Call for some Slow Southern Submissions

A few years ago when I had my shit together I used to put out calls for submissions to Slow Southern Style. I stopped doing them for a few reasons, mostly because I primarily attracted businesses trying to build SEO – keep in mind I was also charging advertisers for sponsored posts and banner ads at the time. I didn’t mind giving a free platform to small local businesses or my friends, but I didn’t want Slow Southern Style to become a dumping ground for brands that didn’t have much interest to either myself or my readers. You know the type of sites; everything has a link to a product to buy, or the blogger  showcases nothing but “c/o” outfits.

I’d like to try opening the flood gates once again. I want to help writers and photographers get their work in front of an audience. What do I want? Personal stories. Travel stories. Book reviews. True stories. Critiques of the fashion industry. Your submission should fall somewhere between blog post and literary magazine essay. Need help? Take a gander at some recent posts. Feeling lazy? I’ve linked a few here:

Shoot me an email to Let’s figure something out. Oh, and before someone asks:

1. I can not pay you. Labor of love, baby.
2. Photos should be no larger than 500 pixels wide and they definitely need to be your own. Ditto with the writing, minus the pixel part.
3. I’m a full time student running a college newspaper. Please be patient if I don’t respond to you right away.

Twitter: christylorio Facebook: Slow Southern Style

We’re Expanding- Join the Slow Southern Style Team

Slow Southern Style is expanding!

Do you love fashion, writing and/or photography? Are you currently in a sordid love affair with Southern culture? Slow Southern Style is seeking contributors who are passionate about the southern lifestyle and fashion on a deeper level than just what’s being offered at the mall.  

The aesthetic:

If it is made below the Mason Dixon line, we want to feature it. That simple.

What we like:

crawfish boils, late night conversations on the porch, seersucker dresses, magnolia flowers, sno-ball stained mouths, mint juleps, gators, Mardi Gras, cowboy boots, sleeping under the stars, whisky on the rocks, handmade jewelry, festivals, pirogue rides, folk art, old houses, mosquitoes. Okay, just kidding about that last one.

We’re looking for writers and photographers who:

-appreciates personal style, not just recent trends or fast fashion
-loves good food, finely crafted products, and loves getting the word about cool events
-has a desire to make connections within the fashion community
-has an eye for the Slow Southern Style aesthetic, yet brings his or her own touch 
– has a knack for writing, photography, or graphic design
has a connection to the South

-contributes either on a one time basis, or on a regular schedule

-wishes to kick start a career in fashion and/or media
– has a sense of humor

If you’d like to learn more about contributing please send an example or link to your work, and a brief statement why you’d like to join the crew, (or krewe as we like to spell it in NOLA) to

Twitter: slowsouthstyle Facebook: Slow Southern Style