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Twila’s Vintage Style

Lafayette here again!
As I grow to understand what I feel worth mentioning here about southern style I find myself drawn to expressing the eclectic influence of mixing up the new items boundlessly available to us with those sometimes hidden treasures that have been around for generations, for decades. Bits and pieces with roots to the past that have a story to tell. Adding vintage to your style is also a great way to ensure your look is original and won’t be found on the gal at the next table.
So here is a young belle with wonderful style infused with vintage, meet Miss Twila of

She shows great success in the mixing of classic elements with eclectic, new with old. 
Just a little visit to her blog and her etsy shop is evidence enough. Twila is a collector of vintage, a fashion curator. She studied fashion design at ULL, she is the founder of the Arts and Fleas here in Lafayette held on the second Saturday of each month in conjunction with downtown’s Artwalk and she will soon be on her way to Brooklyn to find her next ‘big thing’.
Her style is original, distinct and a great representation of her personality. She makes a bold statement of individuality with casual flare.  Even if her clothing or accessories may not be the simplest, for instance sequins and layers of uniquely different necklaces, her comfortable demeanor and natural spirit make it appear casual and spontaneous.  She wears her style choices effortlessly and confidently. I believe this is something to be admired when looking for inspiration to express ourselves through style.  And ones style is certainly an expression of themselves.  Here’s to happy dressing, southern style!

So when did you know that fashion was ‘your thing’?

I have always been interested in fashion, styling and crafts. But it wasnt until after working a professional job in my degree field that I decided to return to school to make fashion my career.

What inspires you most and gets ‘your heart racing’?

Tons of things inspire me. I love looking at street style blogs and other fashion blogs..seeing how ppl put things together every day. Of course fashion runways inspire me as well.

What sparked your interest in vintage?
I just love how vintage is usually a one of a kind piece and unique compared to what is on the rack at that time. It is also interesting thinking of all those that have worn it before and all the different parties that vintage dress has been to.

What is your favorite article of clothing and your favorite accessory right now?

gosh…I have so many favorites right now. Casually, I am about the very oversized top with tons of vintage necklaces, skinnies tucked into wool socks and my red heeled booties. If its extra chilly I will throw on my army green parka. For dressy nights, my favorite pieces would be sequin dresses.

If you jumped out of bed late for an appointment what would you throw on to get yourself out the door in style? and how would you wear your hair?

I would probably wear the oversized top with skinnies tucked into wool socks, tons of vintage necklaces or bracelets and red boots ensemble. Lately, I am in a phase of wearing my hair down parted down the middle with my natural wave which is funny bc growing up I would never ever wear my hair down.

What would you declare the next growing trend that we are going to see more of?

Neon accents are big right now and its a little hard for me to adapt to bc Im not much of a bright colored girl. Another one is floral skinny pants and wide leg pants which Im loving right now

Why Brooklyn?

I’m ready for a new adventure!

I’m sure the big apple will suit her well and I am looking forward to seeing what she brings back down south when she one day ventures home.  Someone once told me on one of my many plane rides back and forth from southern California that when your from Louisiana we almost always come back.  Now I can’t say that is truth for all but it certainly was for me.
From one southern gal to another,
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Meagan Ginter of 1980 Boudoir has a great trunk show and networking event this Saturday in Covington, LA. Stop in if you are in the area for food, music, and styling by local designers. – Christy

Following New Orleans’ Fashion Week, downtown Covington will get a dose of fashion
fun this Saturday, March 31st from 11am-4pm, at Fielding Art Gallery.
“FREE STYLE,” a Trunk Show and Fashion Networking Event, will turn the space into a
boutique shop for the day. The show will feature the works of local Northshore designers,
including vintage clothing and accessories from 1980 boudoir, costumes and ready wear
pieces by Trapped in Time Designs, and hand-made jewelry by These Aren’t Your
Grandmother’s Pearls and Covington’s own, The Factory Bead Shop.
Admission is free and patrons can enjoy being styled by professional make-up artists,
photographers and stylists. A great excuse for ladies of all ages to come and play dress up,
this event also showcases free food and dessert from local chefs, as well as fashion
models, music and other activities.
The gallery will also be open Friday evening, during Covington’s Block Party, for a
sneak peek of the show.
All local fashion lovers, models, photographers and designers are encouraged to attend.
Anyone is invited to drop off their business cards, during the event, at the networking

For more information, contact:
Saturday, March 31st, 11am-4pm, Fielding Gallery, 525 E. Boston Street, Covington, LA

Flyer and text by Meagan Ginter

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Tasty Southern Living

Southern Living magazine hosted The South’s Tastiest Town Awards and sometime since the beginning of the year you may have been asked through facebook or email to vote for your favorite, most flavorful southern town. Well folks the votes are in and Lafayette, LA is the tastiest, winning by over 35,000 votes. A place I am proud to call home for so many reasons just added another. Its full of flavor.

The Southern Living editors chose the top 10 based on specific criteria then opened the polls allowing resident and visitor voters to chose in which order the tasty towns of the south ranked.  Louisville, New Orleans, Charleston, Charlottesville, Houston, Birmingham, Decatur, Baltimore and Raleigh were among the competition (in order of rank). From heirloom recipes to homegrown gumbos and excess of southern comforts “cayenne-spiked Acadiana” boiled over with success.  Our unique food specific to our region, the influence of our food to our community, the variety of prices to eat a good hearty local meal, the practice of restaurants sourcing and supporting local, along with our bounty of festivals that celebrate our yummy cajun and creole heritage, were all the deciding factors that made Lafayette a winner.

photo from Southern Living credit Robbie Caponetto

The French Press, owners pictured above, is my hubby and I’s favorite spot for brunch.  Located downtown in a beautiful aged brick building that used to be home to the local newspaper printing plant. Our tastiest choice is the breakfast croissant with eggs, avocado, sprouts, tomato, bacon, spicy chipotle aioli and goat cheese, so yummy. 
When eating good local home-cookin’ my most satisfying favorite is chicken andouille gumbo with potato salad. For a traditional experience you serve your potato salad on top your bowl of gumbo. When the months are warmer my tastiest favorite would be crawfish etouffe.
Paula Disbrowe, Southern Living senior editor says it well when she says, “Lafayette’s distinct culinary identity as the capital of Cajun country, its spicy, sausage-laden roots, and a new generation of locals devoted to preserving their heritage while putting a fresh spin on tradition have made it an incredibly satisfying place to eat”.  I agree and I believe that our ‘new generation of locals’ has heaping spoonfulls of flavor to offer and it doesn’t stop there.  It is exciting to see Lafayette get recognition for its culturally rich heritage and tradition, while it is inspiring to be part of such a seasoned community.
I have to say it’s nice to see that the restaurants recognized in Southern Living’s A Perfect Eating Day in Lafayette  believe in buying local produce and supporting local farmers when possible. I think that says great things about our future of eating out. Together we are growing a more sustainable Lafayette.
In other Lafayette news Cochon, Southern Living’s mentioned source for a perfect dinner, will be serving samples along with three other farm-to-table restaurants at Boho Mercantile’s fashion show fundraiser Fresh & Local a benefit for Acadiana Food Circle. So come on out for a good cause where you can nibble samples of some of the tastiest treats while listening to local music and taking in fresh fashion.  An evening of flavor and style.
From one southern gal to another,
JeLlyn @
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You’re Invited- Oxford American Presents: The Visuals South Issue & Parish Chic

If you are a fan of good writin’ then you may have heard of Oxford American. Based in Arkansas, this quarterly publication touts itself as “The Southern Magazine of Good Writing“. To celebrate their latest issue, the OA is coming down to NOLA to host two events this Thursday. First up is a kick off party at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, then it’s on to the newly renovated Circle Bar. New Orleans native Kasimu Harris will be officially launching his new online street style column, Parish Chic. This isn’t his first foray onto Slow Southern Style- check out this snapshot from back in September at the Saks Fashion Night Out event. See y’all at the party!

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NOLA Fashion Week Recap

Much thanks to Meghan for covering most of fashion week while I was out of town. She took a ton of photos, check them out on the Slow Southern Style Facebook page.

Let me just start by saying, as a first time NOLA Fashion Week-er, that it was fantastic. It’s great to see so much local talent, and witness the best of New Orleans’ fashion scene. I was able to attend 7 of the presentations, and have a little recap of each.

Libellule – Libellule was short, sweet, and very chic. There were lovely gold, champagne and pewter shades throughout with details like sequins and leaf appliques that gave it all extra polish. The whole feel to me was “modern goddess.”

bySmith – Vibrant, shiny color was prominent at bySmith. Jewel tones and fantastic patterns helped bring out a psychadelic 70’s feel. The tailoring and style of the garments were very young and up-to-date. I’m a huge fan of an old meets new kind of style. 

Loretta Jane – Loretta Jane was sweet and pretty, easy to wear, and another throwback to a more retro style. New Orleans loves its 50’s Pinup fashion; the high-waisted crop pants, telephone prints, and button-front dresses did not disappoint. 


Andrea Loest – Andrea Loest definitely let her creative side take over with her newest collection. The colors were classic pinks, black, and nudes. The construction was the main feature with allover stitching and patchwork fabrics. 

Amanda deLeon – Amanda deLeon drew inspiration from the darker side of New Orleans culture. Blood red leather and studs, giant mausoleum prints, and plenty of crosses made up the gorgeously dark collection.

Matthew Arthur – Matthew Arthur’s collection was all about modern simplicity and texture. There were muted shades of black, grey and white. All of the pieces were classic pieces, somewhat re-imagined.

Cavortress – We can’t forget about swimwear and Julie Wheat certainly has not. The entire collection was fun, as swimwear should be. The colors were bright and the prints were perfect. There were also some pleated cover-ups reminiscent of those popular in the ’70s.

All photos and text by Meghan Wright


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Spring is in the air, not that it ever left this year in New Orleans.. With spring, comes brunches-alfresco, horse races, weddings, music festivals, and “save the dates”.
As one either meanders or rushes frantically along Magazine Street this season searching for the right outfit or accessories. There is a beautiful, vibrant shop that is the perfect way to start or end NOLA’s equivalent of an outdoor galleria.
Old.New.Blue references bridal language, but this mother-daughter run shop goes above and beyond the wedding experience. It is the place to pull it all together and has everything for the girly debutante to a chic rebel.
The special gift for a guy, a present for a groom/groomsmen, or a man who just likes to shop, is available at Old.New.Blue as well and they have even held gentlemen-only style events.

This August will be the one year anniversary, however the traditions the store promotes feel like it’s been around much longer.
One of the vital roles Old.New.Blue brings to the city, is the focus on hosting events that connect with local charities. Their most recent benefit on Saturday, March 10th, was a Hat Day in the store hosted by Les Dames Chapeaux, “The Hat Ladies”. Proceeds of a pre-taxed percentage of sales for the event went toward the Second Harvest Food Bank After School Dinner Program.
Faye Thomas of The Hat Ladies was available to provide insight into hat culture and also advise on topics such as someone considering a type of hat to wear, refurbishments, or consultation on how to work one into an outfit.
A hat is as vintage as it is avant gardè and New Orleans is the perfect city for the expertise of Les Dames Chapeaux.
Ribbons, feathers, lace, and gemstones, all created a progressive yet classic feel that made each hat accessible and just waiting to frame the perfect face.
The collection on display ranging from sun hats, headbands, and bridal pieces, showed their  talent and versatility with the materials, architecture, and beauty; to create a subtle or bold statement when adorning a hat.

Born and raised in New Orleans, co-owners Janie Glade (mother) and now San Francisco resident Marilyn Rigby (daughter) of Old.New.Blue have not only created an environment for which to give back to the community but are establishing themselves as an indispensable tool when it comes to pulling off a polished look and quintessential for anyone anticipating a wedding.
In one place, there is access to fashion consultation and styling,etiquette advice, full service event and wedding planning, just to name a few- in this dazzling and well appointed retail experience. The uniqueness of Old.New.Blue. is right at home on Magazine Street with something for everyone to accessorize with and so much more.
Photos: Chriss Knight, Publicist
Model: Patrice Jones
6117 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
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Sponsored: Jess Leigh Jewels

Longtime readers of Slow Southern Style know that I’m a big fan of jewelry, especially when the handmade, one of a kind variety. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce y’all to Jess Leigh Jewels, a New Orleans jewelry designer with a penchant for custom pieces. I e-sat down with Jess to find out what motivates her, where to buy her handiwork, and most importantly what her favorite local beer is.


How did you get your start making jewelry?
This is actually a great question. A friend of mine saw some very beautiful stone bead stretch bracelets that a local boutique was carrying for about $300-$500 a piece. I was able to make exactly the same thing (minus the diamond encrusted charms) for about $40 for her. She started wearing them and another local store started carrying them. I sold so many that I wondered what else I could make. It kind of ballooned from there! Everything I make now comes from within. I have taught myself how do everything from the simple earrings to complex hand wrapped wire and custom pieces.

 Describe the Jess Leigh Jewels gal.
In a word, eclectic. This is a girl that will wear a t-shirt and jeans with layers of bracelets up her arms and rings on most of her fingers or the girl that loves a pretty dress with a necklace made of found objects, sparkles and jewels. I know I like different things from one day to the next!

 What’s your favorite local beer? 
Definately would be Abita Purple Haze.

And where are you drinking it?
Finn McCool’s is a favorite, but so is Mick’s. Anywhere I can hang out with my friends and enjoy the beer and company 🙂

 If money were no object, what direction would you take your jewelry line in?
I would love to start casting my own charms and settings. I have so many ideas. Right now my line is one of a kind pieces only and I struggle with wanting to keep it that way. It does make it hard to have a catalog. I adore the fact that when someone wears something I make there is only one in the whole world. Everyone deserves that special feeling. That is my goal.

Describe your ideal Saturday night. 
With my constant running around during the week, my ideal Saturday night usually involves something low key. I love grilling at home with my boyfriend, Stephen, and a few friends. Some yummy food (usually fresh seafood), a few bottles of wine, and laughing with our friends feeds my soul.

Where can we buy your jewelry, both online and in stores?
Here in New Orleans you will find my line at Lola Boutique on Carrollton Avenue and also at Fairy on Magazine Street. 
Earthly Concerns in Baton Rouge also carries my line. 
I’m always looking for new stores and I work a lot from Facebook.
 I do also have an Etsy shop that is always improving.

If you’d like to see your sponsored post on Slow Southern Style check out our advertising page or contact Dominique Ellis at Copy That Services.

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What I Wore: Cruising Around Mexico

Back in January I went on my very first cruise. You can read about my full experience via my Friday column for Uptown Messenger. Cruises are kind of weird- part floating hotel, part entertainment barge . Still, we had a good time and I’d definitely go on one again. We’re lucky that New Orleans is a port city, and oddly enough I ran in to three people I knew. But then again it is New Orleans, and everyone knows everyone here given we are more like a big town.

The only decent shot I took.

Unintentionally matched my Zoya nail polish to my Kate Landry bag
Dress: Banana Republic via Buffalo Exchange
Platform Heels: Tory Burch via Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange
Bracelet: InPink
Lounging on the beach in Cozumel, Mexico
Hotel in Progreso, Mexico- didn’t stay here
Towel friend- got one of these every night

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you go?

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Street Style: Boho Style in Lafayette

Lafayette here again.  This is the first of many posts featuring the southern style of culturally rich Lafayette.  A place I am happy to call home- where the bayous run and the natural bohemian style flows.  When worn with confidence and a smile anything goes, now more than ever it seems.  They say fashion repeats itself and thats oh so evident with the resurgance of the 80’s. While we still see the maxi skirts and dresses of the 70’s on the scene, the influence of vintage and thrifting is growing more popular. Enjoy the diversity folks, I know I am!

From one southern gal to another,
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What I Wore: Hattie Sparks Boutique Grand Opening

Pink tees and Jonathan Adler mugs
Whimsical art
Hattie already hard at work

NOLA worthy phrases- need to pick these up

One thing I love about blogging are the people that I cross paths with. I don’t remember exactly how we met, but long time reader, and now advertiser, Hattie Collins just opened her own boutique, Hattie Sparks. The store is located just a block off Maple Street, a prime shopping spot in New Orleans. I went to the grand opening party a few weeks ago, and loved everything I saw. Flowy silk tops, Jolie & Elizabeth dresses, colorful housewares, and clever stationary were just some of the offerings Hattie has in store. She’s also carrying a wide array of jewelry under $100. I was tempted to scoop up almost everything, but settled on a Jonathan Adler vase in my living room’s accent color, canary yellow. Hurry in, and tell her Slow Southern Style sent ya!

Photo c/o Lizzie Ford-Madrid Photography

Blazer- Elizabeth & James via Buffalo Exchange
Blouse- Rachel by Rachel Roy via Macy’s
Shorts- New Merchandise via Buffalo Exchange
Leggings- Banana Republic
Jewelry- Cuff BCBG & J. Crew necklace via Buffalo Exchange
Glasses- St. Charles Vision

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