Worth the Drive: Tunica Falls

Tunica Hills Campground

Clark Creek Recreational Area
Tunica Falls
Tunica Falls
Tunica Falls
I desperately need to get out of town as much as I can but unfortunately, my schedule dictates that I’m stuck in the city seven days a week. Since I had fall break this week, we threw the dogs in the car, put some extra food out for the cats, and headed to Tunica Falls (aka Tunica Hills aka Clark Creek Natural Area), a two hour drive from New Orleans. Waterfalls, slight changes in elevation (read: not flat like NOLA) and shaded trails make for a quick yet satisfying weekend getaway. I’m not sure who had more fun, us or the girls.
 Four dollars gives you access to Tunica Falls’ 1.78 miles of “improved” trails and 2.6 miles of primitive trails. I’d suggest doing a little of both. Be sure to pack shoes appropriate for wading through creeks. You’ll want to splash around and explore. There are six waterfalls marked on the trail but the 700 acre Clark Creek Natural area boasts 50 waterfalls total, ranging in height from 10 to 30 feet. There are bathrooms at the trailhead and a water fountain. Be sure to stop at the Pond Store, located up the road, to stock up on snacks. 
If you’re in need of cheap lodging, Tunica Hills Campground is nearby and provides cabins and primitive tent sites. The campground is small, which ensures you’ll be greeted by fellow campers but it’s more private than than some of the larger RV campgrounds that I’ve been to. We opted to spend the night in the A frame cabin; for $52 a night you get a queen sized bed, air conditioning, a microwave and a coffeepot. There’s also a loft to stow your stuff and enough space for the dogs. Just make sure to bring your own bath towels and toiletries; you’ll be sharing a (relatively clean) port-a-potty and outdoor shower with the other guests. 
For more pictures of Tunica Falls and Tunica Hills Campground check out my Tumblr: christylorio.tumblr.com. 
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Say Hello To My Little Friends

Frye flats| Blouse from my sis, assorted necklaces (the N stands for Nadia)| Rose gold leather cuff from Satchel

Crawfish claw pendant necklace and cameo belt buckle| Meteorite ring, anniversary gift| Camper heels

Izzy, our newest needle nose. Scroll down for the story.

Loretta is a hellion, Piper is sweet as can be.

Black leather and brass belt| Asymmetrical skirt c/o Abeille NOLA (old)| Banana Republic flats

The month of August was a particularly cruel one. As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m a big animal lover. Our pets are family, and the death of an animal is the equivalent of losing your best friend. My husband and I unexpectedly lost Proteus, one of our cats of eight years, and Nadia, our sweet greyhound, two weeks later. I won’t go into personal details here, but the mourning process was a long one. While nothing will replace those two, we’ve welcomed Izzy, Loretta, and Piper to our home. They’re all getting along, although LoLo, Proteus’ brother, still rules the roost.

All pictures are from my Instagram account. Follow me at @christylorio and while you’re at it, check out @nolaprop for more photos .

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Lazy Days of Summer

monogram necklace from Abeille NOLA p.s. Xty- short for Christy since my initials CLL are redundant

This it it y’all. September is nearly upon us and the lazy days of summer have been hitting me hard. Maybe it’s the biblical amount of rain we’ve had, coupled with intense heat and humidity but I’ve been savoring my downtime. Weekends have been spent watching documentaries, hanging out with friends, and catching up on forgotten issues of National Geographic. September brings a road trip, a wedding, and preliminary plans for Halloween costumes. Yea, that’ll be here before you know it.

riding the midi skirt trend from last year
my retired athlete- here’s an article i wrote about retired greyhounds on Uptown Messenger
last days of summer- chambray and silk
Winged rabbit cutouts from the Frenchman Art Market

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Slow Southern News

Hemline is having a back to school sale featuring select items 30-75% off.

September 9-20th Isabella’s is offering up $25 Vera Bradley tote bags with any $50 Vera Bradley purchase.

The No Fleas Market takes place Friday and Saturday September 3rd and 4th from 10:00am-5:00pm. This special resale shop benefits local rescue groups.

The monthly Freret Market will be going on this Saturday, September 4th from noon-5:00pm. The market showcases local crafty types, live music, art and food.

The Guitar Bar will be hosting a trunk show for Miss Malaprop to show case the exclusive handmade fleur-de-lis guitar straps that she made for their shop. The show is on Saturday, September 4th from noon-9:00pm.

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Canine Couture

I’ve been too busy to blog this past week, mainly because we just welcomed our newest addition to the family.

Meet Nadia, a 4 year old retired racing greyhound. We got her from Greyhound Pets of America. I’ve wanted a greyhound for 10 years so we finally took the plunge. Yea that’s a Zulu throw she pulled up “in bed” with her.

Having ran 23 races in her career her favorite activity is occupying  the futon. Her hobbies include drooling, as you can tell from this picture. I need to just put a fitted sheet over the damn thing so she doesn’t ruin it. Note the gross ripped apart suitcase in the background. That’s the only thing my cats will use as a scratching post besides my furniture.

Naturally I’ve had great fun shopping for cute doggy essentials. The trick is to find fun, unexpected items but  not turn your animal into a candidate for petswhowanttokillthemselves.com.

I have a lot of bandannas in my hiking gear closet so Nadia is getting my hand me downs. I think that’s enough decoration, at least for now.

Not one to settle for a run of the mill dog tags from a kiosk I searched Etsy and found this one from Poochy Couture. It looks more like a piece of jewelry but still provides essential information.
Multi Metal Triple Layered ALL IN ONE Pet Tag

Why settle for an ordinary collar when you can get this extra sweet one from Nola & Spencer?

Balboa Posey Dog Collar in Pink

Or what about showing your southern side with these from Furry Twang?

Southern Belle Pink Dog Collar

What proper gentleman wouldn’t have a seersucker bow tie? I’m besides myself for this bow tie dog collar from Pecan Pie Puppies. They also make a “corsage” version for females.

Seersucker Custom Bow Tie Dog Collar

If I didn’t think my greyhound would knock this off the kitchen counter I’d buy this treat jar from Happy Hound. Fortunately she’s well behaved compared to this bunch.

Greyhound, Whippet , Italian Greyhound Kibble or Dog Treat Canister Jar

You can also check out local places to pamper your pooch:

Canine Connection

And check out Urban Dog Magazine for even more fun stuff!

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