All on a Mardi Gras Day


Mardi Gras Day is always a fabulously magical experience, and this year was extra special. My brother and his boyfriend were in town for carnival for the first time since 2009, so we went all out. It was also our tenant’s first Mardi Gras as a New Orleans resident, so I felt obligated to help her navigate the crazy. We ended up doing four nights of Uptown parades, hosted a pre-Bacchus party at our house replete with Chris’ Get Your Life Right Gumbo, cornbread and Jello shots (lololol), caught the Red Beans Parade on Lundi Gras, and left the house at 8 a.m. on Fat Tuesday to wander the French Quarter and Marigny.

Highlights from Tuesday include getting a choice downtown parking spot, seeing Solange walk past us as if she was gliding on a glitter cloud, running into a ton of friends, seeing a grown man naked on Frenchmen St. (not a highlight, but truly memorable), and getting five people home all in one piece. No one got lost, shit faced, or misplaced their pants. Mardi Gras Magic.

Okay, on to the costume details.

Crowning glory: I bought my hat back in 2011 but never figured out what to do with it. The colors are so vivid I knew the outfit needed to stand up to the topper. I made Thomas’ hat from scratch to complement mine. His hat looks fancy but it was relatively easy to make. All I needed was a buckram hat base (I used a cadet style), metallic blue fabric to cover the base with, a piece of foam board, and a metric ton of feathers and Mod Podge.

The shoes: I usually don’t get too hung up on my shoes since 1. comfort is paramount and 2. no one is going to notice them. Thomas, however, opts for matching shoes. I had a pair of lace-up boots that lost their luster but were still comfortable, so I spray painted them blue and glittered them up. The glitter/Mod Podge layer started to break at the stress points, but Thomas’ loafers managed to hold up.

His costume: My cardinal rule is to never repeat a costume on Mardi Gras Day. This year, we broke that rule by reusing his pants from last year’s getup. They were too perfect not to and it saved time and money. I added blue fringe and gold sequins to the back pockets to incorporate in the blue from the shirt. He bought the metallic blue shirt on Amazon and I found the vintage beaded belt at The New Orleans Costume Center. I added gold stretch fabric to the back so it would fit him properly. I like the cummerbund effect this had and it added interest and variety to what is otherwise just a t-shirt and tuxedo pants.

My costume: I bought the gold sequined bra from Trashy Diva, the crop top from Swap Boutique and the gold shorts from ASOS. Those shorts, by the way, were hideous when I first got them. They looked like glorified boxer shorts and did nothing for my legs. I took them in, added ruching and blue fringe on the sides and created a peplum with red and orange trim to hide the cheap looking elastic waistband. I originally wanted a gold ballgown skirt similar to the hot pink one I wore for our flamingo costumes back in 2012. I went with shorts because I like showing my legs and the shorts were inexpensive. The only ballgown skirts I found either looked cheap or cost more than I wanted to spend. Plus, I didn’t feel like making a skirt from scratch.

How much our costumes cost:

Total cost this year: about $320

Trim, etc…: about $170 for all the trim, feathers, his hat form, foam board and an X-acto knife

My costume: $33 bra, $20 shirt, $15 shorts

His costume: Shirt: $25, Evil eye applique: $35, belt $20

Where we saved money: I already owned my hat, the red fishnet stockings, the blonde wig and my necklace. We already had both pairs of shoes and his pants. I have a stockpile of thread, needles, and pins,  so I didn’t need to purchase sewing supplies. I also had some leftover sequins and gold appliques from last year, so I just used those. I tend to overbuy trim in case a piece needs to be repaired. I like to repurpose pieces for other costume events; I also loan costumes to friends on occasion, so it’s important to me to be able to reuse these things.

How we could have saved more money: Uh, it’s Mardi Gras. We go big or go home, and our asses never stay at home on Fat Tuesday. For me, it’s important to feel like I’m contributing to the splendid frenzy that it Fat Tuesday. See y’all on the parade route next year.


Yeah, You Write

After clocking far too many hours on my laptop this semester, I’m happy to say that I’ve been chosen to read my original work “Blue Laser Beams” at the University of New Orleans’ Yeah, You Write series. If you’d like to listen to me attempt to not stumble on my own written words, check out the event this Thursday night. My non-fiction story is about a teenager whose fashion choices alienate her from the rest of her classmates. She wants to stand out, yet secretly wants to fit in as well. Here’s a sample:


Baker’s neon sign was a laser beam cutting through my fog of teenage angst. I was a product of the 1990s grunge era: a crushed velvet dress, worn with a flannel shirt tied around the waist, and clunky shoes is the look I lusted after. I blended in at school about as well as a duck hunter sporting a safety orange vest on Wall Street. “Sassy Magazine” was my fashion bible, but the clothes featured in the editorial spreads were either too expensive or unavailable to me. Shipping costs were deemed a waste of money in our household, so catalog orders were off limits as well. Little did I know that my shoe fantasies would be fulfilled at Baker’s. And sure enough, tucked away in a forgotten corner of the store were the flashiest shoes I could find and they were seventy-five percent off! Of course they were deeply discounted; no one in my town would be caught dead wearing platform lace ups with the veneer of a diner seat booth. The baby powder blue vinyl, embedded with a million holographic sparkles, reflected the joy I felt in being  one sales transaction away from being just as cool as my rock star idols. The white platform rubber soles with the wrap around faux blonde wood would proclaim my status as someone more worldly than my suburban roots. Everyone I encountered would think “That girl! She listens to Mazzy Star and Nirvana and would pierce her nose if her mother let her!”

Yeah, You Write: UNO Undergraduate Reading
Thursday, March 20 6:00pm
Sandbar at the Cove, UNO Campus 
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Instagram Slam

Jeffrey Campbell pink loafers

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately between launching Propaganda New Orleans, working a full time job and picking up freelance writing gigs. I’m not complaining, but free time is pretty much non existent at this point. I never knew working 80 hours a week was physically possible, so I’m very much looking forward to a week’s vacation to ring in 2013.

softshell crab banh mi at Origami on Freret Street
lounging, greyhound style
grilled cheese + beer= perfection at Avenue Pub
spider web on the gate
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Hidden Baby: Helping babies one handbag at a time

I met sisters Kelsey and Courtney Montague back in August while they were in town spreading the word about Hidden Baby, their charitable accessories line. Quite the world travelers, the sisters have explored Kenya, and were inspired to help children in need both here in the United States and worldwide through their company.

While their bags are what started the company, the sisters have branched out into putting their designs shoes, scarves, and bracelets. I’ve been using the Iris Bag they generously gave me, and I must say it’s the perfect size for my laptop, wallet, and daily essentials. With each purchase you make, Hidden Baby helps children around the world by donating a portion of their profits to organizations that are helping give the next generation a chance. They are currently helping fund Baby Space, a Minnesota based group providing successful learning environments for babies in need.

With their work in Kenya, the sisters witnessed strife yet documented people working to provide safe havens for orphaned babies. Sadly, upon arriving home to the United States they realized similar situations occur here- malnutrition and neglect are indeed a global issue. That’s why a portion of the profits are donated to organizations around the world to give the next generation a chance. Purchase your own bag or accessories of choice today from Hidden Baby, and feel good about looking good and helping others.

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What I Wore: Polka dots and peter pan collars

As much fun as it is helping other people get dressed, sometimes it’s equally fun having someone help me get dolled up. Meg, the feisty owner of Abeille NOLA, offered to put together this outfit for me from her store. All of the pieces come together to form a cohesive look that is decidedly “me”. Cuff bracelet? Yea, I own a few. High waisted skirt? I practically live in ’em. I’m already scheming up ways to break apart this baby and mix everything up with what I already own. 
Swing by Abeille and tell ’em Slow Southern Style sent ya. Also be sure to check out their boutique within a boutique- Shoeffle has set up it’s own soleful shop in the back room, offering up everything from practical sandals, comfy wedges, and sky high heels. 

All clothing and accessories c/o Abeille NOLA, patent leather wedges c/o Shoeffle

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Summer Snapshots

front yard foliage

Gold cap toe Melissa flats from UAL (another fav style here)
Kitchen wall art, Dolan Geiman & Deer head from Spruce
Clam & Wild Mushroom pizzas from Domenica
Outfit post in the making c/o Abeille NOLA & Shoeffle

New comfy summer favorites- mint green Dansko sandals (similar here)
Outfit of the day- old favorites with a (new) vintage skirt (shoes available here)
What are you snapping pictures of this summer? Follow me on Instagram at @slowsouthernstyle so we can keep up!

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Valentine’s Day at Feet First

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Feet First has something for all you single gals out there. Instead of spending the evening alone, treat yourself to  complimentary champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries courtesy of Lolli’s Chocolates, and king cake while being surrounded by fabulous footwear.  Guests will enjoy a Kay-la Handbags trunk show, and 1/2 off the 610 Stompers will be there to sell their calendars at 50% off the normal price. There will also be door prizes, a scavenger hunt, and possibly some smokin’ hot special guests.
Tuesday, February 14
5pm – 9pm
4119 Magazine St.

Meghan Wright
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Guest Post: More Mixing, Less Matching

I’m out at sea this week, so while I’m cruisin’ around Mexico I’ve got several lovely ladies taking the blogging reins for me. Let them know how much you like their posts by leaving words of wisdom in the comments. See y’all when I get back and sadly no, my pasty white self won’t be bringing back a tan.

Hi, Fashionistas!
It’s Samantha here…you may remember me from my guest post last year. Yes, I’m the Feet First girl! I’m excited to bring you this “tandem post”, which you can also check out on our Feet First fashion blog, and I’m even more excited to be writing about how much fun it can be to mix and match colors in your wardrobe.

The inspiration behind this post comes from my every day experience in the store. So often women come into the store agonizing over finding the perfectly colored  brown/silver/green/pink/whatever shoe/handbag/jewelry/whatever to match a specific outfit. A head-to-toe one-color look is usually not nearly as fun or interesting as a dynamic look that has variety, but is still cohesive. Plus, it is almost impossible to find the exact same color in every accessory you want to wear. You will end up looking like you tried to match, but failed (like Judy in the photo below, bless her heart).
Judy in head-to-toe yellow, photo courtesy of
For easy mixing and matching of colors, remember these tips:

  • Metallics complement anything. They are the easiest way to avoid feeling like your accessories need to match exactly.
  • Silver looks especially great with blues and greens.
  • Mix rich jewel toned fabrics with gray accessories, or vice versa.
  •  Pair solid colored pieces with solid colored pieces in complementary colors. (Mrs. Obama is a fan of this…more on her soon!)
  • Look closely at your patterned pieces. You can accessorize with any color in the pattern, and usually any color that complements any color in the pattern.

Our very own First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama is a mix-and-match expert. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Mrs. O looks:

Courtesy of

On the cover of O Magazine, looking darling in her red dress and yellow cardigan. How cute would this outfit be with some royal blue shoes? A primary color love affair!

Courtesy of
 On the Today Show, Mrs. O sported and black and white polka dot dress with a coral belt and yellow shoes. Most people would have let the belt or shoes be the only pop  of color, and I love that she wore them BOTH. It takes the outfit from good to great.
Courtesy of

And how could we forget Mrs. O’s inauguration outfit? She looks stunning in her yellow dress and the teal shoes are the icing on the cake.

Another combination that women fear is wearing black and brown together. Black and brown complement one another, and wearing them together is easier than you think. To ease yourself into this, find pieces that contain both colors, whether it is a patterned top with black and brown, or an accessory with both colors, like the black and brown boots below. The best part about them is you don’t have to buy a black pair and a brown pair! Who doesn’t love saving a little money?
Nicole Dreamer-Women’s Cowboy Boots
Lane Cowboy Boots Margaret
You don’t have to have a piece that contains both colors to wear black and brown together, though. Just last week I wore a pair of brown boots with jeans, a black and white sweater, and a tan cardigan. I know I looked chic and sleek…don’t be afraid, ladies! You’ll look so good!
One last thing I want to point out is the versatility of a good dress shoe in a pewter-y color, like the Nina Faviola here on the right. Now, Nina calls the color “Malinda”, which I’m pretty sure is code for “life saver”. The shoe has an almost iridescent quality, and when you hold it up to ANY other color, it reflects bits of it and just kind of melts into the perfect complement. Seriously, you will be able to wear this with your cocktail and evening dresses of every color from black and brown to pink and blue and anything in between. Every woman should have a shoe in this color in her closet. It’s the perfect go-to.
(By the way, I know the monochromatic look has made its way to the runways as of late. I support this chic trend, but this post is simply letting you know that it is not a necessity! If you want to pursue the monochromatic look, keep the fabrics rich and mix and match different materials. Have fun with it, but avoid the Nicki-Minaj-head-to-toe-leopard look!)
Courtesy of
So, ladies, how about we give it a try? There’s no need to get yourself all worked up when you can’t find something to perfectly match your dress/bag/shoes when you can look so much more fierce without matching!
Happy Shopping! xo

Samantha Capone
Feet First, Inc.

4119 Magazine St
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French Quarter
526 Royal St
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Stylin’ in the Rain

Slow Southern Style is going to be featuring a few guest bloggers each Monday to liven the place up and get some fresh voices on a variety of subjects. This week Lana of Chapter 29 is filling in. Interested in guest blogging? Contact me at nolagurl at gmail dot com.


Being a southern girl comes with many charms. Some good… adorable accents, sweet tea, front porches, seersucker. Some bad… intolerable heat, humidity, and RAIN! Growing up in the south you just learn to expect your daily afternoon shower. Lately the rain has been more persistent than ever, going beyond the usual light shower into full fledged storms, almost every day! What’s a fashionable girl to do? I can’t bear the thought of an amazing outfit getting wet… or even having to cover it up with some clunky, chunky, plastic jacket. Fortunately the fashion gods have taken heed to address the situation and there are adorable jackets, boots and even fashionable umbrellas to take the rain by storm. 

top: Anthropologie middle: ASOS
bottom left: modcloth right: zappos
I love that rain jackets come in all shapes, styles and colors. I fell in love with these two from Anthropologie partly because of the great colors, but mainly the lining! How fun and quirky.. they’re sure to brighten any day up. Any of these choices would be a great start to a rainy day look! 

middle: zappos~ASOS~zappos

bottom: ASOS ~zappos 

It’s weird to say there might be rain boot trends, but there are! My favorite trend right now are rain booties! I’m not sure how much protection the ankle boots would provide in a heavy storm, but for your typical summer shower, they’re perfect! What drew me to some of these other pairs were the details like studs and bows, fabulous lacing, great patterns and colors that pop!

Just because you need your clothing to be functional, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish! I can’t wait until these daily deluges subside, but until they do, I’ll be rockin’ my all weather duds. 

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Quality versus. Quantity

I consider myself a pretty decent wife. I cook, clean (sometimes), play property manager, get the dog walked and the errands run. I don’t keep all the fun stuff so he gets the honors of makin’ groceries since I hate doing it. Overall we split up the things we do to pretend like we are grownups pretty fairly. 

 One thing I’m always on duty for is keeping an eye out for great clothing and shoe purchases. He certainly is a quality over quantity kind of guy and definitely has a way better shoe collection than me. So naturally I get a kick out of bringing home things I know he will love. I recently found two perfect, never been worn pairs via secondhand which makes me a pretty damn good partner.

I love the Freeplay Range from J Shoes, available at Shoefty. These are perfect for slipping on with shorts and would look great with cords in when the temperature dips a little.

J Shoes feature handstitching, which just means they will get better with wear. I love the striped ribbon detailing in the inside. 
I also purchased these boots by Heutchy.  Shoefty is the only stockist in town, unless you are lucky enough to find them at Buffalo Exchange. I love the detailed stitching and the heel is the perfect height.

The textural contrast of the suede and smooth leather makes for a versatile boot. These will go well with jeans or dress pants.
6071 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70118
(504) 896-8737
3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
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