Clothing that makes the man: Camrich Mann by Brennan Manuel

Lets face it, in the world of fashion men are typically relegated to either the same predictable yawn fest or designs that are so over the top that it scares off even the dandiest of dressers.  Camrich Mann is a fresh, new menswear label from New Orleans fashion designer Brennan Manuel that has already received accolades by being a top designer contest finalist at this years’ Fashion Week New Orleans. Not only did Brennan study Menswear Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York but he recently graduated from Tulane Law School as well.

He really sets apart his designs from the rest  by creating interesting pieces that aren’t blatantly bland or freakishly flamboyant. His work is heavy on excellent, simple design with sharp tailoring and interesting details. Brennan understands that clothing makes the man but the focus should be on the man himself; the garments are merely an accent to the personality that is already there.

Brennan’s main  objective with Camrich Mann  “is to produce a clothing line that serves my target market, the Urban Graduate.” He defines  the “Urban Grad” as a student of his own urban environment that appreciates trends but wants to be “individually innovative”. Camrich Mann serves as a way for younger men to understand how to present themselves in a more mature manner without looking stodgy.

In Brennan’s own words:

“The Urban Grad is a cosmopolite that believes you can judge a book by its cover and understands that presentation is 80% of what you bring to the table, in any encounter. Therefore this man strives to develop his own style and taste by allowing his mind to be inspired by other things, other people and himself. He realizes that every well-dressed man’s closet must have its staples but recognizes that building upon this foundation to showcase masculinity through more unconventional pieces is key; therefore he is adaptable. Unlike other well-dressed men, the Urban Grad has the innate ability to be a tastemaker. I create clothes that represent a young man in his transition to and after he has reached adulthood. I see these clothes as reinventing consumer conscious staples with a luxurious, innovative twist. I envision a brand that becomes the symbol of a lifestyle and a generation.”

Buyers interested in purchasing a Camrich Mann piece can do so by commission. Shirts start at $190 and include details such as back darts and stretch poplin fabric to ensure fit and a hidden placket. The cropped trouser pant retails for $290 and jackets start at $590. You can keep up with Camrich Mann via the Facebook page.

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