Show & Tell

I had the honor of being invited to Anthropologie’s grand opening celebration yesterday and luckily I had a new dress to wear for it. I invited my friend Leslie  along and we enjoyed soaking in the impressive space and sipping on wine. Don’t fret, I’m sharing pictures of the store on GoNOLA this week.

I basically wanted everything in the store, from the housewares to the clothes. Fortunately I exercised restraint and just bought a few small items for the house. Hey, it is my husband’s birthday today so at least I had an excuse. 

I’m going to have a total geek out moment.My dress, designed by Alabama Chanin, is known for their hand stitching. Everything is lovingly made by quilters in Alabama. This picture does absolutely no justice to the details on this dress. 
Necklace: Banana Republic
Shoes: Antonio Melani
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Show & Tell- Easy does it

Some days you just want to wear a t-shirt and jeans. I try my damnedest not to fall into that category but on my days off I’d rather be comfortable schlepping around the house vs. worrying about staining a skirt or favorite blouse.

I have a penchant for all things scaly so when I found this t-shirt from local clothing designer Alicia Zenobia I knew I had to have it.  After all I do have a rattlesnake tattoo so I’m stuck liking them anyway. I love how their mouths form the red heart in the middle.  FYI that ancient brick is in my kitchen. Can y’all believe this used to be covered in drywall? I get weak at the knees for exposed brick and have it in all the bedrooms as well.

I decided to go more southwest with this outfit, minus the high waisted mom jeans. Another house note: The back porch was a storage space when we rented the house pre-Katrina. The previous owners turned it into a porch and when the weather is nice (hell even when it isn’t) we eat every meal out here. It’s also where Runty and Tigre hang out so we have to show them love. Seriously, they demand it.
I love my moccasins! And yes that is even more old brick on the side of my house. Anytime we dig in the garden we uproot even more of them. I’m sure if I crawled under the house there would be enough to build an addition to the back.
Speaking of the Southwest I picked up a lot of turquoise when I lived in Arizona. A lot. Here is a cuff bracelet that I wore with my tee/shorts combo. I was told by someone the stones came from the Bisbee mine but I’m not positive about that.
Shorts: Joe’s
Bracelet: Vintage Native American, procured at Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Minnetonka
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Show & Tell

Here in New Orleans we experienced two days of nasty weather as remnants of a tropical storm passed through town. I met someone for coffee at the Rue de la Course on Friday and since it was pouring after we met I ducked into Funky Monkey to try to wait it out.

I discovered this gem on the sale rack marked down to a measly $5.00. My iced cappuccino and banana were almost as much as the dress I bought that day.

I present to you Morticia Adams, if she were on the t.v. show Dallas that is. If you don’t know what Dallas is then shame on you.

Check out those massive shoulder pads! The dress is a little too big for me but at that price I really couldn’t pass it up. This will be perfect for Halloween, since I actually need multiple costumes to get me through the last week of spook season.

So now that I have two costumes* almost all ready to go y’all need to get jumpin’ and catch up! Halloween will be here before y’all know it.

Do you have a fantastic item that needs to be shown off? E-mail me at and I’ll feature it here.

*I own way more costumes than just two. I think the last wig count was over 12.

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Show & Tell

I’m not really sure where I picked up my nasty little jewelry habit. Neither my mom or maw maw ever wear jewelry, not even their wedding rings. Somehow I’m making up for both of them because I can’t get enough of it. So when two recently interviewed Etsy artists, Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry and Mavens Jewelry offered to send me an item and a discount, respectively, I happily obliged.

 My criteria for picking which designers to feature here is pretty simple: they have to be located in the south and it has to pique my interest.

I love the ring I purchased from Mavens jewelry. The design is based on the skirt of a flamenco dancer and it is easy to see why.  This piece has great fluidity and I  love the sheen of the black pearls.
Check out that amazing DIY manicure. Just call me Mrs. high maintenance. Didn’t y’all know I’m a retired hand model?

Michele of Shelley’s South Shore Jewelry was kind enough to send me one of her mermaid necklaces. The length of chain is good and how can ya go wrong with mermaids and seahorses?  Oh yea the background? Yup, that’s  next year’s Mardi Gras costume. For my husband. Seriously.

If you have some amazing things in your wardrobe that are well loved or need to see the light of day show them off on Show & Tell Saturday! Just e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.
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Show & Tell

 This week’s Show & Tell Saturday is a double whammy, featuring a really special item and a cool new shop on Magazine St.

I know I talk a lot about traditional southern specialties, like boat shoes and seersucker but as equally important and infinitely cooler are the blue collar staples of yesteryear.*

Behold my old as dirt Jack Daniel’s tee. Procured from the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange I had to practically arm wrestle a friend for this. He’ll be happy to know it is being lovingly stored in the dirty south where it truly belongs.

See the light shining through? This topper puts those newfangled burnout tees to shame. It’s thin as hell and worn to perfection. It’s way too big on me but to alter it would be sacrilege.I wear it with equally as ancient engineer boots and black skinny jeans.
What else can you wear it with? How ’bout these bad ass cowgirl boots from Truck Stop. Oh yea and if you’re a 7 1/2  hands off the pink pair! I still need to try those on.
The shop has only been open for two weeks but their aesthetic is perfection. When you walk in it looks like you pulled into the coolest truck stop ever with vintage signage and a working pinball machine. They stock western wear, belt buckles,jewelry and of course vintage tees. Who knows maybe you’ll find your own Jack Daniel’s tee. Oh yea and tell them Slow Southern Style sent ‘ya. 
2209 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Mon – Sun: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

If you have a crazy good item that you want to tell the world about e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com for inclusion in Show and Tell Saturday.
* To really appreciate this post you have to immerse yourself in the following. Trust me it’s good stuff.
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Show & Tell

The biggest reason I like buying handmade items is that I like unique, well made pieces that are one of a kind, or rather close to it.

Craft Mafia’s 5th anniversary party was held at The Factory this past Thursday. The massive space is a new studio of the owners of Skip & Whistle that will offer screen printing classes in the near future.

Mallory of Miss Malaprop was hawking these great ceramic and glass pieces from Lean Dog Pottery. Ironically I’m adopting a retired racing greyhound next week so I guess it was meant to be for me to own this piece. Everything from Lean Dog is fairly fantastic and I had a hard time picking out which piece to get. I ended up settling on this green and yellow long square pendant.

It’s even better in person! The glass shimmers in the light.

If you are kicking yourself for not going to this event fear not! All of the craft mafia has their wares for sale through their website. 

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Show & Tell

Years ago I was a HUGE thrift store addict. At least once a month I’d comb the racks at several stores looking for name brand or interesting pieces. Nowadays I prefer shopping at secondhand or consignment stores vs. thrift since someone has sorted through the stained, out of fashion pieces for me.

However last Saturday I decided to grab a quick, cheap lunch at Freret Po’boy and donut shop which happens to be next to Bloomin’Deals thrift store. After stuffing myself with fried shrimp and complimentary donuts I decided I was in a good enough mood to dig.

I found this sweet Ann Taylor Loft blouse, brand new with tags for $8. The original price was $39 so this was a great deal.

The jeans I wore it with are Furst Premium I bought at LF several months ago.

I also found a Gorillapod for $8. I’ve been meaning to buy one of these forever and I jumped on it when I saw it. Gotta love getting it w/o shipping.  Hubby got a Gap button down for $4 and I picked up two magazines for $0.50.

It’s true you never know what you’ll find thrifting and usually it’s worth a bit of time to get a great deal! 
P.S. Bloomin’deals is cash or check only and there aren’t any ATM machines nearby, at least to my knowledge.

If you’ve got a fashionable find that you’d love to show off e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.

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Show & Tell

I’d love to wear heels more but since I’m not a desk job type of girl comfort is my main priority when purchasing shoes to wear on a daily basis. I’ve been wanting a pair of Minnetonka moccasins for a while and I finally broke down and bought a pair via I’ve actually never bought shoes from the site but my husband frequently does. Free and fast shipping=awesome.

I wanted something a little less traditional so I opted for the studded versions in black although I dig ’em in lavender and gray as well. If I buy another pair I’ll buy 1/2 size down as these suckers get pretty wide even after one wear.

I’m going to wear the hell out of these this summer with shorts and then when fall rolls around in like four months I’ll pair them with jeans. Oh yea I swear my feet aren’t as disproportionate as the picture below makes them look. 
Got an item you’d love to show off? E-mail me pictures and a story at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com.

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Show & Tell

This week’s Show & Tell comes from one of my best friends. He’s not from the south but has plenty of style so we’ll let that slide. Justin probably has THE best taste in clothes out of anyone I know. So without further adieu I present to y’all a sampling of Justin’s amazing shoe collection.

Greetings from the sunny southwest! So I figured I would get in on the show and tell Saturday with two of my current favorite pairs of shoes (as of last inventory I’m up to 20 pairs so it is hard to choose favorites).

The first pair are some Prada brogues I picked up at the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange about 5 years ago. I think my favorite thing about them is that they’re completely classic and subtle, but also full of character and amazingly versatile.

The second pair are a recent find at a Phoenix shopping gem. They’re Wolverine 1000 mile premium boots that I was happy to pay a mere $40.00 for. I had been on the hunt for lace up boots for some time and these were more than I could have hoped for. Even more than the great classic style and sturdy construction (they’ll last forever), I’m happy to have picked them up in an already gently worn condition. It would have taken longer than I’d like to take to get that great patina and scraping on them myself and now I don’t have to feel so bad when I add my own scrapes to them.

These two pairs may not always be in my regular rotation, and there may be times they find themselves pushed to the dark corners of my closet, waiting to be brought out and dusted off again. I’m sure they’ll drift in and out of favor over time, and that’s the best thing about shoes that are impeccably constructed and classically styled. Be good to them and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Remember if you have something special in your closet, be it your maw maw’s 1950’s prom dress or your latest Macy’s shopping spree we want to see it! E-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{com}.
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Show & Tell

Time for another round of Show & Tell Saturday!

My self imposed uniform this summer is supposed to be tank top, skirt, and sandals yet I continue buying dress after dress. Dresses are too easy and retailers aren’t providing many skirt options this summer.

Yesterday I purchased this cotton floral Calvin Klein dress from Swap Boutique, an upscale consignment shop on Maple St. Although the dress is lacking pockets that won’t stop me from wearing it on a weekly basis. It also stops below the knee which means I’ll be able to wear this while riding my bike and not risk flashing everyone in the 70115 zip code.

I also found a great pendant at Buffalo Exchange. Amethyst is my birthstone so I couldn’t really pass this piece up. The “stick” is some sort of rock I suppose but I’m not sure what it is. It’s a little hippie dippy but could balance out a button down nicely.

If you have a great find and want to show it off, be it from the mall, boutique, or even a gift e-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot}com  to get in on the show & tell goodness.
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