Mammoth Cave: Watch out for that dinosaur











It’s the day after Thanksgiving and a Tyrannosaurus Rex the color of Cheetos is threatening to pluck our Honda CRV right off the highway and throw it over the fence that surrounds Dinosaur World. This is how we know we’ve reached Cave City, a town half way between Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. We speed past the plastic brontosaurus and teradafcyls and safely make our way to Mammoth Cave which, we are informed, does not actually house live mammoths. We buy tickets anyway and descend into the dark, cool cave.



My brother moved to Louisville a few years ago after a post-Katrina stint at the Grand Canyon. He and his partner work at the best restaurant in Louisville; Chris is the kitchen manager, Ruben is the dining room manager. We started a tradition of Thanksgiving at their house (hello, professional chef) and now we make the drive up there every year. This year, after a deliciously languorous six course meal, hours spent watching The Goldbergs and RuPaul’s Drag Race and eight bottles of wine split between four people (don’t judge…okay judge), we opted for a little post-Turkey Day outdoor activity and made the hour and a half drive to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest known cave system with over 400 miles explored and counting. In its colorful history it was a salt mine, a tourist attraction with slave-guided tours, a short lived tuberculosis hospital and in the 1920s the locals incited a cave war for tourist dollars. Mammoth Cave was deemed a national park in 1941 and today there are a slew of tours ranging from a casual stroll to serious spelunking.

Since our underground escapades were spur of the moment, we were only able to book the self-guided tour, which took about 30 minutes. Interpretative rangers were stationed throughout the cave to answer questions and make sure visitors didn’t stray off the paved pathway. Aboveground, there are several miles of nature trails and a visitor center with an interactive cave museum that touches on both the natural and human history of Mammoth Cave. I wish we could have seen Frozen Niagra or the Ruins of Karnak but all of the tours were sold out.

Cave City itself is a curious place. There are lots of roadside attractions including kayaking, putt putt and other caves, however most of the amusement parks were shuttered when we went. Some looked closed for the season, others looked abandoned. Guntown Mountain is supposedly slated for a comeback, so hopefully it will be open next year; I’m particularly interested in the Haunted Hotel. Regardless, I’m looking forward to exploring this area more next Thanksgiving, with or without a hard hat.

What I Wore: Paisley and Polka Dots

During warmer months, I stick to natural fabrics to stay comfortable. But when it gets cold outside, I start breaking all of my self imposed rules during the more forgiving chilly days. Polyester? Bring it, baby. I couldn’t imagine wearing this sheer button down two months ago, but winter on the Gulf Coast is like a get out of jail free card. We get to wear practically whatever we want, so long as layering is an option. Need help? Read my Uptown Messenger column for tips on practical winter dressing. Old Man Winter, come at me bro. 

Rhinestone earrings from Armoire
Luxurious wool blend tights from Sock
Sheer polka dot blouse, paisley J. Crew skirt, Ann Taylor heels all from Buffalo Exchange
photo bombed by hubby’s Filson bag
 psst! get a closeup shot  of the Armoire earrings on my Instagram here.

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what i wore: black & grey kind of day

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest J. Crew catalog and was surprised when I saw winter clothes in punchy spring colors. While I love embracing cheerful hues for warmer weather, I prefer to wear darker shades in the winter months. Granted, there are days here in New Orleans when the only thing winter about our clothes are the colors we choose, I still enjoy a break from dressing like it’s 80 degrees year ’round. While I’m sure I will sport my favorite pair of kelly green jeans when the temperature drops, it’s still nice to milk the few cold days that we get down here.

grey top with sheer attachment- Fairy 
black mini skirt- Hattie Sparks
ruffle trim hoodie- Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco
necklace- Saint Claude NOLA via Hattie Sparks
tights- Banana Republic
tassel wedge loafers- Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange

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what i wore: pizza date on freret street

food baby say whaaaaa

We got the purple sweater memo, along with the eggplant couch

When you’ve been with the same partner for over a decade a funny thing happens- the mundane becomes sort of fun. Instead of looking forward to predictable birthday presents and Hallmark card holidays, I love any excuse just to nab a few minutes together on a random day.

While hubby thought he was taunting me, bragging he was scoffing down pizza at Midway Pizza via text message, little did he know I was at home at the ready to join.  I help him with his social media/marketing and moved a couch up a dicey set of stairs, so he kind of owed me anyway.  Starting November 1st, he moved his business, the New Orleans Counseling Center, onto Freret Street and with a  newly relaunched website, I’ve gotta say I’m one proud wifey. We’re also proud Freretians, having lived on and off in this neighborhood for 12 years, so it’s great that he can directly serve the community we live in. And hell, walking to work ‘aint too bad either.

Madewell blouse & Banana Republic sweater via Buffalo Exchange
DL1961 jeans via Blues Jean Bar
teal Dolce Vita loafers via Buffalo Exchange
Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks

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sweater weather, for now

It finally got cold y’all, for now at least. It’s time to bust out the sweaters and layer, layer layer. Down here in New Orleans, you never know what the weather will be like. At this time of year, I opt to wear a tank top, blouse, sweater, or any similar combo. It can be nippy in the morning and downright humid in the afternoon, so adding and subtracting clothes throughout the day is a necessity.
 I’m not sure why I’m fond of elbow length sweaters- they’re kind of an oxymoron but in this unpredictable climate they just make sense. After all, what better way to complement your thin tee shirt than a pair of elbow length wool knit gloves? Bundle up y’all.

Sweater- Lia Molly
V-neck tee- Everlane
Skirt- Everybody’s Buying Vintage
Calvin Klein belt- Buffalo Exchange 
Earrings- Elle Dee NOLA
Velvet rhinestone flats- Swap Boutique

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Look Fabulous for Fall: Make-Up Trends for the Season

Guest Blogger: Chriss Knight, NOLA Soci@lite, LLC

Good-bye humidity and frizzy hair…hello fall! It’s my favorite time of year because I love the cooler weather and rich colors that come with the season. I had the honor of rocking the runway as a make-up model for Estee Lauder, one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, at a recent fall trend show at Macy’s. Not only was it an awesome experience to represent such a well-respected cosmetic company, but modeling for the show gave me a chance to learn about top make-up trends for fall from make-up expert, Estee Lauder Business Manager, Kelli Morgan. Of course, I couldn’t keep these great tips all to myself…so I am sharing them with Slow Southern Style, enjoy! 
What look must we rock for fall?
Kelli: Rich bold colors are must haves for fall, including a sultry retro look for eyes in shimmery shades of green, brown & midnight blue. For lips, think Marilyn Monroe: a classic red lip, dark & romantic. Nails are a must have edition with dark rich shades, like Estee Lauder’s purple velvet, blue blood & viper to name a few.

What colors should we add to our make-up pallet?
Kelli: deep purple, dark greens, gold & copper.

How can we transform our look from day to night?
Kelli: Daytime colors like taupe, beige and soft browns can easily be transformed into an evening look by simply adding a corresponding darker shade to the lid or crease, and don’t forget your red lips (“Forbidden Apple”, pictured below)

What is your favorite make-up tip?  
Kelli: Ending your completed look with a hint of shimmer to cheeks, it instantly brightens your look and gives you a healthy glow, day or night.

So when it comes to fall, think rich and sophisticated. Now that you are armed with these great make-up tips, I hope you’re inspired to embrace the change of season with a fresh new look to compliment your fall wardrobe!
Chriss is owner of NOLA Soci@lite, LCC. She organizes and promotes local events, and serves as emcee for various fundraisers and galas around town. Chriss is also the face behind the Twitter and Facebook pages of several New Orleans businesses.
Facebook: NOLASocialite, Twitter: @ChrissKnight, Web:
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What I Wore: Black And Tan

While summer is supposedly winding down and the school year is upon us, we’ve still got two or three months of nasty hot weather ahead. I’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals these past weeks, perhaps in a subconscious effort to kick start fall. This is the time of year I start to loathe everything I own. Is it just me, or do you feel like you’ve been wearing the same warm weather staples since….scratch that, we didn’t get a winter this year.

This khaki skirt has seen me through the entire summer, and I’m sure I’ll continue to wear it  with a sweater and tights when the temperature hopefully drops. It also makes an appearance on the Oxford American website via Parish Chic.

tee- three dots via Swap Boutique
belt- Target
skirt- Zara via Buffalo Exchange
gold cap toe flats- Melissa via UAL
leopard print bow- c/o Sproos Shop
black and gold bracelet- c/o Abeille

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Four Fall Favorites For Friday

For as long as I can remember I was only ever interested in wearing silver jewelry. Gold seemed too garish but lately I’ve been craving some change so I’m slowly attempting to stock up on gold. I’ve never been the type to just buy jewelry to match a particular outfit, that’s boring.  Jewelry should say something about your personality, otherwise it’s just noise. While I’m on the hunt for the perfect pieces  I found these baubles that I’d add to my accessories arsenal in a heartbeat.

Muted gold cut out cuff bracelet from Lucky
Cute Kate Spade bow adds a touch of gilded girliness

Black & gold earrings perfect for Saints season

Double disco means double the fun from Fossil with these drop earrings

What types of jewelry are you searching for to add to your collection?

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Live the good life

Sometimes it is really easy to talk myself out of doing something good for me, like doing a yoga class or going to the gym. Okay I’m not gonna lie, I do it all the time actually. Suzy Rivera, owner of Life, a yoga studio and boutique in New Orleans really understands my dilemma and tries to make it easier for people to effortlessly incorporate “something good” into their daily routine. One way to do this is by creating a wardrobe that takes you from the yoga mat to the grocery store or to class without having to lug around a bulky gym bag or sacrificing your style.  Life carries its own private label clothing, which are supremely comfortable, stylish and affordable. All of the outfits featured here retail for under $100!

Great leggings are a must during winter and the ones featured throughout this post can carry you through your day, no matter what your planned activities are. This striped henley tunic is great paired with the charcoal bottoms and both can be worn in a variety of ways. Grey leggings are a softer, more interesting alternative to basic black and can be easily matched to a variety of colors.

Since I’m 5’1 I don’t wear a lot of long dresses. Okay I never wear long dresses since they tend to overwhelm my frame but I liked this maxi dress from the Life lifestyle line. Pair it with a low slung belt, or layer it with a sweater on chillier days. This one is so easy that I ended up purchasing it for myself!

All too often I see women schlepping around town in workout clothes or worse yet, pajamas.  Don’t let the quest for comfort cloud your good judgement. Put down the running shorts and put on something equally as comfortable but way more stylish. Everything I’m wearing here would be perfect in the yoga studio or out running errands. Just throw on a great necklace, add a bracelet and you are dressed for the day. 
So how what do you wear when you want to strike a yoga pose but look great doing it?
5422 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 267-0380

I was compensated for this post.

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Fall Favorites For Friday

This week’s fall favorites were inspired by a Slow Southern Styling client that needed to up the ante when it came to her daily work bag. She needed something stylish yet big enough to schlep her laptop, paperwork, and other daily essentials in when she is mobile.  These are big enough to carry it all and will take you from the desk to happy hour or school to your favorite coffee shop all while maintaining a sense of style.

This Split bag fits a laptop but keeps it fun in floral
Love the hardware on this Fiorelli via ASOS
Diesel herringbone laptop bag would be great for  guys or girls

I love the richness of this Fossil Re-issue vintage messenger

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