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What I Wore: Red Lips Red Skirt Blue Shirt

Whenever I get bored of my old favorites, I like to mix them up with new pieces. Mind blowing concept, right? I’ve owned this chambray button down for two years, and I’ve pretty much styled it every way I can. Canadian tuxedo, tucked into a skirt, thrown on with hiking pants, you’d think I’ve almost milked this baby dry. I was trying to put a more personal spin on this trendy red polka dot skirt (last seen here), and a subtly patriotic color palette came together. I like that the skirt has an unexpected asymmetrical hem, which gives some oomph to an otherwise straightforward outfit. Throw on some masculine accessories and my overwhelming feminine charm balances itself out. Commence eye rolling right about…now.

Chambray button down- Abercrombie (don’t judge) via Buffalo Exchange (similar here)
Asymmetrical polka dot skirt- c/o Abeille NOLA
Brown buckle back brogues- Frye via Buffalo Exchange (similar here)
Turquoise cuff bracelets- Native American made via Buffalo Exchange (similar here, here, here)
Leather and drift wood earrings- gift from Bayou Bohemian

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What I Wore: Polka dots and peter pan collars

As much fun as it is helping other people get dressed, sometimes it’s equally fun having someone help me get dolled up. Meg, the feisty owner of Abeille NOLA, offered to put together this outfit for me from her store. All of the pieces come together to form a cohesive look that is decidedly “me”. Cuff bracelet? Yea, I own a few. High waisted skirt? I practically live in ’em. I’m already scheming up ways to break apart this baby and mix everything up with what I already own. 
Swing by Abeille and tell ’em Slow Southern Style sent ya. Also be sure to check out their boutique within a boutique- Shoeffle has set up it’s own soleful shop in the back room, offering up everything from practical sandals, comfy wedges, and sky high heels. 

All clothing and accessories c/o Abeille NOLA, patent leather wedges c/o Shoeffle

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What I Wore: Old Faithfuls and Extra Minutes

I have a confession to make. I didn’t start Slow Southern Style to plaster my mug all over the internet. There are enough lovely gals out there who do a much better job of it than I do. Not to mention there are enough “skinny white girl bloggers” documenting their personal style. Oh wait, I’m not skinny. Anyway, schedules synced up again and I coerced my husband to take some quick pictures before I jetted off to work.

Considering I’m on my feet for 8 hours a day, dressing for comfort is a necessity. While I’d love to wear heels more frequently, it ‘aint happening. When the weather is nice I bike the 2.5 miles to work, so I have to make sure I’m wearing something quasi practical for my commute.

I’ve got my spring uniform down pat. Do you? Several months ago I decided a button down/skirt combo would be my warm weather staples. Now I just need to stock up, since I keep rotating the same old faithfuls every week. This pink skirt has made several appearances on Slow Southern Style, most recently in the French Quarter and at Saks Fifth Avenue. You might call it wardrobe remixing, I call it wearing the hell out of something. One thing I’ve realized is that I always go back to this basic skirt shape. Give me something that sits on the waist, flares out to disguise my lack of assets, and have it stop slightly above or below the knee and I’m sold.
Not gonna lie, I own more Native American jewelry than should be legally allowed. Most of it was procured in Arizona, but I’ve managed to pick some up in Louisiana as well. If you are looking to add to your own collection, I’d suggest checking out Louisiana’s own Choctaw Silverworks.

Polka dot chambray shirt- Lands’ End Canvas

Everything else- Buffalo Exchange, minus one bracelet gift from hubby

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What I Wore: Mistakes Happen


No one is perfect.

 Shocking, right? Sometimes I get sick of scrolling through images of perfect fashion bloggers. I want to see a hair out of place, a  belt sitting slightly askew- just some sign to indicate they are in fact, human. I must be overcompensating for those modelesque types on the WWW ’cause I’ve got enough flaws to balance out all of them.

It was one of those rare days when my husband and I shared a morning together. He was doing a little work from home, I was getting ready to leave for the day. So I had him snap an outfit photo of me. And you know what? It sucked. Nothing made sense together, and since I didn’t bother scoping myself out in a full length mirror beforehand, I never would have known. The t-shirt didn’t match, the socks looked stupid, but I didn’t have time to change. 
So I adjusted, and dealt by pushing the socks down, threw on an old printed hiking bandanna and suddenly the outfit made a bit more sense. I shaved twenty minutes off my morning by not pulling together an entirely new look. Plus, I wanted to show off my sexy white knees. Stop lusting. 
And I’m actually freaking the hell out in this picture. I hide my emotions well, no? There was a spiky green caterpillar taunting me, rearing its ugly little head, writhing on a frond beside me. I’m deathly afraid of those suckers, and quickly ran inside after we took these half ass photos. Venomous snakes? Bring it and I’ll call it by its Latin name.  A mostly harmless caterpillar? I go running like the girl I am.

T-shirt: American Apparel

Bandana: Prana via REI
Belt: Armoire
Skirt: Fossil
Boots: Steve Madden via Buffalo Exchange

So what are you afraid of? I’ll add cockroaches to my list. 

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What I Wore: Outside My Comfort Zone

worst.pose.ever. and no, we don’t use the abacus in the background.  i suck at math.
I’m currently devouring Amanda Brooks book I Love Your Style, which is a great read for anyone trying to define their personal style. Over the years I’ve come to realize that I always go back to the same silhouettes. Hey, why mess with a good thing? Normally I wouldn’t wear a cream top or a ditzy floral pattern. But the shape of these pieces are tried and true, so it didn’t feel like uncharted territory. 

I also wasn’t sure how I felt about resurrecting saddle oxfords considering I haven’t worn them since grade school. And trust me, that was a hell of a long time ago. The final verdict is I like ’em.  Pairing a masculine shoe with a feminine piece is always a good combo. Even though I dress pretty girly, I’m all tom boy.
Normally I feel like white washes me out, so I like to throw on some color for contrast. I wish I owned this scarf in about 4,672 colors because it certainly comes in handy.
Lots of subtle texture here
linen Violet del Mar scarf
Alabama Chanin tank top
Forever 21 skirt
Bass saddle oxfords
All via Buffalo Exchange
So how do you break out of your comfort zone without feeling uncomfortable?

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Hold That Tiger: Long skirts are my new favorites

I have a habit of finding a silhouette that I like then running it into the ground. Last summer all I wanted to wear were short skirts and fitted tops, to the point that this year I’m done with them. I’ve kept my favorites and will wear them again but my main shopping objective is filling in the gaps and attempting to make what I wear less boring, at least to me.

I went thrifting  for the first time in ages and happily stumbled upon this tank top and skirt. Animal prints are a big trend this season, probably thanks to Miu Miu’s spring 2010 collection of swallow printed shoes and cat print dresses. Local favorite Lia Molly also did capuchin monkeys for her spring 2011 sweaters.

So the new animal print is less zebra and leopard spots, more the animals themselves. Considering I basically have a mini zoo (and I volunteered at the zoo years ago!) I have no qualms with embracing this trend.
The funny thing about purchasing items at a thrift store is that it opens your mind to wearing brands from stores that you’d never shop at. When it comes down to it finding a great fitting piece of clothing is the ultimate goal, labels aside. Just wear what you like, don’t worry about what that little tag says, no one is going to see it anyway. 
Tank: American Eagle via Bloomin’Deals
Skirt: Bloomin’Deals
Belt: Gap
Earrings: Buffalo Exchange
Sandals: Plato’s Closet
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A long skirt for short legs

When you are a measly 5’1 like me hemlines are a headache. What’s going to look right on? Is this going to make me look too short? With all this worrying it is really easy to talk yourself out of trying things on, much less buying them. I’ve been fearful of long skirts because I always assumed they’d make me look even more petite than I already am.  However a friend of mine with similar sizing woes pulls off long skirts with ease, so I thought it was about time that I try it too.

I kind of feel like I’ve been missing out on wearing a long skirt due to my own silly insecurities. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit, which made me feel great all day. To stay clear of sister wife territory with this length keep things in balance by pairing your skirt with something more fitted on top. You don’t want to get lost in folds of fabric, especially if you are short like I am. 
I never thought I was big on floral patterns but I’ve decided that I really dig ’em. Good thing I guess, since I’ve got magnolia tattoos on each foot.
Tank- H&M
Skirt- Funky Monkey
Ring and belt- Armoire Boutique
Earrings- Buffalo Exchange
Flats- Melissa
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Summer Survival

Let’s face it y’all, summer in the south can downright suck. It’s hot and the humidity is so high you can cut the air with a knife. Fortunately there are a few simple ways to maintain your cool even if you’re burning up. When it feels like a sauna outside comfort is the only thing on my mind. Forget trying to look cute, I’m purely in survival mode June through September. However a well stocked closet equates looking presentable vs. just throwing on the first cotton t-shirt I see.

 Pack up the synthetics and only keep natural, breathable fibers on hand. If I read “rayon” or “polyester” it gets socked away to the back of the closet until the (climate) coast is clear. Keep your accessories light as well. It doesn’t make sense to pair a linen dress with a clunky PVC belt. Nothing ruins an outfit quicker than unfortunate sweat marks! Also stick to loose fitting clothing that doesn’t inhibit air circulation.

Black strapless body suit: American Apparel
Black cotton skirt: Sanctuary
Black leather belt: Gap
Green linen scarf: Violet Delmar
Hot pink sandals: Seychelles
I also like to stash some smell good in my bag to combat the “locker room with the air turned off” aroma. Fellow blogger Miss Malaprop turned me on to Manor Hall Soap Company’s all natural perfume roll ons. I’ve bought three of their scents and I can’t get enough of them. I like throwing one in my handbag so I can arrive at my destination feeling fresh. You can also keep your perfume or body spray in the fridge. Some people keep baby wipes on hand but I always feel bad buying disposable products for obvious environmental reasons.
So what are your summer survival secrets?
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Skirting the Issue

I’ve had a long standing love affair with dresses and still do but lately I’ve been pining for separates. In this heat cotton skirts are all I want to wear but it’s hard to find skirts that are summer appropriate. Fortunately I have found a few contenders that can stand up to our heat and humidity.

This chambray ruffled skirt from J Crew is perfect for summer and the neon waistband adds a spark of interest. I had actually tried it on in the store and loved it. Now that it is on sale I’ll probably break down and buy it.

The pleated ultra mini from Hemline is perfect for a hot night. Just throw on a tank top with this and go. I like the contrast of the peachy color vs. the black elastic waistband.

Pleated Ultra Mini

This 1940’s inspired high waisted skirt from Trashy Diva is sure to be a head turner with its interesting silhouette. This would be great during the day or an evening event.

I’ve been thinking about making the skirt that I’m wearing here again just in a longer, cotton version. If you have a sewing machine it is super easy to make an elasticized waist skirt. I found the directions here and made mine in less than an hour.

So what’s on your mind for this summer?

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