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Money Bags

There are certain things that I am very particular about and one of them is my wallet. That said I currently hate the wallet I’m sporting now. It’s too bulky, not very adult  and while a hot pink and black Betsey Johnson sounds fun it isn’t what I really crave. Years ago I purchased a Dior wallet and once it finally bit the dust I haven’t found a suitable replacement. 

While I still haven’t satisfied my quest for the perfect money holder I found a few that would be more to my liking.

This Fossil wallet from Macy’s is budget friendly and packs a stylish punch with grommets and studs.

Fossil Wallet, Winslet Studded Zip Pouch
This fun, hand embroidered leather wallet is sure to brighten up your day. It’s available from SewZinski on Etsy.

Leather Wallet Floral Hand Embroidered pink orange yellow

Keep a functional piece of artwork in your bag by carrying the zodiac by Isabella Fiore, available at Kiki.

This Comme de Garcons leather wallet from Saks is playful without being obnoxious.

And here are a few more good ones, all available on Amazon. So what does your wallet look like?

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