Lazy Days of Summer

monogram necklace from Abeille NOLA p.s. Xty- short for Christy since my initials CLL are redundant

This it it y’all. September is nearly upon us and the lazy days of summer have been hitting me hard. Maybe it’s the biblical amount of rain we’ve had, coupled with intense heat and humidity but I’ve been savoring my downtime. Weekends have been spent watching documentaries, hanging out with friends, and catching up on forgotten issues of National Geographic. September brings a road trip, a wedding, and preliminary plans for Halloween costumes. Yea, that’ll be here before you know it.

riding the midi skirt trend from last year
my retired athlete- here’s an article i wrote about retired greyhounds on Uptown Messenger
last days of summer- chambray and silk
Winged rabbit cutouts from the Frenchman Art Market

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Frenchman Art Market: Nighttime Shopping For New Orleans

Hourglass Productions- purchase it online here

Made & Made- custom handmade millinery 

I love strolling through a good art market, discovering little handmade treasures from local artists. But most of them are daytime outdoor events, which means slathering on sunscreen and sweating it out during the summertime. And since I’m working weekends now, my work schedule doesn’t always align, and the tables are packed up long before I’m punching the clock. Frenchman Art Market founder Kate Gaar is helping fill the need for an alternative time slot every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5:00pm-1:00am. The market is located in the midst of Frenchman Street, New Orleans’ venerable hot spot for good eats and live music when the sun goes down. Tucked into an empty lot across from D.B.A. and next to Spotted Cat, it’s easy to catch your favorite band, then stroll across the street with beer in hand to scope out another form of local talent-handmade crafts. There’s plenty of art, jewelry, re-purposed vintage clothing, housewares, even twinkling fleur-de-lis topiaries and a documentary film maker were out on my last visit.

John Dyer, a friend and co-organizer, explains how the Frenchman Art Market came to fruition.

“Basically this was a pop-up market that started during Jazz Fest weekends this year. Kate just has a passion for art and artists and has basically single handedly (excluding yours truly) put this together.  We are seeking a very diverse group of art vendors.  We don’t really want food/drink vendors and we definitely don’t (can’t have) musicians because it’s already on Frenchmen and there’s plenty of other places for that.

This is a venue strictly for diverse local artists and we want to gear it towards festivals/conventions that are in town. Meaning we want to have a strong base of artists that we can book according to what’s happening in the city that weekend.  As of now we are leased through January and hoping we can sign longer.  We have started a petition at the market and are trying to get as many locals to sign it in show of support to the city.”

Keep up with the Frenchman Street Art Market on their Facebook page. If you’re an artist interested in participating

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A Call For New Orleans Artists

 I took two years of art class in high school, thinking a little instruction would do me good. I’ve never been a natural talent when it comes to sketching or painting, but somehow I  made it into the National Art Honor Society and won a department award. I think it was one part hard work, two parts the teacher feeling sorry for me. Having peaked my sophomore year, my rudimentary skills have dwindled to glorified stick figures. Needless to say, I’m sitting this one out but if you’ve got real talent and live in the New Orleans area, enter your original artwork in the 2012 Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series in New Orleans, hosted by Cathedral Creative Studios and L’entrepot Gallery.

All local 2D and 3D visual artists may submit original artwork before August 24, 2012. Participants will be featured at L’entrepot Gallery on Julia Street. Winners will earn the opportunity to compete at Art Basel Miami, with the chance to exhibit at Rush Arts Gallery in New York.  Submit your work at the Bombay Sapphire website or contact or 504-333-6713 for more information. 
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