New Year, New You, To Heck With Everyone Else

Technically it’s winter, but damn it’s hot in the south. Instead of being enrobed in a goose down cocoon every night I’ve been sleeping with the windows wide open. Just kidding, I’m too afraid that my cats will jump onto my roof to open the windows but you get the idea. Instead we are experiencing something more akin to a spring renewal, which I guess is appropriate for New Year’s resolutions. Lately I’ve been inspired by Advanced Style, the fashion blog with a focus on exquisitely dressed women in their 60s-100s. I’m having a “to hell with everyone else” moment, just wearing whatever I want and not caring about what others think. It’s quite liberating, and I highly recommend it.

To help you get a jump start on jumping the “I dress for myself” ship I rounded up a few recent favorites that I’ve stumbled upon.

I’m deathly afraid of the eye doctor, so getting new glasses is a real ordeal. In 2011 I broke down and had an eye exam and lived to tell about it, so this year I might do it again. These Oliver Peoples frames at St. Charles Vision would be a great second pair of frames for me, that is if I get the guts to go.

I can’t help but notice a lot of art deco designs, especially in jewelry for next spring. Why not get a jump start on the trend with this Lulu Frost for J. Crew art deco bangle. I love how classy this design is, especially in white. Not that I’ve ever claimed to be a classy broad, but still I’d wear the heck out of this bangle.
Image 1 of ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch
Oversized day clutches are one trend that gained momentum last spring and are still going strong.  This ASOS portfolio clutch is super sleek, and the blush color keeps it feminine while the gold metal hardware keeps it from being too twee.

I definitely know my favorite dress when I see it, and this color block dress from Urban Outfitters is certainly my dress shape of choice. A strapless, fitted bodice with a pleated and slightly flared skirt? Yup, that’s all me baby. When you’ve got a good thing going, why mess it up? Find what’s flattering and roll with it, make it your signature look!

I always have trouble finding my iPhone in the bowels of my purse. This leopard print Rebecca Minkoff phone cover lends a fun factor and is bright enough to spot from a mile away, or at least an arms length.

Committed to giving yourself a refresh for 2012? I’m giving away a free closet overhaul session to one lucky lady. Read the giveaway post here to learn how to win but hurry, you only have until Friday the 13th to enter.

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Yoga For A Good Cause

Every Tuesday in July Life yoga+boutique is hosting a class to benefit the New Orleans Dress For Success career development and employment retention programs. Dress For Success assists disadvantaged women with not only supplying them with a professional wardrobe but also supplying them with tools the tools and resources they need to be successful in life and in the workforce.

LIFE yoga + boutique is very excited about our partnership with Dress for Success New Orleans,” said Suzy Rivera, LIFE yoga + boutique Owner. “It is a great organization that focuses not only on empowering women in the workplace, but also encouraging them to focus on health and wellness.”

The Vinyasa Yoga class is $9 per person for a drop-in session, while package pricing varies. Interested in participating? Learn more about LIFE yoga + boutique or register for a session at, or call 504.627.0380.

 What:          LIFE yoga + boutique Vinyasa Yoga to Benefit Dress For Success New Orleans 

 When:         Tuesday, July 12, 19 and 26                                         

                                9:30am – 10:45am

Where:         LIFE yoga + boutique
                                    5422 Magazine Street
                                    Between Jefferson and Octavia Streets

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A trip to Saint Charles Vision, Part One

I’m really excited to share with y’all this two part series in partnership with Saint Charles Vision. Tune in next Tuesday for part two, with a how to guide on getting fitted for glasses. Enjoy!
Can I share an embarrassing secret? Promise you won’t make fun of me? I have to admit that I’m afraid of the eye doctor. The thought of putting drops in my eyes and getting little puffs of air blown on my retina is about enough to make me jump out of the exam chair and send me running through the waiting room. However, since I am a quasi responsible adult  I squirm through the process while the staff patiently pries my eyeball open Clockwork Orange style to get drops in there.

All joking aside eye health is really important, especially if you have a history of cataracts in your family like I do. It had been three years since my last eye exam so when I found out that Saint Charles Vision offers state of the art technology and that dilation doesn’t necessarily mean “weird, evil little eye drops” I booked an appointment without a sweaty palm in sight. 
While I still had to endure one set of drops I dodged the second round  by opting for the Optomap, a machine that takes a quick scan of your eye and affords the doctor a 200 degree view of your retina. I admit, it was pretty neat to see a picture of my eyeball on the computer and not having to endure eye drops at the same time. Dr. Jeanne Herman  took the time to explain what we were looking at on the screen and how they can take this picture and use it for comparison on my next visit to see if there have been any changes. With such an easy, anxiety free visit I’ll be sure to come back and this time it will be sooner than three years!
To learn more about all of the technology that St. Charles Vision uses go to their press page on eye care technology. Be sure to stop back next week when we get to the fun part, shopping for frames!
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