Slow Southern Style has a new look



Whoa now.

Do not adjust your computer screens; Slow Southern Style has a new look and a new logo. I’ve been meaning to freshen up around here for at least two years, but a redesign just kept getting pushed off and pushed off until I couldn’t take it anymore. I think the new look better reflects the content now that I’m not blogging about fashion anymore.

So, what have I been up to? Nothing noteworthy, really. My weekly routine revolves around class and putting out the school newspaper. My Lenten social media fast is going well. I’m not gonna lie, I peek a little bit every now and then, but overall I’ve been pleased with how much more free time I have when I’m not glued to my phone. It’s not a drastic change, but enough to where I realize that hey, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m (sort of) caught up on homework enough to do some yard work and catch a comedy show later on. Maybe I’ll keep it up after Lent is over.

Slow Southern Update

I’m back from my vacation but brought back a nasty cold as a souvenir as a result of hiking in snow and changing climates so much. So instead of feverishly whipping up some new posts I’m taking today to put out a few reminders and inform y’all of some changes. Here they are, in no particular order.

1.  I’ve changed the commenting system to disqus, an easier way to use comments than the old blogger system. Additionally anyone can reply to comments so I’m thrilled that I can properly respond to them now as well.

2. If you haven’t updated your bookmarks to  yet then what are you waiting for? I made the switch back in September and so should you! The old blogspot URL still works and will redirect you to the current .com but takes longer to load.

3. If you are a fellow fashion blogger residing in the South I want to personally invite you to join the Southern Fashion Bloggers. It’s a fun little group that I started as a way to connect ladies and gents that live below the Mason Dixon line. Y’all may remember the group LBD post we did right before Christmas and I’m planning another one really soon! Join the group to keep up with our fun little projects.

4. Seems hard to believe that we are already 12 days into 2011. Time flies when you spend the first week of of year at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. That said one of my goals for this year is to have more posts from guest writers, especially those of y’all who live outside of Louisiana. If you have a favorite outfit to share, a shop to promote, or even a cool event coming up drop me a line at

5. As y’all may have noticed Slow Southern Style has a new photographer. Okay, not really but I did get a new camera for myself, the Canon S90, so I’m thrilled that better picture quality is on the horizon when I figure out how to work the damn thing.

Thanks for following and I hope y’all enjoyed the guest posts while I was away. If there is something you’d like to see for the new year on Slow Southern Style feel free to leave a comment here.
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Slow Southern Anniversary!

One year ago today I was searching for fashion blogs to read, specifically ones based in New Orleans. I was coming up empty handed so I decided to take matters into my own hands and start one myself.

I know what you are thinking. Does the blogosphere need another fashion blog? The internet is infiltrated by fashion insiders and amateurs alike. Now ask your self this- does the blogosphere need a New Orleans fashion blog? The answer is quite simply, yes. While there is much content devoted to what’s hot on the Paris runways and what the SoHo scenesters are donning on the streets, there is a scant trace of southern style available for perusal.

That said I’d like to welcome you to Slow Southern Style. Written from a fashion follower and retail insider this blog serves the purpose of showcasing New Orleans fashion in all formats. Whether it be on a mannequin or on the street you will find it here.

My first interview ever thanks to Beloved Light Vintage 

That was the beginning, my friends. Since that first post the blog has grown up and I’m glad that there are interested readers out there. I’m also now part of the Go NOLA team and am working on a few other exciting projects as well, one of which will be announced September 7th.

A few images from this past year

Fashion Illustration and designer Nicole Album
I have to give credit where credit is due. This blog would not have been possible without guidance from my good friend Leslie Almeida of NOLA Eats, Eatventful, and Unmade. Leslie is the sole reason I signed up Slow Southern Style for social networking in the first place. She won Gambit’s 2010 web awards for “Best Social Networker” so I always listen when she has something to say.

Once again thanks for reading and show your support by adding Slow Southern Style on Facebook and Twitter.

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How’s your home life?

I’ve  been really busy with some exciting projects, both related and unrelated to Slow Southern Style.  That said the heat has been ridiculous and all I want to do is drink lemonade, play with my food dehydrator and read. I’ve been working on potty training with Nadia, the newest addition to the family
I realized I’ve never shared pictures of my house, mainly because interior design is not my forte. However my sister keeps telling me to share the story of how we bought our house with a home improvement show.  While money for a makeover would be nice I have yet to heed her advice.  The story is a good one so it’s about time I shared it here. 
However first item on the agenda is pictures. 
My fabulous Mardi Gras hat collection is too good not to leave out year ’round. This is the mantle in the office aka my closet. Two of the hats are my husband’s and the rest are mine.

I managed to nab a mannequin from a shop that was getting rid of theirs. Basically this is an adult Barbie doll and I fully plan on giving her a new outfit every week. She’s currently sporting this year’s Halloween costume. Now y’all see why I have to hit the gym every week?  
Archway in the upstairs hallway, there is another just like this in the living room downstairs.

Wish I could get a better picture of the stairwell and the stained glass window. The stairs are probably my favorite feature, aside from the stained glass and exposed brick. 
Hannah Stouffer blik wall decal above the sofa. This wasn’t exactly easy to put up. I hate the wall color but this is such a large room painting it is overwhelming. The snakes give the beige an edge, at least that’s what I tell myself.
Reading nook with our rocking chair that is over 100 years old. I just bought the antlers at an antique shop. We keep threatening to turn Nadia into a reindeer with them. 
Mantle in the living room. The waterfall is Havasupai, where we got married. The rest is an homage to the Grand Canyon and more snake paraphernalia. 
Am I the only girl who gets excited about vintage prints of anacondas killing other animals? Probably so. 
 The Anthony Turducken paint can art was purchased at DuMois gallery. Yes, that is a termite. Back in late April we discovered we have a termite problem. Awesome. We’re actually evicting our little house guests within the next two weeks and plan on writing RIP and the date on the back of this piece. 
Still with me? Good. 
In 2001 when Thomas decided to move to New Orleans he rented the house we are in now. Eventually we met, got engaged, shacked up for a year, then got married. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary with this house, then a week later Katrina hit. We evacuated and reluctantly left the house he lived in for 5 years and some feral cats. More on them in a minute. 
We lived in Scottsdale, AZ for 3.5 years. It was rough being away for so long but our careers really took off and moving is annoying and expensive. Finally we had it with the cultural wasteland that is the Phoenix metro area (sorry) and decided to make the move back home.  
Long story short we were back in New Orleans a little over a year. One day we were driving past the house, saw the for sale sign, and the rest is history. Now when we first lived here the house was in some disrepair and needed serious updating. The previous owner (who purchased it from our old landlord) did some major renovations so all we had to do was move in and enjoy. 
What makes this story even more special? Two words:
A momma cat had 6 kittens on the front porch of the house 9 years ago. One of  Thomas’ roommates and I had all the cats spayed/neutered and fed them. All of them slowly disappeared except Runty and Tigre remained for years. We tried evacuating with them but they were too feral and we feared they’d hurt themselves from the stress. Even after Katrina brought water right up to the porch these cats still stuck around. Now they are inseparable from us and hang out on the back porch, waiting for us to feed and pet them. Oh yea and they remember their names after us being gone for over 4 years.
So if any TV execs want a New Orleans home improvement story, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

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Scott Simon of I Heart NOLA was kind enough to make this great logo for me. So what do y’all think?

Since I’m in a promotional mood don’t forget you can keep up with my latest posts by becoming a fan on Facebook or following on Twitter

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When I want your opinion I’ll ask

Welcome to Slow Southern Style’s 50th post! I started this blog over a month ago due to a lack of fashion blogs concerning the south. While I primarily do this to keep myself entertained I love that I’ve picked up a few readers along the way. Now that I have your attention I’d like to get some feedback on what your favorite posts are and how I can improve this blog so even more people will stop by and enjoy it.

So I would like to know:

-Introduce yourself! Don’t be shy. Where do you live? How old are you, what are your hobbies? How did you hear about this blog?

-What are your Favorite type of posts? (interviews, slow southern news, shop profiles, created outfits, show & tell Saturdays, mannequin Mondays)

-What are your least favorite type of posts?

-What do you want to see more of? Is there anything that I don’t do that you would like to see?

You can also respond via e-mail to nolagurl[at]gmail[dot]com

Don’t forget you can get updated anytime I create new content on Twitter and Facebook.

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Guest post- me!

Check out my guest blog for my friend Mallory aka Miss Malaprop.  Her New Orleans based website highlights independent artisans of every genre, eco-friendly products and of course fashion. I wrote a piece about a new favorite shoe brand, Melissa. All too often eco-friendly brands look more hippie than chic which makes for a hard sell outside of an REI catalog. Melissa is the perfect marriage of talented artists and environmentally friendly materials so you can  feel good about your purchase and still look fashion forward.

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Let’s be friends

So I have joined forces with the dark side thanks to Leslie of NOLA Eats (yes she is a bad influence across the board) and have started a Twitter account. Does that officially make me a twit? You can follow me at and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook. Or you can just represent old school and get a Slow Southern Style NOLA neck tattoo in Old English.

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Mannequin Mondays

I bring you Mannequin Mondays! Each Monday I’ll present a unique retail display from a different store. The first in this series is from Wish, located in the French Quarter.
The basis for this outfit is layering the unexpected. A straight laced oxford shirt is made fresh with a scoop neck tee, brightly patterned skirt and a funky geometric necklace that ties it all together.I appreciate how the colors in the necklace match the skirt, making a seemingly haphazard outfit feel pull together.
400 N Peters St # 104
New Orleans, LA 70130-1037
(504) 552-4301

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Show & Tell

I’ve decided to start a Saturday segment called “Show & Tell” which will feature great finds and favorite pieces. 

I just purchased these vintage t-strap wedges this past week from Buffalo Exchange. They are in PERFECT condition and it is rare that I find vintage shoes that fit as most of them run narrow. I wore them last night with a full skirt and tank but they will be best suited with fall looks.

If y’all have a treasured item, be it the family heirloom jewelry or just your can’t live without it go to t-shirt send it my way! 

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