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Branch Out is running a special “buy three get one free” on all sale items.

Masseys Outfitters is offering 20% off a new pair of sunglasses (coupon code KHUMBU) now until Sunday October 24th. Oakley sunglasses are excluded from this offer. 

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Quality versus. Quantity

I consider myself a pretty decent wife. I cook, clean (sometimes), play property manager, get the dog walked and the errands run. I don’t keep all the fun stuff so he gets the honors of makin’ groceries since I hate doing it. Overall we split up the things we do to pretend like we are grownups pretty fairly. 

 One thing I’m always on duty for is keeping an eye out for great clothing and shoe purchases. He certainly is a quality over quantity kind of guy and definitely has a way better shoe collection than me. So naturally I get a kick out of bringing home things I know he will love. I recently found two perfect, never been worn pairs via secondhand which makes me a pretty damn good partner.

I love the Freeplay Range from J Shoes, available at Shoefty. These are perfect for slipping on with shorts and would look great with cords in when the temperature dips a little.

J Shoes feature handstitching, which just means they will get better with wear. I love the striped ribbon detailing in the inside. 
I also purchased these boots by Heutchy.  Shoefty is the only stockist in town, unless you are lucky enough to find them at Buffalo Exchange. I love the detailed stitching and the heel is the perfect height.

The textural contrast of the suede and smooth leather makes for a versatile boot. These will go well with jeans or dress pants.
6071 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 896-8737
3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
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Shoefty- not just for your feet

Despite the name Shoefty is more than just a great shoe store. One half of the store contains a well edited selection of wardrobe staples and tastefully trendy shoes and the other half serves up clothing of the same caliber.   They carry a myriad of upscale brands that you can’t find anywhere else such as Barbara Bui, Repetto, Erin Fetherson, and Proenza Schouler to name a few.

Doucette Duvall Bea
Lovely coat  by Doucette Duvall Bea

While the women’s section is decidedly “lady who lunches” the men’s section has a strong street wear focus. You’ll find brands like Stussy, Fifth Ave Shoe Repair, Alife, Generic Surplus, and G-Shock watches.

Casio G-Shock DW6900 Metallic Blue Casio G-Shock DWS900

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