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By now you’ve probably noticed a few new voices on the site.  Slow Southern Style brought on six great interns this past January, and it’s been  fun to watch them settle into their roles here. Click through the page break to meet Amber, Brandy, Elizabeth, JelLyn, Meghan, and Miranda.  And don’t forget to click on their names to see what they’ve written so far!

I’m a Southern girl, bred and buttered. I have bounced around the region and most recently landed in lovely Louisiana. I have had an eye for fashion and a flair for the dramatic since I began putting on runway shows in my hallway at age 6. Film comes second to fashion for me, and often I find my style is influenced by what I’ve watched recently.

My name is  Miranda Humphrey and  I am not a native to the South, but I am definitely a local with ancestral roots. In fact I wouldn’t consider myself native to anywhere being that I grew up in the Air Force. I did however spend most of my youth in California and Nevada with some of my 20’s living throughout the Northwest before settling in Louisiana. 
My personal gumbo recipe is  a deep roux of culture and anthropology, then add unconventionality, appetite, adventure, and a dash of esoteric.  I’m definitely at home in New Orleans.
I don’t discriminate between Earth Tones and Day-Glo, High Life’s or French 75’s.
I love architecture in all things; clothes, buildings, music, food, words…
Anthony Bourdain and Anna Wintour are my personal heroes.
I’ve come to understand New Orleans and the South, as an infinite muse as well as a pragmatist’s achilles heel.
If I had to pick my last meal on Earth, it would be eggs benedict traditional, a heaping side of jumbo lump crab meat, and a giant mimosa.
My favorite patron saint is the New Orleans Saints. Who Dat!

Hi, I’m Amber!
A new homeowner and remodeler in the Garden District. A design lover and fashion style junkie. I have a love for textiles and great design..and New Orleans culture where I’m born and raised.
Here’s the A to Z of everything about me!
A. Age: 26
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore that you hate: vaccuming the rugs
E. Essential start to your day: H2O or grapefruit juice and my blogroll
F. Favorite color: Coral
G. Gold or Silver: I’m really loving gilver
H. Height: 5’3
I. Instruments you play: I can snap my toes to the beat of anything.
J. Job title: intern, coordinator, administrator, blogger, designer
K. Kids: three… Gigi a Cairn Terrier, Marley a Pit Lab Mix, and King Louie a Great Dane mix
L. Live: New Orleans, LA  – Garden District
M. Mother’s name: Brenda Ann
N. Nicknames: A Train, Toodah, Gal
O. Overnight hospital stays: yes when I was younger
P. Pet peeves: when I’m walking down the street and my purse makes my skirt or dress rise… so annoying
Q. Quote from a movie: “(whistles) Engine room! Where the hell’s my drink?” Dudley Moore as Arthur
R. Right or left handed: Rightie
S. Siblings: three brothers
T. Tattoos: a Saints Fleur de Lis i got a few days after Hurricane Katrina
U. Underwear: worn most of the time
V. Vegetable you hate: Pimento ugh!
W. What makes you run late: Not looking at the clock
X. X-Rays you’ve had: teeth a bunch, arm twice, wrist twice, hand once, ankle 2 times, knee once… I hope that’s all.
Y. Yummy food that you make: I cook a big pot of Chili when I go to my familys ranch in Amite. I’m also awesome at toast.
Z. Zoo animal: much rather the song but I guess da elepants axt me too. They’re my fav!

Well hi there darlin’! 
My name is Je’Llyn Morvant but many of the folks closest to me call me mama J. 
I’m a homegrown southern gal born and raised in Cajun Country. I spent my 20’s on the west coast in southern California where I studied fashion design, the beach, and late nights. I drove the cross country trip back to the bayou in my volkswagen van 8 months pregnant for my first, a bright, creative and motherly young lady bursting with attitude, Kaya Ruth. Though my journey in southern California may have not been complete my destiny cleared me a new path back home. 
I am a wife to a wonderful young man and a mother to two beautiful, strong spirited young children. For me it is indeed truth that inspiration is a driving force. I have a passion to create. Something. Anything. Inspiration motivates my day and my decisions. Inspiration is to my spirit what air is to my lungs, what blood is to my heart. The blog world is a nouveau way for me to collect my thoughts, my inspirations and our happenings. I began my virtual existence when my youngest, a baby boy whom we named Sage Francis, was only 6 months old or so. We lived in a much smaller space then and the opportunity to spread out my supplies to work with jewels, metal, or cloth were near null. I was yearning for an outlet. Surfing the internet was an easy, choke hazard free escape with loads of inspiration lurking behind each click. I was going deeper and deeper into the abyss of visual inspiration while reading of other mothers and creators documenting their experiences, their inspirations and telling of their passions. I one day decided to create my own ‘journal’. My very own virtual place that stands as a reminder of where I have been and where I wish to go. A place that catalogs who I am today that I can reflect on tomorrow. A place that just may inspire another bohemian spirit juggling the challenges of motherhood and family while trying to nurture her own soul. 
Today is a new day. I have studio space to create and I am getting lots done, of course never enough, but lots none the less. I am a professional juggler, trying to accomplish many things at once always being distracted and pulled from the task at hand. But I am happy (most of the time). I am expressing myself creatively and I am getting involved with more things that help my spirit feel accomplished and up-to-good. Conquering some of my silly fears, letting go of what others may think and truly being myself. Discovering who that is exactly more each day. 
I am certainly pleased to be a part of Slow Southern Style and to introduce Lafayette to its stylish southern scene. We here Cajuns have a lot to show off. An unconventional aesthetic rich with culture and intrigue. Small town girls (and boys) with big style.
you can find me at 

I grew up in a small town in South Louisiana. I can be found in New Orleans on the weekends. I am looking forward to soon becoming a fulltime New Orleans resident. I am a student at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I love shopping even I spend no money. I someday hope to open my own boutique. I love exploring New Orleans and finding new places to shop and eat. I am excited to begin blogging with Christy and discovering all the amazing talent around New Orleans and meeting new people.

I’m a college student with a major in English and International Studies.  I spent my junior year studying French abroad in Angers, France, and during that year I ate as many chocolate eclairs as possible.  A few things that I enjoy doing include baking cupcakes, reading books, and taking ballroom dancing lessons.  While I may not be the typical girl you might expect to be interested in fashion since my entire wardrobe fits comfortably in my tiny closet and I certainly never look like a runway model, I love the way that style is a form of personal expression.  At Slow Southern Style I’m looking forward to combining my interests in fashion and writing.

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Such A Doll

Do you love bold accessories? Have a love of feathers?  Then I have an Etsy shop you have to check out.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Reeves Tullos of Automatic Doll. Automatic Doll is an Etsy shop that sells unique hand-made accessories that are made in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Jessica’s accessories are absolutely adorable and will have you feeling like a doll!  Check out her interview below and then go to her Etsy shop by clicking here.
Tell us how you got into designing your unique accessories.

It all started with my desire to have beautiful accessories to wear, even though I could not afford to buy them in stores. I started making myself flower crowns resembling the ones I loved at Rouge Pony, an Etsy store owned by the beautiful and talented Karin Kirsten. When I wore them to festivals or outdoor events, people loved them. It got to the point where every time I wore any of my handmade pieces, I would find myself explaining to people that I only made it for myself and that they were not sold in stores. So, finally, I decided to create my own Etsy store.
You feature a lot of feathers in your pieces, what type of feathers do you use?

I use mainly rooster tail feathers in my neck pieces and epaulettes, but in my headdresses I use pheasant, peacock, or ostrich feathers as well. The pheasant feathers have beautiful stripes in them, and of course there is nothing as beautiful as a peacock tail feather!

What are your most popular items?

My most popular items are definitely the feather epaulettes. They are meant to be worn either as a pair, or as a single piece worn on one shoulder. They are bright, large, and have a tendency to become the focal point of any outfit. People love them because it instantly transforms the article of clothing you are wearing into a bold, and dare I say, costume piece for the everyday!
Since you are an Etsy shop and you don’t mass-produce your items do you sometimes tweak the colors if the customer request certain colors?

Absolutely! The beauty of hand-making everything by myself lets me give each person who buys a piece from Automatic Doll a unique and distinct wearable work of art. Since it is Mardi Gras season right now in Louisiana, I get special requests from buyers who want feather pieces in the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green, and gold. I love to think I was able to help some one to create her own one of a kind Mardi Gras costume!

Describe the woman that would wear your accessories.

The woman who wears Automatic Doll  is an individual who likes to stand apart from everyone else in a crowd. She is bold, yet whimsical, and wants her look to make that statement. She approaches her personal style with a sense of adventure – ultimately, she is the girl who asks herself before dressing for any occasion, “What costume will I wear today?” 

Since your pieces are so unique do you have any muses?

Yes, I have so many! I have always been in awe of the designs of indigenous cultures. I love the color palettes, patterns, and jewelry made by Mesoamerican, Native American, and African cultures. I love the idea of ritual and ceremonial objects. These sacred objects are aesthetically beautiful, and though the pieces I create are by no means sacred in any way, they are inspired by such objects. Also, Karin Kirsten, the designer behind Rouge Pony, is a huge inspiration to me in terms of my floral headpieces. Her work is effervescent! Lastly, but perhaps in the largest sense, my work is a product of the sort of women Tennessee Williams wrote about. They are women who are full of passion and color, beauty and spunk, innocence and rage. They are the essence of what it means to be an Automatic Doll, and I imagine many of those women would have worn such accessories.
What is your future plans for Automatic Doll?

At this time, I am in the process of making lots of pieces in order to have a portfolio to show to local boutiques and merchants in the hopes of putting my accessories into actual stores. I will be selling Automatic Doll pieces at bazaars and festivals in the upcoming months, and I am excited to see how my work is received. For now I will keep blogging and selling on Esty. 
-Brandy Gaspard
All images via Automatic Doll

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Menswear Made in the South: Southern Tide

Love to see your southern gentlemen in fine quality apparel? Are you a man that loves the classic southern look? Southern Tide has just what you want. A rapidly growing lifestyle brand, Southern Tide’s line of apparel and accessories boasts exceptional craftsmanship, clean lines, fine quality, and classic design.

Channel Marker Plaid Sport Shirt in Red paired with Southern Tide Jeans

 The company was founded in 2006 by Allen Stephenson and is manufactured in South Carolina. Southern Tide is expanding their brand to include the Southern Tide Vintage Collection.  The collection will include men’s jeans, chinos, and a variety of shirt styles. In addition, Nautical polo shirts and canvas belts have been added to company’s apparel line, as well as new designs and colors to existing items including the quarter zip pullover sweater, RT-7 Pants, boxers and lounge wear.

 Classic Skipjack Polo in Grenadine paired with Channel Marker Flat Front Shorts in Stone, accented with the Skipjack Needlepoint Belt in Navy (Made exclusively for Southern Tide by Smathers and Branson)

Southern Tide’s Vintage Collection is made for a comfortable, worn-in, but durable look and feel. The jeans are hand-crafted to give the customers a true vintage denim look and feel making no two pair alike. These vintage-washed jeans are constructed of 100% cotton, or 99% cotton with one percent stretch. The Vintage Collection also includes chino and oxford vintage shirts that are 100% cotton and are vintage washed.

(L to R) Saltwater Fly Tee (Super Gotcha) in White, Classic Lures Tee in Black, Original Skipjack Tee in Lava  Saltwater Fly Tee (Multi-Fly) in Aqua,  Saltwater Fly Tee (Slinky Deceiver) in Yellow

So if you are a southern gentleman or looking to purchase something special for the southern gentleman in your life you can purchase Southern Tide products in more than 500 fine retailers in more than 42 states across the country, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, as well as on Southern Tide’s online store at

-Brandy Gaspard
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Ragdoll- An Adorable Time Warp

This post was written by Meghan Wright, one of Slow Southern Style’s interns. You’ll get a chance to meet her in the upcoming weeks but for now check out her fashion blog, Fashionably Meg, and be on the look out for her bio soon.

When I entered Ragdoll I felt as though I had stepped through a fabulously adorable time warp. The clothing selection is vintage inspired, the jewelry is handmade, the skin-care is organic, and there’s even a great little section of actual vintage in the back. There is also a small selection of home decor, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The best part, in my opinion is the selection of glamorous dresses. They have brands like Heartbreaker, Rock Steady, the Spanish label Pepa Loves and even a selection of American Apparel basics which can help you complete your retro ensemble. 

5235 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
 Mon – Tue:12:00 pm-7:00 pm
Wed – Sat:11:00 am-7:00 pm
Sun:12:00 pm-5:00 pm

I just love this fun intro from their Facebook page:

“Hi. I’m RagDoll!

I am cute. I am quirky. I am adventurous. 
I am inviting. I am playful. I am one-of-a-kind.

I welcome all near and far to come join me and my fashionable frocks. I’ll take you on a journey back to the good-ole-days where crocheting was the cool thing to do and black-and-whites were all you could watch on the tube.

We can dance around to some Frankie Valli tunes blaring on the jukebox while getting you all fancied up for your big date with Billy down the street.

I’ll fix you up in a one-of-a-kind ensemble, created just for your liking. Come on in and experience a truly unique boutique!” 

Like what you see here? Keep up with Ragdoll on Facebook and Twitter
or see what inspires them on Tumblr. 

All photos and text (except for intro) by Meghan Wright

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Molly Stackhouse- 100% Made in NOLA

This post was written by Brandy Gaspard, one of Slow Southern Style’s interns. You’ll get a chance to meet her in the upcoming weeks but for now check out her blog, Rambling Brandy, and be on the look out for her bio soon.

“Having a tag in your garment that says Made in New Orleans is a big deal.”- Molly Stackhouse

Photo by Jason Kruppa

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Molly Stackhouse, the designer and mastermind behind MESDRESS.  Stackhouse started MESDRESS as an Etsy shop that made custom clothes for her clients, and has since expanded and is available in boutiques in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

 Molly has a love for New Orleans and is proud to say that her line is 100% made in the city that inspires her, in fact everything is produced locally and the fabrics are also from Louisiana. While this drives up the cost of each garment Stackhouse believes that it is important to keep things local. She loves contrast and geometric shapes, a strong theme in her spring collection. For the fall expect metallics and spaced aged looking garments, which Stackhouse hopes to have in even more stores soon.

MESDRESS can be found in Angelique (New Orleans), The Mix (Mandeville), Fleurt (Covington) and NK Boutique (Baton Rouge). You can also see her collection at Fashion Week NOLA this spring.

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Photo by Jason Kruppa

Brandy Gaspard

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Hidden Treasures of the Cabildo: Carnival Edition

This post was written by Elizabeth McNair, one of Slow Southern Style’s interns. You’ll get a chance to meet her in the upcoming weeks but for now check out her blog, Life of Lovely, and be on the look out for her bio soon.

Now that the holiday festivities are finished, you might be wondering what to do on your quiet evenings in January.  Why not view Hidden Treasure: Carnival Edition at the Louisiana State Museum?

The Carnival Collection at the Louisiana State Museum will allow a small number of visitors to see the museum’s large collection of costumes and other pieces related to Carnival.  While the public does not usually have the chance to view the entire collection, Wayne Phillips will take visitors through the museum’s storage rooms to get the full experience.  The location for these tours will be the Museum’s Collection Storage Facility at 1000 Chartres Street in the French Quarter.

This special opportunity is hosted by the Friends of the Cabildo.  For two days only, January 17th and 19th, tours will take place at 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  The cost for this exclusive tour is $15 per person or $10 for Friends of the Cabildo members.

If you’re interested, you will need to call Rebecca Duckert at 504-523-3939 to make the required reservations.  Call soon because spots are limited.  

Interested, but can’t make it to this tour?  Another event Hidden Treasure: Decorative Arts Edition is planned for March 20th and 22nd showcasing Newcomb Pottery and led by Curator of Decorative Arts, Katie Hall.  

Elizabeth McNair

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Now Hiring a Stylish, Southern Intern

Due to the overwhelming (in a good way!) response, I have all positions filled. All applications will be considered for the next round in the spring.
Come be a part of the team! Slow Southern Style is looking for a good intern or two.

Do you love fashion, writing and/or photography? Are you currently in a sordid love affair with Southern culture? Slow Southern Style is seeking to hire some truly awesome interns who are passionate about fashion on a deeper level than just what’s being offered at the mall. 

The ideal candidate is an individual who:

-appreciates personal style, not just recent trends or fast fashion
-has a desire to make connections within the fashion community
-has an eye for the Slow Southern Style aesthetic yet brings his or her own touch 
– has a knack for writing, photography, or graphic design
lives in the South, New Orleans preferred but not necessary
– desires to learn about blogging in general
-wishes to kick start a career in fashion and/or media
– can commit to a three month stint 
– has a sense of humor

If you’d like to learn more about the position please send a resume, one writing example or link to your work, and a brief statement why you’d like to work for Slow Southern Style to is a love letter to Southern style, written by a native New Orleanian. Featuring a hodge podge of local and regional designers, events, boutiques, street style, and outfit photos. Founded by Christy Lorio in 2009, Slow Southern Style LLC has been featured in a variety of media outlets both online, in print, television, and radio. 

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