Tybee Island: Paradise in Georgia

Given how much I love the beach, I don’t go nearly as much as I should. The closest beaches to New Orleans aren’t crystalline waters and sugary white sand- you have to drive past Mississippi to get to the good stuff. When I went to Savannah last weekend, my sister and I loaded up the car with newly purchased beach chairs, a cooler, and plenty of SPF 45 sunblock and headed to Tybee Island. A quick 20 minutes from her apartment, it was just what I needed to really feel like I was on vacation. We even had a dolphin sighting, and managed not to lose our sunglasses in the surf when the waves rolled in.

Fish and crab sandwiches with sweet potato fries at North Beach Bar & Grill
Throwing shade with our sweet beach set up

Blue Moon in a can- perfect for a day spent in the sand
Our chosen beach reads
Pastiest white person at the beach

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Smitten With Savannah

I just got back from my first trip to Savannah, Georgia and I’m downright smitten with the place. In many ways it reminded me a bit of New Orleans- the history, architecture, and the friendliness that the locals exuded felt familiar and comforting. I swooned for the trees dripping in Spanish moss, the downtown area lent a cool yet quaint vibe, and having the beach just a short twenty minute drive really made me feel like I was on vacation.

My sister moved to Savannah this past January for her first big girl job and while I miss our occasional lunches at Restaurant August and late night ice cream runs, I was thrilled she was moving somewhere I always wanted to visit.Here are some quick shots of some of my favorite places downtown, but there is more to come!

Coolest shop – Arc

Love the old fashioned feel in the men’s section

Mansion on Forsyth Park

Frilly and feminine looks at Terra Cotta Boutique

One of my favorites- Villa

Have you ever been to Savannah? What are your can’t miss destinations?

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Kickstarter: Something For Wildness

Lacey Dupre is a familiar face on Slow Southern Style. Not only was she one of the featured artists in Objects of Adornment but she’s friends with contributor and Lafayette resident JeLlyn Morvant. Please support this worthwhile cause by contributing whatever you can to Something for Wilderness, or just help spread the word.

From Lacey

The Project:
We will be going to just about every US mainland National Park to interview and photograph the rangers and their parks in the name of conservation and biodiversity worldwide. With the help of Kickstarter, we’ll produce a full-color art/photo essay book and accompanying website. The title: Something for Wildness. 
We will interview and photograph rangers from each US National Park and compile their tales into a collective story, a snapshot of our stance as a culture, a tribe, today, in regards to our country’s best idea, the National Parks.
Inside will be landscape photos, as well as fine, close-up portraits of the park rangers we interview. Excerpts from these interviews will be included with the ranger’s portrait as well as his or her favorite spot in the park. Alongside each landscape photograph will be a designer QR code that links to an interactive map with elevation, lat/long coordinates and more, as well as our website: www.SomethingForWildness.com.
The book will also be interspersed with original art I’ve done on the journey.
This is an effort to give back to the many dedicated rangers the world over. If we get funded a portion of every book sold will go to the PAMS Foundation: www.pamsfoundation.org a not-for-profit in Tanzania that helps conserve biodiversity and supports rangers at the forefront of conservation. They are also the hosts of the 7th World Ranger Congress.
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Road Trip: Outfits for the great outdoors

Make no mistake, I’m a city girl girl in the sense that I prefer to have everything I need within walking or biking distance. I enjoy the comforts of having a coffee shop a block away and making a quick jaunt to my neighborhood corner store.  However I also crave the woods, and the luxury of solitude, if only for a few days.  My idea of a vacation is getting away from it all, whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway or a strenuous hike, I enjoy both equally. I shared an outfit post a few weeks ago from our Thanksgiving weekend at Forest Retreat, a magical little spot tucked away in the Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi. While what I was going to wear was the last thing on my mind that weekend it’s always nice to feel confident in what you are wearing, whether you are in town people watching at a big event or enjoying some solo star gazing with a cup of hot chocolate.

plaid button down & charcoal grey sweatshirt: J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange
 jeans: Seven for all Mankind via Buffalo Exchange
 Keen winter boots via REI
rain jacket: Land’s End Canvas
orange waterfall cardigan: Velvet via Buffalo Exchange
charcoal heathered tank: Alternative Apparel via Buffalo Exchange
sexy hiking pants: REI brand

For more photos from Forest Retreat go to my Facebook profile.

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What I Wore: My Forest Retreat

Our new Thanksgiving tradition is to spend some quality time out in the woods and go on a much needed digital detox. This year we went on our third visit to Forest Retreat, which I’ve written about many of times both here and other online publications.  During my time in the woods the only tweets I keep up with are from the birds, blogs are replaced with reading  my favorite print magazines cover to cover in one sitting  (National Geographic, Garden & Gun), and schlepping around town turns into leisurely strolls along leaf covered trails. There will be plenty more pictures but I’m trying to savor this vacation mentality for a few more days and lighten my work load just a little bit longer.

No matter how you unwind I’d suggest unplugging as well, even if it’s just for one day, even if you can’t get out of town. I’m always delighted by how much clarity and focus I gain when I come back from my jaunts to the woods thanks to tuning out the noise of the internet, if only for a little while.

They don’t call them high water pants for nothin’

An unfortunate DIY rhinestone mani, documented for eternity

Even creek water can’t disguise my horrible home pedicure

polka dot chambray shirtLand’s End Canvas
plaid square scarf- 3 year old Buffalo Exchange
skinny  jeans- DL 1961 from Blues Jean Bar
leather *ahem* fancy Tevas– Buffalo Exchange

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My new Thanksgiving tradition- The Great Outdoors

When I lived in Arizona my husband and I grew accustomed to taking adventurous trips to explore our Southwest surroundings. Since we didn’t have very many friends and family out west we took advantage of our time off of work around the holidays to  travel and the tradition has stuck with us even though we’ve been back in New Orleans for three years. While most people will be with their friends and families tomorrow we will enjoying a cabin in the woods with nothing but the stars, a good book, and our retired racing greyhound to keep us entertained. Even if you aren’t the outdoorsy type and consider a scraped up knee an injury versus a badge of honor for a good rock climbing session I think it is important to get outside. Just spend time in your local park and indulge in some greenery at the very least. It’s good for the soul.

I consider this my spiritual home- Grand Canyon, Arizona

Off trail hiking is always an adventure

Feeding the goats at Splendor Farms in Bush, LA
Strolling along a creek in Mississippi at my favorite hidden spot
The original words with friends

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What I Wore- Into The Woods

I’m not the type of gal that typically looks forward to vacationing in big cities. There’s a reason I live in New Orleans– miles of metropolis doesn’t appeal to me. Perhaps growing up with a swamp literally in my backyard had some effect because when I want to get away from it all I do mean all of it. No cell phone reception, no internet, no nothing. A few weekends ago I took a digital detox by renting a cabin in rural Mississippi in the Homochitto National Forest. It was so utterly blissful that I didn’t want to come back home.

Just because I was having a John Muir moment doesn’t mean I want to totally dress the part. Actually, he was probably pretty snazzy looking- the clothing in the 1800s was far superior in construction than what we buy in stores today. Anyway the trick to looking good is to not really worry about it. Pick comfortable clothes that are somewhat stylish and please, leave the heels at home. Easy, right?
This is a simple shirt but I love the details. The big buttons in the back are just enough detail to add interest without being distracting. The dolmen sleeves update a classic cut so I can own this for years and not worry about looking dated. It’s also by Billy Reid, one of my favorite southern fashion designers so the quality is superb.
Nadia is such a bitch, stealing another shot. You know how everyone supposedly looks like their dogs? I’m still waiting to get tall and skinny just like mine but I shouldn’t hold my breath. I guess we both have big ol’ *ahem* athletic thighs so maybe I’m on my way after all.
If you are seeking your own transcendentalist moment read about my first experience at Forest Retreat on this guest post I did on NO Adventure.
Dolman sleeve shirt- Billy Reid via BillyReid.com
Jeans- Seven for All Mankind via Buffalo Exchange
Shoes- Toms via Gnome
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Roughing it in style

I’m going to take a break from the Gulf Coast today to talk about the southwest. After Katrina I relocated to Phoenix, AZ for 3.5 years. While I wasn’t satisfied with my adopted city I did get in a lot of hiking, particularly in  the Grand Canyon. I took more trips to the canyon than I can count and I hiked to the bottom 3-4 times a year. In less than a month I will be making a trek to Phantom Ranch for the 10th time.

 Feeling stylish on the trail but not looking like a fashion victim is a tough mountain, err canyon to climb. When you are covered in sweat, snow, dirt, mule poop, or whatever else you want to feel somewhat cute but can’t run the risk of looking like a fashion freak by sacrificing comfort and mobility. Having the proper gear and clothing is crucial not only to your comfort but for your safety as well.

These silk cargo pants from Da-Nang are easy on the eyes. Silk is also very insulating but I’d throw a pair of thermal leggings underneath for an added layer. The side pockets are perfect for throwing a camera or a mid trail snack in.

This Salomon brand trail runner tee is a nylon spandex blend that will keep you warm and dry. Available at REI. Just throw on a shell and a wind resistant jacket and you are ready to tackle cold climes.
Salomon Trail Runner Warm Tech Tee - Women's
I’m okay with a silly winter hat so long as it remains functional. This acrylic and wool blend from Monica Burnett satisfies both needs. I usually warm up quickly and start stripping away layers so this open weave hat would be great for me.
Of course you can’t leave your digits exposed to the elements. These Sugoi gloves from REI Outlet will keep your hands warm and they also have a gel grip. This is important if you use trekking poles such as myself and need to keep your “sissy sticks” in hand vs. tossed down the trail.
Sugoi Wallaroo 210 Gloves - '08 Closeout
Since the whole point of hiking is the scenery I’ll share with y’all pictures from my last cold weather excursion to the Grand Canyon. These were taken Mardi Gras 2008. Even when I didn’t live in New Orleans I always took time off work for Mardi Gras.
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