It’s a little quiet ’round these parts

I’ve been neglecting Slow Southern Style like she’s an old high school friend. You pinky swear you’ll never lose touch but BFFs inevitably drift apart for a variety of reasons: you don’t see each other on the daily after graduation, someone moves across the country, you always liked Mazzy Star more than Courtney Love but were too sheepish to tell her, and of course, boys. 

 Ever since I went back to college I’ve been treading water. Juggling homework, occasional freelance writing gigs, a part-time job and maintaining a modicum of a social life* has been a challenge. My husband jokes that I don’t iron his underwear anymore (pffft! as if I ever did) but the demands of adulthood, coupled with homework, can be overwhelming.  

It’s not that classes are overly demanding- I’m an English and film major, not a neuroscience student- it’s finding time to fit everything in and maintain my mental health. This semester I decided to enroll full-time and accepted the role of Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper. I deeply question wtf am I doing some days. Did I take on too much? Is getting 5 hours of sleep a night wrecking havoc on my sanity? I know my academic efforts aren’t in vain, but I can’t help but wonder if all this will all pay off. That said, being an older student has its advantages: I have perspective and a sense of purpose that I lacked when I was in my early 20s. I’m finally able to forgive myself for dropping out of school in the first place. I was 21 when my dad died, then my paternal grandma died the next year. Working a full-time job, sitting on a full course load and dealing with the most traumatic event of my life wasn’t easy. I look back 13 years later and think “Damn, girl. Give yourself a break.”

Where am I going with this? I’m not abandoning Slow Southern Style, just trying not to spread myself too thin. This blog is really just “small potatoes” so I’m genuinely surprised it still maintains a decent audience despite the sparse updates.I’ll step off the wambulance now. Thanks for listening. 
Blue Ridge Mountains just outside Asheville, North Carolina

*And by social life I mean walking the dogs and pushing my cats off my pillow at night. 

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My 2013 Year In Review: Lose Some, Gain Some

Custom portrait by Maggie Covert | Confused? Look here and read this. All will be revealed.

Oh hey 2014, you crept up on me with the quickness, didn’t you? I didn’t announce it to the world, but Slow Southern Style turned five years old this past year. I know I’ve been neglecting my baby (see below for the reasons why) so here are some of the highlights of 2013:

  • I officially re-enrolled at The University of New Orleans (as a senior!) after a ten year hiatus. If you’re interested in the full story click on over to Propaganda, where I share my experience of entering the academic world as a non-traditional student.
  • I got the courage to quit my job of eight years. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was an important one. While I occasionally miss talking about clothes all day, it was time for me to evaluate my long term goals and make them happen. 
  • After three beautiful years with Nadia, our beloved greyhound, we gave her one last throat rub. We also unexpectedly lost Proteus, one of our cats we had for eight years. 2013 was rough, to say the least. However, the pitter patter of little paws was not absent for long. We welcomed  Izzy (Greyhound), Beignet (Rat Terrier/Catahoula mix) and our two kittens Piper and Lorenzo (formerly Loretta: oops!) as our newest roommates. We still miss Nadia and Proteus, but the newest additions help ease the pain. 
  • I took on the role of Managing Editor of Propaganda New Orleans, which shifted my focus from writing about fashion to editing and writing on a much wider variety of subjects. Food, art, history and travel were just some of the topics I wrote about. Here’s the list, if you’re so inclined. 
  • My brother, sister and I had a sibling reunion after not being in the same room together for two years. My siblings are the world to me. I’m hoping to take a trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit my brother later this year. 
Things I’m looking forward to in 2014:
  • The biggest, and most important, is my ten year wedding anniversary in August. Yea, we’re getting old. We’re renewing our vows in the same spot we got married: below the rim of the Grand Canyon. 
  • Mardi Gras. Duh. It’s the holiday that trumps all other holidays. 
  • After years of pining for a fancy camera, I bought myself  an SLR. I’m looking forward to signing up for classes so I can figure out how to work the damn thing and stop uploading mediocre photos here. Maybe. 
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What I Wore: OCJ Apparel

in the jungle- or rather my overgrown backyard 
I’m a self professed denim snob. I can skimp when it comes to certain things, but a good pair of jeans is a must.  

When OCJ Apparel offered to send me a pair of their jeans, I was admittedly hesitant about the fit and the quality. But after wearing them three days in a row, I’m putting these into my regular rotation. 
OCJ stands for Original College Jeans- the company specializes in school spirit, with your university logo or mascot emblazoned on the back pocket. I opted for a plain pair, but go to their website to see the full line or click here to order the pair I’m wearing.
 I ordered these one size down, but order yours two sizes down if you prefer an extra snug fit. Mine stretched out in the knees and waistband, but never gave me the dreaded saggy butt. Girls with curves fear not- these jeans have a lot of stretch to accommodate a voluptuous backside or a healthy amount of thighs.

T-shirt: Upson Downes via Buffalo Exchange
Slate skinny in deep indigo: c/o OCJ Apparel
Orange blossom necklace: Symmetry Jewelers, gift from husband
Black flats: Melissa (my go to rainy day shoes)

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Ready For Some (College) Football?

Back in high school I was in marching band which meant I went to every single football game of the season. I always chatted with my friends and flirted with the boys vs. actually watching the game so I never really learned what the heck was going on. However there are plenty of girls out there that paid more attention to the pigskin getting tossed around than I did and they all wanted to show school spirit by dressing the part. The only issue is most football related apparel isn’t cut for women; the jerseys are boxy, the styles aren’t cute or the only option is a men’s tee.

Heather Chesser struck out in June of 2011 to combat this problem with her online boutique Dress For The Game. Frustrated with trying to find a dress that complied with her boyfriend’s collegiate colors Chesser decided to make it easier for girls in a similar position by seeking out trendy pieces that look just as good at Sunday brunch as they do under the Friday night lights.

Dress For the Game currently stocks options for twelve schools including dresses and accessories. Friend them on Facebook, Twitter and check out their blog for updates on new inventory. So what school will you be rooting for this year?

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Guest Post: Simply Chic

Slow Southern Style is going to be featuring a few guest bloggers each Monday to liven the place up and get some fresh voices on a variety of subjects. This week Elle from Elle Sees is filling in . Interested in guest blogging? Contact me at nolagurl at gmail dot com.

Simply Chic

Simply Chic by ellesees featuring glass shades

Hi y’all. I’m Elle, from Elle Sees, a lifestyle blog dedicated to style, beauty, and life. I’m so excited to be guest posting today! I’m a Southern blogger in Atlanta, but easily consider NOLA one of my favorite cities in the US (see my trip here). This week on my blog I’m having a mini Back to School Week, and thought I’d give a little sneak peak today. This outfit is perfect for that first day of school (I always got so excited! Did you?), Picture Day, or maybe a day at work. I love this Simply Chic outfit–it’s effortless and stylish. Dress up every now and then to class! It’s a great way to make an excellent first impression. How would you modify it to your style? (Click the pic for more info.)

* This boyfriend blazer is one of my must-have basics. It can dressed up/down in so many ways. Plus, it keeps you warm in those freezing classrooms!
* To keep it casual, I paired it with a simple white tank, but a white tee or a printed tee would work as well. Dress it to your style.
* These khakis are super cute. You can wear the military cargo, if that’s your style, or chinos, cargos, or khaki capris. Add a brown belt!
* This Betsey Johnson necklace has such detail to dress up my plain white tank.
* I like my hair straight, like in the picture. This Garnier Sleek & Shine will keep hair glossy and sleek during those long lectures.
* My eyeshadow palette is soft, girly, and neutral. These classic sunnies hide my eyes when strolling on campus.
* A girly, soft pink gloss and toes round out my perfect back-to-school outfit!

What’s YOUR back to school/work outfit?

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Back to School Looks on WWL TV

Look y’all I can’t lie it takes a lot for me to get up at 5:30 A.M. but when my friend Missy Wilkinson from the Gambit asked me to style some back to school looks featuring items from Buffalo Exchange I knew it would be worth jumping out of bed for. Check out the behind the scenes photos below and watch the entire video on WWL by clicking here.

Myself, Elijah, Melvet, and Kenisha

Kenisha, me, Melvet

Cute as a button Kaci, check out her accessory line on Etsy!

Kenisha’s pants are a good alternative to wearing sweats to school
Pretending I’m  college age & that I didn’t do that pedicure the night before

High school looks, these kids were cooler than me in high school scratch that cooler than I am now

Also big thanks to the models, Missy Wilkinson, and the WWL TV staff. I’d also like to point out that all but two were Buffalo Exchange employees and Melvet and Elijah styled their own outfits.

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Back to School With Blink Boutiques

I wasn’t your typical college student, at least when it came to getting dressed for school. While a good chunk of the co-ed set likes to wear flip flops and running shorts to class my wardrobe was dominated by dresses, skirts, and dress pants. While I don’t suggest schlepping those heavy books around campus while teetering on 6 inch stiletto shoes there is something satisfying about looking smart while getting smart.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been a student but I was still delighted when Blink asked me to style some looks that are not only great for Fall but back to school as well.  If you’ve never been to Blink it is worth checking out. Prices hover around $25-$80 for most items and there is always a sizable sale rack for those serious bargain hunters.

The above look is easy enough to wear on the first day of class and make that important first impression. The great thing about these pieces are how stand out they are on their own. The necklace could be easily paired with a plain t-shirt to take it from boring to fun and the crochet vest can be paired with a dress to make it more casual. Usually you’ll find me in flats but I do like to wear heels every once in a while.
See all of the looks, including what to wear for study time, weekend fun, and a look styled by Blink’s in house stylist Andre Harris click below to see the rest.

Andre Harris, the in house stylist at Blink styled the above look. I love the two tone blazer and that chunky chain necklace really helps frame Arlene’s pretty face.
This slouchy, ultra comfy sweater is a great alternative to donning sweatpants in public for those late night study sessions. Hit up the library or your favorite coffee shop sporting flat sandals, leggings and an oversize knit top for a fresh approach to comfort clothes.

Tired of hitting the books? Take a break and enjoy your weekend. The simple, flowy top is punched up with a zig zag pattern and flyaway trapeze shape which balances out the fitted skirt. Throw on a coordinating necklace and a studded leather cuff to toughen up the look.

Big thanks to the Blink team, I had a lot of fun and extra thanks to Andre for helping with this casual photo shoot! For more photos of the shop check out my Facebook page and check out Blink’s corresponding photo shoot.

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Collegiate looks on a student budget

Today’s post comes from a new friend and film school student Joseph Miner. I met Joseph at the Jolie & Elizabeth trunk show at Fair Folks & a goat via a mutual friend. He manages to have great style on a collegiate budget so I asked him to share his secrets with Slow Southern Style readers, male and female alike.

For us college students out there, classes are now in full swing.  Our planners are filling up with projects, tests, jobs and trying to squeeze in some sort of social activity as well.  With all of this in mind, who has the time or the money to dedicate to expanding our fall wardrobes?  Believe it or not, you do.  YES, YOU!  Let’s just be honest here; if you have the time to brush your teeth and run a comb through your hair before class, then you have the time to opt out of the dorm shorts and college tee in exchange for something a little bit more grown up.

It is surprisingly easy to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed and come to class, even if you did.  First impressions are huge.  Even when on campus, you never know if you might run into a  future employer, friend, business associate or significant other.  Who wants to say to someone “why don’t you add me on Facebook?” when you know you look like shit?  Not exactly a great selling point! I’ll tell you from experience, if people remember anything about you, they will remember the way you looked way before they can conjure up your name.  You can’t go wrong with just throwing on a pair of skinny jeans,some loafers, and a decent sweater.  Be creative.  Be you.  Just don’t go bumming it!  If you do happen to feel a little more on the creative side, try something like the following images from local designer Alicia Zenobia.

Also, if you invest in a nice pea coat for when it really cools down, just throw it on over whatever and wrap a scarf around your neck and you are good to go. 

 Coat from Express

We don’t have to go breaking the bank (or rather bursting the seams on our credit card limit) to look nice either.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found an article of clothing in good or even great condition for 75% or more off of the original price from a resale or consignment shop.  And if you live in New Orleans then you are in luck as we have some pretty great options.  I’m leaving you with a list of local shops that you should most definitely check out before going straight to Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

Goodwill (City-wide, but I prefer the location listed below)
123 Robert E Lee Blvd
New Orleans,LA 70124
Phone: (504) 286-1858

Buffalo Exchange (Don’t be afraid to be a frequent flyer either, because they get “new” stuff in every day, unlike many retail stores)

3312 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115

4704 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA
(504) 883-3895

Alicia Zenobia:

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Mannequin Mondays

Today is Labor Day but it’s also time for another Mannequin Monday. This week Buffalo Exchange is hittin’ the books with these back to school looks.

Preppy Set
Collegiate Crowd
The rebels
So which clique did you belong to in high school?
3312 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115

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Slow Southern News

  • Declare your love of the ultimate southern belle movie by donating to the University of Texas at Austin’s Gone with the Wind 2014 exhibition.  Many of the infamous dresses that Scarlett O’ Hara wore are in disrepair and can not be displayed until funds are raised to restore them back to their former grandeur.
  • Touro Infirmary is hosting a “Look Good, Feel Better” event for women undergoing cancer treatment. On Thursday, August 19th volunteer cosmetologists will be on hand from noon-2pm to help patients cope with appearance related side effects in order to help boost self esteem and regain confidence. Visit for more details or call (504)897-8387
  • Rye is celebrating back to school with student discounts.
  • Massey’s Outfitters is offering a slew of savings. Students can bring their ID in for a 10% discount on sunglasses and select bikes and skateboards. Also join their facebook page and receive a 10% coupon code or  their mailing list for 5% off your first purchase.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue is hosting an in store party in their WEAR department on Saturday, August 21st from noon-4:00pm. Snacks, drinks, and informal modeling will take place and you can enter to win a $250 gift card.
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