PROPAGANDA at the New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo

I’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ happening. Along with my project partners, I’m debuting an exciting new venture I’m involved in at the New Orleans Bookfair & Media Expo today. Find out more about the expo via my Uptown Messenger article (yea, I’m double dipping in the self promotion) and I’ll see you between 11am-6pm today. Can’t make it out? Don’t worry, all will be revealed soon.

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Gulfport Getaway

Crawfish nachos from the Ole Biloxi Fillin’ Station

Sometimes you just have to get away, even if it means getting a hotel room for one night. So away we went to Gulfport and Biloxi for a random Wednesday night a few weeks ago to enjoy a little Gulf Coast breeze, a spacious room at the Island View Casino Resort, and big winnings. We got ballsy during our Gulfport getaway and decided to upgrade from the penny slots to the quarter machines and won back our spending money and enough to pay off the entire trip plus some. Not too shabby for some amateur gamblers, no?

Coastal Cruising
Big winna
Desperately in need of a haircut here
Monogram necklace: Abeille NOLA
V neck tee: Everlane
Tropical print skirt: Ruby
Dansko sandals: Ebay
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Hurricane Isaac

Nash Roberts- a hurricane legend

We’re hunkering down for Hurricane Isaac at Slow Southern Style headquarters- with extra toilet paper, kitty litter, and enough bottled water to last us for a while.  Pandemonium ensues anytime there’s a storm in the Gulf of Mexico, and this time is no different. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I’ve learned that the only thing predictable about hurricanes is their unpredictable nature. I’ve rode out some bad storms, and I’ve evacuated for no good reason. You just never know.

As I’m writing this on Monday night, things might change by Tuesday morning. We could get a category 5, or we could get an extra breezy day off work. While everyone is working themselves into a tizzy, I’m reminding myself that my house didn’t flood for Katrina and my grandparents have a generator should I need the luxury of air conditioning. Whatever your decision, stay safe my friends.

{Edited to add: Looks like we are in for a category one. }

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Help Ship Island through Nautica’s Colors of the Coast

Having grown up in the Gulf Coast area and lived here the majority of my life I’ve always enjoyed the beach even though my pasty white skin may say otherwise.

Image thanks to

 One of my favorite spots is Ship Island, just an hour ferry ride off the coast of Gulfport, Mississippi. It is a neat little island and it isn’t uncommon to see dolphins swimming near the pure white sand. Don’t believe me? Check out Mike Kennedy’s cool site NO Adventure and his snorkeling video for evidence.

Image thanks to

Ship Island received heavy damage after Katrina and has been struggling to come back ever since.You can help build up the beach by purchasing one of Nautica’s deck shirts. For every polo they sell Nautica will donate $50 to Oceana to help revitalize the island. The purchasing process is done entirely via their Colors of the Coast Facebook App. Simply click the square that you want to “adopt” then purchase your t-shirt and that’s it! You even get a reusable water bottle, beach towel, and bracelet. I suggest treating yourself to a weekend beach getaway to use your new accessories and enjoy Ship Island after doing your part to help save it.

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Charmed by a Cajun

It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview but I’ve found some new names so get ready to get reacquainted! 

Laurie Rials is the owner of Cajunville, an online store that caters to brides looking for southern belle flourishes as well as jewelry lovers that appreciate icons of the Gulf Coast region. 
Tell us a little bit about where you are from and what you do.

I am a Cajun from south Louisiana. I now live part time in New Orleans in the French Quarter. I design, make, and sell jewelry and other items with a mainly Louisiana theme, primarily working with pewter charms and beads. I began my business in 2001 as “Laurie’s Lagniappe”. Even though I no longer use that name, my philosophy remains the same. In French, Lagniappe means “something extra” and that is what my pieces offer, something extra whether it is for home, for personal use, or for a gift. It is the something extra that makes an occasion special or makes one feel special.

Camping Trailer Pewter Earrings Camping trailer earrings

You are obviously very influenced by Louisiana culture, particularly the Gulf of Mexico. What is it about Louisiana that makes you want to incorporate these elements into your designs?

As I said, I am Cajun and proud of our culture and state.  The Gulf of Mexico is an integral part of our culture and livelihood as is the Fleur de Lis and Mardi Gras.  I want to bring Louisiana and our love of life to other parts of the country and world.

Louisiana Gulf Coast Stem Glass Markers 
Louisiana Gulf Coast wine stem charms

What is your customer typically looking for? I noticed that you cater to wedding parties.

Most customers are looking for Fleur de Lis items.  The Fleur de Lis has long been associated with Louisiana and since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; the Fleur de Lis has been a symbol of hope and rebirth.  The Fleur de Lis is an official symbol of Louisiana and its popularity continues to increase.

One of the items I make is stem glass markers or wine charms and they are perfect for wedding favors.  I also make candle rings that can be used on unity candles.  Cake pulls are becoming popular again and I have various themes.  I customize all these items to the wedding colors and themes.

New Orleans Louisiana Antiqued Fleur de Lis Lily Pin New Orleans antiqued fleur de lis pin

Besides making jewelry what are your other hobbies?

RVing, cooking, dancing and reading are things I enjoy when not making jewelry.  My husband and I are avid RVers and enjoy traveling and experiencing other areas and cultures.  We also enjoy cooking and making dishes Cajun.  We shop farmers markets in areas we visit, purchasing local items and cooking them Cajun.

Gulf Coast Wildlife Charm Bracelet Gulf Coast wildlife charm bracelet

Define southern style.

Southern style is not what you wear; it is how you wear an outfit.  The simplest outfit becomes elegant by adding the finishing touch, whether it is a brooch, scarf, or pendant.  It is the Lagniappe and that is how I look at my pieces.  They are the extras that give an outfit a personal touch, make the wearer feel special and have the grace and charm of the south.

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