Look Fabulous for Fall: Make-Up Trends for the Season

Guest Blogger: Chriss Knight, NOLA Soci@lite, LLC

Good-bye humidity and frizzy hair…hello fall! It’s my favorite time of year because I love the cooler weather and rich colors that come with the season. I had the honor of rocking the runway as a make-up model for Estee Lauder, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, at a recent fall trend show at Macy’s. Not only was it an awesome experience to represent such a well-respected cosmetic company, but modeling for the show gave me a chance to learn about top make-up trends for fall from make-up expert, Estee Lauder Business Manager, Kelli Morgan. Of course, I couldn’t keep these great tips all to myself…so I am sharing them with Slow Southern Style, enjoy! 
What look must we rock for fall?
Kelli: Rich bold colors are must haves for fall, including a sultry retro look for eyes in shimmery shades of green, brown & midnight blue. For lips, think Marilyn Monroe: a classic red lip, dark & romantic. Nails are a must have edition with dark rich shades, like Estee Lauder’s purple velvet, blue blood & viper to name a few.

What colors should we add to our make-up pallet?
Kelli: deep purple, dark greens, gold & copper.

How can we transform our look from day to night?
Kelli: Daytime colors like taupe, beige and soft browns can easily be transformed into an evening look by simply adding a corresponding darker shade to the lid or crease, and don’t forget your red lips (“Forbidden Apple”, pictured below)

What is your favorite make-up tip?  
Kelli: Ending your completed look with a hint of shimmer to cheeks, it instantly brightens your look and gives you a healthy glow, day or night.

So when it comes to fall, think rich and sophisticated. Now that you are armed with these great make-up tips, I hope you’re inspired to embrace the change of season with a fresh new look to compliment your fall wardrobe!
Chriss is owner of NOLA Soci@lite, LCC. She organizes and promotes local events, and serves as emcee for various fundraisers and galas around town. Chriss is also the face behind the Twitter and Facebook pages of several New Orleans businesses.
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Soap Dude: So fresh and so clean in Baton Rouge

I’m not the type of gal that has a medicine cabinet brimming with beauty potions, age defying serums, and imported oils that guarantees to make my hair as thick and as a horse’s mane or my money back. The fact that I have a Birchbox subscription is deceiving- try as I may to up my beauty regime I always rely to my tried and true products.

 One thing I do indulge in on a daily basis is handmade soap. None of that artificial, chemical smelling stuff or dried out skin for my inner hippie. One of my new favorites is The Soap Dude. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Jeff Loquist tempted me with two samples of his suds, so how could I say no? Read on to find out how he got started out with soap, and some other random questions I subjected him to. Pick up a bar for yourself here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheSoapDude

Image c/o The Soap Dude

Can you describe the soap making process?

 Ah, the soap making process. I actually use the hot process method to make soap. There isn’t a lot of difference other than I can have the soap ready for use in a few hours rather than weeks and there is a bit more danger to the whole ordeal, which is how I got into soap making in the first place.

Why soap?

My wife, Sara came to me one day and said “let’s make soap”. I was a little apprehensive at first as it seemed like a lot of work, but I figured I would help out anyway. Turns out the use of lye was a little more danger than she was into, but I was hooked from the first batch. I get a kick out of mixing scents and am currently trying to make scents that will mimic things I love, like beer, scotch and cigars 🙂
And now for the hard hitting questions:
Favorite local beer
I’m as big fan of a good ale and Tin Roof’s American Blonde Ale is probably one of my favorites.
Best place to get a bite to eat in Baton Rouge
Man, up until this past weekend I would have sat here for a while thinking about it, but Frankie’s Dawg House is AMAZING. Great specialty dogs. You have to try the…man..I can’t think of the new name, but they used to call it the Chuck Norris. Wrapped in bacon, chili, cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos…so good.
I wouldn’t be caught dead without {fill in the blank}
a notebook and something to write with.
Share a brief funny hurricane evacuation (or staycation) story.
We just recently moved into our new house and one of the things that sealed the deal was all of the great old trees. I was sitting on the couch the day before Isaac hit looking out the window. The trees started swaying, i looked at Sara and said “maybe the trees weren’t such a good idea”. Sure enough, the next day we got a branch through the window before the storm even got started.
Name one reason why you love Louisiana.
Can I wrap up a couple in one? The weather, the culture and being within driving distance to a beach.
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DIY Teen Craft Day

Back when I was in high school,  fancy nails were the trend du jour. Girls would get garish fake ones- always square across the top, preferably with a french manicure. My mom would never condone such a frivolous thing so I learned how to spackle my own. I was pretty damn good at it- I played flute for years so I maintained great dexterity and control of my fingers. My weekends were spent adhering minuscule decals and rhinestones onto my natural nails with toothpicks and tweezers. It was a fun way to express myself, especially since I went to an all girl Catholic school where uniforms hindered personal style. I’m not sure where that level of patience went. These days I’m lucky to find time to paint my paws, and when I do I usually manage to tarnish my handiwork with a smudge here and a chip there.

If you want to start your young artist off right, the Mid-City branch of the New Orleans Public Library is hosting a DIY nail art class for girls ages 11-17. Space is limited, so make sure you call in advance to reserve your spot.
DIY Teen Craft Ages 11-17
New Orleans Public Library
8700 Orleans Ave
Saturday, September 8th 1:00-2:00pm
Call (504)596-2654 for a reservation

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Savannah Bee Company- Worth the Buzz

An in store hive- behind glass of course

The honey tasting bar

My obsession with Savannah Bee Company began when my sister sent sent me a box of their goodies for my birthday back in February. Ever since, I can’t get enough of their products- and I do mean all of them. From their limited edition and seasonal offerings, honey infused coffee, honey hand soap, honey hand creme, well you get the idea. I’m addicted to all of it. The honey isn’t your typical mass produced sticky stuff that’s sold in a bear shaped bottle. There’s wildflower honey from Georgia, Orange Blossom from Southern Florida, and varieties specifically made for grilling, enjoying with tea, or smearing on cheese. I was lucky enough to visit two of their three stores when I visited Savannah in May, and stocked up enough to last me until my mom went a few weeks ago and brought back more goodies, including a 20oz. bottle of black sage honey that’s only produced once every 4 years.

I never thought I’d use hand soap to wash my face, but the Tupelo Liquid Honey Hand Soap is gentler than most facial soaps I’ve used in the past. I’m prone to breakouts, and since I started using it on a daily basis I’ve only had a handful of blemishes. And the hand cream smells heavenly. Did you know that honey never goes bad? Not that mine sits around long enough to question if it’s still edible or not. I drizzle my ambrosia on ice cream, slather it on toast, or (dare I say it) eat it straight from the jar during a 2:00 am pantry raid.  Pick up their foodstuffs in your city, including Rouses Supermarkets here in New Orleans.

Founder Ted Dennard kept bees as early as high school, and went on to join the Peace Corps after college where he taught beekeeping to village farmers in South America. In 1998 he started selling his honey in found bottles as a hobby. His first expansion went from the kitchen to the garage, then later into an 800 square foot former classroom.  That’s humble beginnings considering production is now housed in a  40,000 square foot warehouse just outside of Savannah.

Southern hospitality- bee style

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Southern Fashion Bloggers and Glenn Michael Salon

Sometimes we all just need an excuse to hang out with our lady friends and indulge our girly side. A handful of the Southern Fashion Bloggers got together recently and hung out at Glenn Michael Salon to catch up on what everyone’s doing, have some fun, and indulge in some mini hair and makeup classes. Be sure to read the full recap, including makeup tips and notes from our blow out 101 class on the Southern Fashion Bloggers site. 
Mr. Glenn Michael teaching us how to talk to our stylists to get the perfect hair style.

What I Wore: vintage Hunter Club, Zara skirt, wedges all from Buffalo Exchange belt from Armoire

Best blow out I’ve ever had! And I know how to recreate it at home.
Ridiculously cute Irregular Choice shoes in the boutique section
My favorite ladies, Dorothy Young and Leslie Almeida
Outfit details from Instagram. Follow me slowsouthernstyle
To see more pictures from the day check out the Southern Fashion Bloggers Facebook page.
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Guest Post- Shellac Nail Polish

While I’m out in the Southwest having a sibling reunion I have a few fashionable women keeping y’all entertained until I come back. I hope you enjoy their posts. Make sure to leave lots of comments for them and once again thanks for the help ladies.

Today’s post is brought to you by a good friend of mine, Leslie from Unmade. Leslie is my go to gal when it comes to anything relating to beauty products, especially nails.

CND’s Shellac, a revolutionary UV color, is unlike any other nail product on the market. What’s the big deal? How about:
  • It’s applied just like regular polish, but it dries under a UV lamp in between coats – It’s your natural nails, but better!
  • Your nails are completely dry before you get up from the manicure table
  • No dents, scratches or smudges; Put those boots on right after application!
  • Application takes only a few minutes longer than a regular manicure would
  • 3-Free (No toluene, formaldehyde or DBP)
  • Helped my nails grow stronger, thanks to its durability
  • Stays shiny and chip free for two weeks
Did you catch that one? Two. Weeks.
Now, my regular manicures usually last a week. To not have to worry about them for two weeks is just ridiculous. And don’t try to go back to regular polishes and top coat after getting Shellac’d. The shine just doesn’t compare. Are there any cons? Sure.
  • Limited color selection – More will be released around January 2011
  • Should only be removed by a professional – Your tips will soak in pure acetone, then the product comes right off
  • Pricier (but I think the convenience is worth it)
So, where can you get a Shellac manicure? Shellac is a professional product, so you can’t buy and apply it yourself. I get mine done at Spa Atlantis in Downtown New Orleans by my favorite manicurist, Marie. Ask for her and tell her I sent you. She’ll do you right.
Now, it’s difficult for me not to change my polish every week, but I will hold out as long as I can and take a picture of my nails before I have it removed. Need a second opinion (or you like moving pictures)? Check out BellaSugar’s review of Shellac.
*Disclosure: This service was provided complimentary for review.
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Guest Post: Look cool even when it’s hot

I’m a bad, bad southern belle. I rarely, if ever, wear makeup. I’m not very good at applying it and I hate the way it feels on my skin. I’ve employed the help of a friend who knows a lot about beauty products to help y’all look your best when the humidity and heat are at their peak.. Lorraine recently started her own blog where she shares her makeup secrets and goth fashion tips.

Trying to wear a full face of makeup in the southern summer sun can end up feeling like an exercise in futility. Luckily we live in an age of beauty breakthroughs that help us get more mileage from our makeup even in the most hot and humid of climates.

You’ll need to begin with your skincare routine. Choose an oil-free cleanser. Try to limit exfoliation in the summer to once a week at this time of year.  Doing it too much can over-stimulate oil-production and you’ll end up looking quite shiny. 
 Follow cleansing with a gentle toner and a light oil-free moisturizer. Let the moisturizer absorb for a few minutes, then blot with a tissue. One way to deal with the “Melt-Factor” in the summer is to substitute regular moisturizer with a good tinted variety (try Urban Decay Urban Defense tinted moisture) and skip foundation. This is nice if you don’t require heavy coverage but if you need to even out skin tone further or cover blemishes, read on!

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

A step worthy of adding to your summer makeup routine is facial primer. It not only fills in lines and pores but it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup which helps it adhere and last longer. There are even tinted versions which help minimize redness or brighten up a dull complexion. (Try Make Up For Ever HD primer) If your eye makeup tends to smear and slide in the heat you will want to apply an eye primer as well. Eye primers prolong the staying power of liners and shadows as well as making the colors appear much truer and brighter. My eye lids tend to be oily so I don’t go a day in summer without my Urban Decay Primer Potion. A little goes a long way with these products and trial sizes are available.
Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Summer foundation should be oil-free and contain SPF. Liquid in a long-wear formula is a good choice for summer as is mineral powder foundation. Mineral powders give you coverage without looking made up and they come in such a variety, it’s very easy to find a color- match. Indie mineral companies offer samples of all their products so you can find your perfect match without breaking the bank. (Try Meow Minerals, or Aromaleigh for the most quality & variety of foundation) Try spot applying a cream concealer to blemishes before dusting on your face makeup.

Be sure to choose mascara in a waterproof version and try using a lip-liner to keep lipstick from migrating or feathering. Top it off with a setting spray from Urban Decay for extra lasting power and you can use blotting papers and a translucent blotting powder for touchups. (Try Hard Candy Welcome Matte blot powder)

Now that your face is guaranteed to withstand August in New Orleans, you want to make sure your hair isn’t a hot mess! My biggest tip would be to not fight your natural texture. You’re bound to struggle when trying to get curly hair to look sleek or keep curls from drooping in straight hair. The humidity here is so high that heat styling won’t be enough. If you must fight it, use an entire line of products made for the texture you want. If you want to go straight, use shampoo & conditioner for straight locks, a smoothing cream, ceramic ionic flat-iron and setting spray.  The best styling tools I’ve found are from a company called Herstyler

 Their Curler is unlike any other, it’s tapered and it’s a wand sans clip. You start the curl from the hair nearest the scalp and hold the end with your fingers. The resulting curl is natural-looking, glossy and it lasts and lasts. Their flat-irons also work well and make your hair look very glossy. They both work so fast you will wonder how you ever made it anyplace on time without them in your routine! All styles can benefit from being topped off with an anti-frizz gloss spray such as tresemme no-frizz shine spray, and you’re truly good to go!

We all know the heat here in the summer is brutal. Depending on the amount of time you’re outside, how active you are and how oily your skin tends to get you may want to add one or two of these steps to your routine or all of them. This will ensure your makeup will be beautiful and budge-proof all summer long!

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Polish up your look

Call me a bad southern belle but I rarely, if ever, wear makeup. Aside from the scary chemicals that go into most makeup  I never want to be that person who people see as “only pretty” with a face full of makeup.

That said something that I always love but rarely do is lacquer up my nails. I usually chip my polish fairly fast taking my nails from chic to trashy in an instant. Fresh, fun nails are a great pick me up which is what I need as it is windy and cold in the dirty south.

I popped into American Apparel and discovered they now carry nail polish so I snatched up 3 colors for $15. Every color in the collection is matte, which is a big trend at the moment. They even had white which takes me back to my high school years. What’s that saying only do a trend the first time around?

These are the colors I selected.

L-R Office, Berry, Factory Grey

This weather calls for some hot chocolate and an at home manicure. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

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