What I Wore- You Fancy Huh

I’m not big on the holidays (too stressful) but one thing I am big on is getting dressed up and December certainly lends itself to that. My husband’s company holiday party was this weekend so I got to put on some heels and get dolled up.

While a dress is easy and elegant a blouse and skirt combo just felt a bit more fun and unexpected for the evening. I’ve had the lace top for a few years and I paired it with a new favorite, this Jolie & Elizabeth skirt I just purchased a few days ago. I’m already thinking of ways to dress it down for daytime so I can wear it all the time.

Not wanting to wear a sea of black I decided to throw this big chain and studded necklace over the top. I love the mixed metals and the glass jewels make it feel a bit dressier.
This photo reminds me of a high school dance, minus the black lipstick and combat boots and no, I’m not sharing those with y’all. We’re actually going to have the professional pics in a 5×7 but I had the photographer snap this for me with my humble point and shoot. I’ve also decided to buy myself a Christmas gift this year, a new camera! 
So what are you excited to wear this holiday season? A reliable LBD or something new and different?
Blouse: Burberry
Shoes: Cole Haan
Necklace: Banana Republic
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Eat This

One of my best gal pals Leslie Almeida runs a new but already really successful networking business called Eatventful. Having done some writing for her other project, NOLA Eats, I’m always happy to help her out collecting money, distributing wristbands, etc…

The events bring out a variety of people ranging from individuals seeking business contacts, students looking for employment opportunities and others simply just to make friends and enjoy themselves. It is the type of event that you want to put your best foot forward, or in my case a high heel.

I just purchased this dress at Buffalo Exchange and couldn’t wait to wear it. I’m so in love with the one shouldered look and I haven’t seen many ladies wearing it yet. This is good since I tire of trends quickly and I’ll get some extra mileage out of the three I already own.

Of course I brought this 3/4 sleeve boyfriend blazer with me but didn’t really need it. Where did that cool weather go? I’m so tired of it being in the ’70s here in New Orleans. What’s the rest of you southern girls doing? Are y’all wearing your summer clothes or sweating it out in sweaters?

Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Elizabeth & James
Leggings: Banana Republic
Shoes: Gianni Bini
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What I Wore- Southwest Stylings

One of the things I picked up during my time spent in the southwest was a love of Native American jewelry. I’m obsessed to the point that I’ve studied various tribe’s signature styles and can identify a good chunk of stone vs. an inferior one or (worse yet) a plastic piece.

This necklace I happened upon secondhand in New Orleans however it is difficult to find turquoise, at least the good stuff, this side of Texas. It originally hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This ring is my absolute favorite piece in terms of craftsmanship. And let’s face it large rings are just plain fun. My hands look really, really old here. I guess I can kiss those aspirations of becoming a hand model goodbye.

And since I bike to work most days there are a few items that I can’t wear so I wore this out for lunch and coffee with a friend.
 I mean I could wear this biking but I don’t think anyone would appreciate that image. When it cools down a bit I’ll put charcoal grey leggings underneath it but still won’t brave two wheels in it.

  I also have to point out that Rachael of Ordinarily Urbane has the same skirt as I do. 🙂 Check out her excellent blog to see how she styled hers.

Tank: Alternative Apparel
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Antonio Melani via Ebay
Necklace and Ring: Buffalo Exchange in Louisiana and Arizona, respectively
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What I Wore

I don’t know about y’all but every year at this time I start having daily wardrobe crises. I’m sick of wearing my summer clothes and it is too warm to break out a long sleeved shirt, much less a sweater. Here in New Orleans the weather can change at a moments notice so while I may have those sweaters stored away the tank tops are always hanging in the closet, no matter what the supposed season is.

Y’all might remember this dress from when I wore it to the Anthropologie grand opening. Even though it is a bit wintery I’m so done with my summer clothes so I decided to wear it to work but wanted to dress it down. Luckily even though this dress is high on detail it is basic enough to play with accessories and give it a new look. I just swapped out platform heels for my vintage engineer boots and wore my trusty turquoise jewelry in place of the statement necklace I wore the first time around.

Check out my overgrown *ahem* lush backyard! We like to use the word lush to describe our jungle like gardens here in the south. Even if I broke out the machete (and yes I know how to use one) this would be out of control again in weeks.
Another piece from my vast collection. What can I say, I’m a collector of Native American jewelry.
Boots: vintage 
Jewelry: vintage 
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What I Wore

Yesterday I met with my friend and event partner for coffee to go over some details of  I HEART SOUTHERN STYLE. In After cleaning up dog vomit (the glamorous life of a fashion writer) and baby talking Nadia* I managed to throw on a semi presentable outfit to leave the house in. I also went to the Freret St. Friday Night Fight. What a spectacle! 

*Okay full confession: I talk to my animals. A lot. When they start talking back is when I’ll get scared.

My go to look lately has been a tank top and skirt. I love a skirt with pockets. If it has  pockets than it has to be in my wardrobe.
I also love this leather belt with brass hardware. Bonus points that I can wear it higher on my waist or lower on my hips.
One of my vintage Native American pieces. I have so much of this type of jewelry it’s almost become my signature.
Just statin’ the facts. A local designer made this but I purchased it online when I lived in Arizona so I could profess my home state love wherever I went.
Tank top: H&M
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Melissa
Ring: Vintage

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Lucky Me

As anyone who follows Slow Southern Style knows I am a big sucker for big jewelry. So when I crossed paths with this Lucky brand necklace there was no way, shape or form that it wasn’t coming home with me. The pendants are held together by braided white leather and bound with chunky silver and brass hardware. Make no mistake, this is quite a statement piece!

The thing that I love about Lucky’s jewelry is the thought put into each piece. The back of the necklace is almost as intricate as the front.
And here it is in action. I bought a late summer chambray shirt and have been wearing the heck out of it. A casual button down just feels right for this piece and slightly all-American.

Here’s my sister and I in Hammond. And no matter what fashion magazines say I can’t do the denim on denim look so I opted for black skinny pants instead.
I’ve also decided to stop calling these outfit posts “Show & Tell” and just label them “What I Wore” instead. It just seems more appropriate to me.
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (yea, funny isn’t it?)
Pants: Levi’s
Necklace: Lucky Brand
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