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I met Julianne one rainy Saturday at the Freret Market and immediately knew that I’d want to feature her work here. She specializes in bike covers but has recently branched out into clothing as well.  Read on to get details on her handmade wares and tips for biking in style.

Making bicycle covers is a fun idea. How did you come up with the concept?

It was a sudden burst of genius one hot afternoon. I started with reupholstering and painting seats and then moved on to removable covers with designs appliqued on. Custom seats are a great way to personalize a bike and make a statement about life, that your bicycle is not just a tool but a vehicle of pleasure and joy.
fleur de lis bicycle seat cover Fleur de lis bicycle seat cover

 You also sell bicycle t-shirts and handmade bowls. Do you have plans for expanding those lines?

I’m actually working on many new t-shirt designs right now. They won’t be exclusively bicycle-based, and there will also be some men’s shirts. I’m also making some jersey dresses that are simple, stylish, and great for riding around on your favorite cruiser. As for the coiled fabric bowls, they are made out of mostly recycled materials and there’s lots of room to explore, from large baskets to potholders.
Handmade bicyle tee shirts Handmade bicycle t-shirt

What tips can you give readers on how to stay stylish when commuting on two wheels?

If you’re going for pants, slim cut legs won’t get caught on your chainguard. I’m not one for wearing biking shorts under a skirt, but I strongly suggest at least wearing underwear, because commando bicycling isn’t as much fun as you might think (unless you’re at Burning Man). Keep your knees a little closer together when you’re pedaling, and if the wind happens to show a little more thigh than you intended, the most charming thing you can do is giggle and keep riding. Pockets are always convenient for keeping the keys to your lock handy (there’s nothing more un-stylish than a stolen bike!). I also highly recommend a basket or rack to carry your bags and a jacket for nighttime riding.
Coiled fabric bowls Coiled fabric bowls

Where else can we buy your wares?

I have my fledgling Etsy shop and I also sell at the Freret Market when I’m in town. My bowls will be in MICA soon. I also do custom work, from bicycles to clothing, and the best way to get in on that is through my website.
Polychromatic Pachyderm shirt Polychromatic Pachyderm shirt

Define southern style.

My momma always jokes about trying to be as Scarlette O’Hara as possible, and to a certain extent I think she’s right. Sometimes it’s about relaxing at a party and other times you’re going to get a little sweaty, but there’s no rule saying you can’t look good through it all. Also, never be afraid to cut up the curtains!

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bike in style

It is often easier to get around New Orleans on a bike vs. hopping in your car. Finding a parking spot is problematic in the French Quarter and it is so much quicker to chain your two wheels to a light post than parallel park and hoof it to your destination. I found myself in a bit of a dilemma one Saturday night. I wanted to bike to the Quarter but needed a dressy enough outfit to nosh at a mid priced eatery.  The problem lay in my clothing options. All I had were impractical handbags or my functional, yet not very fashionable, Timbuk2 messenger bag. My husband and I opted to take a slightly sleeker Tumi backpack to carry our necessities since we wanted to imbibe at Muriel’s later in the evening and didn’t want to look like tourists. I opted to wear a just below the knee, voluminous cotton skirt so I could maintain modesty en route and not feel under dressed upon arrival to our destination. I know lots of gals that use bikes as their main transportation and functionality is a must.

A lot of hiking brands have been offering more casual pieces that are designed for an active lifestyle. The cut is crucial for comfort, the length important unless you don’t mind flashing unsuspecting pedestrians. For everyone’s sake keep the cut loose and the length around the knee.

Isis Lily SkirtIsis Lily skirt from REI

If  want something dressier  branch out with different fabrics.

DKNY printed full skirt from Dillard’s

 I’m a big fan of how functional and sturdy Lucky Handbags are. The Abbey Road from Zappos marries form and function with a cross body strap and top handles, perfect for when you need something dressier than a messenger bag . 

This B. Makowsky, available from Nordstrom’s is also a great option when you need your hands free. 

B. Makowsky Buckle Detail Crossbody Bag

Unless you want to tote a second pair of shoes I’d suggest wearing something cute yet sporty. 

Lacoste Sollie Flats at Zappos

 Diesel Water Lily also at Zappos

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