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Frock Friday

I have a confession. I’m currently in remission from a sick obsession with cocktail dresses. Over the years I’ve downsized my collection to just a few but at one point the fancy vs. casual ratio was way out of line. Perhaps it is because I’m secretly a southern belle (yea right) but I love fancy dresses. I’ve always said that when I make my first million  I’m going to do housework in frilly frocks. Just so y’all don’t have to hold your breath until that happens I’ll share what I wore last night. 

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary and to celebrate we dined at Gautreau’s last night. The food was great and when they saw him whip out a card they sent out dessert with two candles in it. Awwww!

About that dress. I’ve been wanting a one shouldered dress for a minute and stumbled upon this one at French Connection. Bonus points for pockets and 100% cotton. I also rediscovered Picnik so now instead of getting crappy photos y’all get crappy photos with special effects. Exciting, isn’t it?

In lieu of earrings or a necklace I opted to wear this silver snake pin. On our anniversaries I like to wear gifts he gave me from previous years so this was perfect to jazz up the bow on the shoulder.
Last year we had dinner at Lillette where I received this blue topaz bracelet from one of my favorite jewelers, Sabai. My wedding ring came from my other favorite, Symmetry. Lucky for me both take out advertising in the Gambit which made it real easy to show him what I wanted. 🙂
And the shoes. Oh god these shoes are amazing but they are so hard to walk in so fortunately for me I was sitting down most of the night. Since I rarely wear heels I only buy them if they are classic enough to sit in my closet for a while and still feel fresh. 
As usual I can’t do anything without getting attacked by a cat.
Dress: French Connection
Pin: Kate Landry
Bracelet: Sabai
Shoes: Donna Karen Collection
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Frock Friday

I always manage to come up with a post idea in the wee hours when lighting is awful and I can’t mask my lack of photography skills. Regardless I’m actually presenting a dress for Frock Friday, fancy that! 

Blink on Magazine St. is having a fantastic sale and I couldn’t help but pick up this floral strapless number. I have a penchant for strapless dresses and this was…..wait for it….marked down to $10. How could I not get it?

I really love the bow detail. This is the case where more is more.

Crazy floral? Check. Bright pink? Check. Ostentatious bow? Got that too.

Blink’s annual customer appreciation sale is running now through August 15th so hurry before the goodies are gone!

5419 Magazine St, NOLA

(504) 899-4970
M-Sa 10-6, Su 12-5

3260 Severn Ave. Metairie, LA.
(504) 883-8054
M-Sa 10-6, Su CLOSED

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Frock Friday

A’ight I lied again. This week it’s another top and skirt combo. I’ve actually never thought to wear this baggy tee tucked in with a skirt but I’d like to think it works.

I have to say this is the most hilarious picture of me ever. I look so….virtuous.

Of course we all know the truth….

A serious one for good measure ’cause fashion blogging is soooo serious and important. 
If you look all the way onto the mantle in the bedroom you’ll note the bottle of pet enzyme spray and the puppy pad on the floor. My morning regime is less fashion filled, more plastic bags of doggie poop. Anyone wanna share the secrets of house training? 
Also my legs look massive again from bike riding and the gym’s elliptical machine. My goal is to crush a watermelon between my thighs.
Detail of the shoes. Since I’m on my feet all day my heels rarely get any love. I actually sometimes wear ’em when running errands since I know I won’t be on my feet very long.

Outfit details:
Burnout tee: Forever 21
Black skirt w/ bow back: Kenzie
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Frock Friday

Okay so I lied. This week’s Frock Friday is actually a skirt. I’ve been living in tanks and skirts since I got burnt out on dresses last summer so I’m afraid I don’t have many frocks to share. This outfit gets a lot of action because it is so easy to throw on and look coordinated. Even better I can actually bike in it.  I also featured the skirt here and here for Go Nola.

I made a rare trip to Target on Wednesday and happened upon this gold pyramid stud headband. Perfect! What’s equally perfect is my bra strap poking out. Can’t get too classy on y’all. Also check out that awesome shower curtain rod! I have a big stained glass window in the upstairs bathroom that lets in some great light. Oh the things we’ll do for good lighting.
Y’all probably recognize the necklace from my post on Etsy artists helping the oil spill cleanup. I liked it so much I bought it and my money went to helping out sea turtles which makes me feel good.
I scored these black leather sandals from the Metairie Plato’s Closet for a measly $5. Normally I wouldn’t ooh and ahh over this style but I’m digging them. Excuse the cat hair, my cats love laying on top of my shoes. They also love putting their two front paws in my husband’s shoes for some reason. 
Tank: H&M
Belt: Gap
Skirt: Fossil
Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters
Headband: Target
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Denim Days

Another Friday, another frock. I just bought this denim Fei dress without thinking that it will soon be too hot to wear it. I wish it was chambray. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it come October.

Chartreuse green J Crew driving moccasins. A photo I took pre tattoos when I featured them here. I’ll cry when I wear these out.
Since this is such a simple dress I decided to bust out this kiss lock French Connection bag that gets no love from me. The pattern is impossible to pair except with the simplest of outfits. It’s sitting next to some paper flowers I bought at the Bargain Center in the Bywater and oyster shells from my yard. I use them in flower arrangements in lieu of decorative stones.
I love jewelry and typically don’t leave the house without a necklace or earrings and a ring or bracelet. These Mignon Faget earrings are good for everyday.
 I collect Native American jewelry and this turquoise ring is a favorite. My time spent in the Southwest was fruitful in the bijoux department.
FYI: I have mixed feelings about doing these type of outfit posts. Even though I run a style blog I don’t think my style is soooooo interesting that people will actually care what I’m wearing. I can think of about 3,312 individuals that dress better than I do. While I’d like to think I know how to dress myself most days I’m just concerned with leaving the house without looking  like a jackass. 
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A frock for Friday

I’ve been swearing up and down that I will not get sucked into wearing dresses everyday this summer. I am trying to build my skirt collection but it is so hard to find anything worth buying as there aren’t many options out there. Not one to deny the ease of a dress I broke down and made an addition to my collection that I know will get lots of wear over the next few months.
 I just discovered a new boutique on Freret St. called Ensign. While it primarily stocks men’s skate wear there is a small yet well edited rack of women’s clothes. I scooped up this Nikita dress even though I normally abhor jersey in any form except a t-shirt. Jersey usually isn’t very forgiving but this piece is well cut and the fabric is a nice weight so it hangs and drapes well. Besides the wide straps and fitted bodice the selling point was the pockets!
Here is a close up of the pattern. I like how at a glance this just looks like random dots but it is actually outlines of stars. 
I wore it with a a favorite pair of Geox flats that matched the black and pink color scheme. Oh yea and check out my newest tattoo, a magnolia. I’m getting my other foot inked today!
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