damn hurricanes always ruining everything

How to read with the lights out: red wine, Oxford American, and a trusty camping lantern. Done.

Last week was quite the adventure, to put it lightly. Hurricane Isaac rolled into town, disrupting everyday routines, causing massive destruction and flooding in lower lying parishes.* When mom has to take a boat to get to her house, you know that’s a serious storm.

 We jokingly call the time off work hurrications, a misnomer for days spent sweating without air conditioning and modern luxuries like a working fridge, normal cell phone reception, and lights. It’s funny how the conveniences that we take for granted become precious commodities when you ain’t got it. Still, I can’t complain too much considering I lucked out with only a wee bit of damage compared to what other people endured. I’ll be writing more about the storm on Uptown Messenger later this week, so tune in for that. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 
*Parishes are Louisiana’s version of a county.
Storm essentials
Tea lights on the mantle
Sneaking an icy drink 
Heaven on a plate- shrimp platter from Johnny’s Seafood in Marrero. Thank God for generators.
Wearing real clothes after 5 days spent in a t-shirt & shorts is downright delightful.

Iced coffee-quite the luxury after being without power for 3.5 days
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