Denim Days

Another Friday, another frock. I just bought this denim Fei dress without thinking that it will soon be too hot to wear it. I wish it was chambray. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll appreciate it come October.

Chartreuse green J Crew driving moccasins. A photo I took pre tattoos when I featured them here. I’ll cry when I wear these out.
Since this is such a simple dress I decided to bust out this kiss lock French Connection bag that gets no love from me. The pattern is impossible to pair except with the simplest of outfits. It’s sitting next to some paper flowers I bought at the Bargain Center in the Bywater and oyster shells from my yard. I use them in flower arrangements in lieu of decorative stones.
I love jewelry and typically don’t leave the house without a necklace or earrings and a ring or bracelet. These Mignon Faget earrings are good for everyday.
 I collect Native American jewelry and this turquoise ring is a favorite. My time spent in the Southwest was fruitful in the bijoux department.
FYI: I have mixed feelings about doing these type of outfit posts. Even though I run a style blog I don’t think my style is soooooo interesting that people will actually care what I’m wearing. I can think of about 3,312 individuals that dress better than I do. While I’d like to think I know how to dress myself most days I’m just concerned with leaving the house without looking  like a jackass. 
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  1. The bit about not looking like a jackass made me laugh! I know what you mean about “What I’m Wearing” posts but chances are at the least someone will be interested plus it gives you a way to chronicle your style for yourself. You can watch it evolve over time and see what works and what doesn’t by having it all here for posterity.

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