What I Wore: Paisley and Polka Dots

During warmer months, I stick to natural fabrics to stay comfortable. But when it gets cold outside, I start breaking all of my self imposed rules during the more forgiving chilly days. Polyester? Bring it, baby. I couldn’t imagine wearing this sheer button down two months ago, but winter on the Gulf Coast is like a get out of jail free card. We get to wear practically whatever we want, so long as layering is an option. Need help? Read my Uptown Messenger column for tips on practical winter dressing. Old Man Winter, come at me bro. 

Rhinestone earrings from Armoire
Luxurious wool blend tights from Sock Dreams.com
Sheer polka dot blouse, paisley J. Crew skirt, Ann Taylor heels all from Buffalo Exchange
photo bombed by hubby’s Filson bag
 psst! get a closeup shot  of the Armoire earrings on my Instagram here.

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Holiday Shopping The Right Way

While everyone else worked themselves into a shopping tizzy, I’ve been internet bashing Black Friday all weekend long. It’s not that I don’t like to shop, but I just can’t hype myself up into a consumer frenzy just to save a few bucks. Make no mistake, I’m all about saving money but fighting an angry mob ain’t my thing. And when the only message being thrown out there is BUY BUY BUY, it just ruins the holiday spirit.

 My gifting philosophies don’t end at Christmas- my husband and I don’t go all out anymore for the Hallmark card holidays. A bouquet of flowers feels less obligatory, more special, on a random day of the week.

Check out the links below for snark, satire, and honest opinions.

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what i wore: black & grey kind of day

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest J. Crew catalog and was surprised when I saw winter clothes in punchy spring colors. While I love embracing cheerful hues for warmer weather, I prefer to wear darker shades in the winter months. Granted, there are days here in New Orleans when the only thing winter about our clothes are the colors we choose, I still enjoy a break from dressing like it’s 80 degrees year ’round. While I’m sure I will sport my favorite pair of kelly green jeans when the temperature drops, it’s still nice to milk the few cold days that we get down here.

grey top with sheer attachment- Fairy 
black mini skirt- Hattie Sparks
ruffle trim hoodie- Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco
necklace- Saint Claude NOLA via Hattie Sparks
tights- Banana Republic
tassel wedge loafers- Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange

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I don’t have kids, but I imagine that starting a new project is akin to giving birth. You have no idea what it’s actually going to look like once it’s here, and once you expose it to the world you hope other people think it’s as cute as you do.

This past Saturday I spent the bulk of my day at the New Orleans Bookfair and Media Expo promoting my new baby, Propaganda. Along with my good friend and founder Leslie Almeida and creative director  Donovan Fannon, the response was overwhelmingly positive. So what’s Propaganda all about? We are creating media by the people, for the people in the form of bi-weekly video podcasts, and  a website that will develop into a full fledged digital magazine.  If you’d like any more info, shoot me an e-mail at christy@no-prop.com or check out the links below.

visit the website
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me- managing editor | Donovan- creative director| Leslie- founder/editor-in-chief

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PROPAGANDA at the New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo

I’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ happening. Along with my project partners, I’m debuting an exciting new venture I’m involved in at the New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo today. Find out more about the expo via my Uptown Messenger article (yea, I’m double dipping in the self promotion) and I’ll see you between 11am-6pm today. Can’t make it out? Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon.

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what i wore: pizza date on freret street

food baby say whaaaaa

We got the purple sweater memo, along with the eggplant couch

When you’ve been with the same partner for over a decade a funny thing happens- the mundane becomes sort of fun. Instead of looking forward to predictable birthday presents and Hallmark card holidays, I love any excuse just to nab a few minutes together on a random day.

While hubby thought he was taunting me, bragging he was scoffing down pizza at Midway Pizza via text message, little did he know I was at home at the ready to join.  I help him with his social media/marketing and moved a couch up a dicey set of stairs, so he kind of owed me anyway.  Starting November 1st, he moved his business, the New Orleans Counseling Center, onto Freret Street and with a  newly relaunched website, I’ve gotta say I’m one proud wifey. We’re also proud Freretians, having lived on and off in this neighborhood for 12 years, so it’s great that he can directly serve the community we live in. And hell, walking to work ‘aint too bad either.

Madewell blouse & Banana Republic sweater via Buffalo Exchange
DL1961 jeans via Blues Jean Bar
teal Dolce Vita loafers via Buffalo Exchange
Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks

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RAW Artist Awards

This Saturday, RAW: natural born artists is celebrating the end of their 2012 season with the semi-finalist round. All across the country, up and coming fashion designers, jewelers, performance and visual artists, photographers, musicians, and hair and makeup pros are given the chance to showcase their natural talents in front of  an audience.  Each RAW event has a different theme, and the atmosphere encourages attendees to chat with the artists themselves in a nightclub setting. The last show of the season will advance one semi-finalist in each RAW: NOLA category to the finals.

Jess Leigh Jewels, an accessories designer semi-finalist

There are 3-5 nominees in each category, and in addition to the expert panel of judges, the audience will cast their vote as well to decide which artists will go on to the final level of competition.

Having started just this spring in New Orleans, RAW has already featured some of the most talented up and coming artists in the city. Slow Southern Style has supported all of the fashion and accessories designers in some capacity, so it’s going to be hard to choose a singular favorite.

Molly Stackhouse
Half Shell Productions
Jess Leigh Jewels
KC Thomassie Designs

KC Thomassie Designs, an accessories designer semi-finalist

To purchase tickets for the New Orleans show and to find out more about the event go to the RAW New Orleans site. Looking for another city? Head to the main RAW: natural born artists website.


November 17th, 7pm-midnight
The Howlin’ Wolf 907 S. Peters, New Orleans
Ages 18+ $15 presale, $20 door
Cocktail attire suggested

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Ugly Xmas Sweater Tees from Skip & Whistle

Once relegated to hipsters or maw maws (that’s grandma, if you didn’t know), tacky Christmas sweater parties are pretty much de rigeur these days. With so many people hitting up thrift stores, eBay, or the back of mom’s closet, the supply doesn’t always meet the demand. It can also be unpredictably hot at this time of year, at least on the Gulf Coast.  No one wants to be stuck in scratchy, acrylic knitwear when even the mistletoe is wilting.
 Local t-shirt shop Skip & Whistle heeded the call and designed a collection of fun, tacky Christmas sweater t-shirts, an excellent alternative that ensures you can be comfortable and not be mistaken for a scrooge. Pick one up now at a special price during Fab.com’s sale by clicking here. Or, if you’re the type that would rather get a last minute gift (hey, some people work better under pressure) visit their Etsy shop at anytime. 

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Hidden Baby: Helping babies one handbag at a time

I met sisters Kelsey and Courtney Montague back in August while they were in town spreading the word about Hidden Baby, their charitable accessories line. Quite the world travelers, the sisters have explored Kenya, and were inspired to help children in need both here in the United States and worldwide through their company.

While their bags are what started the company, the sisters have branched out into putting their designs shoes, scarves, and bracelets. I’ve been using the Iris Bag they generously gave me, and I must say it’s the perfect size for my laptop, wallet, and daily essentials. With each purchase you make, Hidden Baby helps children around the world by donating a portion of their profits to organizations that are helping give the next generation a chance. They are currently helping fund Baby Space, a Minnesota based group providing successful learning environments for babies in need.

With their work in Kenya, the sisters witnessed strife yet documented people working to provide safe havens for orphaned babies. Sadly, upon arriving home to the United States they realized similar situations occur here- malnutrition and neglect are indeed a global issue. That’s why a portion of the profits are donated to organizations around the world to give the next generation a chance. Purchase your own bag or accessories of choice today from Hidden Baby, and feel good about looking good and helping others.

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Bourbon & Boots $5000 Pinterest Contest

This holiday season Bourbon & Boots, one of my favorite online retailers, is giving you a chance to win a $5000 shopping spree with their Pinterest contest Bourbon & Boots: Christmas is on us. Simply create a board, pin your favorite Bourbon & Boots products, and encourage your friends and family to repin. To help get you started I’ve created my own board on Pinterest, highlighting some of our favorites (my sis is helping me pin away), and  be sure to create your own for a very southern holiday season.

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