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Cavortress at Bonnaroo

Charleston designer, stylist, and vintage clothing aficionado Julie Wheat designs and slings  clothes under her eponymous brand name Cavortress.  She’s dressed Zoe Saldana, shown at NOLA Fashion Week, and sold vintage gems at various festivals, including Voodoo, SXSW, and Bonnaroo. With all this, it’s no wonder why she’s received mentions in Women’s Wear Daily, and was tapped to design for Reckless, a new show airing on CBS this Fall.

No stranger to festival style, Julie was kind enough to share her recap what ‘down on the farm’ festival goers wore, Tennessee style from this year’s Bonnaroo. 

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Hulahooping is essential to any festival. This girl brings it to another level with her quasi butterfly costume:  check out the detail on the ripped tee she did herself, looks like butterfly wings!

This fella has it down:  home made galaxy print (not quite tiedye) paired with dress pant cutoff shorts, vintage charm necklace, Havana Raybans, and Tretorns he almost looks dressed up.
Of course Bonnaroo wouldn’t be equipped without Grateful Dead garb, this guy’s bringing it to another level. Check out these dead bears Jeremy Scott for Adidas shoes paired with the vee style tie dye Grateful Dead t-shirt.  Garanamals done right!
Punkrockabilly princess with studs, Urban Outfitters shades, Cocacola bandana, cutoffs, Doc Martens, choice piercings, and a teensie piece of turquoise to top it off!

No festival is equipped with out a festicouple.  These two were our favorite! Note the nice silver Grateful Dead pieces.
Tutus are something often worn at festivals. This one is rather unique and goes great with the swimsuit.
We think San Francisco guys are hot, costumed but not!
Wire wrap jewelry is a staple at festival events. This guy is the artist himself and has some heavy duty work to show off. He is also donning a nice Grateful Dead ring. 

This gal looks adorable and didn’t have to try. Here’s to keeping it simple!

Julie Wheat- Miss Cavortress herself!

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What I Wore: Fourth of July

Poplin Sleeveless Band Blouse: Everlane
Plaid preppy shorts: Banana Republic via my sister (thanks sis!)
Sandals with stud detailing on heel: J. Crew via Buffalo Exchange
Assorted sterling silver bracelets & Celine sunnies: Buffalo Exchange

I haven’t posted my mug here since April. As I’ve scaled back the amount of posts I do, I also wanted to get back to the roots of Slow Southern Style, which is showcasing Southern based designers, or things I give a damn about. So expect less vanity, more features on quality goods worth purchasing.

 For the Fourth of July we rode our bikes to the French Quarter, and basically ate and drank our way through the streets. I highly recommend the Pimm’s Cup daiquiri at St. Lawrence and the cool party vibe at Tiki Tolteca, located upstairs inside Felipe’s. Excuse the jacked up bangs that resemble a toupee; we got caught in the rain earlier.  

What did y’all do for the Fourth of July?

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Essence Fest Street Style

Essence Music Festival is held July 4th weekend every year right here in New Orleans. It’s one of the biggest music festivals the city hosts and the streets turn into impromptu fashion shows. Charle’ Washington and I hit the pavement, hotel bars, and pop up shops to bring y’all the style. Check out our findings and learn more about the fest on the Buffalo Exchange blog and check out more photos on Facebook. Here’s what we wore to brave the heat.

American Apparel bodysuit and belt, Cameo print silk skirt, Melissa Campana flats
cameo skirt detail, necklace detail, my can’t live without accessory- SPF 70 sunblock

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French Quarter Festival

Sunglasses & dress, Buffalo Exchange
Melissa shoes, Nordstrom Rack
It’s fest season y’all! What the hell does that mean? Eating your weight in fried food, humidity, throngs of people, bike rides, live music, slathering on sunscreen, day drinking, running into old friends, and having lots of fun. We went to French Quarter Festival this weekend, what did you do?
My friend Kasimu Harris of Parish Chic

How we roll. Not my bike but I wish it was.
My sweet friends Corey and Hattie Collins.
Fish tacos from G. W. Fins

A lush French Quarter balcony 
Life imitates art imitates life- painter creating art via her marionette puppet

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Tumble Over To Buffalo Exchange

Every blogger has a reason why they started their site, and my biggest personal motivator behind creating Slow Southern Style back in September ’09 was my day job. I’ve been a Buffalo Exchange employee for the past seven years, which means I’m essentially a professional thrifter. Working in a secondhand store goes beyond what a normal retail job entails. All day long we inspect clothing for construction, fit, fabric content- the list goes on. Keeping up with current trends, studying vintage, and staying abreast of what customers want to wear lends itself to an unending stream of information.  With all of that knowledge taking up space in my brain, I felt the need to share it with the masses. Nothing like a little Southern hospitality, right?

Here are a few pictures I snapped for the Buffalo Exchange Tumblr, which showcases all sorts of fun employee outfit photos, new merchandise that’s being shipped to the stores, and plenty more. There’s also a Buffalo Exchange blog and be sure to head to a location nearest you to snap up the spring edition of the Buffalo ‘zine. It’s free! And make sure to say hi if you are hitting up the New Orleans store.

Elijah, Buyer Trainer at New Orleans Buffalo Exchange
Inspiration: Italian inspired, discreet, minimalist
Prada long sleeve mesh shirt
Casio watch, buckle bracelet in sterling & gold
Seersucker skinny slacks
Frye loafers

Charle’, Buyer at New Orleans Buffalo Exchange
Inspiration: Hair from Consider Me Lovely blog
Vintage scarf, frames, and retro shorts with Libby Edelman platform sandals

Kaci, Buyer at New Orleans Buffalo Exchange
Inspiration: having fun, mixing prints with pops of color and kitschy, bold accessories
Polka dot top- retro rayon from Salvation Army, $3.0
Printed skirt “Staring at Stars” from Urban Outfitters via Buffalo Exchange $14
Silver bow necklace from Buffalo Exchange $9
Wedge shoes from Target $25
Black sequin and leather cuff, gift
Red bow clutch $14 Buffalo Exchange
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Street Style: Boho Style in Lafayette

Lafayette here again.  This is the first of many posts featuring the southern style of culturally rich Lafayette.  A place I am happy to call home- where the bayous run and the natural bohemian style flows.  When worn with confidence and a smile anything goes, now more than ever it seems.  They say fashion repeats itself and thats oh so evident with the resurgance of the 80’s. While we still see the maxi skirts and dresses of the 70’s on the scene, the influence of vintage and thrifting is growing more popular. Enjoy the diversity folks, I know I am!

From one southern gal to another,
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Southern Street Style: Freret Street Friday Night Fight

 This week is a different sort of street style, Freret Street style that is. Every month I look forward to Freret Street Gym’s Friday Night Fights. I’d like to admit that while I could probably hold my own in a fight (I once fended off a purse snatcher in the French Quarter) I’ve never been in a fist fight in my life. So while I’m clueless about boxing Friday Night Fights is probably the coolest, weirdest, funnest, and most unique way to spend your weekend. Besides the boxing there are local rappers, drag queen queen performances, dance troupes, and whatever else they figure is entertainment. A couple of the Freret Street restaurants serve up things like burgers, fish tacos, red beans, and of course cold beer.

 The images below were shot by Sabree Hill. Read more about this monthly event on Uptown Messenger and I’ll see y’all at the next one!

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Southern Street Style- Meet Liz, the photographer

Slow Southern Style welcomed Liz Beeson to the team as the resident street style photographer in May so it is high time y’all get a chance to officially meet her. This week’s installment of Southern Street Style is less street, more backyard.

Favorite Piece in this outfit: My ring. Given to me by an old boyfriend during a weekend trip in Asheville, NC. The boyfriend leaves, the ring stays!
Top: Target
Necklace: thrifted
Pants: Funky Monkey
Shoes: (literally) Old Navy
Ring: craft fair in North Carolina
Photos and text by Liz Beeson

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Southern Street Style: Chambray Kind Of Guy

I love a good chambray shirt, especially one that is worn to perfection. There is a certain ease to it which makes for the perfect button down to throw on in the hot summer months. Did y’all know that the origin of “blue collar worker” comes from chambray being used as a work shirt? I like how stylish our street style subject looks just by throwing his shirt on over a t-shirt and jeans.It’s definitely a cool look and an easy way to layer during summer and not risk a heat stroke.

Photos by Liz Beeson

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