Back to School Looks on WWL TV

Look y’all I can’t lie it takes a lot for me to get up at 5:30 A.M. but when my friend Missy Wilkinson from the Gambit asked me to style some back to school looks featuring items from Buffalo Exchange I knew it would be worth jumping out of bed for. Check out the behind the scenes photos below and watch the entire video on WWL by clicking here.

Myself, Elijah, Melvet, and Kenisha

Kenisha, me, Melvet

Cute as a button Kaci, check out her accessory line on Etsy!

Kenisha’s pants are a good alternative to wearing sweats to school
Pretending I’m  college age & that I didn’t do that pedicure the night before

High school looks, these kids were cooler than me in high school scratch that cooler than I am now

Also big thanks to the models, Missy Wilkinson, and the WWL TV staff. I’d also like to point out that all but two were Buffalo Exchange employees and Melvet and Elijah styled their own outfits.

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