Collegiate looks on a student budget

Today’s post comes from a new friend and film school student Joseph Miner. I met Joseph at the Jolie & Elizabeth trunk show at Fair Folks & a goat via a mutual friend. He manages to have great style on a collegiate budget so I asked him to share his secrets with Slow Southern Style readers, male and female alike.

For us college students out there, classes are now in full swing.  Our planners are filling up with projects, tests, jobs and trying to squeeze in some sort of social activity as well.  With all of this in mind, who has the time or the money to dedicate to expanding our fall wardrobes?  Believe it or not, you do.  YES, YOU!  Let’s just be honest here; if you have the time to brush your teeth and run a comb through your hair before class, then you have the time to opt out of the dorm shorts and college tee in exchange for something a little bit more grown up.

It is surprisingly easy to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed and come to class, even if you did.  First impressions are huge.  Even when on campus, you never know if you might run into a  future employer, friend, business associate or significant other.  Who wants to say to someone “why don’t you add me on Facebook?” when you know you look like shit?  Not exactly a great selling point! I’ll tell you from experience, if people remember anything about you, they will remember the way you looked way before they can conjure up your name.  You can’t go wrong with just throwing on a pair of skinny jeans,some loafers, and a decent sweater.  Be creative.  Be you.  Just don’t go bumming it!  If you do happen to feel a little more on the creative side, try something like the following images from local designer Alicia Zenobia.

Also, if you invest in a nice pea coat for when it really cools down, just throw it on over whatever and wrap a scarf around your neck and you are good to go. 

 Coat from Express

We don’t have to go breaking the bank (or rather bursting the seams on our credit card limit) to look nice either.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found an article of clothing in good or even great condition for 75% or more off of the original price from a resale or consignment shop.  And if you live in New Orleans then you are in luck as we have some pretty great options.  I’m leaving you with a list of local shops that you should most definitely check out before going straight to Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

Goodwill (City-wide, but I prefer the location listed below)
123 Robert E Lee Blvd
New Orleans,LA 70124
Phone: (504) 286-1858

Buffalo Exchange (Don’t be afraid to be a frequent flyer either, because they get “new” stuff in every day, unlike many retail stores)

3312 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115

4704 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA
(504) 883-3895

Alicia Zenobia:

Twitter: slowsouthstyle Facebook: Slow Southern Style

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