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What We Wore- Fun On Freret Street

It goes without saying that there is always something to do in New Orleans. Even if you are just in town for the weekend it is easy to trawl through the myriad of NOLA websites and find recommendations to answer the eternal question “What’s going on this weekend?” However some of the best events aren’t always in the most obvious places.

On May 14th I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Freret Street art crawl. I’m a big supporter of this burgeoning corridor and in addition to the galleries and studios it features a slew of established and soon to be open restaurants, a bike shop, skate shop, and even has two yoga studios and two distinctly different gyms. There is also the Freret Market in addition to a bigger annual festival.

The art crawl was hosted at three venues, Du Mois, Nelson + Little, and Brottworks. We hit up each one with a stop at Dat Dog for my favorite alligator sausage and a quick drink to go at the Box Office before heading over to hear a live band performing at a benefit.

 I’ve been to Du Mois a number of times and I love that they feature artists on both a local and national level. Nelson + Little and Brottworks studios aren’t typically open to the public so it was a treat getting to meet the artists and chat with them about their work. To check out the Nelson + Little jewelry that was on display click here. Sis and I picked up some great pieces at really affordable prices that will be featured in a future post for sure.

On to the pictures!

I need to get my hair in check ASAP. Humidity does weird things, no matter how hard I try my hair looks about as lifeless as my front yard does with this lack of rain.
Isn’t my little sister cute? Emphasis on little, she is under 5’0. Don’t kill me for saying that! Love ya!
On big sis: 
necklace via Buffalo Exchange but Little Miss Muffin carries them too
dress Vava by Joy Haan via Abeille NOLA*
shoes via Feet First
On lil sis:
Betsey Johnson sunglasses and BeBop dress via TJ Maxx in Hammond
* I did receive a discount on this dress for featuring Abeille in this post.
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