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With Mardi Gras only weeks away it is time to get into the spirit by wearing our favorite color combination of purple, green, and gold. Mardi Gras is steeped in tradition and this seasonal color way is no exception.  Purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power.

 For a sophisticated look this beautiful silk scarf from Inspiring Color is more of a silent shout than an in your face proclamation.

 It doesn’t get more provocative than this purple burlesque costume from OlgaItaly.

Even if it’s cold outside you can still sport these short shorts from Perlis.

RSAC306 If you are looking for something really eye catching these gold lame leggings from American Apparel are sure to turn heads.

 Locals and tourists alike love NOLA t-shirts. Get this king cake t-shirt at Storyville.

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Fat Tuesday Preview

Typically I have my Mardi Gras costume planned, sewed, and done by now. The home buying process has eaten up all of my free time but rest assured our costumes are going to be good. Somehow we miraculously acquired a few key items today turning ho hum to holy shit!

And that’s all y’all get for now.

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Costume Season

My year revolves around two holidays- Halloween and Mardi Gras. Any reason to don a costume in NOLA is a good one as evidenced by the myriad of events we have such as the red dress run, running of the bulls, Krewe of Cork, and the list goes on. Sadly during my 3.5 year stint in Arizona I was left out of the Mardi Gras loop but I still made my mark for Halloween. Prior to Katrina I had only missed one Mardi Gras. That said a New Orleanian will always do it right, no matter where y’at.
I present to y’all the costumes that I have photographically documented.
My first Halloween away from home was October 2005. I had previously worn this Mardi Gras of 2004 if I remember correctly. This was a quasi goth southern belle.
Wig: Buffalo Exchange Blouse: Urban Outfitters Gloves: remnants from high school prom
Corset: custom made Skirt: Bloomin’Deals vintage dress that I chopped the top off
Thomas, my husband,  as a rhinestone cowboy. Note the red glitter belt and silver spray painted shoes and hat. I should note that he actually has a really short haircut. In every picture he is wearing a wig.
Shirt, belt, and pants: Buffalo Exchange
Picture020.jpg picture by nolagurl
Admittedly this wasn’t for Halloween or Mardi Gras. When I lived in Arizona we had a hair metal dress up day at work. It was always my personal challenge to usurp everyone else.
Picture009.jpg picture by nolagurl
This is part of a his & her matching square dancing ensemble. The tights came w/ strawberry bows which I lopped off and made into barrettes.
Dress & matching apron, striped tights: Buffalo Exchange Wig: Easley’s
A saloon girl costume that I’ve worn many times. I purchased the dress at a Las Vegas thrift store and added gold trim to the bodice. I also pinned up the skirt so a petticoat would stick out the bottom.
Mardi Gras ’05
I was a dark fairy or something like that. I hand beaded an inexpensive corset and made the skirt out of a vintage evening gown. Thomas wore a Legolas costume.
banana.jpg picture by nolagurl

envie.jpg picture by nolagurl

And we come to the grand daddy of Mardi Gras 2009. All I can say is that our first Mardi Gras back home was nothing short of magical. I actually bought the dress, which included the cape and gloves, in Arizona! The hat and wig were purchased here in New Orleans. The dress was waaaay too long and I didn’t have time to hem it. To compensate I made a “hoop skirt” out of a garter belt, fun noodle pool toy, rope and duct tape. We must have had our picture taken a 100 times that day. I even had one woman get mad at me because she thought that I was a part of the Rex parade and I failed to throw her anything!

My wig: Fifi Mahony’s Entire costume: Buffalo Exchange 
His costume: Funky Monkey

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

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