What I Wore: Freret Market

I’ve always been a bad fashion blogger. I %#$*@! up this picture with the port-o-let in the background, and zero $%*@# are being given about my bra peeking through my tank top. My bad. What I do care about  is putting my money where my mouth is. With the exception of a necklace, everything I’m wearing was either bought from an independent fashion designer, secondhand, or made in the USA. I’ve always been an advocate of ethically sourced clothing, and after the atrocities that occurred in Bangladesh, it’s hard for me to buy clothing made in  factories that engage in surreptitious practices without feeling guilty about it. Read this article from this past July that explains the complexities of child labor for some particularly disturbing insight. How do we combat that? Spend your money at  local art markets, support independent fashion designers, buy secondhand, and give fast fashion a big FU. Sorry for being so crass, but it’s really a simple choice that could result in a great deal of change if enough people get behind the movement. 
Tank top: Everlane
Necklaces: Haus 131 (old) & Nelson & Little
Cuff bracelet: Satchel
Shoes J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange
Handbag: Lucky via Buffalo Exchange 
Sunglasses: Celine via Buffalo Exchange 
For more of the Freret Street Market, check out these Vine videos I took for Propaganda New Orleans
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Keep You Posted

I’ve been luxuriating in a less stressful schedule as of late, which has afforded me a better work/life balance. I’ve been off on little adventures, both in town jaunts and trips out of town. Research projects, twice weekly dates with the swimming pool, and long dog walks have been great for helping me refocus. See y’all soon.

old dry cleaners on freret & cadiz. i live for old buildings.

pimento cheese grits and a hearty pancake brunch from high hat cafe
Cute as a button bursts of rhinestone earrings from Armoire
F21 chambray sundress, American Apparel belt, Minnetonka moccasins, and a lavender mani
surrealist art from jason rodriguez. read my piece for propaganda to learn more about his work.
keepin’ it classy with the bathoom selfie. vintage scarf, 21 sleeveless button down, joe’s jean shorts via buffalo exchange, everlane tote bag that i take everywhere.
scoping out the wildlife in gulf shores, alabama
not pictured- two grey fluffy boys
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What I Wore: Post Christmas Festivities

I’ve been enjoying three days off thanks to Christmas, and spending time with my sister while she’s in town. From watching bad reality shows at mom’s house on Xmas day, to introducing our dogs, a Greyhound and a French Bulldog, to each other and watching them fight over toys, it’s been a fun holiday break.
Our to do list also included supping at Matt & Naddies, a quaint bistro “where Freret meets the river.” With no hype or pretense, it’s certainly an underrated spot where only locals or in the know tourists go. I’ve been to Matt & Naddies a handful of times, and it never disappoints. Any excuse for a stellar meal- awww hell we don’t need an excuse, just good company and a reservation.

Filters and layouts result in album cover worthy iPhone pictures of my cats & neighborhood graveyard. 

Oversized hoop earrings: c/o Rue Belle Maui Paris
Grey sweater: Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx
Celine sunglasses, silk headscarf, F21 skirt, NWT Lucky Brand leggings, and Big Buddha bow shoes via Buffalo Exchange
Local art & the shrimp bowl at Sarita’s on Freret Street.

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Instagram Slam 2

Fish and shrimp tacos from Sarita’s.

A little gift from Baton Rouge based Mimosa by ME

It’s been a nonstop food fest these past few days. I don’t know if it’s sheer  resistance to grocery shopping, but I’ve been tearing up some of my favorite eateries as a little treat to myself. Good food isn’t the exception in New Orleans, it’s the norm.

Red gel polish to get me through the holidays.
Homemade toddies
Sea dog, tomato sour cream fries, and duck sausage from Dat Dog
Vegan Pho from Pho Viet. This is the small bowl.
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Instagram Slam

Jeffrey Campbell pink loafers

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately between launching Propaganda New Orleans, working a full time job and picking up freelance writing gigs. I’m not complaining, but free time is pretty much non existent at this point. I never knew working 80 hours a week was physically possible, so I’m very much looking forward to a week’s vacation to ring in 2013.

softshell crab banh mi at Origami on Freret Street
lounging, greyhound style
grilled cheese + beer= perfection at Avenue Pub
spider web on the gate
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what i wore: pizza date on freret street

food baby say whaaaaa

We got the purple sweater memo, along with the eggplant couch

When you’ve been with the same partner for over a decade a funny thing happens- the mundane becomes sort of fun. Instead of looking forward to predictable birthday presents and Hallmark card holidays, I love any excuse just to nab a few minutes together on a random day.

While hubby thought he was taunting me, bragging he was scoffing down pizza at Midway Pizza via text message, little did he know I was at home at the ready to join.  I help him with his social media/marketing and moved a couch up a dicey set of stairs, so he kind of owed me anyway.  Starting November 1st, he moved his business, the New Orleans Counseling Center, onto Freret Street and with a  newly relaunched website, I’ve gotta say I’m one proud wifey. We’re also proud Freretians, having lived on and off in this neighborhood for 12 years, so it’s great that he can directly serve the community we live in. And hell, walking to work ‘aint too bad either.

Madewell blouse & Banana Republic sweater via Buffalo Exchange
DL1961 jeans via Blues Jean Bar
teal Dolce Vita loafers via Buffalo Exchange
Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks

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A Frugal Freret Street Fashion Show

Come join me for a night of fashion on Freret Street this coming Sunday as part of Yelp’s Passport to Freret Street promotion. I’ll be judging a special frugal fashion challenge alongside Missy Wilkinson from the Gambit Weekly. Contestants will be asked to purchase up to $25 worth of clothing from Bloomin’ Deals Thrift Store, which supports the Junior League. The theme is cruise wear and anything from “castaway chic” to “pool side fabulous” goes.

The best Gilligan or Skipper impersonator will receive two tickets to Tales of The Cocktail and the after party. For more information, including rules of the contest, visit the Yelp event listing, get your best outfit together, and may the best thrifter win!

What: Passport to Freret Street: Thrifty Fashion Show/Contest
When: Sunday, May 13th 9:00 pm
Where: La Nuit Comedy Theater, 5039 Freret Street
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Guest Post: Timing is Everything

I’m out at sea this week, so while I’m cruisin’ around Mexico I’ve got several lovely ladies taking the blogging reins for me. Let them know how much you like their posts by leaving words of wisdom in the comments. See y’all when I get back and sadly no, my pasty white self won’t be bringing back a tan.

 Anyone can find out where to shop, but a smart southern fashionista knows that when to shop is just as important as whereto shop.
For decades the Junior League’s Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop has been a New Orleans shopping destination for those in search of everything from designer handbags to Halloween costumes.  But you already knew that.
Ann Taylor Tweed Blazer
Gently Used Cole Haan Handbag
 What you might not know is that at the end of every season, Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop holds a bag day. Patrons fill a 33 gallon bag with “all you can push, pull, or drag” for only $9!  The next Bag Day is Saturday, March 3rd. The doors open at 10:00 am, but to get first dibs you’ll want to grab a latte and be in line before then!. It’s a perfect time to literally grab those staple clothing items that will fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

Return the week after a bag day, to have the first pick at all of the merchandise for the new season. Speaking of new, Bloomin’DEALS Thrift Shop also has Boutique Days featuring brand new merchandise at significantly reduced prices. 
A true southerner can never have enough of her team colors
4645 Freret St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
Thanks to Junior League of New Orleans Member Veronica Del Bianco for writing this post.

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Fun at Freret Market

If you are a long time reader of Slow Southern Style then it’s probably no surprise that I’m not a frequent big box store shopper. I think I go to Target maybe six times a year max and I haven’t shopped at a Wal-Mart in about eight years. I prefer to shop close to home thanks to equal parts sheer laziness and wanting to give my money to small businesses.

One fun way to shop for unique gifts and make a day of it is attending any of the numerous markets in town. I’ve written about Freret Market several times in the past but I feel like every year it keeps getting better and better. With two markets in December, one on the 3rd and the 10th it’s a great excuse to go have fun on a Saturday and stock up on handmade, one of a kind holiday gifts. That certainly beats circling the mall parking lot waiting for a spot to open up right?

grilled cheese sandwich from Big Cheesy NOLA
hands down my favorite soap from Bayou Soap Company. The bars last forever!
look it’s Slow Southern Style sponsor Shultzilla!
Miss Malaprop’s fun and funky offerings
the parking lot gets transformed once a month
first Saturdays, noon to five

Freret Market is held from noon-5pm on the corner of Freret and Napoleon. No cash? No worries, there is a system that allows you to purchase vendor tokens with your debit or credit card. With plenty of live music, food, and vendors you are guaranteed to have a good time!

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What I Wore: One Perfect Saturday

Last weekend I was walking around in a tank top, this week I’m scraping the back of the closet for my sweaters. Go figure. These pictures were from what I wore just a few days ago, funny how the weather can change so dramatically in New Orleans in the course of a few hours, much less a full week. On this particular Saturday I had a Slow Southern Styling wardrobe consultation, hit up the Freret Market ( post coming soon) and finished clearing out the last remaining mannequins from the art show I curated at Du Mois Gallery. I can talk at length about how great Freret Street is (and if you don’t believe me read my articles in New Orleans Magazine and Invade NOLA) but I’ll let everyone figure it out on their own.

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