items in other colors. And maybe eventually have a chain of shops with “Everythings_?___” as the title.
Thanks to Joyce for sharing with us.  Definitely stop by Everythingswhiteto see some more of Joyce’s beautiful crochet work.
Elizabeth McNair
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A Picture A Day

I’ve always liked the idea of taking a picture a day, but sheer laziness sets in or I can’t find anything of note to visually document. On my birthday (Groundhog’s Day) I started taking a picture each day. Whether it was what I wore, an “only in NOLA” moment, or just something interesting, I snapped a shot. Aside from the usual high dosage of cat portraits, follow me on Instagram at @slowsouthernstyle for the daily peek. And since we are in the heart of Carnival season I’ve been documenting all of the crazy that happens down here. Here are some of my favorites so far!

A favorite pair of boots, from Born

Graphic scarf from Buffalo Exchange, now in heavy wardrobe rotation
A little decoration in prep for Mardi Gras (not my house, but my fence looks similar)
Bagel sandwich from my favorite work lunch spot, Artz Bagelz
Grey corduroy bow flats from Ele on Magazine Street

Visiting a friend, she lives in this old mansion.
Love this detail work on a carrot colored favorite cardigan
Remember that one day it got cold enough for a sweater?
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Meet The Staff

By now you’ve probably noticed a few new voices on the site.  Slow Southern Style brought on six great interns this past January, and it’s been  fun to watch them settle into their roles here. Click through the page break to meet Amber, Brandy, Elizabeth, JelLyn, Meghan, and Miranda.  And don’t forget to click on their names to see what they’ve written so far!

I’m a Southern girl, bred and buttered. I have bounced around the region and most recently landed in lovely Louisiana. I have had an eye for fashion and a flair for the dramatic since I began putting on runway shows in my hallway at age 6. Film comes second to fashion for me, and often I find my style is influenced by what I’ve watched recently.

My name is  Miranda Humphrey and  I am not a native to the South, but I am definitely a local with ancestral roots. In fact I wouldn’t consider myself native to anywhere being that I grew up in the Air Force. I did however spend most of my youth in California and Nevada with some of my 20’s living throughout the Northwest before settling in Louisiana. 
My personal gumbo recipe is  a deep roux of culture and anthropology, then add unconventionality, appetite, adventure, and a dash of esoteric.  I’m definitely at home in New Orleans.
I don’t discriminate between Earth Tones and Day-Glo, High Life’s or French 75’s.
I love architecture in all things; clothes, buildings, music, food, words…
Anthony Bourdain and Anna Wintour are my personal heroes.
I’ve come to understand New Orleans and the South, as an infinite muse as well as a pragmatist’s achilles heel.
If I had to pick my last meal on Earth, it would be eggs benedict traditional, a heaping side of jumbo lump crab meat, and a giant mimosa.
My favorite patron saint is the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat!

Hi, I’m Amber!
A new homeowner and remodeler in the Garden District. A design lover and fashion style junkie. I have a love for textiles and great design..and New Orleans culture where I’m born and raised.
Here’s the A to Z of everything about me!
A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: vaccuming the rugs
E. Essential start to your day: H2O or grapefruit juice and my blogroll
F. Favorite color: Coral
G. Gold or Silver: I’m really loving gilver
H. Height: 5’3
I. Instruments you play: I can snap my toes to the beat of anything.
J. Job title: intern, coordinator, administrator, blogger, designer
K. Kids: three… Gigi a Cairn Terrier, Marley a Pit Lab Mix, and King Louie a Great Dane mix
L. Live: New Orleans, LA  – Garden District
M. Mother’s name: Brenda Ann
N. Nicknames: A Train, Toodah, Gal
O. Overnight hospital stays: yes when I was younger
P. Pet peeves: when I’m walking down the street and my purse makes my skirt or dress rise… so annoying
Q. Quote from a movie: “(whistles) Engine room! Where the hell’s my drink?” Dudley Moore as Arthur
R. Right or left handed: Rightie
S. Siblings: three brothers
T. Tattoos: a Saints Fleur de Lis i got a few days after Hurricane Katrina
U. Underwear: worn most of the time
V. Vegetable you hate: Pimento ugh!
W. What makes you run late: Not looking at the clock
X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth a bunch, arm twice, wrist twice, hand once, ankle 2 times, knee once… I hope that’s all.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I cook a big pot of Chili when I go to my familys ranch in Amite. I’m also awesome at toast.
Z. Zoo animal: much rather the song but I guess da elepants axt me too. They’re my fav!

Well hi there darlin’! 
My name is Je’Llyn Morvant but many of the folks closest to me call me mama J. 
I’m a homegrown southern gal born and raised in Cajun Country. I spent my 20’s on the west coast in southern California where I studied fashion design, the beach, and late nights. I drove the cross country trip back to the bayou in my volkswagen van 8 months pregnant for my first, a bright, creative and motherly young lady bursting with attitude, Kaya Ruth. Though my journey in southern California may have not been complete my destiny cleared me a new path back home. 
I am a wife to a wonderful young man and a mother to two beautiful, strong spirited young children. For me it is indeed truth that inspiration is a driving force. I have a passion to create. Something. Anything. Inspiration motivates my day and my decisions. Inspiration is to my spirit what air is to my lungs, what blood is to my heart. The blog world is a nouveau way for me to collect my thoughts, my inspirations and our happenings. I began my virtual existence when my youngest, a baby boy whom we named Sage Francis, was only 6 months old or so. We lived in a much smaller space then and the opportunity to spread out my supplies to work with jewels, metal, or cloth were near null. I was yearning for an outlet. Surfing the internet was an easy, choke hazard free escape with loads of inspiration lurking behind each click. I was going deeper and deeper into the abyss of visual inspiration while reading of other mothers and creators documenting their experiences, their inspirations and telling of their passions. I one day decided to create my own ‘journal’. My very own virtual place that stands as a reminder of where I have been and where I wish to go. A place that catalogs who I am today that I can reflect on tomorrow. A place that just may inspire another bohemian spirit juggling the challenges of motherhood and family while trying to nurture her own soul. 
Today is a new day. I have studio space to create and I am getting lots done, of course never enough, but lots none the less. I am a professional juggler, trying to accomplish many things at once always being distracted and pulled from the task at hand. But I am happy (most of the time). I am expressing myself creatively and I am getting involved with more things that help my spirit feel accomplished and up-to-good. Conquering some of my silly fears, letting go of what others may think and truly being myself. Discovering who that is exactly more each day. 
I am certainly pleased to be a part of Slow Southern Style and to introduce Lafayette to its stylish southern scene. We here Cajuns have a lot to show off. An unconventional aesthetic rich with culture and intrigue. Small town girls (and boys) with big style.
you can find me at 

I grew up in a small town in South Louisiana. I can be found in New Orleans on the weekends. I am looking forward to soon becoming a fulltime New Orleans resident. I am a student at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I love shopping even I spend no money. I someday hope to open my own boutique. I love exploring New Orleans and finding new places to shop and eat. I am excited to begin blogging with Christy and discovering all the amazing talent around New Orleans and meeting new people.

I’m a college student with a major in English and International Studies.  I spent my junior year studying French abroad in Angers, France, and during that year I ate as many chocolate eclairs as possible.  A few things that I enjoy doing include baking cupcakes, reading books, and taking ballroom dancing lessons.  While I may not be the typical girl you might expect to be interested in fashion since my entire wardrobe fits comfortably in my tiny closet and I certainly never look like a runway model, I love the way that style is a form of personal expression.  At Slow Southern Style I’m looking forward to combining my interests in fashion and writing.

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Giveaway With Shabby Apple

I’m very pleased to be working with Shabby Apple again, an online boutique of women’s dresses. One lucky reader will win the La Noche Negra dress. With a shirt dress style bodice and full skirt, this military influenced frock combines a proper dash of masculine details while keeping a decidedly feminine silhouette. 

To enter simply like Shabby Apple on Facebook and go to their website and comment here on your favorite dress on the site. Be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment. The contest ends on February 23rd so make sure you enter today!

For additional pictures click here

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