Styling session: How to Land a Big Girl Job

At some point in your life, you’ll have an “Oh shit! I’m an adult” moment and suddenly feel the pressure to dress like one. My sister had one of those moments recently, and I was more than willing to help her out.

Christin has been living in scrubs or sweatpants from undergrad through the master’s program, and needed some clothes, not only for job interviews but for weekends as well. Given that she just graduated and hasn’t started working yet, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money, something that I’m really good at.

This is a fun weekend look that we put together. We bought the dress and tights on a shopping excursion, so all we had to do if find something she already owned to pair with them.  This entire outfit cost less than $100 and each piece is incredibly versatile, which is important when you are building a wardrobe from scratch.

These are two interview appropriate looks that are both flattering and comfortable. Not shown is the blazer we purchased. Christin is 4’11 so it was difficult to find clothes that didn’t overwhelm her small frame. We picked up a 3/4 sleeve version from The Limited,  one in camel and one in black, which worked perfectly for her figure. She wore the first outfit to her interview and nailed it, scoring her first big girl job in Savannah, Georgia. She starts in a few weeks and I couldn’t be more proud of her. 
If you’re in need of a makeover, whether you want to look more polished or want to get out of your style rut, or even add some quirky touches to your conservative style I can do it all. Check out my wardrobe consultation services at Slow Southern Styling if you are in the New Orleans area, and don’t forget that I’m giving away one FREE closet overhaul session for the new year!

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Closet Overhaul: How to maximize what you already own

At this time of year it is easy to get in a style rut. It’s hot outside, no wait cold, no wait hot again so buying lots of season appropriate clothing is down right confusing and frustrating. I recently worked with a styling client that already owned great clothes but was having trouble putting everything together. Fortunately for the two of us it was really easy to create great looks without spending a dime, which is important when you are on a budget or just not ready to sink a lot of money into your wardrobe.

Lauren didn’t have much in the way of winter clothes but she likes neutrals and saturated color so we worked with what she already had. I made a few suggestions for shoe options (nude pumps) and jacket options (blazers) to make these outfits complete but in the meantime we styled around what she already owned.
Having bought these sailor inspired pants on a whim Lauren didn’t know what to wear with them. She specifically wanted help making these work for her so we went the nautical route and added a pink striped scarf to break up the navy.
Lauren also gravitates toward two extreme opposites; she’s got plenty of neutral and a whole lot of saturated color in her closet. Our goal was to make a few casual yet professional outfits that she could wear either to the office or meeting clients.

If you are interested in breathing a little life into your wardrobe don’t hesitate to call me! I specialize in helping women not only work with what they already own but also add new pieces to their existing closets without breaking the bank. Treat yourself before the holidays by giving Slow Southern Styling a try!

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Slow Southern Styling

After a few nice words of encouragement and a lot of support I’m proud to announce a new little venture I’m starting up, Slow Southern Styling.  Just think of me as your personal stylist for the New Orleans area.

My first client was Megan, a young entrepreneur who was looking to cull her closet and figure out how to freshen up what she already owns. Megan has a lot of basics, and by a lot I mean black leggings for days. She also had a lot of hand me downs clogging her closet and pieces she picked up at clothing swaps that were good but not good for her. I first assessed her entire wardrobe and yanked out what she didn’t need. Anything that wasn’t in good condition had to go, along with unnecessary multiples. Megan has some great pieces, like an enviable cardigan collection but she needed to sort the bad from the good.

Next we assessed what was left. She has great style but relies too heavily on basics so it just took a little convincing to get her to try wearing pieces in new ways. With my creative eye we were able to compose some great, easy outfits with items she already owns. Everything featured here came from her closet!

Megan took notes the entire time to make it easy to remember my suggestions. We made sure to figure out where she needs to fill in the gaps (more shoes!) and how to perk up her basics (better jewelry she’ll be excited to wear). 

Interested in booking your own Slow Southern Styling session? I’m available by appointment on Fridays and Saturdays and can be reached at nolagurl{at}gmail{dot{com} if you’d like to learn more about the process and my package rates visit my Slow Southern Styling website. I’m looking forward to hearing from y’all soon!

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