W Hotel Hosts New Orleans Fashion Week Retail Therapy Event

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty much always in need of a manicure. I can usually spruce up my claws at home but when my cuticles really get out of control, I head to the pros. Next Wednesday, treat yourself to a little mid-week pampering at Retail Therapy, a New Orleans Fashion Week event at the W Hotel. For $20, Spa Atlantis is offering mini-manis and “signature martinis”, or just stop in to browse the fashionable offerings from Langford Market, The Blues Jean Bar, Hazel & Florange and Hemline. The event is free to the 21 and up crowd. For more information, visit W Hotel’s Happenings.
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NOLA Fashion Week Recap

Oops! It’s been a month since I’ve updated. Sorry y’all. Life tends to get in the way of blogging. I’ve had some major life changes, all of which have been positive but I’ve been distracted, to say the least. Propaganda New Orleans has been keeping my inbox nice and full, but I was able to take time out to attend NOLA Fashion Week earlier this month. Our Creative Director Donovan Fannon took gorgeous photos of the Amanda deLeon show, and there are more on our Facebook page, with pictures still being added. There’s plenty of coverage on my personal Instagram account and the NOLA Prop Instagram as well, but here are some of my favorites.

Team Propaganda- me, Lissy, and Leslie. photo c/o Lissy
Group shot!
Lissy, Meg, and I, minus my NOLA Prop wifey Leslie
Dorothy Wins, always

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Fashion Week New Orleans Top Designer Competition

Are you an aspiring fashion designer looking for a platform to share your creations? Fashion Week New Orleans is looking for applicants for their Top Design Competition. 10 designers will compete and showcase their collections to a panel of judges in March.

2012 Top Design Competition winner Stephanie Young.
Photo c/o Fashion Week New Orleans

2012 winner Stephanie Young received a prize package including a Brother sewing machine courtesy of AllBrands.com, a fashion spread in Amelie G Magazine, a professional photo shoot from John Charles Photograhy, a manufacturing package from NOLA Sewn, and her collection is carried by Vernon Clothing.

Interested designers can apply here but hurry! Applications are accepted only through December 15th.

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NOLAFW Construct Jewelry & Amanda deLeon Recap

by Meghan Wright

My favorite part of New Orleans Fashion week is getting to see first hand the local talent we have and the creativity of our local designers. It isn’t just about New York and Paris, all of those people had to come from somewhere and I’m convinced some of our locals will one day be there.  I was very excited to check out Construct Jewelry and Amanda deLeon’s presentations, and was definitely not disappointed.
(Click on the photos to make them larger and see more detail)

Construct Jewelry

So I might be a bit of a nerd for all things local, and I am certainly a lover of all things vintage. Construct Jewelry is a wonderful combination of those two elements. Designer Lauren Eckstein takes those beautiful, rare vintage pieces I love and revamps them to give them a more modern feel, but without losing their classic touch.

 The presentation itself was an interesting one. A lovely room at the soon-to-be art gallery, restaurant and music venue Cellar Door was decorated with Lauren’s pieces and very patient models wearing them. They sat posed, like breathing mannequins while we made our way around the room viewing the pieces. I like the way it was presented, we all got to see how the pieces could be worn, and how they actually looked on a person rather than laid out delicately on a table. They weren’t flying by in a runway setting demanding a second look.

Amanda deLeon

Amanda deLeon is not one to lose focus on detail. Her presentation was small, but it was extravagant. When one thinks of fringe, they typically think of the flapper style of the ’20s or the boho style of the ’60s and ’70s. Amanda took fringe and made some fantastic pieces that one would not expect. The fringe pants had me drooling, until during the show a box was opened and out came a be-fringed (new word y’all) ballerina. Thinking of the work that went into those pieces made my lazy brain start to ache.

It was all so delicate, there was creme wool and purple silk adorned with intricately placed sequins. It was not as dark as Amanda’s usual fair, but still took classic pieces and materials and sent them away on an acid trip. The glitter-coated riding caps showed exactly how she adds fantastic madness to polished pieces. As I’ve said a thousand times, I cannot wait for her next collection.

Here’s some detail on those amazing pants

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NOLA Fashion Week: Style Sightings

Image c/o Lizzie Ford-Madrid Photography
From runway shows, catching up with old friends, chatting with designers, photographers, PR people, and all other sorts of creative types, NOLA fashion week is quickly turning into a twice yearly community gathering for the fashion set. Meghan Wright and I are bringing you coverage of several runway shows in the upcoming weeks, but for now here are some favorite faces we ran into.  Also check out my girl Leslie Almeida’s recap on her site.

with Charle’
Blouse, skirt, and Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks
(for detail shots go to our Facebook album)
Amanda deLeon tunic
Banana Republic leggings
nelson+little necklace
Nine West booties via Buffalo Exchange

Andrea Loest + Amanda deLeon in their own designs

Leslie Almeida + Lindsey Strong
NOLA Fashion Week Creative Director Andi Eaton + jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher

Charle’ Washington + Dorothy Young

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NOLA Fashion Week

NOLA Fashion Week is back for their fourth season and with an array of seminars, fashion shows, and parties it’s going to be a jam packed week of things to do. Along with Meghan Wright I will be covering some of the shows and events, spanning October 13-20. Get the full NOLA Fashion Week schedule here, or check out our own special selection of events below.

Sunday October 14th
Construct Jewelry 4:00pm
Amanda deLeon 5:00pm
(read Amanda’s Oxford American write up here)
Cellar Door 916 Lafayette St.

Monday October 15th
Millinery with Sigourney Morrison 4:30pm
Goorin Bros. 2123 Magazine St. 
Tuesday October 16th
Libellule 7:00pm
Isavel Varela 8:00pm
The Saratoga 212 Loyola Ave.
Wednesday October 17th
Mesdress 7:00pm
Loretta Jane 8:00pm
The Saratoga 
Thursday October 18th
Iacono 6:30pm
Kallen Forster 7:30 pm
Jolie & Elizabeth 8:30 pm
(Read their Oxford American profile here)
The dope. Game 9:30 pm
The Saratoga
Friday October 19th
Brennan Manuel 7:30 pm
Andrea Loest 9:30 pm 
The Saratoga
Saturday October 20th
Tallulah 5:00pm
Union Lofts Rooftop
334 Carondelet 

Sunday October 21st
Garden Games: A trunk show with Tallulah Designs
Hattie Sparks 714 Adams St.
Izavel Varela look

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Fashion’s Night Out New Orleans

Image c/o my friend Chanel Craves, standing in between Baton Rouge blogger Pinch of Lovely and myself

I was supposed to be road tripping to Austin this past weekend but Hurricane Isaac screwed up my plans. Gotta fix the moldy ceiling before having fun, right? Since I was stuck in New Orleans, I made last minute plans to attend Fashion’s Night Out at the Shops At Canal Place. I went last year as a featured blogger for Saks Fifth Avenue and I have to say, I was really impressed how much this event has grown. Fashion Week New Orleans and Amelie G hosted a runway show and a stylist challenge while the shops stayed open late.  I ran into a lot of familiar faces and met some new friends as well. Any event that’s meant to strengthen the community is a good one. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to snap any pictures, but my friend Chanel has several on her blog and Invade NOLA’s photos if you want a more in depth recap of the night.

Outfit details:
BB Dakota dress from Haus 131
Cashmere DVF scarf from Buffalo Exchange
Francesco Biasia bag from Buffalo Exchange
Black cork wedges  c/o Shoeffle

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Tallulah Faire

In case you missed her at New Orleans Fashion Week, Birmingham, Alabama based designer Heather Williams is the creator of Tallulah Faire, a clothing and accessories line that embraces bold prints and color. Slow Southern Style was able to chat with her about her work, who the Tallulah Faire woman is, and to hear about her experience as a fashion week participant. 

1.       What was your experience with NOLA Fashion Week like?

Fabulous, as always! This was my second season with NOLAFW, so it was great to see “old” friends from October and meet new designers this go ’round. It was especially wonderful to see designers who showed last season show again because I can see the growth that has taken place in their vision and perspective. NOLAFW has also grown; new ideas were introduced, new venues were used, etc. I’m glad that they’re trying new things and seeing what fits and what doesn’t. I’m so proud to be a part of a group of people who want to support artists and encourage fashion in the Big Easy. 

2.       What was your main reason for participating? What were you hoping to gain, and was it a success?

 I participate every season because NOLAFW is one of the few Fashion Weeks where designers are chosen not based on commercial potential but on point-of-view and creativity. Most are very sellable and have created quite a following, but that’s more of an effect of showing, not a prerequisite. I participate because I believe in supporting artists and cultivating talent, which I think is the platform of the week-long event. I also participate in the Fashion Market so that commerce is achieved. Every designer wants a customer to not only love their work, but take it home as well. Fashion Market provides shoppers with the opportunity to purchase apparel and accessories that may not be available in New Orleans at any other time. I’m hoping that my partnership with NOLAFW is a long and successful one!

3.       Given the amount of press of more established brands (Billy Reid, Alabama Chanin) where do you think the future of Southern fashion designers lies?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: fashion is becoming regionalized, tailored to local flavor and expression. I believe that we’ll see a major progression in the next five years of major cities all hosting their own successful, large-scale Fashion Weeks. Nashville has been doing it for years, Austin for a while now, and Birmingham for two seasons. And I’m so excited! I would argue that the South has the most culture, the most tradition, the deepest roots to turn out designers who are uniquely regional and capture the essence of who their clients are. Both Billy Reid (who is not from Florence, but hey, he gets us) and Alabama Chanin are always my go-to names when I’m proving this point. And the best part? They do very well nationwide, which shows that Southern designers create pieces that fit the Southern woman but are not limited to the Southern woman. Forget New York… Southern designers need to build where they are, pour into their hometowns and heritage.

4.       If you could define the quintessential Southern aesthetic and attitude, what would it be?

Well I think it’s evident from my previous answer that our attitude is pride in where we’re from, but in a nice way. I think we are doing a great job of holding the past in one hand and honoring our families and traditions, while looking forward to the future and holding progressivism and change in the other. And I believe that our aesthetic embodies this. We still love our seersucker and sun dresses, but can put on a pair of Jimmy Choo platforms and a high-low hemline skirt in a hot minute. The Southern woman isn’t limited to just one archetypal “look” anymore. We get to be a different person every day of the week if we choose.

5.       What’s the Talluah girl like? Where would she wear a dress, for example? And can you describe the inspiration behind the two collections?

“Tallulah” is Native American and means ‘leaping waters’, which is the best way to describe a Tallulah girl. She’s natural but fierce and beautiful in a timeless way. Her energy is refreshing and she’s every girl’s best friend. I really try to design pieces that reflect these images; that’s why there will be a few very sweet sun dresses mixed with structured pieces with more powerful hues. 
A Tallulah girl wears a dress every day! Both collections have casual looks that are great for day, as well as snappier dresses that are perfect for a night on the town. Looks from the Tallulah line are meant to be closet pieces that you live your life in, not pieces that are only pulled out for one event. The inspiration for the Spring ’12 collection came from playing with the idea of being both bold and bashful. We all have our sweet ‘ballet flats and nude lipstick’ days, but we also have our ‘I could conquer the world today!’ days. You should have apparel for both! The Fall ’12 collection inspiration came from my obsession with rich fabrics. In the summers I prefer light cottons and easy silks, but my true joy – my favorite textiles- are luxurious leathers and wools and suedes. The hand is heavier and allows for superb structure and subtle details. I am so excited to share the full Fall Collection in the months ahead. 

For more information on Tallulah’s Designs, please visit the website: http://www.tallulahfaire.com
The Tallulah S/S ‘12 line is currently carried at the following retailers:
    City Arts Boutique – http://www.cityartsboutique.com/  
  Molly Green – http://www.mollygreenboutique.com/
New Orleans:
        Hattie Sparks – www.hattiesparks.com   
 Abeille NOLA – http://www.abeillenola.com/
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NOLA Fashion Week Recap

Much thanks to Meghan for covering most of fashion week while I was out of town. She took a ton of photos, check them out on the Slow Southern Style Facebook page.

Let me just start by saying, as a first time NOLA Fashion Week-er, that it was fantastic. It’s great to see so much local talent, and witness the best of New Orleans’ fashion scene. I was able to attend 7 of the presentations, and have a little recap of each.

Libellule – Libellule was short, sweet, and very chic. There were lovely gold, champagne and pewter shades throughout with details like sequins and leaf appliques that gave it all extra polish. The whole feel to me was “modern goddess.”

bySmith – Vibrant, shiny color was prominent at bySmith. Jewel tones and fantastic patterns helped bring out a psychadelic 70’s feel. The tailoring and style of the garments were very young and up-to-date. I’m a huge fan of an old meets new kind of style. 

Loretta Jane – Loretta Jane was sweet and pretty, easy to wear, and another throwback to a more retro style. New Orleans loves its 50’s Pinup fashion; the high-waisted crop pants, telephone prints, and button-front dresses did not disappoint. 


Andrea Loest – Andrea Loest definitely let her creative side take over with her newest collection. The colors were classic pinks, black, and nudes. The construction was the main feature with allover stitching and patchwork fabrics. 

Amanda deLeon – Amanda deLeon drew inspiration from the darker side of New Orleans culture. Blood red leather and studs, giant mausoleum prints, and plenty of crosses made up the gorgeously dark collection.

Matthew Arthur – Matthew Arthur’s collection was all about modern simplicity and texture. There were muted shades of black, grey and white. All of the pieces were classic pieces, somewhat re-imagined.

Cavortress – We can’t forget about swimwear and Julie Wheat certainly has not. The entire collection was fun, as swimwear should be. The colors were bright and the prints were perfect. There were also some pleated cover-ups reminiscent of those popular in the ’70s.

All photos and text by Meghan Wright


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Fashion Week New Orleans Schedule

Forget fashion week, March is truly fashion month in New Orleans. If you missed NOLA Fashion Week this past week, Fashion Week New Orleans is coming up on March 21st. Also, I challenge you to construct a paragraph using the words fashion, week, and New Orleans more than I did.

While their goals are the same, each organization puts their own spin on showcasing designers and retailers to the fashion community. A launch party at Twist Cocktail bar kicks things off, followed by three days worth of runway shows and Project Runway style designer competitions at The Sugar Mill. A bridal expo caps off the week at The Westin. For more info on the events and how to purchase tickets, go to the Fashion Week NOLA website. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of time left to figure out what you are going to wear.

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