Blue Dreams

You know when you’ve found an instant wardrobe staple. It makes you feel confident, attractive, and you want to wear it every single day. This Puella dress is perfection for me. It’s flattering, comfortable, and multi seasonal thanks to the lightweight fabric.  The cascading hemline and the henley neckline elevates it from your ordinary basic jersey knit dress, steering clear of lurking into boring territory. When the weather warms up, I’ll ditch the leggings and pair it with a pair of bright colored sandals to keep it spring worthy. 
What are some of your go to casual pieces? 

Dress: Puella
Tights: Lucky Brand
Blue suede buckle flats: Belle by Siggerson Morrison
all from Buffalo Exchange

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What I Wore: Mardi Gras 2013

Mardi Gras always passes a little too quickly for my liking. This year was a good one, with not so impromptu dance parties in the street, run ins with friends, and a heck of a long bike ride home. Even though it was overcast, dreary skies couldn’t dampen spirits. And though I’ve already packed up the costume box, I already have my hat for Mardi Gras 2014 picked out. See y’all on the parade route next year.

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Instagram Slam

Fat Tuesday is dangerously close, which means late night sewing sessions, last minute supply scrambles, and trial runs with the costumes. I’m an anything goes at Mardi Gras time kind of gal, except for one thing- absolutely no applying glitter in the house. Shiny dust bunnies just aren’t my thing.

Speaking of glittery goodness, our second episode of Propaganda New Orleans is now live! Featuring Domenica’s king cake and a whisky tasting at Avenue Pub, it’s just the right amount of decadence for carnival season.  Click here to watch it on our site, or you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Bad hair days command a silk headscarf and peppy pink Dolce Vita loafers add a distraction. (similar style here)

Trying out Little Korea on S. Claiborne
J. Crew desert boots for him
Work outfit- Obsessed with my expanding collection of Everlane t-shirts. Bracelet from Sabai, one of my favorite local jewelry stores.
Post- Satsuma Cafe lunch pose with the sis
Yummy noshes at Little Gem Saloon
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What I Wore: Post Christmas Festivities

I’ve been enjoying three days off thanks to Christmas, and spending time with my sister while she’s in town. From watching bad reality shows at mom’s house on Xmas day, to introducing our dogs, a Greyhound and a French Bulldog, to each other and watching them fight over toys, it’s been a fun holiday break.
Our to do list also included supping at Matt & Naddies, a quaint bistro “where Freret meets the river.” With no hype or pretense, it’s certainly an underrated spot where only locals or in the know tourists go. I’ve been to Matt & Naddies a handful of times, and it never disappoints. Any excuse for a stellar meal- awww hell we don’t need an excuse, just good company and a reservation.

Filters and layouts result in album cover worthy iPhone pictures of my cats & neighborhood graveyard. 

Oversized hoop earrings: c/o Rue Belle Maui Paris
Grey sweater: Cynthia Rowley via TJ Maxx
Celine sunglasses, silk headscarf, F21 skirt, NWT Lucky Brand leggings, and Big Buddha bow shoes via Buffalo Exchange
Local art & the shrimp bowl at Sarita’s on Freret Street.

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What I Wore: OCJ Apparel

in the jungle- or rather my overgrown backyard 
I’m a self professed denim snob. I can skimp when it comes to certain things, but a good pair of jeans is a must.  

When OCJ Apparel offered to send me a pair of their jeans, I was admittedly hesitant about the fit and the quality. But after wearing them three days in a row, I’m putting these into my regular rotation. 
OCJ stands for Original College Jeans- the company specializes in school spirit, with your university logo or mascot emblazoned on the back pocket. I opted for a plain pair, but go to their website to see the full line or click here to order the pair I’m wearing.
 I ordered these one size down, but order yours two sizes down if you prefer an extra snug fit. Mine stretched out in the knees and waistband, but never gave me the dreaded saggy butt. Girls with curves fear not- these jeans have a lot of stretch to accommodate a voluptuous backside or a healthy amount of thighs.

T-shirt: Upson Downes via Buffalo Exchange
Slate skinny in deep indigo: c/o OCJ Apparel
Orange blossom necklace: Symmetry Jewelers, gift from husband
Black flats: Melissa (my go to rainy day shoes)

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What I Wore: Paisley and Polka Dots

During warmer months, I stick to natural fabrics to stay comfortable. But when it gets cold outside, I start breaking all of my self imposed rules during the more forgiving chilly days. Polyester? Bring it, baby. I couldn’t imagine wearing this sheer button down two months ago, but winter on the Gulf Coast is like a get out of jail free card. We get to wear practically whatever we want, so long as layering is an option. Need help? Read my Uptown Messenger column for tips on practical winter dressing. Old Man Winter, come at me bro. 

Rhinestone earrings from Armoire
Luxurious wool blend tights from Sock
Sheer polka dot blouse, paisley J. Crew skirt, Ann Taylor heels all from Buffalo Exchange
photo bombed by hubby’s Filson bag
 psst! get a closeup shot  of the Armoire earrings on my Instagram here.

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what i wore: black & grey kind of day

A few weeks ago I picked up the latest J. Crew catalog and was surprised when I saw winter clothes in punchy spring colors. While I love embracing cheerful hues for warmer weather, I prefer to wear darker shades in the winter months. Granted, there are days here in New Orleans when the only thing winter about our clothes are the colors we choose, I still enjoy a break from dressing like it’s 80 degrees year ’round. While I’m sure I will sport my favorite pair of kelly green jeans when the temperature drops, it’s still nice to milk the few cold days that we get down here.

grey top with sheer attachment- Fairy 
black mini skirt- Hattie Sparks
ruffle trim hoodie- Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco
necklace- Saint Claude NOLA via Hattie Sparks
tights- Banana Republic
tassel wedge loafers- Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange

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what i wore: pizza date on freret street

food baby say whaaaaa

We got the purple sweater memo, along with the eggplant couch

When you’ve been with the same partner for over a decade a funny thing happens- the mundane becomes sort of fun. Instead of looking forward to predictable birthday presents and Hallmark card holidays, I love any excuse just to nab a few minutes together on a random day.

While hubby thought he was taunting me, bragging he was scoffing down pizza at Midway Pizza via text message, little did he know I was at home at the ready to join.  I help him with his social media/marketing and moved a couch up a dicey set of stairs, so he kind of owed me anyway.  Starting November 1st, he moved his business, the New Orleans Counseling Center, onto Freret Street and with a  newly relaunched website, I’ve gotta say I’m one proud wifey. We’re also proud Freretians, having lived on and off in this neighborhood for 12 years, so it’s great that he can directly serve the community we live in. And hell, walking to work ‘aint too bad either.

Madewell blouse & Banana Republic sweater via Buffalo Exchange
DL1961 jeans via Blues Jean Bar
teal Dolce Vita loafers via Buffalo Exchange
Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks

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sweater weather, for now

It finally got cold y’all, for now at least. It’s time to bust out the sweaters and layer, layer layer. Down here in New Orleans, you never know what the weather will be like. At this time of year, I opt to wear a tank top, blouse, sweater, or any similar combo. It can be nippy in the morning and downright humid in the afternoon, so adding and subtracting clothes throughout the day is a necessity.
 I’m not sure why I’m fond of elbow length sweaters- they’re kind of an oxymoron but in this unpredictable climate they just make sense. After all, what better way to complement your thin tee shirt than a pair of elbow length wool knit gloves? Bundle up y’all.

Sweater- Lia Molly
V-neck tee- Everlane
Skirt- Everybody’s Buying Vintage
Calvin Klein belt- Buffalo Exchange 
Earrings- Elle Dee NOLA
Velvet rhinestone flats- Swap Boutique

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NOLA Fashion Week: Style Sightings

Image c/o Lizzie Ford-Madrid Photography
From runway shows, catching up with old friends, chatting with designers, photographers, PR people, and all other sorts of creative types, NOLA fashion week is quickly turning into a twice yearly community gathering for the fashion set. Meghan Wright and I are bringing you coverage of several runway shows in the upcoming weeks, but for now here are some favorite faces we ran into.  Also check out my girl Leslie Almeida’s recap on her site.

with Charle’
Blouse, skirt, and Saint Claude necklace via Hattie Sparks
(for detail shots go to our Facebook album)
Amanda deLeon tunic
Banana Republic leggings
nelson+little necklace
Nine West booties via Buffalo Exchange

Andrea Loest + Amanda deLeon in their own designs

Leslie Almeida + Lindsey Strong
NOLA Fashion Week Creative Director Andi Eaton + jewelry designer Douriean Fletcher

Charle’ Washington + Dorothy Young

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