Blue Dreams

You know when you’ve found an instant wardrobe staple. It makes you feel confident, attractive, and you want to wear it every single day. This Puella dress is perfection for me. It’s flattering, comfortable, and multi seasonal thanks to the lightweight fabric.  The cascading hemline and the henley neckline elevates it from your ordinary basic jersey knit dress, steering clear of lurking into boring territory. When the weather warms up, I’ll ditch the leggings and pair it with a pair of bright colored sandals to keep it spring worthy. 
What are some of your go to casual pieces? 

Dress: Puella
Tights: Lucky Brand
Blue suede buckle flats: Belle by Siggerson Morrison
all from Buffalo Exchange

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Instagram Slam- Mardi Gras Edition

Can you believe Mardi Gras was only a week ago? Even though I’m still scrubbing glitter off my floors (and by still I mean haven’t started), it feels like a distant memory already. Regardless, I’ve got a few more photos to share before I put it to rest. And I lie- some of these made to my Instagram feed, others didn’t. I hope y’all enjoy them either way.

Kaci always kills it with her costumes. She made that Grecian goddess costume from scratch!

Dick in a box never.gets.old.ever.
Ran into this guy last year and he posed the same way this year. Mardi Gras kismet at its best.
Why yes, that is a Trojan horse running amok through the Marigny.
I love this picture of my husband- clearly he keeps himself entertained.
Form meets function- art bikes are always crowd pleasers, plus you can store booze and snacks in there.
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Culture Shock Giveaway

I’ve partnered with Culture Shock  to help spread the word about this new local, globally minded business.

Owner Christine Alexis decided to open her online store this past January, with the goal to “culture shock”. In addition to exposing customers to new cultures, a portion of sales goes to programs that focus on social justice.

In order to win, you must like their page on Facebook and comment below, stating which piece is your favorite on their website. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 27th.

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Tallulah’ Designs: Created Not Made Kickstarter Campaign

Heather Williams of Alabama based fashion label Talullah is expanding her brand, and she wants you to help her hire. If you aren’t familiar, Talullah is a “created not made” collection of dresses and separates, all handmade by Williams herself. She’s looking to raise $35,000 via Kickstarter to hire on a staff and expand production from 40 dresses to 200, all while sticking to her mantra of lovingly made clothing vs. mass produced goods.

In addition to feeling good about supporting a southern fashion designer, you’ll get Tallulah goodies, at all levels of support. From exclusive t-shirts, jewelry, all the way to custom made dresses. Watch the video below to learn more about the Tallulah brand, or click on their Kickstarter link here to help.

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What I Wore: Mardi Gras 2013

Mardi Gras always passes a little too quickly for my liking. This year was a good one, with not so impromptu dance parties in the street, run ins with friends, and a heck of a long bike ride home. Even though it was overcast, dreary skies couldn’t dampen spirits. And though I’ve already packed up the costume box, I already have my hat for Mardi Gras 2014 picked out. See y’all on the parade route next year.

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It’s Lundi Gras Y’all

Lundi Gras is like the Christmas Eve of Mardi Gras. In case you aren’t familiar, Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday, the culmination of the carnival season where revelry in the streets is de rigueur until Lent begins at midnight.

While I didn’t hit up that many parades this year, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be celebrating tomorrow. Not in New Orleans? Follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you want to keep up with my costumed escapades while you’re sitting at your desk. Or, peruse the Mardi Gras archives, and check back after Ash Wednesday for more Fat Tuesday coverage. You can also read my piece about Southern Costume Company on NOLA Woman, and be sure to watch the latest Propaganda New Orleans episode below, where we head to Domenica to watch pastry chef Lisa White make her nearly infamous king cake, and Avenue Pub owner Polly Watts helps us pair whiskey with the sweet stuff.

 Happy Mardi Gras, see y’all in the French Quarter tomorrow!

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Half Price Ads In February

My birthday was last Saturday on Groundhogs Day, which is fitting since it is sometimes overshadowed by major events like the Superbowl, Mardi Gras, etc… Mind you I’m not complaining- it just means people are in the mood to party.

Now that I’ve ate my weight in king cake, blueberry pie (thanks Dorothy!) and the presents are all tucked away, I’m offering all of my readers  half price ads on Slow Southern Style for the month of February.  Only two spots remain, so nab yours now. Just use the code “happybday” to take advantage. Head over to the advertising tab on the right to set yours up.

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Instagram Slam

Fat Tuesday is dangerously close, which means late night sewing sessions, last minute supply scrambles, and trial runs with the costumes. I’m an anything goes at Mardi Gras time kind of gal, except for one thing- absolutely no applying glitter in the house. Shiny dust bunnies just aren’t my thing.

Speaking of glittery goodness, our second episode of Propaganda New Orleans is now live! Featuring Domenica’s king cake and a whisky tasting at Avenue Pub, it’s just the right amount of decadence for carnival season.  Click here to watch it on our site, or you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Bad hair days command a silk headscarf and peppy pink Dolce Vita loafers add a distraction. (similar style here)

Trying out Little Korea on S. Claiborne
J. Crew desert boots for him
Work outfit- Obsessed with my expanding collection of Everlane t-shirts. Bracelet from Sabai, one of my favorite local jewelry stores.
Post- Satsuma Cafe lunch pose with the sis
Yummy noshes at Little Gem Saloon
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Winner of the NOLA Eats King Cake Tasting Tickets

By a purely random stroke of luck, the winner of two NOLA Eats king cake tasting tickets is Christina McKay! If you didn’t win, you can still receive $3 off your ticket price by using coupon code SSS. Click here to purchase your ticket.

Like the short video I made? I jumped on the Vine bandwagon- follow me at @ChristyLorio. If you haven’t heard about this new iPhone app, it’s like Instagram but with 6 second videos.

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